Testosterone Boosters and Why It’s Important

Without a doubt, the one body part that acts as the primary source of differentiation from men compared to women is the penis. Every male is biologically born with this particular sexual organ just as females have breasts and vaginas. Also, men’s bodies develop through a hormone released by the pituitary glands called: testosterone.

All about the Penis

It is the penis that allows men to release certain substances from their bodies. In terms of waste, males urinate through this specific body part and the color of the liquid that they let go off is dependent on their levels of hydration.

The lighter or more transparent the color of the urine, the more hydrated they are. If the color is yellow or a darker shade of it, then they need to drink more water. If there is discoloration, then that means that the person took a certain medicine or is sick.

Aside from urine, the other substance that the penis releases is semen. This is the material, which has a white color, that comes out of the aforementioned sexual organ when the person reaches the climax of his ejaculation, either through the act of masturbation, sexual intercourse with his partner or any activity of that sort.

That is very much a short summary when it comes to the penis. Those are its two major tasks and the liquid substances that come out of it. However, there is more than meets the eye about the penis. You’ll learn more about semen and how it is important to a man’s anatomy here.

Then the testes, the next organ that is part of the male reproductive system is the Epididymis. This body part is like a tunnel that connects the penis with the vas deferens, which is another part of this structure. While sperm passes through it, the Epididymis sort of processes it to make it more refined upon its exit from the penis.

At a general level, the Male Accessory Glands are in charge of the nourishment and activation of Spermatozoon, which is essentially a sperm cell that is in motion. It also ensures that the urethral tract has no obstructions, acts as a means of transport for the sperm to the female reproductive system, and connects the sperm towards the needed female tract to seal the deal of fertilization.

Individually, the seminal vesicles, prostate gland, and Cowper’s gland have their roles in the male reproductive system. The seminal vesicles are two glands that are the main sources of the composition of the semen. It is during the process of ejaculation when the fluid from these parts are released into the stream and where it mixes with sperm and other fluids.

Next up is the prostate gland, which lies in between the penis and the bladder and in front of the rectum. The prostrate itself releases fluid that becomes an added layer of protection for sperm and it essentially becomes one with semen come ejaculation.

Lastly, the Cowper’s gland is the final entry in the Male Accessory Glands. It is located near the prostate gland and with the shape of a pea and it has ducts that lead to the urethra. It adds fluid to the semen when the process of ejaculation commences.

With that said, though, the penis is still the front office, the face of the operation and the star of the show because it is probably the most visible part of the male reproductive system and the part that secretes semen. However, the main component which makes a man truly a man is not his reproductive organ but rather the levels of testosterone in his body as it will dictate a man’s development. Let’s talk about testosterone.

The Testosterone

When people think about testosterone, negative connotations immediately come to mind. Most of the time, it denotes:

  • machismo,
  • ego
  • rage
  • violence
  • aggression
  • bad behavior

Negative words are usually associated with testosterone, however, it is more than just these words.

The testes are not only good for its duties that are relevant in the production and deposit of semen. The testes are also the organ that has the duty and responsibility to moderate the flow of androgens, which are hormones that are part of the reproductive processes for males.

Hormones are the main messengers in the body that allow the body to progress into the next phase of development. However, it is not only the men that produce testosterone also the women. Women produce testosterone as well in minimal amounts. There are two ways testosterone can affect your body:

Anabolic effects
These include the development of muscle strength and mass, heightened sense of strength and increased bone density, supports the growth of an individual and is responsible for the maturation of the bones

Androgenic effects
As mentioned, these are your secondary sex characteristics which mainly include those you see changing: height, development of the penis and the scrotum, growth of facial hair, underarm hair and beard, and deepening of the voice.

For men, testosterone plays a critical role in development. It plays the following functions such as:

  • Developing the penis and testes
  • Stimulating the production of hair in different parts of the body
  • Maturation of the voice upon puberty
  • Allows the equal allocation of fat
  • Stimulates the increase of red blood cells
  • Increases sexual drive
  • Keeps muscles intact and strong
  • Neutralizes mood

Now you can imagine that the opposite is what happens when there is a decreased amount of testosterone in the male body. A significant decrease will surely pose a problem for men as it is there to assist in the development of mature sperm.

