Obsess in getting rid of those unwanted belly fat but you don’t want to sacrifice your muscle mass in the process of weight loss?

Well, one popular brand of muscle preserving fat burner supplement claims just that. To all the weight loss supplements out there, this one doesn’t need any introduction. Vintage Burn is a pretty well-known brand for those gym enthusiasts.

This Vintage Burn review article will tackle everything on this brand of weight loss supplement, from ingredient, benefits to its content side effects, and something in between.

Vintage Burn: How it All Began

Vintage Burn is a thermogenic fat burning supplement that triggers metabolism in your body to increase by burning more fat and convert it to energy. It’s extremely effective, for both men’s and women’s mental focus and puts you in a good mood with increasing energy levels and speeds up the metabolism while allowing for better appetite control as well.

Old School Labs, the company that owns the Burn Vintage brand for forty years, is based out of California in the United States. Other weight loss products apply modern ways, but not this lab. A team of experts who do things the old school way; or differently, from the way everyone else does fat burners. They devoted themselves to going back to the times of the Golden Era, where they held the values of using supplements for bodybuilding.

Eventually, Vintage Burn managed to resonate until finally becoming the number one best-selling fat burner supplement of its kind in the world. Now, the group promised never to continue their efforts to turn the tide of the growing industry that they cultivate earnestly.

In which they declare to their beloved customers- which matters to them the most- that, “Success is not only measured by how many products we sell but by being able to count on people like you who care about quality and Supplements That Make Sense.”

Ingredients in Vintage Burn

The Old School Labs’ full transparency policy of revealing their entire ingredients contain inside Vintage Burn to the public is recommendable.

That’s why this Vintage Burn review did not need the table of contents so to speak, we will do just try to discuss each important content, so the consumers will always be aware of exactly what they are getting to this fat burner supplement when using one of Old School Labs fat burning products.

The Vintage Burn ingredients and their required amount per serving and two capsules are one serving product:

vintageburn ingredients

1. Green Tea Leaf Extract

Tea Green tea is one variety that’s known for its health benefits and it has been consumed for centuries as a fat burner in countries like China and India. Some studies of this unfermented green tea extract show it’s linked to weight losses, according to the International Journal of Cardiology.

The catechins, a type of compounds content called Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) very abundant in tea, to which are ascribed a potent antioxidant activity within the green tea substantially reduced body weight and greatly improved body weight maintenance, and it will help flushes out a lot of toxins your body accumulate even in a balanced diet.

The results of the study published in the International Journal of Obesity show habitual caffeine consumption, as well as ethnicity, could be moderators since each one could influence the effect of green tea catechins.

There are human studies on using green tea catechins to treat metabolic syndrome, such as obesity. Long-term consumption of tea catechins could be beneficial against high-fat diet-induced obesity but it has side effects never the less.

The following side effects are possible with consumption:

  • Diarrhea
  • A headache
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea/Upset stomach
  • Trouble sleeping (restlessness)
  • Mental mood changes (confusion, nervousness)
  • Shakiness (tremor)
  • Stomach/abdominal pain
  • Dark urine
  • Yellowing eyes/skin
  • Loss of appetite

greentealeaf extract

2. Green Coffee Bean Extract

This extract is used in all sorts of over-the-counter diet pills sold online and in stores. Green coffee beans are unroasted seeds that come from the center of the fruit as its source.

According to research on fat burner supplements, the finding was promising and has great potential for further studies, unfortunately, there isn’t much scientific evidence to back this up. Furthermore, research lacked methodological quality and could not fully assess the usefulness of green coffee extract as a tool for weight loss.

Well, common sense dictates that green coffee beans contain a component called chlorogenic acid. This chemical may help slow down the absorption of sugar/carbohydrates into the bloodstream. These extract green coffee bean also has caffeine content in it, which is a stimulant and diuretic and can help reduce appetite. These facts have been proven.

3. Caffeine

The first impact from this ingredient caffeine is the one you are probably most aware of, it makes you more alert and helps with focus. This is one of the ingredients you will find in a lot of fat burner supplements and pills.

But caffeine is one of the ingredients that have a content that also increases your thermogenic metabolism by boosting your level of active thyroid hormones safely and naturally, which results in faster processing of fatty acids and a reduction in fat storage.

