Burn XT Review

With the plethora of weight loss pills available, it’s really difficult to stay abreast and choose the right for you. Well, Burn XT set itself apart from all the rest because it is considered as among the best thermogenic fat burners on the market.

Many users believe it as the top budget winner, Burn XT contains 5 main ingredients. These major components are satisfactorily dosed to be beneficial for reducing calorie intake and improving weight loss.

While it has adequate active compounds and stimulants to assure increased energy level, we still need to confirm if it is the most effective weight loss supplement available that promises to help burn calorie intake and shed a few kilos.

Is this the ultimate fat burner pill for both men and women? This is a Burn XT review.

This Burn XT supplement review is geared towards helping people who are curious in Burn XT, to know if this health supplement is what the advertising hype claims it is.

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Although thermogenic fat burners may seem like an interesting way to improve metabolism and burn stubborn fats, they do possess some dangers and adverse effects.

Undesirable Side Effects

A lot of people endure fat burner pills just fine, but they cause undesirable side effects in some people. The most common problems are headache, nausea, abdominal pain and constipation. These supplements can also result in slightly increasing the blood pressure. Fat burner pills containing caffeine of 400mg or more can lead to anxiety, heart palpitations, insomnia, headache, and vertigo.

Possible Chronic Problems

Thermogenic supplements are also associated with serious complications. Some studies have claimed a link between these kinds of supplements and serious swelling of the intestinal tract and sometimes dangerous enough that it requires surgery.

Other users have stated incidents of hepatitis (which is irritation of the liver), liver injury and liver failure also among healthy adults and teens.

Not Well-Regulated

It is always important to keep in mind that supplements are not monitored as sternly as medications or food.

They are not strictly tested before being sold, so it’s smart to be vigilant especially with pills that contain higher doses of stimulants or a wide variety of ingredients that could combine in unfamiliar ways.

Always check ingredients and consult with your doctor before determining if thermogenic supplements are for you.

Thermogenic supplements are sold as a simple way to eliminate fats. While there’s proof that they can curb appetite, improve metabolism and burn fats, the effects are rather low.

They might be more effective when mixed with other nutrition and workout changes but are not a wonder pill solution. Make it a habit to talk with your doctor regularly before trying a new medicine, because some users have experienced severe problems.


We always advise that you meticulously read the product label before using the new pill for the first time to assure that you’re not sensitive to any of the ingredients. Having said that, these types of products are safe because they only contain all-natural extracts from the whole ingredients.

The most important thing to consider with Burn-XT from taking a look at the ingredients is the fact that the caffeine content is very high. You want to use this supplement in the morning to avoid the caffeine from ruining your sleep.

We also regularly advise that you drink more glasses of water when using a supplement of this kind and so, keeping yourself hydrated is a must.


A fat-burning supplement is a product manufactured with ingredients designed to improve metabolism and boost energy levels to help burn fats. Fat burners are taken by weight watchers who sternly wanted to shed a few pounds for competition and for users who just want to wear smaller fitted pants.

How Does It Work?

These weight loss supplements employ a wide variety of ingredients to increase your energy, boost your metabolism and limit your cravings. These pills help encourage lipolysis (the breakdown of fats for energy) as well as encourage your central nervous system.

A pill mixed with a practical diet will start your human body to use the fats as a source of energy and thus, lose weight.

Although there is no lack of weight loss supplements available, experts and professionals claim none of them is a miracle drug to weight reduction. The most significant part of any burning calorie routine is a healthy balanced diet and exercise. That being said, the Thermogenic fat burner and ECA Stacks (Ephedrine, Caffeine, and Aspirin) are the best-known products, however, aspirin is not widely used in most supplements available today.

EVLution Nutrition Trans4orm Thermogenic Energizing Fat Burner Supplement

If you are looking for a best-in-class fat burning supplement, then you might want to look at the Evlution energy pill. People enjoy the effectiveness of this formulation, but others complain of feeling different side effects.

This formulation is made for extreme losing weight. The manufacturer claims that it also improves energy and mind focus. Its thermogenic elements, it is reported, focuses adipose tissue while keeping muscle tone. This supplement is a great choice if you need a premium highest quality fat burning complex.

