The Best Testosterone Enhancers Today

The price of getting old

One major problem that people may encounter while getting old is the decrease in the level of testosterone. As people become older, testosterone level naturally decreases. After the age of 30, most men start experiencing a gradual decline of this hormone each year. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best testosterone enhancers in the market today.

Aside from aging, there are more possible causes of the decrease in the level of testosterone such as:

  • injury in the testes
  • interrupted blood supply to the testes
  • infection of the testes
  • alcohol abuse,
  • chemotherapy for cancer
  • metabolic disorders including too much iron in the body
  • dysfunction of the pituitary gland
  • acute or chronic illness
  • cirrhosis of the liver
  • chronic renal failure
  • inflammatory conditions including sarcoidosis which causes inflammation of the lungs and other organs
  • abnormal development of the hypothalamus which is a gland in the brain which controls a lot of hormones
  • diabetes
  • high levels of prolactin which is a milk-producing hormone
  • obesity or extreme weight loss
  • trauma like head injury
  • congenital defect
  • delay of puberty
  • estrogen excess
  • anabolic steroid abuse
  • severe primary hypothyroidism
  • obstructive sleep apnea
  • radiation exposure

Aside from all of these, there may be more factors that can cause a decline in testosterone.

But do you really know what testosterone is?

When people think about testosterone, negative impressions come to mind. Most of the time, it connotes machismo, aggression, impatience, road rage, violence, and bad behavior. Negative words are usually associated with testosterone, however, it is more than just these words.

Testosterone plays various roles, making it important to both sexes, especially to the lives of men. It is the key sex hormone of males which is responsible for the development of their sexual characteristics.

Hormones are like messengers in the body that pave the way for body development. Women, unknown to many, actually produce testosterone as well, however, they just produce minimal amounts. In men, it plays several functions such as:

  • the development of the penis and testes
  • production of facial and pubic hair
  • deepening of voice during puberty
  • distribution of fat
  • production of the red blood cells
  • sex drive
  • strengthening of muscles
  • the maintenance of a normal mood.

With less amount of testosterone in the body, infertility may be a problem for men since one important function of this hormone is to assist the development of the mature sperm. There may be more vital roles of testosterone that have not yet been uncovered. For now, one thing is for sure, testosterone is more than just the negative connotations that people associate with it.

How do you increase your testosterone level?

Men with low testosterone production experience various symptoms. These symptoms may be felt when the testosterone level drops below normal. These include:

  • low sex drive
  • erectile dysfunction
  • low semen volume
  • hair loss
  • fatigue
  • loss of muscle mass
  • increased body fat
  • decreased sense of well-being
  • decreased bone mass
  • unstable mood
  • difficulties with concentration and memory, moodiness and irritability,
  • infertility
  • the decrease in the testicle size
  • low blood count

The fact that low levels of testosterone may lead to serious effects is truly alarming to many, however, some things can be done to prevent this. One is testosterone replacement therapy or TRT.

It is traditionally used to deal with insufficient testosterone if it is not being produced enough by the testes. This can be very important for teenage males who don’t produce enough testosterone for their masculine development.

The TRT treatment should be planned and formulated well by many with the help of doctors, because if not, numerous side effects may be experienced. These side effects may include acne, enlarged prostate, sleep apnea, decreased sperm count, and increased risk of heart attack and stroke. TRT is not advised for low levels of testosterone caused by aging.

Aside from TRT, people can also resort to testosterone booster to increase the level of testosterone.

What are testosterone boosters?

A testosterone booster is a dietary supplement that helps increase free testosterone levels. The increased testosterone is utilized by various organs such as the brain and muscles for various processes.

Benefits of testosterone booster include:

  • increase of the collagen production of the body
  • reduce the signs of aging such as wrinkles
  • increase muscle gain
  • better sexual performance
  • higher libido
  • stronger bones which can prevent fractures
  • increased stamina
  • stronger sperm.

Other benefits of reliable testosterone booster include powerful memory, better brain function, and concentration, more confidence, better mood, increased energy, and body fat burnt.

What are the ingredients of the best testosterone boosters?

Today, there are a lot of testosterone boosters in the market. Some products are not that effective. This is why one should be mindful and careful in choosing the right and reliable ones.

These should be testosterone boosters that are naturally derived from either plant or animal products. Naturally produced products are safer to use. These could be more effective as well. The best testosterone boosters include Testogen, Testo Max and Test Rx.

The best supplements are not steroids and should be 100 percent legal. According to research, the best testosterone boosters contain the eight natural important herb ingredients.

First is the d-aspartic acid.

This is an amino acid present in the tissues of invertebrates and vertebrates which include animals and humans. This was first discovered in the nervous system of marine mollusks. It was also later discovered in the nervous and endocrine tissues of other animals including rats and humans. A high level of this is found in the brains of chickens, rats, and humans during the last stage of embryonic life. The effectiveness of the amino acid in boosting one’s testosterone has been proven by recent research on both humans and animals as subjects. It has been found that a person taking d-aspartic acid for a few weeks would significantly increase his or her level of testosterone. Aside from this, it could also improve the quality of sperm for men.

The second important ingredient of an effective testosterone booster is the B complex.