Unfortunately, when a man reaches the age of 30, the levels of testosterone in his body naturally decreases. Each year, you will experience a significant decline in your testosterone count. Here are some of the causes besides aging that will expedite the decrease of your testosterone levels:

  • A testicular injury that will reduce sperm count
  • Disrupted blood supply to the penis
  • trauma like head injury
  • inflammation of the lungs and other organs
  • Testicular diseases
  • alcoholism
  • chemotherapy for cancer or other radiated cures
  • metabolic disorders including too much iron in the body
  • dysfunction of the pituitary gland
  • acute or chronic illness
  • High levels of milk-producing hormones called prolactin
  • Liver diseases like cirrhosis
  • anabolic steroid abuse
  • abnormal development of the hypothalamus diabetes
  • obesity or anemic
  • congenital defects caused by complications during childbirth
  • delay of puberty
  • Increase in the production of estrogen
  • hypothyroidism
  • insomnia
  • Exposure to different kinds of radiation

Psychological Effects of Decrease in Testosterone

1. Men with decreased testosterone were more dramatic
One of the ways you can tell if a man has a low level of testosterone without actually seeing it is through his behavior. Men who have decreased testosterone usually are more dramatic than others. These men have a lot of inner turmoil and frustrations which they cannot admit so it blows out-of-proportion through dramatic episodes. They tend to be over-reactive and complain all the time about the littlest things. This man would over-stress over the simplest concerns and he would have more drama in his life than an episode of any television series.

2. They are overly-jealous and are easily angered
Also, these kinds of men don’t choose: he’s jealous of other men in a relationship setup, he’s jealous of his friends, of other family members and so on. One of the telltale indications that a man has a small dick, is a fit of jealousy that stems from nothing at all. This speaks of his insecurities. He mostly thinks about how other people got it good and he’s left just with the things he owns ie his small penis. Usually, these people have a rage that just stems from nowhere.

3. Big Mr. Narcissists
Men with decreased testosterone levels usually spend more time looking at the mirror than anything else. They groom themselves more than usual, and he’s always trying to get ahead of the game, physically. He would be all over himself and is stereotypically seen as well-tanned, too clean, with slick hair and shaved arms and legs. There’s such a thing as being well-groomed and being a narcissist. Men with low testosterone drew that line.

How do you increase your levels of testosterone?

Knowing all the negatives of losing or decreasing the level of testosterone in the body, there are numerous ways you can help increase the number of testosterone as you age. There are many natural sources which can help you increase your levels:

  • Onions and garlic aids in the ignition of the luteinizing hormone which directly helps in the production of testosterone. The diallyl disulfide component in garlic and onion make this possible.
  • Proteins also help in the increased production of testosterone.
  • Fish is also the number one source of fatty oils which helps in the stimulation of the production of testosterone.
  • Oysters, shellfish, and lobsters all are high in zinc which also aids in testosterone production.
  • Beans can help in jumpstarting your testosterone levels as it is rich in Vitamin D and Zinc.
  • Dark Chocolate is known to manage the LDL levels of the body which directly and positively impacts the production of testosterone.

More than these, there is another way to increase your testosterone levels through testosterone boosters. There are a lot of testosterone boosters in the market today. But first, let’s have a full grasp on what testosterone boosters are.

What are testosterone boosters?

Testosterone boosters are dietary supplements that aid in the increased production of testosterone levels. As there are a lot of testosterone boosters in the market today claiming and guaranteeing their effectivity, it is useful to know which ingredients truly affect testosterone levels positively.

You have to be careful in choosing the right booster. The best and most effective ones out there are usually made from all-natural products that come from plants or animals. These are safer to use.

Here are some of the ingredients you should look for in a testosterone booster:

D-Aspartic Acid
This amino acid is effective in boosting testosterone levels based on recent research which proved the claim both on human and animal test subjects. A person taking d-aspartic acid for a few consecutive weeks has been found to significantly increase his testosterone levels. It also improves their sperm count.

You’ll find d-aspartic in marine mollusks, high levels of these are found in chickens’ last stage of embryonic life.

B Complex
All kinds of B vitamins: thiamine or B1, riboflavin or B2, niacin or B3, pantothenic acid or B5, pyridoxine or B6, biotin or B7, folate or B9, and cobalamin or B12.— all eight of them have unique and different functions but all contribute to the increase in production of testosterone levels. More than this, it helps improve cognitive activities as well as increase muscle strength and growth. Most foods high in B-Complex are eggs, milk, clams, chicken, pork, and sunflower seeds.