Overall, consumers have a promising judgment of the Evlution supplements. They admit that it is highly effective with no nervous effects. Consumers conclude that it takes action to the next level. They like that you can consume with an empty stomach.

But some consumers criticize that they had adverse reactions that range from vertigo and vomiting to migraine and kidney issues. Some consumers said the pill had no undesirable effects.


  • ​Premium-grade product
  • Effective
  • No fidgeting
  • Okay with an empty stomach


  • Whine about – some dizziness, queasy, had migraines and kidney problems
  • A few customers felt nothing good
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Many of the losing weight pills strongly depend on thermogenic fat burner compounds and energize to increase the user’s digestion and thus, their body temperature to use more fat as an energy source. With Phen375, the makers aimed to accomplish numerous requirements to make a more comprehensive lose weight system.

Each supplement has ingredients intended to:

  • Improve the body’s digestion to eliminate more fats easily
  • Curb appetite and hunger which is a common downside to dieters
  • Fat tissue absorption carries it and burns for energy
  • Loosen stored fats to avoid issues
  • Stop muscles loss when on diet


While Phen375 was manufactured to rival Phentermine (which is an appetite suppressant), the supplement formulation also has a fat loss and energy-giving ingredients to balance the pill’s hunger-suppressing effects.

Even though it could be claimed that a genuine Phentermine alternative must mainly act as a hunger suppressant, users consuming the pill will do so in getting rid of their body fats in the fastest and more efficient method.

The Phen375 weight loss ingredients are capable of accomplishing this so their addition combines to the mix.

The main ingredients are:


This element is all about energy breakdown. It helps the body to burn fats on a cellular degree. L-Carnitine is also popular for lessening exhaustion and improving brain function. The great features don’t end there because it also boosts insulin sensitivity, meaning the nutrients we take are equally divided as they are consumed by the body, therefore, fewer fats get stored.


This is also an excellent insulin sensitivity promoter, which controls the glucose breakdown and avoids us from eating unnecessarily. Chromium is great for curbing the intake of extra fats.

Citrus Aurantium

This compound is a powerful metabolism booster because it keeps burning the body fats even when you are at rest.


Caffeine is a proven and effective metabolism booster and lethargy combatant. It also increases body power production during the workout as well as can boost thermogenesis, which is the heat environment in the body that burns fats as energy.


The strong heat from this ingredient starts thermogenesis and Capsaicin also has anti-inflammatory properties.

Coleus Forskohlii

The main bioactivity that is from the Forskolin improves the fat-burning enzyme in the cells which is called cAMP.


Burn XT is safe to use, however, there is some undesirable effect claimed by several consumers.

The diet pill has different effects on different users, so both the benefits and adverse reactions vary from one person to another. Always remember to stick to the recommended dosage.

The following are the known adverse effects:

  • Anxiety
  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Perspiring
  • Lethargy
  • Quivering
  • Bloating


It is manufactured by Jacked Factory, a trusted and reliable supplement company and it belongs to the category of dietary, thermogenic fat burners, health and workout supplements that are specifically for bodybuilding and fitness enthusiasts.

Burn XT is a weight loss supplement that is designed to increase fat elimination by progressively slimming and improving energy levels. it is a premium-grade, GMP-authorized unisex supplement without filler or synthetic dyes that has clinically-tested ingredients like Capsimax that guarantee the best fat loss.

As stated by the Jacked Factory, Burn XT is:

“An industry-leading thermogenic fat burner product for both for men and women with more than 30,000,000 orders sold already. Each capsule has an effective amount of the most potent losing weight ingredients available, such as the clinically-proven Capsimax”.

Since this product is made from very effective and potent ingredients that are meticulously and efficiently treated verifies all the reports about this weight reduction pill to be true.

Burn XT Ingredients

Burn X is manufactured by Jacked Factory and what great about it is that all the ingredients and doses are can be read on the product label. Most dietary manufacturers use proprietary mixtures to prevent exposing the real amounts of the ingredients being used.

It makes a big difference to know the right dosage and if the supplement will be effective and beneficial or not.

Let us elaborate on the 5 science-based fat-burning ingredients.

