The Best Hormonal Ally of Men

Men’s Hormonal Health

The main hormone that is important to men is testosterone, which is the primary responsibility for the development of male physical features. Of all the systems of the body, it is the endocrine system that is valuable in human reproduction and sexuality. Women have testosterone as well, but they only produce small amounts as compared to the production of men.

Furthermore, they have ovaries that are responsible for the production of estrogen and progesterone, their hormones that play critical roles in female development and maintaining pregnancy.

If women have ovaries, men have testes or testicles that produce testosterone, the hormone which is responsible for the physical changes in the body of men as they age and turn into adult males. Testosterone is valuable in the primary stages of developing the male reproductive organs in the fetus.

As a male age, testosterone pushes the development of male characteristics such as:

  • the growth of the penis and testes,
  • growth of facial, pubic, and body hair,
  • deepening of the voice,
  • building muscles and strong bones and
  • getting taller,

These are all part of the time of life of men called puberty. Also, this hormone is important in maintaining all mentioned secondary male characteristics throughout the life of men, and aside from these characteristics, testosterone plays a critical role in the production of sperm which is important in the production of offspring.

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Problems With Low Level of Testosterone

One major problem that can affect the health of men is the low level of testosterone. This is a condition in which the body experiences an underproduction or lack of production of testosterone due to various reasons such as:

  • aging,
  • obesity,
  • type 2 diabetes,
  • chronic medical conditions,
  • especially liver or kidney disease
  • hormonal disorders,
  • infections,
  • radiation or chemotherapy treatment for cancer
  • testicular injury
  • some medications like narcotics and opiate painkillers,
  • genetic conditions like Klinefelter syndrome, hemochromatosis, Kallmann syndrome, Prader-Willi syndrome, myotonic dystrophy
  • Lastly, anabolic steroid use in the past

There are symptoms that the person can feel and signs which the doctors can find out when there is a low level of testosterone, and knowing about all these is important to prevent further damage of the body.

Symptoms of Low Testosterone

The symptoms and signs of low testosterone include:

  • change in sleep patterns like insomnia or sleep disturbances,
  • physical changes like increased body fat and reduced muscle bulk,
  • sexual changes like reduced sexual desires, sexual dysfunction, or infertility,
  • emotional changes like decreased motivation, depression, worsening of sleep apnea,
  • worsening of congestive heart failure,
  • poor erections,
  • low sperm count,
  • enlarged or tender breasts

In addition to all these, low testosterone can also cause a decrease of muscle and bone strength and less energy— all of which pose negative effects on a man’s body.

It is important, especially as men age, to be aware of the testosterone level, so if they want to identify the status of their testosterone in their body, a physical exam can be conducted. The doctor will examine the body hair, breasts, penis, and the size and status of the testes and scrotum and may check for loss of side vision, which could be an indication of a pituitary tumor, a rare cause of low testosterone.

A blood test can also be conducted to see if the total testosterone level is low. If men experience signs and symptoms of low testosterone, they should start seeking for medical help.

Ways to Treat Low-Level Testosterone

There are several ways to treat the low level of testosterone such as testosterone replacement therapy which can improve sexual interest, erections, mood and energy, body hair growth, bone density, and muscle mass.

The doctor usually suggests testosterone replacement therapy if the person has the symptoms of low testosterone level and if the blood test results and physical examinations show that there is a deficiency. Other ways to replace testosterone are gel or patches that can be put on the skin, injections, tablets that stick to the gums and pellets inserted under the skin or pills, and the relief from symptoms may be felt within four to six weeks of testosterone replacement therapy. At the end of the day, the best method will depend on the person’s preference and tolerance.

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Introducing the TestRX

The best way to fight the loss of testosterone, especially when men age which is the natural cause of the low level of testosterone, is to use the number one rated testosterone booster, the TestRX.

While it can improve the body of men and help them acquire appealing chest, shoulders, six-pack abs, and rock-hard muscles, it is not only aimed at men who just want to develop muscles as it is also made to help men face the challenges of having low testosterone levels, especially when they reach the age of 45.

TestRX is all-natural that helps men stimulate their testosterone and helps them achieve a better quality of life.

Just to be clear, this product is not a steroid. It is a kind of drug that copies the effects of testosterone which have anabolic properties that help men to build up which is why these are often abused by athletes and bodybuilders.

