Buying Guide: Best Weight Loss Pills

Are you tired of not losing weight despite your best efforts? Are you getting tired of the diet, exercise, and rest routine that isn’t getting you the results that you desperately want?

Sometimes, diet and exercise aren’t enough to achieve the desired result. This is especially true if you have some metabolic issues that might be making it hard to achieve weight loss from diet and exercise alone. And so, this is where supplements come in. Diet supplements and weight loss pills do exist to help you with the issue of ineffective weight loss efforts. After all, who doesn’t want a body that is lean, toned, and fit? Surely most everybody in the world has gone through a moment of regret after overindulging in food, at least at one point in their lives.
A body that is slim and fit is a good sign of a healthy person. It also boosts confidence and is proof that a person engages in self-care. However, in the modern lifestyle, it can be somewhat difficult to dedicate a lot of time to our diet and exercise routines. When that is the case, it becomes more important to have just a little extra help on the side.

Through science, we now have the option (in the form of a good, respected diet supplement) to help kick start the body’s metabolism, suppress the appetite, and even help a bit in the weight loss efforts.

Because we understand that a lot of people need help when it comes to maximizing weight loss results, we have put together this list of the best weight loss pills available. Not only that, we have made sure to review them carefully. So if you want to learn more about the market’s best and most potent weight loss pills and fat burners today, read on! Here, we aim to help you choose the best one for you and your individual needs.

Note: Please remember that before you take any of these pills or any dietary supplement for that matter, you should first consult with your physician. They are the most aware of your medical history, so they are best suited to give you advice.

Best Weight Loss Pills of 2019

Here’s a list of the most effective pills this year 2019!

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One of the best and most highly rated weight loss pills in the entire world is PhenQ, This famous is famous the world over, and is the number one choice of many – and you will see exactly why.

PhenQ is a weight loss pill of TOP quality. It’s top-notch and many people will vouch for it. With PhenQ, so many people have achieved:

  • The burning of stored fat
  • Significantly lowered food cravings
  • Significantly increased energy levels
  • Generally improved mood

All of these effects put together are an amazing benefit in itself. And in a way, you can say that it is a godsend for people who are looking for an extra push during their weight loss journey.

PhenQ can achieve all of these effects through the amazing mix of ingredients in its formula.

Ingredients of PhenQ
Of course, we cannot tell you the claims of PhenQ without also addressing what exactly is in the formula that makes it so effective. Suffice to say, there are a bunch of natural but truly potent ingredients in the PhenQ formula. In this formulation, you will find ingredients such as caffeine, Capsimax powder (a powder made with various peppers and spices containing capsaicin), L-Carnitine Fumarate (known to help with burning fat), Chromium Picolinate, Nopal, and much more. If you want more information on the specific ingredients in this diet pill, we suggest taking a look at the specific PhenQ review.

Side Effects of PhenQ
We all know that many diet pills are known to be problematic, causing issues in users such as heart problems or similar. A diet pill or two has been in mainstream media before because it has caused lifetime issues and even death. Therefore it is only natural to be wary of these products and wonder whether they bring any side effects.

Thankfully, due to PhenQ being natural, there are practically NO NEGATIVE SIDE EFFECTS that have been associated with this product. The all-natural formulation of this pill makes it safe for most (except for those who may have sensitivities to the ingredients). Just make sure that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the dosage and administration frequency of this product. However, do note that everyone’s body reacts differently, and so your mileage may vary. Some people have noticed mild side effects like nausea or an increase in heart rate due to caffeine. If you find yourself experiencing any unpleasant side effects, stop taking PhenQ. If they persist, consult your physician.

Our Verdict:
PhenQ is an amazing fat-burning pill that also helps to suppress appetite. With so many people commenting on how effective this product is, it’s no surprise that it’s one of our best on this list. With PhenQ, burn your fat, stop your cravings, and get that body that you have always wanted!