Acetyl l-Carnitine HCI – 700 mg

Many bodybuilding enthusiasts consider this to be the very effective ingredient in pre-exercise, Acetyl l-Carnitine has been earning praises and positive reviews recently. The Acetyl l-Carnitine is believed to be amongst the most potent ingredients that help lose weight effectively, but a shortage of scientific studies to support the claims is a little bit disappointing. Maybe Acetyl l-Carnitine is effective for boosting mental focus and physical fatigue.

Green Tea Extract – 450 mg

With a significant number of positive health effects and effective lose weight claims, Green Tea is probably the most famous compound for a supplement. Green Tea is a natural resource of caffeine and it’s established to improve digestion and help get rid of fats naturally. Such green tea thermogenic fat burner qualities make this a great addition to the mixture.

Caffeine Anhydrous – 270 mg

Although caffeine is among the major ingredients of an effective, beneficial health supplement and even if Anhydrous is the most natural type of it, 270 mg is a high dosage, even for fat burning. This is over half of the recommended dose per day for adults and it can potentially trigger fears. This brings us to consider that this is not a suitable supplement for users with allergic reactions.

Capsimax Cayenne Pepper Fruit Extract – 50 mg

Capsimax Cayenne Pepper is a verified pepper fruit extract that offers metabolic benefits for weight management and sports diet. It stimulates the breakdown of active fat-burning ingredients. Although cayenne pepper offers various benefits, the absence of verified fat loss compounds in Burn XT makes the addition of this element useless.

Bioperine Black Pepper Fruit Extract – 5 mg

This ingredient is effective in breaking down the bioavailable ingredient and is widely utilized in supplements. Aside from that, the popular benefits are improved digestion, improved memory, mental focus immunity as well as increased serotonin and dopamine.

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It is a thermogenic fat burner, which is aimed at increasing the digestion rate to lessen fat tissue. By improving metabolism, the Burn XT accelerates the speed at which the calories are dissolved.

Burn XT health supplement has been scientifically made using only bioavailable ingredients that are beneficial to energy. It helps boost your workout size, improve appetite suppression, encourage fat burning and effectively lose weight.

How to Take It?

The recommended dose for the first use is one capsule each day. This is not advisable to take the supplement before bedtime as it is high in caffeine that can affect sleep.

For the normal intake, you use 2 capsules as 2x a day. One capsule is 700 mg per serving. Burn XT must be combined with a healthy lifestyle routine, regular workout, and a healthy balanced diet. Users should not exceed the suggested dose.


While Burn XT may contain high caffeine, it has excellent losing weight ingredients that offer numerous benefits to reducing a few kilos. The most famous benefits are:

  • Improved metabolism
  • Heightened energy
  • Burning calories
  • Curbing appetite
  • Better mood


Burn XT is sold on its official website at shop.jacked factory.com. It comes in the capsule form and a regular container contains 60 capsules which are for a 30-day supply. Also, the serving size is 2 capsules a day.

The retail price for Burn XT is $29.99 and you can save a lot of money by having a 10% discount off of your first order. If you purchase 2 containers you can save 15% by using the code – BURN15X and for 3 orders, you can save 20%, all you need is use the code – BURN20X.

To avail of the discount, you must subscribe to the messenger list of Jacked Factory.



  • Transparent product label
  • Trusted company
  • cGMP certified
  • Science-supported extracts
  • Affordable
  • Effective for both men and women
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Excellent reviews
  • Contains clinically proven Capsimax Capsicum ingredient


  • Numerous stimulants
  • No B vitamins
  • Higher caffeine content
  • Lack of Glucomannan green coffee bean
  • Industry-leading extracts are missing


Burn XT is an excellent thermogenic fat burner that delivers proven weight loss results. It does not utilize proprietary blends and all ingredients used and dosages can be seen on the label.

However, the best and premium-grade extracts that are useful in losing weight are missing. Comparatively, this diet supplement can help lose weight, keep muscle and increase energy while somewhat curbing the appetite.

If you’re taking Burn XT in the right way with good exercise and healthy balanced nutrition, you may see as an effective method to complete your fitness goals and live a happier and healthier life.

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