Weight loss cream for stomach

Belly fat is deemed to be the most dangerous form of fat in human anatomy as it is linked to some of the most harmful diseases that people may get. Our bodies have different types of fats: the triglycerides, the fat that circulates in the blood that makes up the majority of the fat; the subcutaneous fat, the layer that is located directly below the surface of the skin, between the abdominal wall and the skin; and finally, the visceral fat which lies deep within the belly and can be seen and measured, but not pinched, unlike the subcutaneous fat.

People gain visceral fat because of various unhealthy lifestyles, such as poor diet, lack of exercise, too much alcohol intake, poor sleep, smoking and stress. Furthermore, genetics can become a factor of developing fats as scientists believe that genes can influence metabolism and the danger of acquiring obesity-related diseases.

Considered the most harmful form of fat, visceral fat can increase the risk of developing various health issues, it is important to immediately start getting rid of this harmful form of fat.

Weight loss and the best fat burning cream

Nowadays, there are effective methods to boost weight reduction. One is through the use of weight reduction or slimming cream. Weight-loss cream is a type of fat-burning and body slimming product, clinically formulated to reduce excess fat in specific regions of the body such as the stomach, thighs, legs, arms, and face. Fat burners are types of supplements that are produced in the form of capsules, pills, or creams. Particularly, weight loss cream or also known as topical fat-burning cream is applied on the surface of the skin to help accelerate the slimming process, burn fats, reduce cellulite, prevent fluid retention, and at the same time moisturize and nourish the skin.

Weight loss and body slimming cream can help enhance and accelerate the success of a weight loss plan. Some may refer to this product as the ‘miracle fat burning cream or fat burner’ but it does not work magically. Rather, its effectiveness is proven and tested by science. Weight loss creams work with different mechanisms and help in the fat-burning. First, a weight loss cream works when its ingredients are successfully absorbed by the skin. The skin is composed of three layers namely the epidermis or the outermost layer, the dermis or the thick layer of tissue containing blood capillaries, sweat glands, and hair follicles, and lastly, the hypodermis or the layer that stores fat beneath the skin. This is the area were anti-cellulite creams are most effective.

However, for weight loss creams to work, it must successfully penetrate the hypodermis, the layer that contains subcutaneous fat or excess fat visible under the skin. According to a clinical study by the Harvard Medical School, 90 percent of fat in our bodies is just subcutaneous fat and this is what weight-loss cream is trying to get rid of.

Next, weight loss or fat burning cream also works by increasing the production of enzymes responsible for the fat-burning process. The increase of enzymes in our bodies helps boost lipolysis or the process of burning stored fats in the body. It is important to mobilize stored fats and use them as a source of energy. Also, body fat increases in areas that lack adequate blood flow. Topical creams can aid in weight loss by increasing blood flow in the specific region where the cream is applied. Weight loss creams also work by impeding cells from storing excess fats, decreasing bloating and reducing water retention.

The common ingredients of a weight loss cream include glycyrrhetinic acid, bitter orange extract, caffeine, andiroba, aminophylline, forskolin, ginkgo biloba, and cocoa. A study from the Department of Medical and Surgical Sciences at the University of Padua cited glycyrrhetinic acid as the most common ingredient used in most weight loss creams. Glycyrrhetinic acid reduces the production of subcutaneous fat or excess fats stored beneath the surface of the skin. On the other hand, the bitter orange extract present is the cream is another ingredient present in topical creams and it aids in the reduction of cellulite. Other creams incorporate ingredients that help increase enzyme production, fatty cell elimination, and fat reduction.

Types of weight loss or fat burn cream

There are several types of weight loss and fat burning creams and these may target fat from different parts of the body such as the stomach, thighs, legs, arms, and face. Generally, visceral fat is the most difficult to get rid of because the tummy contains a higher amount of fat cells as compared to other parts of the body. Weight loss cream for the stomach helps break down excess fat, tightens loose muscles, and reduces cellulite especially after pregnancy. There are also topical creams for thighs, legs, and arms that can effectively trim fats and tone muscles. Meanwhile, weight loss creams for face help tighten excess fat, reduce sagging skin and control the production of fats.

Weight loss creams gained popularity in the market because it provides fast and effective results. The price of these slimming cream products may cost as low as seven dollars or as high as 60 dollars. The most popular weight loss creams available in the market are the Abs of Steel, Slim Green Reduce Cream and the Vanna Belt Hot Cream. Abs of Steel contains fat-burning ingredients such as L-Carnitine, caffeine, and coenzyme A that could accelerate fat reduction and stimulate rapid water loss in different parts of the body. On the other hand, Slim Green Reduce Cream is a topical slimming cream for the tummy. The main ingredients in this cream namely the menthol herbal extracts, spirulina, and chitosan are responsible for weight loss, skin tightening, and overall rejuvenation. It also has anti-cellulite properties. Lastly, Vanna Belt Cream is a popular weight loss and fat burning cream that contains seaweed, menthol, centella asiatica, green tea extract, and chromium. It can be applied to different parts of the body such as the belly, thighs, legs, arms, and face.

Slimming or burn fat cream can be in the form of hot cream or cold cream. It’s up to you which ones you deem more effective. Most of the products mentioned are available in Amazon Prime. In the website, you can read on lots of review about hot slimming products and creams which will help you achieve your goals.

Additionally, both cold and hot cream is clinically tested and is safe to use in general. It is important to use and apply the cream as directed. Just like any product, weight loss creams can have side effects when misused such as loss of appetite, dizziness, restlessness, excessive sweating, diarrhea, nausea and tremors. Consumers must also be responsible and educate themselves before trying new burn fat cream or products. For consumers who have underlying medical conditions, seeking advice from medical experts is also important.

Ways to reduce belly fat

For some people, belly fat is the most difficult to get rid of but majorly desired because it contains a higher amount of fat cells that are difficult to break down. There are several healthy and sustainable ways to reduce visceral fat that can provide long-term effects.

First, it is more effective to decrease the total body fat percentage in the body than just targeting a single area for weight-loss. Visceral fat reduction will eventually follow once the overall body fat percentage decreases.

Second, in order to accelerate the body’s ability to lose weight, it is important to commit to an active lifestyle. It is essential to perform a full-body exercise such as lunges, push-ups, and pull-ups at least thrice a week to build muscle and burn fat simultaneously. Another effective way to lose visceral fat is by doing a high-intensity aerobic activity or cardio to burn more calories. The body must burn at least 3, 500 calories to lose one pound of fat. Resistance training of weight-lifting is also beneficial for weight-loss. When combined with aerobic exercises, resistance training is more effective in gaining and preserving muscle mass.

Third, food intake is an important factor to consider when reducing visceral fat. It is effective to add high-fiber foods in a weight loss diet plan. Fiber easily absorbs water and reduces calorie absorption in the body. Some examples of fiber-rich foods are bananas, oranges, apples, spinach, carrots, broccoli, bread, grains, and nuts. Also, cutting back on carbohydrates and sugary food intake is beneficial for weight-loss. High blood sugar levels can cause increased thirst, frequent urination, fatigue, nausea, shortness of breath, stomach pain and a rapid heartbeat.

Lastly, keep track of the progress of the weight-loss process. Start from monitoring food intake, exercises, and daily activities. It is important to keep track of progress and development in order to achieve one’s goal. Regardless of the techniques, the important thing is to keep track of the progress. In the end, consistency and maintenance are the keys to the delivery of a successful weight-loss journey.