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Another great product that we want to mention on this list is Phen375. With this diet pill, you might find that your weight loss goal comes more quickly and smoothly. This can allow for a leaner, fitter body as Phen375 burns fat – not muscle! Here are some of the things that Phen375 claims to be:

  • Mood boost – mild anti-depressant
  • Metabolism kickstarter and booster
  • Body fat burner
  • Appetite suppressor
  • Fat cell regeneration rate decreaser

With such benefits, it’s hard to not include Phen375 on this list of best diet pills in 2019. Now we want to ask – what exactly makes this pill so potent and effective? Of course, the answer to that question is – only the best ingredients that nature can offer.

Ingredients of Phen375
In this diet pill, you can find an amazing selection of ingredients that make its formula so effective and potent. Phen375 contains a-Lacys Reset, Capsimax Powder, L-Carnitine, Citrus Aurantium, and Coleus Forskolii Root Pe – among many other ingredients that all complement each other. If you want more information about the ingredients of this product, you can find it in the Phen375 review.

Side Effects of Phen375
Up till today, we have not been able to detect or hear of any reported negative side effects of this diet pill. As long as you are following the guidelines in terms of dosage and administration, then there is nothing for you to fear! Of course, if you abuse this pill, you will see some negative effects. Too much of a good thing is still bad.

Our Verdict:
Phen375 can be considered as one of the best in fat burners. It helps to keep you energized and also stimulates your muscles, helping you to get lean while you drop the weight. This diet pill is a mighty supplement that can help you get the body you’ve always been dreaming of – much faster than just a normal diet/exercise routine!

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NatureWise’s CLA 1250

One of the best selling supplements for men AND women on amazon is CLA 1250 by the company NatureWise. CLA means Conjugated Linoleic Acid, a substance that has been proven scientifically as effective in burning fat. This pill:

  • Can help you drop fat but not muscle
  • Can offer you more energy to help you exercise better
  • Contains safflower oil that is pure and GMO-free
  • Is known to be thermogenic
  • Is tested (Specialized ISO 17025)

CLA 1250 is known as one of the most preferred diet pills and supplements for weight lifters as well as bodybuilders. Fitness enthusiasts who want to achieve their goals faster and more smoothly also love this supplement. The secret?

Safflower Oil – Pure and Premium
Conjugated Linoleic Acid is a fatty acid that is essential to the body. CLA 1250 comes with only 100% PURE and NATURAL oil of safflower. It’s standardized to be highly potent, with 80% active Conjugated Linoleic Acid. There is 1000mg of CLA in each 1250mg soft gel.

Side Effects of CLA 1250
There are some minor side effects noted in this pill. Some claim that you might find yourself experiencing mild negative side effects like upset stomach, diarrhea, nausea, and fatigue. Nothing too terrible. However, if the discomfort gets too much, discontinue your use.

Our Verdict:
CLA 1250 deserves its spot on this list of the best diet pills on the market. It’s backed by some scientific research and has the fat burning capabilities that thousands around the world swear by. Give it a shot – you’ve literally got nothing to lose.

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Burn XT

If you want a pill that offers you many benefits in one when it comes to getting fit, Burn XT is a good choice. This diet pill is known to be a fat burner, especially due to its thermogenic effects. Additionally, it can also suppress your appetite and boost your energy. Talk about an all in one solution for all of your weight loss needs. Burn XT will be able to help you:

  • To burn your stored body fat
  • To keep your muscles in the process
  • To fight off cravings and “hangry” feelings
  • To be more vigorous and full of energy
  • To burn more calories

With so many benefits an offer, it’s no surprise that so many people around the world choose this diet pill to help them along with their weight-loss efforts. This impressive important dietary supplement accomplishes its many benefits and effects because of its high-quality list of ingredients.

Burn XT Ingredients
Burn XT has quite an impressive list of ingredients that all work to help you lose weight individually. But together in one formula, you have an amazing catalyst for your amazing drop in fat. This formula has Capsimax Extract, Bioperine, Green Tea Extract, Caffeine, and L-Carnitine – all of which are natural and origin, and truly powerful.

