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Provillus Review

If you are looking for a good quality hair regrowth product which can be very effective on your hair and help you regain all your lost hair, then Provilllus can be great for you. This article is a review of Provillus, and by the end of this article, you know everything bad and good about this product.

Humans when they start to age they face the loss of hair from the upper part of their hair, and slowly all the hair goes away. It also depends on the genetics when the person will start to lose his hair. But there is a solution regardless of when you start to lose your hair, and that solution is Provillus.

We have done in-depth research on Provillus, and we have come up with some interesting facts about this product. We also know its ingredients if you are into that. Other things that you will know about this product in this article are how it works, is it different from other similar product, benefits, side advantages and of course about the product itself.

What is Provillus?

Provillus is a natural hair regain product which is possible with its premium compound used in the product. I’m assuming that you have already heard about this product that’s why you are here. There are plenty of reviews about Provillus on the internet.

One of the first ingredient called minoxidil was approved by the FDA. We all know FDA is a trusted source for all types of body development product. This product is becoming a very popular hair regrowth product, and there is a reason behind it.

People who are using this product have seen significant changes in the amount of hair they grew back. Provillus is a powerful and effective product for everyone. Hair loss is a natural process, and Provillus will also work on people who are at their 50s and losing almost all their hairs.

The main provillus product comes in the form of a spray which makes it different from other hair regrowth product. With the ability to spray, you can directly point and shoot right where the dry scalp and hair is.

This is convenient and effective since the pressure that the sprayed produce will make sure that the compounds inside the spray go underneath the scalp to give you positive results in a short period of time.

There is also a typical solution for provillus which you can apply with a dropper on the dry hair and scalp.

Provillus also comes for both men and women specifically. Women should not use the one which is specified for men. The purpose of both types of provillus is the same, but the ingredients and the way it has been formulated is different for both sex. You can easily find the women section on the website of Provillus and order one for women specifically.

What are the ingredients used in Provillus?

The main the first ingredient used in Provillus is minoxidil which has covers 5% of the total solution of the ingredient. Along with minoxidil, there are other ingredients used in this product.

1.    Alcohol

2.    Propylene glycol

3.    Purified water

4.    Natural vitamins

5.    Minerals

6.    Herbs

Is Provillus the solution to hair loss?

There are lots of people who are satisfied with the results that provillus provided. Since there are plenty of positive reviews on the internet. I can say that Provillus is a solution for almost all type of people according to the statistics.

However, there can be some people who can find this product, not that effective due to many reasons that can block the effectiveness of Provillus.

How is Provillus different from other hair loss product?

The company provides a specific type of product for both men and women. The product comes in the form of a spray, and it is available for both men and women. The spray can be easily used to put on the affected area like the dry hair and scalp.

You can also cope for the dropper that you can use to drop a drop or two on a dry scalp. The spray is however what most people are considering since it is much easier to use and it gives a satisfaction that the product is very effective.

The spray system is only available for provillus, and that is what makes it different from other hair regrowth product period.

How does Provillus work?

Provillus comes in the form of spray and dropper. You can use either one of those, and you will get the same results. Apply a drop or the spray where the hair growth is needed.

The main ingredient minoxidil 5% is being used in a single product of provillus. This is the main compound which helps you grow back your hair naturally. The company also described how minoxidil 5% works on male baldness and it is approved by FDA.

Benefits and advantages of using the Provillus

The consumer of Provillus has claimed that they get positive results in just a week of use.

Provillus will help you grow out thick and healthy hair even after you are aged.

The ingredients make sure that the hair stays hydrated.

The ingredients used in Provillus provides the necessary nutrients to the scalp and hair for healthier growth over time.

Side effects and disadvantages of Provillus

Using more of the provillus doesn’t mean that it will give you the result earlier. Provillus is like a medicine, and it should be only used according to the prescribed dosage. If you exceed the dosage, then some side effects may occur.

Minoxidil is the reason for the hair to keep growing and as soon as you stop using provillus which has minoxidil, your hair will start to fade away again. So it is a disadvantage that you need to keep using the product.

The side effects which can occur with Provillus are swelling of lips, headache, dizziness and red skin.


If you are a man avoid using the women specified product from provillus and the same goes for women. Provillus has provided product for each category.

Consult an expert before using this product as the expert can tell you about the dosage by examining your hair growth.

Where to buy?

There are plenty of sites where provillus is available, and most of them are fake. Other sites are selling it for way too much money than it originally cost. So I would recommend you to buy the product from the manufacturer and from the official website.

Avoid buying from other websites which you don’t know about since they can sell you something else and won’t even offer money back. They can completely rip you off, so you have to be careful.


Provillus is hands down of the most effective hair regrowth product available at this time. It is powerful and works on all ages. The product is not perfect though, and it has some disadvantages and side effects which I have mentioned above. But almost all the other similar product have the same disadvantages. The ingredients help you regrow hair, and if that works on you, then you should definitely buy this product.  

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