Excessive dose of caffeine can result in sleeplessness, higher rate heartbeat, nervousness, and irritability in people in general, and to some people who are coffee drinker can also occur occasional side effects like:

  • Dizziness
  • Stomach pain
  • Nausea
  • Jitteriness


4. Raspberry Ketones

One of the ingredients that keep showing up in several fat burner supplements is raspberry ketones. This is a chemical that’s taken from red raspberries, which serves as an additive to colas, ice cream products, and cosmetics for flavor and fragrance effects.

Study shows that raspberry ketones were found to reduce body weight, the weight of the liver and visceral adipose tissues following an elevation by a high-fat diet. It was thus concluded that raspberry ketones blocked and improved obesity as well as fatty liver.

Firstly, this chemical is often claimed to help with the breakdown of stored fat cells. In other words, it may help break down excess body fat so it can be used as energy. Moreover, raspberry ketone might help increase adiponectin levels. This is a hormone that helps regulate metabolism.

Synephrine si just one of the ingredients present in Rasberry Ketones, which is a stimulant, question its safety because there may be some side effects associated with Raspberry Ketones that include:

  • Feeling Jittery

An individual report that took Raspberry Ketone, complained of feeling shaky.


5. Coleus Forskohlii

Participants in the Coleus Forskohlii group reported less hunger, fatigue, and fullness, with no clinically meaningful activities noticed in metabolic markers, muscle and liver enzymes, blood lipids, red cells, hormones, white cells, heart rate, or in the weekly side effects updates. There were no significant alterations as well, observed in macronutrient or caloric intake.

In conclusion, the study indicated that Coleus Forskohlii fails to promote weight loss significantly; however, as a fat burner supplement, it could assist in mitigating weight gain in overweight females.

Forskohlii Root Extract has not been studied enough to determine whether it is safe to use or not. There have been some reports of side effects from Forskohlii, that may include:

  • Flushing
  • Cough
  • Restlessness
  • Headaches
  • Stinging

coleus forskohlii

6. Garcinia Fruit Extract

The reviews about this fat burner ingredient are overwhelmingly positive and are highly recommended that you try it.

Garcinia fruit extract one of the ingredients is a known appetite suppressant and potential-burning aid. This is a common weight loss ingredient, and there have been quite a few encouraging results reported from adding just leaf extract Garcinia fruit to your diet will help you lose fat.

The following mild side effects can occur while using Garcinia.

  • Digestive tract discomfort
  • Headaches
  • Nausea

garcinia fruit

6. Chrysin

Chrysin is a flavonoid that is found in mint, bee glue (propolis), blue passionflower, and honey. Flavonoids are natural substances found in a variety of plants that may have several significant biological effects. Chrysin regulates natural estrogen levels for women’s bodies to ensure that they will stay at optimal levels.

The Old School Labs claims that Chrysin is the added substance to avoid muscle wasting. Although, Chrysin is used for bodybuilding, for treating anxiety, inflammation, gout, HIV/AIDS, erectile dysfunction (ED), baldness, and also used for preventing cancer. There is very little actual evidence through double-blind clinical studies.

Essentially, the aim is to focus on losing weight by fat burning rather than losing muscle mass. 100 mg. of Chrysin for up to eight weeks is safe when taken by mouth.


7. Bacopa Leaf Extract

Bacopa, also known as Brahmi, has been used by Ayurvedic (Indian) medical practitioners for centuries for a variety of purposes, including improving memory, reducing anxiety, and treating epilepsy. In fact, research shows that bacopa leaf extract garcinia may boost brain function and alleviate anxiety and stress, among other benefits.

According to Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, there is a possibility that taking Bacopa extract by mouth for up to twelve weeks, short-term is safe for adults who follow the directions.

Some side effects may include:

  • Fatigue
  • Stomach cramps
  • Dry mouth
  • Increased bowel movements
  • Nausea
  • Gastrointestinal tract blockage
  • Increased secretions in intestines and stomach
  • Increased secretions of fluid in the lungs

bacopa leaf

8. Olive Leaf Extract

Applied to the skin, or taken as directed by mouth, Olive oil is likely to be safe.

Two tablespoons of Olive oil, equivalent to 28 grams or 14 percent of total daily calories, are safe. People safely used one liter of extra-virgin olive oil weekly as part of a Mediterranean-style diet.