Burn XT Side Effects
If you properly follow the instructions about the dosage and the administration of this supplement provided by the manufacturer, burn XT is truly safe for you. After all, the ingredients in this formula are all completely natural. However, we do want to note that this formulation contains some caffeine. If you are sensitive to this substance, or if you have too much caffeine, you may find yourself experiencing some negative side effects related to it. Therefore, if you experience irritability, nervousness, insomnia, rapid heartbeat, nausea, dizziness, jitteriness, stomach aches, vomiting, or general malaise, we advise that you stop taking this diet pill.

Our Verdict:
Burn XT contains a formula that is backed by research and is clinically potent. The ingredients in this formulation are high in quality and are very high in bioavailability, making them easier to be absorbed by the body. All of the ingredients are also chosen for their unique ability to burn fat and keep muscle. We can recommend this supplement to those looking for a good way to complement their weight loss efforts.

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Vintage Burn

Vintage Burn (nice name, right?) is one of the first supplements with the claims of preserving muscle while it burns fat. This supplement is keto-friendly, making it great for those who are following this specific diet. It’s made for both men and women and helps to control food cravings as well as appetite. Vintage Burn can help you:

  • Lose fat rapidly
  • Keep your lean muscle mass
  • Improve mood as well as energy

An important thing to note about this product is that it is 100% vegetarian, which makes it great for people who don’t want to consume anything with meat or animal products in it.

Vintage Burn is a product that can provide you with help for your weight-loss journey. This helps me prove to be invaluable, especially if you’re focused on trying to burn fat and keep your muscles along the way. This diet pill can provide you with these effects to the health of its ingredient list which is composed of all-natural components.

Vintage Burn Ingredients
One thing that Vintage Burn is proud of is the fact that their formula contains no artificial additives at all. Therefore, you will not find any synthetic preservatives or additives in this diet pill. The capsules of this weight-loss supplement contain only pure and organic ingredients like garcinia Cambogia, green tea extract, as well as raspberry ketones.

Vintage Burn Side Effects
It’s only natural to be concerned about side effects when it comes to diet pills. However, you should find yourself relieved because this diet pill contains only natural ingredients. As a result, you will not experience any negative side effects. Do note, however, that this product does contain caffeine. As such, if you are sensitive to this stimulant, you may experience side effects like irritability, nervousness, insomnia, her competitions, nausea jitteriness, dizziness, stomach aches, and general malaise.

Our Verdict:
Old School Labs, the makers of Vintage Burn, has been around for over 40 years. With decades of experience, this manufacturer has brought tested high-quality products to the market. You can be assured of the premium quality of the supplement in question. We can recommend this pill – and many athletes and fitness enthusiasts around the world will agree.

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NatureWise’s Garcinia Cambogia

If you are trying to lose weight, chances are that you already know about the benefits of Garcinia Cambogia. However, if you want to know more about the benefits of this weight loss ingredient, do feel free to check out this article for more data. This supplement by the company NatureWise is known to:

  • Support Weight loss efforts
  • Reduce the storage of fat
  • Decrease appetite
  • Increase Levels of Serotonin
  • Help with stress management and mood
  • Boost the body’s metabolism

Because of the benefits of this diet pill, many people choose to make this their weapon of choice when it comes to their weight loss journey. Garcinia Cambogia has been found in many studies to be able to make weight loss faster. Therefore, there is absolutely no doubt about the helpfulness and effectiveness of this supplement.

On top of that, NatureWise’s offering has a 60% concentration of HCA, the concentration which is best known as the safest and most efficient. This is according to the clinical human trials which were performed on this product.

Garcinia Cambogia Side Effects
After reviewing the reports of the users as well as the feedback on this product, we have not been able to find any negative side effects related to the use of Garcinia Cambogia. Therefore, as long as you follow the manufacturer’s dosage and administration instructions, you should be safe from any negative side effects. This diet pill is not approved by the FDA, but it’s no cause for concern because all of the ingredients are natural.

Our Verdict:
This diet pill has been loved (for a very long time) by many fitness enthusiasts, personal trainers, and even nutritionists worldwide. For sure, you can see why. You can always try the supplement yourself if you want to see the effects on your body. You have nothing to lose!