There are eight B vitamins. These are thiamine or B1, riboflavin or B2, niacin or B3, pantothenic acid or B5, pyridoxine or B6, biotin or B7, folate or B9, and cobalamin or B12. These vitamins have unique functions that are important for the overall well-being and health of the body. They generally help the body produce energy and important molecules in the cells.

For men, they help to increase the level of testosterone which declined because of aging. Furthermore, the B complex also improves brain function and metabolism, increases strength and builds muscles. Most of the B vitamins cannot be stored by the body. This is why it should be taken regularly in the diet. The foods that are high in one or more B vitamins include salmon, leafy greens, liver and other organ meats, eggs, milk, beef, oysters, clams and mussels, legumes, chicken and turkey, yogurt, pork, fortified cereal, trout and sunflower seeds.

The third important ingredient of the testosterone booster is the Tribulus Terrestris, a plant that produces fruit covered with a spine.

Its fruits, leaves, and roots are used in conditions like chest pain, eczema, enlarged prostate, sexual disorders, infertility and many more. The plant also helps to improve sex drive and increase testosterone levels, however, the effects will only manifest in people with low testosterone levels and not in healthy individuals.

The fourth vital ingredient is fenugreek, which is a herb that has been used for a long time as alternative medicine.

Coming from the same family as soy, it has various uses and many possible health benefits. The fresh and dried seeds, leaves, twigs, and roots of the plant are used by people as supplements. The plant may help reduce the risk of cancer, diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart conditions, bacterial, fungal, and viral infections, and inflammation. Furthermore, it increases the level of free testosterone through minimizing the enzyme that paves the way for the testosterone to become estrogen.

Another important ingredient of a reliable and effective testosterone booster is magnesium.

It is responsible for a lot of enzymatic reactions in the body, such as metabolism and synthesis of fatty acids and proteins. Magnesium is present in the skeletal system, muscle, soft tissues, and bodily fluids. A study shows that the regular intake of magnesium helps an increase in testosterone levels for men. This should be taken over four weeks and should be associated with workouts to achieve the maximum result.

The sixth vital ingredient is zinc which is important for the overall functions of the body.

It is especially necessary for a healthy immune system so that the body can avoid disease and illness. Moreover, the level of zinc in the body is also linked to the amount of testosterone present. The effect of zinc as part of the testosterone booster may vary from person to person.

The seventh vital ingredient that helps boost testosterone is ginseng.

The Asian and American ginseng is the most effective of all varieties of ginseng as these also help increase energy levels, reduce stress, decrease cholesterol and blood sugar and treat erectile dysfunction.

Finally, the eighth important testosterone booster ingredient is boron.

It is a mineral found in food and the environment. Various researches in the past years have uncovered the health benefits of boron. It helps improve brain function, relieve arthritis, increase magnesium absorption and strengthens bones and joints. A recent study has also shown that testosterone levels can be increased by taking boron daily.

What are the best testosterone boosters on the market?

There are five best testosterone booster products available in the market. These are considered best since these testosterone boosters contain the important ingredients mentioned. Furthermore, the quality of ingredients, the content of ingredients and the feedback of the customers are the primary considerations in identifying the following products as the best in the market.

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1. Testogen

Testogen has been proven as an effective product in producing testosterone because of the ingredients d-aspartic acid, Tribulus Terrestris, and fenugreek. Meanwhile, the combination of zinc, magnesium and vitamin B can help the person increase the level of testosterone while sleeping. Aside from this benefit of the product, Testogen can improve stamina, increase energy levels, increase muscle size, improve sex drive and eliminate fatigue. The product can only be bought on their official website.

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2. Testo Max

Testo Max has a combination of d-aspartic acid, Tribulus Terrestris, and fenugreek. These ingredients make the product a powerful testosterone booster. Testo Max has already been in the market for 15 years. In addition to that, the product has a high amount of ginseng. The benefits of Testo Max include improved energy level, improved mood, fast results and good price for a quality product, however, it has a low dosage of zinc and can only be bought on the official website just like Testogen.

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3. Test Rx

Test Rx has d-aspartic acid, fenugreek, high amount of zinc, magnesium and vitamin B, but lacks Tribulus Terrestris. Despite this, it is proven to be an effective testosterone booster. This product is very helpful as this increases strength and lean muscle mass, increases sex drive, boosts energy, promotes good sleep and improves recovery. One should still be careful in consuming this as side effects may be experienced if the recommended dose is exceeded. Allergic reactions may also be a side effect.

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4. Testofuel

Testofuel has high-quality ingredients that improve strength and muscle building. Most importantly, these ingredients contribute to the production of testosterone in the body. The positive effects of the Testofuel include improved sex drive and cognitive function, however, it is pricey and can only be purchased online.

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5. Prime Male

Prime Male completes the list of best testosterone boosters. The d-aspartic acid ingredient of this product helps the person release free testosterone. Furthermore, Prime Male contains red ginseng, luteolin, and Bioperine which significantly cause positive effects on the body such as improved blood flow, blockage of DHT and increased absorption. Other benefits include the promotion of muscle mass, improved male potency, and enhanced performance. Just like Testofuel, this product is pricey and can only be purchased online.

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All Natural Plus Hard Work Equals Prime Beast!

With the proper practices include exercising and lifting weights, proper dieting, eating protein, fat, and carbs, minimizing stress, exposing oneself to direct sunlight and getting plenty of sleep, plus the best testosterone booster, no doubt you’ll be getting your desired results in no time.


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