Also, there is no need to use needles or spend huge sums of money on dangerous and ineffective solutions. TestRX is a dietary supplement that men can take to boost testosterone naturally without hormone replacement therapy and this can be bought even without a prescription.

There are already many products in the market to treat low levels of testosterone and definitely, men should be more cautious as there are illegal and extremely dangerous products that can be addictive and may cause serious side effects.

A law prohibiting the sale and use of dangerous steroids which include the illegal testosterone boosters has been applied after January 20, 2005, since these dangerous supplements released in the market can risk the health of many men and athletes. Testosterone production safely and naturally has been promoted.

The Benefits of TestRX

The intake of TestRX is a legal, safe and natural way of fighting low testosterone levels that is worthy of people’s money and time. This can improve the health of men in several ways as it helps them acquire bigger muscles since testosterone stimulates protein synthesis, which is an important process for acquiring bigger muscles.

Numerous studies have also shown that the ingredients of TestRX can help men increase strength as these components can significantly improve the upper and lower body power. Furthermore, the dietary supplement can improve athletic potential since more testosterone in the body can pave the way for more oxygen to be delivered in the muscles of men.

TestRX can result in weight loss, especially among men who suffer from obesity, since the muscles men can gain from this supplement can burn fats. The product can also help men recover quickly from workouts and eventually help them get bigger muscles as a result and achieve the body they want.

More than this, an improved sex drive can be enjoyed as a result that comes with consuming the TestRX as several ingredients of this dietary supplement have shown to increase male virility. Testosterone is first and foremost a sex hormone and this would help men fuel their desire to perform sexual activities especially if the level of testosterone is increased.

For men who regularly hit the gym but struggle with their gains which eventually affect their self-confidence as well, TestRX is the right product for them which can help them get back on track. Testosterone works with androgen receptors in muscle cells which stimulates protein synthesis giving men bigger muscles.

Protein is the building block of muscle that fuels the process of repairing the microtears in muscular tissue after weightlifting or resistance training. The body produces extra tissue to help men adapt to the heavier workload and TestRX becomes a helpful supplement in this response of the body.

More Benefits of Increased Testosterone

Aside from the things mentioned, there are more benefits when there is a boost of testosterone. Increased testosterone makes the blood and heart-healthy since it helps the production of red blood cells through the bone marrow. Oxygen needed for active performance is provided by a healthy heart which pumps blood to the rest of the body, resulting in healthy muscles and organs.

A recent study has shown that men whose testosterone levels returned to normal were less likely to suffer from a heart attack and stroke.

Numerous studies have also shown that men with higher levels of testosterone attain better verbal memory, spatial abilities, or mathematical reasoning. The higher levels of testosterone also help prevent Alzheimer’s disease which is usually acquired when people reach old age. When there is an increased level of testosterone, it is most likely that there will be an improvement when it comes to the thinking abilities of men such as sharper verbal memory and faster processing speed.

Testosterone levels can also affect the mood and when there are lower testosterone levels, poorer quality of life may result. Increased levels of testosterone can result in improved mood and well-being and reduced fatigue and irritability. In addition to that, with higher levels of testosterone, the risk of depression is also reduced.

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The Ingredients of TestRX

TestRX is a natural product which is made with herbals, minerals and amino acids that takes effect within three to six month of consumption

One ingredient is the Fenugreek, an herb that can be found in the Mediterranean region, southern Europe, and western Asia, which helps reduce body fats and increase strength. Studies have shown that Fenugreek increases natural testosterone production which is why this is considered a core ingredient of the TestRX.

The seeds of this herb are used in cooking and medicine making, while in other countries such as India, the Fenugreek leaves are eaten as vegetables.

There are numerous medicinal uses of Fenugreek as this is utilized to treat digestive problems such as loss of appetite, upset stomach, constipation, inflammation of the stomach, diabetes, painful menstruation, menopause, polycystic ovary syndrome, arthritis, poor thyroid function, obesity, heart problems such as atherosclerosis, a condition in which the arteries become hard, and high blood levels of certain fats such as cholesterol and triglycerides.

Fenugreek can also be utilized to fight kidney ailments, a vitamin deficiency disease called beriberi, mouth ulcers, boils, bronchitis, infection of the tissues beneath the surface of the skin or cellulitis, tuberculosis, chronic coughs, chapped lips, baldness, cancer, and Parkinson’s disease.

