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Vintage Burn Fat Burner Review

In today’s world, dietary supplements and supplement reviews especially fat burners are the fad asserting to help lose weight effectively, get rid of stubborn fats, tone muscle, and boost energy levels.

On the first look, Vintage Burn Fat Burner is everything you are looking for a weight loss supplement.

Containing 9 fat-torching ingredients, it provides a lot of benefits with no side effects. This is what many people will love for daily consumption.

In this article, we are going to delve deeper and discover if this Old School fat burner does its job successfully and how consumers and users can take advantage of it.

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Vintage Burn is manufactured to help you achieve the best body while curbing your appetite and burn fat effectively. It is also made in an FDA-approved facility and is keto and vegan-friendly. It’s a huge take, so we’ll look at the particulars to confirm if it’s true. So, continue reading this Vintage Burn Fat Burner review.

Vintage Burn is a thermogenic fat burner, a weight loss supplement that is designed to keep your pre-existing muscle tone and eliminate fats. It’s very important to always remember that the product is a muscle-preserving fat burning because the main ingredients are made to burn fat and not muscles. This makes it a perfect nutritional supplement for bodybuilders and athletes as well as for those who are searching for an active way to control appetite and improve the level of energy.

Any product that keeps muscle while eliminating fat is greater than pure gold.

This Old School product is FDA-approved and it was designed using only hand-picked, highest grade ingredients that formulated this supplement pure, safe, and effective.


This contains 9 top-quality, strongest bioavailable ingredients, meticulously made to become effective in getting rid of fats while avoiding loss of muscles and boosting the mood as well as improving mental focus.

1. Raspberry Ketones

As reported in a study on overweight people, Raspberry Ketones is one of the best fat burner ingredients. But besides helping burn more fats, Raspberry Ketones also curbs the appetite that helps you focus more on eating healthy foods, as stated by the manufacturers.

Raspberry Ketones is shown in other supplements to be beneficial, most specifically in the shedding of a few kilos.

2. Caffeine

This is probably the ingredient that you can find in almost all weight loss supplements and diet supplements. The most notable effect that you can notice is that it makes you more attentive and increases your focus.

However, caffeine also heightens your thermogenic digestion, which often leads to quicker processing of fatty acids and a decrease in fat storage.

3. Green Coffee Bean Extract

This Green Coffee Bean extract is not so much about the caffeine, but instead about decreasing the body’s ability to break down and store fat, based on Old School.

Sadly, there is not enough scientific research to support this. Thus far, it’s all subjective. Also, Green Coffee Bean extract can be found in other popular thermogenic supplements available on the market.

4. Green Tea Leaf Extract

There is a great influence from the antioxidants that the green tea offers, and it helps washes the toxins out of the body that amasses even with a healthy balanced diet.

Old School also said that it increases the resting digestion rates. But, several studies in this area do not have definite results yet.

5. Garcinia Fruit Extract

One of the fattest burning ingredients and there are various great results claimed from adding or using Garcinia fruit to the diet.

Dieticians recommend Garcinia fruit extract to their clients, thus it’s a beneficial product to the diet. A lot of users also experienced positive effects from the product. Also, people are raving about this ingredient, so everybody is happy.

6. Chrysin

Old School says that Chrysin is the additional ingredient to prevent loss of muscles.

Essentially, the main objective of this substance is to focus on a diet by fat burning instead of muscle loss fibers. But there is little evidence using double-masked scientific studies.

Thus, there is some question about the effectiveness of this substance.

7. Olive Leaf Extract

This Olive Leaf Extract was a part of the 2015 study in which a relationship between thyroid activity and a decrease in DNA loss was reported.

Whether Olive Leaf extract gives a boost to help muscle recovers as Old School says isn’t completely clear though.

Thus, overall, the ingredient list does comprise of a few effective ones, but you also need to look at some that are less based on the evidence.

8. Bacopa Leaf Extract

This Bacopa leaf extract is a famous mood booster, and it is considered to contain cognitive-improving properties, however, the shortage of proper research prevents experts from figuring out if it is so.

It regulates diet and digestion, making sure maximum burning calorie rates.

9. Forskolin Root Extract

The Forskolin increases testosterone and bodybuilders believed it to be an essential bodybuilding steroid that helps with protein process and fat elimination. It helps muscles while melting stubborn fats, and it ignites the release and supply of fatty acids.

It also keeps your endurance during hard training.

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The active Vintage Burn bioavailable ingredients encourage fat loss by muscle-preserving, burning calorie formulation that achieves turning heads, evened musculature.

Besides weight loss, it also curbs the appetite, improves metabolism, increases the energy levels that are essential for effective training that delivers continuous and actual results. Some other substances improve pre-training energy, mental focus, and mood.


