Phallosan Forte Review: Looking to Grow?

Amongst all the hundreds of products made for male enhancement out there in all of their different forms and varieties, Phallosan Forte stands out. Out in the market now there are pills, mechanic extenders, pumps, even surgical procedures being sold. And of course, there’s a good reason why: not all are… equal when they are born.

Unfortunately, for us men, this can really affect our minds, our self-esteem, (sadly) our self-worth, and yes… our chances with women and our resulting relationships. After all, it doesn’t matter how confident we are if upon getting to the bedroom, we can’t…well, perform. Or be up to standards, so to speak. Unfortunately, if your package isn’t quite what you feel like your woman would expect, or if you feel like you can’t quite impress your woman, you will feel quite self-conscious.

This – precisely this reason – is why people in the medical industry and the health science industry have taken this problem into their hands. And, naturally, a myriad of products has now come out and flooded the marketplace. All sorts of different products that all promise the same thing in one way or another – a bigger, longer, thicker package that will make you a better and more impressive lover.

However, not all of these products and male enhancement procedures and solutions are created equal. Some of them come with a catch. For example – with pills, you can’t actually prove that they work… You’ll have people popping up with claims that they do, and tons of feedback from everyone everywhere claiming that their particular pill is magic. But if you really think about it, these pills are labeled on the bottle – “no approved therapeutic claims”.

On the flip side, you have penis extenders, which can and do offer results that are, well, a bit more plausible. They come with their own problems, of course. Penis extenders can be quite uncomfortable when you wear them, and in some cases, they cause a lot of discomforts and even pain. On top of that, for them to literally be effective, you will need to wear these products for at least 4-5 hours a day… who has time for that? Penis extending products also usually focus on the shaft, without any thought whatsoever given to the penis’ head. Thus, you get the pain because they stretch the shaft – and that’s it.

In the end, you are left with only a handful of options for plausible and safe male enhancement products. Out of all of those, one of the best, as we have mentioned, is Phallosan Forte. We’re here to discuss it all in detail – so hang on to your hats!

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What’s Included When You Buy Phallosan Forte?

First off, when you purchase Phallosan Forte and it arrives at your doorstep, the first thing you will notice is the fact that it is extremely discreet. It won’t be screaming “hey everyone, this dude over here is insecure with his size and is trying to enlarge his penis!”, something that we’re sure everyone will appreciate.

When you first open the package, it might be somewhat overwhelming because it does come with a lot of accessories, large and small. It even includes a user manual and a DVD to explain everything. In our opinion, one of the best things that comes with it is the measuring gauge – you’ll see exactly what it is we mean soon enough.

Here’s what the box includes:

  • A hypo-allergenic sleeve condom made out of silicone is included in small, medium and large sizes, as well as in different thicknesses.
  • There are suction bells included which are the things that work the magic. Small, medium, and large-sized bells for you to choose the right size from, depending on the results of the gauge included.
  • There is a protective cap that is very elastic and is there to keep your privates safe from everything being squeezed too tightly.
  • An elastic belt, orthopedic in design, has a foam ring allowing it to stay steady. It is primarily included to help in treating Peyronie’s Disease.
  • Lastly, there is a tension clip that is included to help you indicate the amount of tension that is being used altogether.

A little bonus included is a free to download Android/iOS app that works with Phallosan Forte – isn’t that convenient?

Does Phallosan Forte Work?

Naturally, this question is the one on everyone’s minds. It’s also the one that everyone wants answers to. The answer to this most important ask is – yes. Yes, Phallosan Forte works, but unfortunately not overnight. For you to really see the effects of this product, you will have to use it consistently over four to six months. After all, this medical device that was carefully designed uses stretching (mechanical) for its main method of growing your phallus. Phallosan Forte does focus on your shaft and on the head, making it a better choice in mechanical stretchers.

PF helps to grow your penis over time, and it can also help sufferers of Peyronie’s Disease. If your phallus leans a little bit in a direction and you want it to be a little straighter – PF will help with that too. This device is sometimes used in the medical field, in post prostate surgery recovery situations. Phallosan Forte was designed not just for male enhancement – it does have multiple uses. And it simply works.

Various testimonies on the internet do exist for you to peruse if you so wish. In summary, many have used PF and have loved the impact that it has made on their relationships, their self-esteem, and their life overall.

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Will Using Phallosan Forte Hurt?

Of course, since PF is a mechanical stretcher, it only makes sense to wonder whether it will hurt to use this product. Most other stretchers, after all, are known to cause discomfort and pain. That’s because they practically come with a built-in noose that tightens around your crown. PF does not have this – as a matter of fact, instead of the noose, you get a safe and comfy sleeve and suction bell combination.

Therefore, with Phallosan Forte, you won’t be choking your penis at all. To use this product, you simply have to put it on (it may take some getting used to at first, but after a while, it will take 30 seconds at most each time)… and then you can leave it on for the rest of the day if you wish. It’s really that comfortable.

So if you have tried other mechanical penis extenders in the past only to find them to be quite painful, rejoice in the fact that Phallosan Forte will certainly not be the same for you.

Is Phallosan Forte Worth It?

After all of this talk about what sets Phallosan Forte apart, the next logical thing to ask is…is it worth the money? Well, we’ve done the research and in our humble opinion, the answer to that question is a resounding “yes”! There truly are no cheap and easy solutions to male enhancement that are actually effective. PF may not necessarily be cheap, but it works according to our research and the feedback of all the men who have used it in the past.
PF is a product you will use regularly and most likely keep long term, so to be quite honest, the amount of money they are asking for is justifiable.

PF costs $364.00, including $25 in shipping costs. Therefore, the package we described above only actually costs $339.00, a sum that is nothing compared to the lifetime of happiness and satisfaction you’ll get from the results Phallosan Forte will give you.

Ultimately, the decision on whether this product is worth your time and your money is still yours to make. Decide with your wallet. However, it is worth it to note that this product comes with a money-back guarantee for a period of fourteen days. It’s not quite enough time to see the results you want, but it’s definitely more than enough time for you to test it and see if you’re comfortable enough with it for the long haul. If you aren’t happy, just return it within the allotted period and you’re golden.

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What’s The Verdict?

In a quick overview, let’s look at Phallosan Forte again.

  • PF is a medical device that is based on scientific ideas and research. It works as a penis enhancement device, but can also help with several other conditions.
  • The packaging for this product is low-key and truly discreet so that no one knows what you have just purchased.
  • The box contains all the parts and accessories, including a DVD and an information guide to help you figure out how to make everything work.
  • Unlike other mechanical stretchers, PF works on both your shaft and head, thus it also does not cause you pain.
  • If you use this product properly and religiously, you will get results – you just have to be in it for the long haul.
  • This product costs $339 + $25 shipping and comes with a 2-week money-back guarantee.

After re-reading all that information, it really looks as though this device is quite worth the money. Even though it might be slightly challenging to get used to using this product, in the end, if you stick to it and really give it time to work, you will see growth. Growth not just for your penis, but in every other aspect of your life as well!

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