Vitamin D3
Another ingredient of the TestRX is Vitamin D3, also known as the sun vitamin, which boosts total, bioactive and free testosterone. Vitamin D3 is naturally produced by the body when exposed to the sun, and sunscreen, protective clothing, limited exposure to sunlight, dark skin, and age may hinder the absorption of vitamin D3 from the sun to the body. There are truly various factors as to why people cannot get enough vitamin D, however, the TestRX can help people to compensate for the lost vitamin D3 absorption.

Vitamin D, in general, has several medicinal uses. When it is mixed with calcium, it can be used to fight or prevent bone loss or osteoporosis especially when aging. It can also be used to treat low levels of calcium or phosphate caused by certain disorders such as hypoparathyroidism, pseudohypoparathyroidism, familial hypophosphatemia.

It may be used in kidney disease and allows calcium levels and bone growth to remain normal. As early as infancy, babies can already consume vitamin D drops because the breast milk from mothers usually has low levels of vitamin D.

Adults can also take vitamin D by mouth but should get the advice or suggestion of the doctor or pharmacist first. It is best absorbed by the body when taken after a meal. Furthermore, it is important to follow the directions as stated on the product package or as advised by the trusted doctor.

Vitamin K2
The third ingredient is Vitamin K2 which belongs to the Vitamin K group of compounds that helps the testes produce more testosterone. This also has several cardiovascular benefits which are important to keep in top shape when building the body. Furthermore, vitamin K2 can help the reduction of bone loss due to osteoporosis. The role of vitamin K is to stabilize the testosterone in the TestRX supplement.

Vitamin K2, found in animal foods and fermented foods, is a powerful nutrient that plays an important role in the health of a person. Vitamin K2 plays a crucial role in the metabolism of calcium which is the primary mineral found in the bones and teeth of people, so this can help improve bone and dental health. Aside from these, vitamin K2 can help fight certain types of cancers as studies have suggested that it reduces the recurrence of liver cancer and lowers the risk of prostate cancers.

Testosterone is not the only hormone that needs to be regulated inside the body since the amount of estrogen is also needed to be regulated properly for the effectivity of the hormone production because these two hormones are closely related to each other.

Vitamin B6
An essential natural ingredient of TestRX that helps influence testosterone and regulate natural estrogen levels is Vitamin B6. Other health benefits of Vitamin B6 include:

  • improved mood
  • reduced symptoms of depression,
  • improved brain health
  • reduced Alzheimer’s risk,
  • prevention and treatment for anemia through hemoglobin production,
  • treatment for the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, or PMS,
  • Treats anxiety,
  • depression and irritability,
  • treatment for nausea and vomiting during pregnancy,
  • prevention of clogged arteries
  • reduced heart disease risk,
  • lowered risk of the development of certain types of cancer,
  • prevention of eye diseases
  • treatment for inflammation associated with rheumatoid arthritis

Another ingredient is Magnesium which helps boost energy as it allows the body to process glucose more efficiently. Glucose, which acts as the energy reserves of the body, is essential to increase the energy level of people, especially when they perform activities that require too much work, and it is magnesium that paves the way for the body to use glucose when it needs more energy.

More than this, magnesium plays a crucial role in the proper growth and maintenance of bones. Other health benefits of this ingredient include treatment for constipation, heartburn, low magnesium levels, pregnancy complications such as pre-eclampsia and eclampsia and a certain type of irregular heartbeat.

Zinc Monotheione Aspartate or ZMA is one ingredient that has been found to naturally increase the levels of testosterone of the body and helps the immune system to function properly. Furthermore, it fuels the sexual drive and abilities of men. Lastly, TestRX contains D Aspartic Acid which is essential to the synthesis of testosterone. A study from 2009 has shown that this component increased testosterone levels by up to 42 percent after just 12 days.

The Results of TestRX

The beauty of TestRX is that it has no side effects. Most importantly, the intake of this dietary supplement can result in numerous benefits including better physical strength, faster gym recovery, higher energy levels, increased libido, more sexual stamina, improved immune system, a sharper memory, smoother and younger-looking skin, easier weight loss, mental clarity and confidence, and better mood.

TRX is indeed a quality natural product that is worthy of time and money. If men want a better quality of life as they age, the best way to achieve this is to consume TestRX.

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