Tribulus Terrestris
Tribulus Terrestris is a plant and can be used to relieve and treat different ailments such as eczema, infertility, chest pains, etc, It also helps in improving the sexual libido; however, this is most effective in individuals who have low-level of testosterone.

Belonging in the same plant group as soy, there are a lot of health benefits that fenugreek can give. All of its parts from the leaves to the twigs and roots, all of it can be used for formulating supplements. Miraculously, it can help reduce the risks of many illnesses like cancer, high blood pressure, heart conditions, infections, obesity, and other inflammation. Also, it inhibits the production of a certain enzyme which turns testosterone into estrogen.

Boron is usually found in food and everywhere in the environment. It helps relieve many sicknesses like arthritis. It also helps with brain function and increases the absorption of magnesium in the body. It will also help strengthen joints and bones. Ultimately, because of all these positive impacts on the body, it will help stimulate testosterone production.

You’ve seen ginseng in almost everything: tea, cupcakes, supplements. It’s everywhere. This is because this herb is nothing short of a miracle herb. It can increase energy levels, reduce stress, help against high cholesterol, and also helps treat erectile dysfunctions. How’s that for a miracle herb.

What are the best testosterone boosters in the market?

All of these five testosterone boosters all have the ingredients as stated above. There are considered the five best testosterone booster products available in the market today. Not only that, the quality of the ingredients used in each, customer feedback and satisfaction as well as its content were all considered before a product made it to this list. Without further ado, here are the top boosters in the market:

prime male

1. Prime Male

Prime Male is the first on the list of best testosterone boosters. The most effective component of this supplement is d-aspartic acid. This ingredient ultimately helps you to increase your testosterone production and release testosterone in the body. More than d-aspartic acid, this product also contains more active ingredients which are: red ginseng, luteolin, and biopterin. These ingredients are all able to positively affect the body through increasing the blood flow and supply, increasing the absorption of nutrients and minerals, as well as blocking the DHT levels in the body. Added to this, it helps with the body’s overall performance, improves male potency and promotes fertility.

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testogen img1

2. Testogen

Another effective product in the great roster of testosterone boosters we have is Testogen. Like Prime Male, Testogen has active ingredients like Tribulus Terrestris, d-aspartic acid as well as fenugreek. All of these have been proven as effective agents to push the effectivity of a product such as a Testogen. In addition to already great ingredients, it also has significant levels of zinc, magnesium, and vitamin B which all work to help increase testosterone levels even while a person is at rest. This product guarantees to increase energy levels, muscle size, improve sex drive and stamina as well as reduce the feeling of fatigue.

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testo max img1

3. Testo Max

As an oldie in the market, having 15 years of experience and great feedback from its customers Testo Max is one of the most trusted brands in this list. Its active ingredients are similar to the first two: Tribulus Terrestris, fenugreek, high levels of ginseng and d-aspartic acid— all of which make Testo Max a real contender in the world of testosterone boosters. Testo Max also promises to improve moods, energy levels and guarantees quick results. It is one of the most affordable products in this list and it is worth the buck.

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test rx img

4. Test Rx

Despite being known to have a few side effects, we still consider Test Rx as a noteworthy product to be included in this list. It has similar ingredients as the other products only that it lacks Tribulus Terrestris. Despite this, it is proven to be an effective testosterone booster. It is highly effective in increasing strength and improving muscle growth. It is packed with nutrients that help boost energy, improves the quality of sleep and brain function. The key is to be very careful in how you consume this product as a slight overdose could cause a lot of side effects, one of these could be allergic reactions.

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5. Testofuel

Last but not the least in terms of containing high-quality products and natural ingredients, Testofuel also takes the cake in terms of effectivity. It guarantees to improve muscle strength and growth. More than this, it also helps with the increase in testosterone production in the body. It has gained popularity in the bodybuilding sphere because of its effective anabolic support complex which will help reach the deepest levels of strength and take it a notch higher. This testosterone booster also can stimulate your sex drive and potency. Testofuel is indeed an all-around product that will help you attain a stronger version of yourself.

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To conclude

Low testosterone levels not only affect you physiologically it also a lot of psychological side effects that will result in an overall negative impact in your life. Testosterone boosters are potentially helpful in providing you optimum results which can improve the quality of your lifestyle. With proper discipline, diet and exercise, add a dash of testosterone booster, you’re well on your way to your best self.


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