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Alli Diet Pills

Alli Diet Pills are a weight-loss supplement that was designed specifically to help adults that are overweight. If you have a BMI of 25 or above, this diet pill was made specifically for you. The supplement has been around for over two decades. Alli claims to be able to:

  • Help you to lose 2 to 3 more pounds for every 5 pounds you would normally lose without them
  • Reduce or inhibit the body’s absorption of fat by up to 25%
  • Aid in keeping your weight balanced

On top of this, this particular brand of diet pill is approved by the FDA. What more could you ask to prove that this product is not only safe but also effective?

Alli Diet Pill Side Effects
This particular product has a target market that is quite specific: people who are considered overweight and are also on a diet that is calorie deficit beast. This product has been proven very effective when used in those circumstances. With this, you will find that you lose more weight than when you were dieting and exercising without it. However, you should not confuse this bill with other products that may be similar but will work even without the calorie deficit.

When you take this pill, you may experience some mild gastrointestinal issues. Take comfort in the fact that these issues only affect a minor percentage of users. The effects are also nothing to worry about unless they persist for more than a few days. If you experience longer side effects, you may want to consult a doctor because you may have a different health diagnosis unrelated to Alli.

Our Verdict:
Alli is the first product on this list that targets a specific group. According to its many users as well as a 20-year track record, this product is proven effective as a diet and weight loss supplement. And so, if you have a BMI that is above 25 and you finally want to drop the weight, you might want to consider this product.

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Skinny Gal

Skinny Gal is a supplement for diet and weight loss that was specifically designed with women in mind. This diet pill is known to be potent and thermogenic. It is even called a “Hyper Metabolizer”, a claim that is made by the manufacturer. Here is what you can expect from Skinny Gal:

  • Increased Metabolic Rates
  • Help with weight loss
  • Improved results from exercise and diet

On top of all of this, a big benefit of Skinny Gal is the fact that it is friendly to vegans and vegetarians alike. If you want to know what this pill contains, here is what you need to know.

Skinny Gal Ingredients
This diet pill contains fat burning ingredients such as capsicum, green coffee, white kidney bean, raspberry ketones, African mango, and Garcinia Cambogia. All of the ingredients were carefully chosen to work together to bring you the results that you crave.

Our Verdict:
With the many potent and effective ingredients contained in this formula, we can certainly recommend Skinny Gal to women looking to drop the pounds and lose the stubborn fat. However, we do want to note that the company behind this pill does say that if you want to achieve the best effects, it’s important that you use these pills in combination with proper diet and exercise.

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Lean PM Fat Burner

Lean PM Fat Burner is the only diet pill on this list that makes an amazing claim – it can help you to lose weight while you sleep! Yes, you read that right – this diet pill will help you to drop the pounds while you score the ZZZs. Here’s what this pill claims to help you with:

  • Burning Fat
  • Suppressing Appetite
  • Dropping pounds
  • Improved quality of sleep and increased energy
  • Improved mood

The best thing about the supplement is that it works as you sleep, and it does not contain caffeine at all. Therefore, if you are sensitive to this substance you won’t find yourself negatively reacting at all. So what does this supplement have?

Lean PM Fat Burner Ingredients
In this supplement, you will find a proprietary blend. It contains natural herbs and extracts to help make your weight loss journey significantly easier. You will find L-Theanine, Green tea extract, Bioperine, Melatonin, Magnesium and Vitamin B6 in this formula.

Our Verdict:
If you want good results that are achieved naturally, this is a good choice. What’s great is that this pill won’t give you issues with sleep – quite the opposite in fact. If you’re not a big fan of caffeine, then we suggest you get your hands on Lean PM right away!

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Apex TX5 Ingredients

You will find caffeine, L-Carnitine, and Theobromine in this potent but natural formula. With ingredients like those, it’s obvious why this pill is so effective while still being completely safe!

Our Verdict:
For people who want to lose weight but still have the energy and endurance for the gym, Apex TX5 is the right choice. We can recommend this for those looking for extra help on their journey.

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If you want to lose weight faster, or if you just want some extra help along your journey, we hope that this list can help you decide the right pill for you. As always, remember that none of these products are miracle pills – remember to eat and exercise properly so that you can attain the best possible effects!


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