This is Old School dietary supplement exclusive for adults. The suggested dosage for Vintage Burn is 2 veggie caps daily. It usually takes 3 days to evaluate its tolerance. To see its best results, the recommended duration of use is about 60 days along with a healthy balanced diet and right workout.

Vintage Burn is not advisable to be taken 4 hours before going to bed.

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Vintage Burn is known to offer the best health benefits to its users which includes:

  • It helps with fat loss.
  • Burns fat
  • Boosts energy
  • Conserves muscle
  • Improves focus and mood


Yes, Vintage Burn does have some side effects and it’s because of the special ingredients. Although it contains zero lactose and gluten, there are several claims users are suffering from adverse reactions such as vomiting with normal consumption.

While Old School’s Vintage Burn is like a dosage-dependent, a lot of feedback from average use can be read as well.

Another important thing to consider is the caffeine amount which is 150 mg and if you have allergic reactions to stimulants, you might feel jittery and sleeplessness. Without a caffeine-free choice around, this is a drawback.

Lastly, here are some undesirable effects cited in a lot of reviews:

  • Nausea
  • Fatigue
  • Headache
  • Hazy focus
  • Bloating
  • Diarrhea
  • Stomach pains


When we consider all the information, facts and feedback about Vintage Burn, there are no signs that this product is a fraud.

Beyond all that, the product offers a money-back guarantee and every review about the supplement is positive.

Old School, the manufacturers that make Vintage Burn is a reputed business with many years of experience in the area of health supplements.


When we consider all the information, facts and feedback about Vintage Burn, there are no signs that this product is a fraud.

Beyond all that, the product offers a money-back guarantee and every review about the supplement is positive.

Old School, the manufacturers that make Vintage Burn is a reputed business with many years of experience in the area of health supplements.

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Vintage Burn is sold at Old School official website at oldschoollabs.com. The supplement is in the veggie capsules form. The regular bottle contains 120 veggie pills, great for about 60 servings.

The serving size is 2 capsules each day and it should be 10 minutes before eating. Each serving has the caffeine of 150 mg. The retail price of the product costs $49.50, but if you subscribe to their official website you can save about $44.50.

When you do have an auto-ship payment, you get 15% off.


Does it contain stimulants?

Yes, it does have stimulants, such as green coffee bean extract and caffeine. These are associated with straight improved digestion rates that offer extra energy and fat loss properties.

Does Vintage Burn work?

Vintage does work in terms of shedding a few kilos. But there are some questions over some substances, which are discussed above in this Vintage Burn review.

What does Vintage Burn taste like?

This product is among those supplements that do not have any flavor, as it isn’t in a powder form to mix in a shake. Rather, you just chug capsules that don’t have a taste at all.

Where you can get Vintage Burn?

Vintage Burn can be brought through its official website of Old School or on Amazon.com. Don’t buy the product from any other place to avoid wasting your money and getting fake products.

What is the Vintage Burn Money-Back Policy?

The supplement comes with a refund policy that allows you to ask for a money back if you’re not happy with the product. You don’t need to exchange the order.

Also, you can watch the video review from The Gym Rat World to learn more about this experience with the Vintage Burn weight loss supplement.



  • Contains 9 fat-torching ingredients
  • Gluten-free
  • Vegan and keto-friendly
  • FDA approved
  • Free shipping
  • Money-back policy


  • Shortage of B vitamins
  • Expensive
  • No Zinc
  • No Bell Pepper ingredient
  • Mixed feedbacks


The word ‘fat burner’ is an umbrella term that refers to food supplements that are made to support your achieve goals and mixed with a healthy balanced lifestyle.

Fat burners have a controversial status, especially because a lot of them are advertised as ‘magic’ solutions to attain your fancy body. Essentially, we know there’s no short-cut to victory, particularly where your overall well-being is concerned.

Before we start, it’s important to understand that many supplements in this category are not magic supplements and they are not proven to burn fat by themselves. They contain an ingredient that helps when mixed with energy-restricted food and regular exercise.


Considered as the secret ingredient that professional MMA fighters take before the fight, Instant Knockout is a massively famous supplement in this arena.

Billed as the secret formula that pro-MMA fighters use before a fight, Instant Knockout is a massively popular supplement in this grouping.

Instant Knockout is manufactured by Roar Ambition, this bright red capsule comes in a clear fist-shaped bottle and has a wide range of best ingredients which are meticulously chosen to help you achieve your goals.

When researching this supplement, it was listed as #1 on numerous review websites and it’s like the most popular among users and clients.

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Achieve your goals – Mix it with a healthy balanced diet and regular exercise.

• Level up your game – Feel inspired not to miss a workout so you look and feel good.