Hence, it is possible that taking Olive leaf extract or Olive oil is safe to take by mouth when taken as directed, but some may experience nausea while taking. The scientific evidence for the basis of effects has been weak.

How Does Vintage Burn Work?

Burn fat, boost muscle growth, and help keep you focused are the claims of Vintage Burn supplement in the market today. Based on what its ingredients, I want to concentrate on those areas where we can show concrete evidence of their claims.

Let’s start with caffeine. This is a substance that dieticians recommend as part of fat burning in a training plan. There have been a lot of studies done on how effective caffeine is at increasing metabolic rates even during resting periods. This will also help give you some mental focus to get through your sets with full motivation.

Now to the energy boosts. The addition of ketones is a positive thing that the didge in this supplement, and with the right timing, you’ll get a boost at the right time e, as well. Albeit, short-lived boosts, they can make a lot of difference to your endurance.

Vintage Burn Benefits

The main benefits that the Vintage Burn ingredients provide about boosting energy level and losing fat. People at the gym and also in forums and Facebook groups, a lot of them gave a thumbs-up response to what Vintage Burn extra energy claim. Conservativelyay, Vintage Burn delivers what it claims to provide customers. Combined with h great diet and consistent exercise routine, to review Vintage Burn says will definitely help you acquire the neck-turning body you inspire for.

Overall, the results I found were good, but not great.

Vintage Burn Pros and Cons


  • The price of Vintage Burn is very affordable.
  • The product may eliminate fat while it does not reduce muscle.
  • The transparency policy allows you to know about all the ingredients the product contains.
  • If you are not satisfied with the products, a money-back guarantee sees you can get a full refund.


  • You can only use the product for sixty days.
  • The product contains caffeine, which is a stimulant.

Vintage Burn Side Effects

Vintage Burn fat burner’s side effects are few. It incomes with the territory which is the result of the chosen ingredients.

There have been quite a few reports of users suffering from side effects, like nausea with regular use, even thoughts lactose and gluten-free. While the seems to be dosage-based, there is not a lot of feedback from regular use as well.

Another thing to note about Vintage Burn is that 150 mg. caffeine dose is relatively high. Being sensitive ta o stimulants is not good. It might give you jitters and some insomnia upon taking caffeine. With no caffeine-free option available, this is a bit frustrating.

Do not take this green coffee bean extract product if you take antiplatelet drugs, blood thinners, or any following as Vintage Burn contains Forskohlii.

Should You Buy Vintage Burn?

To conclude this Vintage Burn review, I want to talk about whether this is the best option available.

Others who tried Vintage Burn have also found it effective for fat loss by its ability to significantly curb their appetite which helps keep calories in check. Some even post their images on the internet, showing before and after using the product, which tells a lot about the effectiveness of Vintage Burn. So, let the photos speak for themselves.

Those users seem to be satisfied with the result they achieved with the help of Vintage Burn. Well, sad to say, some are not fully convinced about the product. They said some brands delivered higher fat loss percentages and boosted energy levels significantly during workouts.

Buying this weight loss Vintage Burn with other brands of fat burners and compare it by yourself and see the result.

What is the Best Blackstone Labs Review?

The best Blackstone Labs Review in my opinion is written by Dietspot. They write clear undetailed reviews about the fat burner and food supplements in the market today, that help consumers to navigate the various dietary requirements of their body.

They wrote this about Blackstone; “Blackstone Labs produces a variety of bodybuilding and dietary supplements that help consumers burn fat and build muscle. They say their supplements are geared toward bodybuilders who want to bulk up, gain muscle mass, and reduce body fat. Some of the ingredients have been researched, but should this product be used by regular dieters who are not looking for massive muscle growth?”

Bottom Line

Vintage Burn reviews said works when taken as suggested, coupled with maintaining a diet, exercise pl, and healthy eating habits will result in a satisfying body that you can be proud of.

Old School Labs stand behind their Burn Vintage products one hundred percent, as they never compromise on the quality of the ingredients used, and always make it clear to the consumer exactly what their product contains.

The makers of Vintage Burn supplement offer a money-back guarantee if results are not apt to your liking. If for some reason, you are not completely satisfied with your purchase of an Old School Labs product or should have any concerns, you can contact customer service, and they will be happy to help resolve your issue or will provide you with a full refund.