• Fully dosage serving – 4 capsules through the whole day

• Pure formula – Does not have dangerous or prohibited ingredients

Main Ingredients

We discovered that Instant Knockout has number of our favorite ingredients in this supplement. The major ingredients are:

• Vitamins B6 and B12

These two essential vitamins can help with the lessening of fatigue and lethargy and average energy release.

• Chromium

An essential ingredient that backs to regular macronutrient digestion as well as the upkeep of regular blood glucose extracts.

• Green Tea

Green Tea is not just a regular hot drink, this is a very popular substance in numerous major supplements in this group.

• Cayenne Pepper

This is quite a common ingredient in the major supplements. Don’t be concerned if you don’t love spicy food. This is not spicy – the extract goes straight to the stomach through the capsule.

• Glucomannan

An extensively studied nutritional fiber removed from the Konjac plant root. This is a substance found in the major supplements in this grouping.

• Zinc

This is an essential ingredient that adds to the regular protein synthesis and regular macronutrient digestion, amongst others.

It also comprises 300mg regular dosage of Caffeine Anhydrous. You perhaps already understand about the Caffeine benefits, as it’s among the widely used and well-studied ingredients available.

How to Use It

One bottle of Instant Knockout is a 30-day supply and comprises of 120 capsules. The direction of use is to consume one capsule, 4x a day between mealtimse. Due to the Caffeine and Green Tea, it is not advisable to take the capsule before going to bed.

What Customers Are Saying About the Product?

We read numerous customer reviews on YouTube and social media about how this supplement helped them a lot.

It’s advertised by several biggest UFC fighters of the world at the Greg Jackson’s gymnasium. Jackson trained some of the most popular people in the sport such as Diego Sanchez, Jon Jones, George St-Pierre, John Dodson, Holly Holm and many more. Although this more of a commercial than a complete testimonial, however, it’s still great to witness that some big stars are glad to link with this supplement.

We also find some people claiming that this product isn’t for them. Each supplement has some dissatisfied customers and it’s hard to determine if those users are combining the product with a balanced diet and regular exercise.

As mentioned before, you cannot use a supplement while having an unhealthy lifestyle and want to burn fat. On their official website, you can read some of the user’s testimonials with their before and after photos.

Price, Delivery, and Availability

The expensive price of Instant Knockout is one of the major downsides of the product. One bottle cost $59/ €45 / £35. They have a great deal though, for 3 bottles you get free and it’s free shipping. Thus, it becomes $46/ €35/ £27 per bottle.

This isn’t sold in shops and they are exclusively available at their official website. They only made in the US and UK in FDA-approved and cGMP-regulated facilities. The reason why they choose direct selling on their website is so that they can have a 90-day money-back policy. If you order 3 boxes, you can avail of the 90-day money back.

USA and UK are the only two storehouses of Inside Knockout. They are offering worldwide shipping and have a fast-tracking option from the two countries. You can expect your order to arrive at your doorsteps 1 to 4 days if you’re in the US or UK. You can also get your orders as quickly as 4-5 days if you are in Australia.

They ship worldwide and have fast and tracked shipping options from both countries. If you’re in the USA or UK, you can expect to get it in 1 to 4 days. Even if you’re in Australia, you can get it as quickly as 4 to 5 days.


  • Inside Knockout is only available on their website. The makers say this is their way of offering money back and excellent customer service.
  • The capsules have Gelatin; thus, they are not ideal for Vegans and Vegetarians.
  • This supplement is on the premium side of this grouping.
  • Keep in mind that the recommended dosage is 4 capsules each day. This may be hard for those consumers and users with a hectic schedule.

The Takeaway

If you are in search of the best weight loss pills and willing to invest a huge amount of money, then Instant Knockout is for you.

It’s exciting to see that it contains some of the most popular ingredients in a fat burner supplement such as Green Tea Extract, Cayenne Pepper, and Caffeine Anhydrous.

Since best UFC fighters and coaches have been attested to using the product, even if they are more of a commercial than an absolute testimonial.

The biggest downsides are the expensive cost and having to buy it directly from their website. As we have talked about, target goals take time and effort. To see great results, you need to allocate a few months of commitment and a lot of work. Just like what a fight would do to prepare before his big fight.


Vintage Burn Fat Burner is a great supplement that helps boost energy, curbs appetite and burns fat naturally. However, we aren’t sure that it can protect the existing muscles.

The combination of ingredients in this formula isn’t potent enough to back up such claims. This does not mean though, that Vintage Burn is not worthy of an investment.

The thing that worries us a lot is its distinguished side effects. This may be not the most effective fat burner available, like PhenQ, but it surely is a beneficial and effective one.

The Vintage Burn effects vary from one person to another, so the best thing to do is give the supplement a shot and observe how it affects you.


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