2019 TestoFuel Review: Will It Work?

Testosterone levels in your body need to be around a certain range for your body to function as it normally would. Sadly, the truth is that as you get older, the levels of testosterone in your body will slowly begin to deplete. This is because your body won’t be making it as fast as it used to. When that happens, you’re going to need a little extra boost to help you produce the same amount of testosterone as before.

There are many other reasons why you might want to boost your body’s testosterone production. Athletes and bodybuilders usually want to do it, because it helps them to enhance their performance levels. Men who are also beginning to age will also want added testosterone because it will help to balance their bodies and restore them to their former glory.

Today, we are going to be talking about TestoFuel, which is a product that is known to help in boosting testosterone levels. Let’s get right to it.

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What’s TestoFuel?

Roar Ambition LTD is the company behind TestoFuel. They are a company that is well known and based in England. They state that they manufacture this product mainly for athletes and bodybuilders. But, aging men who would like to keep themselves young may also use TestoFuel to boost their levels of testosterone.

The manufacturers of TestoFuel claim on their website that they have used only the safest, most well researched and tested ingredients in their formula. Each ingredient is handpicked for their contribution towards increasing your testosterone production and improving your sex life.
This supplement is also known for helping athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike to boost their muscle growth and reduce their body fat.

Robby Robinson, who is an award-winning athlete, endorses this product. So does Mr. Lifestyle (AKA Mr. Olympia Master), who was Mr. America twice, Mr. Universe four times, and Mr. World twice – among many other things and titles worldwide. And why wouldn’t they, especially with how effective the advanced formula of this supplement is?

TestoFuel is quite an amazing testosterone boosting supplement, capable of offering benefits to old and young alike. It can even help men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction that was perhaps brought about by low testosterone levels. It does this by increasing and supporting blood circulation through the body. It also boosts testosterone with the help of Tribulus Terrestris, which is known to be an all-natural stimulant in terms of T production.

TestoFuel is FDA approved and is made in a GMP certified facility.

What Will TestoFuel Help?

If you are suffering from low libido, a waning motivation for the gym and your fitness, and increasing bad cholesterol levels, TestoFuel will certainly help. It will help you to improve your efforts when you work out, resulting in better results. It also helps to assist anabolic growth.

Here are some other things that TestoFuel can help you with:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Fatigue, lack of endurance
  • Difficulty to gain muscle mass
  • Moodiness
  • Low libido

Is Low Testosterone Really That Bad?

When you train, inside or outside the gym, your body becomes physically drained. Many people don’t like facing this exhaustion, instead opting for other methods of achieving their muscle growth. However, to truly see results, you will need a proper diet and exercise. But what if you already have been dieting and exercising properly? What if you’ve already been making the best possible effort, but you still haven’t been seeing any results?

It’s possible that if this is the case, then testosterone might just be what you are missing. If you don’t have the right amount of testosterone in your body, it becomes truly difficult and even impossible to gain muscle. So if you’re finding that despite your best efforts you still aren’t growing any muscle mass, you might want to get your hormone levels checked.

One thing that happens when you have low testosterone levels is that your estrogen levels are higher. This means that your body is out of balance. For men to achieve a better sex drive and higher energy levels and muscle growth, more testosterone is needed.

Some men will find any way that they can just to boost their levels of T – gels, steroids, HRT (hormone replacement therapy), pills, and more. Some of these methods can be expensive, and unfortunately, some of them can be bad for your health. When this is the case, the best thing that you can do for yourself is to simply take natural products like TestoFuel, which will not compromise your health at all.

Ingredients of TestoFuel

This formula was specifically aimed towards bodybuilders and athletes who are looking to increase their muscle mass and levels of testosterone. All of the ingredients in TestoFuel’s formula are chosen to help increase your strength. They also help you to sleep better and improve the rate of your muscle’s recovery with little to no side effects.

For example, one such ingredient is D-Aspartic Acid. This ingredient has been rigorously tested in multiple different studies. As a result, it was proven to be quite effective for boosting levels of testosterone – up to 42% in just twelve days. These studies have revealed that to achieve this effect, you need a dose of 3000mg/day and no more. However, in TestoFuel D-Aspartic Acid is only present at 2300mg per daily dose.

Another ingredient contained in TestoFuel is Oyster Extract, which has a high zinc content. This extract will help to lower your estrogen levels, making room for more testosterone production. High estrogen levels are bad for men since they can lead to fat storage in places such as the belly or the breast. It’s also noted that Oyster has no significant effect on boosting testosterone, but was added instead to help boost your sex drive. It also works by helping to improve blood circulation, especially to the penis. Oyster also has the added benefit of improving sexual function, as well as sperm count.

TestoFuel has other vitamins and minerals that boost the production of testosterone naturally. These are:

  • Vitamin D – this vitamin is truly essential to the body’s balance. It has many particular benefits, but one of them is helping to prevent extra production of estrogen in the body. 5,000 IU of this vitamin is present in every dose of TestoFuel.
  • Magnesium – this mineral is vital in helping your bones to absorb the calcium that you take in. Therefore, it is essential in strong bones, increased stamina, endurance, and strength. Magnesium works by the activation of the glycolytic enzymes in your muscles. In studies, magnesium is shown to help significantly in boosting free testosterone levels in the body. Each dose of TestoFuel contains 200 milligrams of magnesium, which is noted as enough to help bring your testosterone levels back to what it was normally. If you have a magnesium deficiency, you may end up feeling depression, weakness, and muscle contraction disturbance.
  • Pyridoxine – Known more as Vitamin B6, Pyridoxine is present in TestoFuel’s formula at 5mg per dose. It works by stimulating the receptors of androgen in your body, which then helps to regulate the body’s testosterone production.
  • Vitamin K – this vitamin is useful in boosting the synthesis of factors that are blood clotting. If you don’t have enough vitamin K in your blood, you can end up bleeding severely from any cut. In TestoFuel, there are 180 micrograms of Vitamin K.
  • D-Aspartic Acid – an amino acid and a natural herb, D-Aspartic Acid helps to reduce estrogen levels in the body. It is usually used to help men who are experiencing infertility issues. It helps in supporting the production of testosterone, thus promoting free testosterone in the body. It also decreases the globulin sex hormones.
  • Asian Red Panax Ginseng – this ingredient is included at 100 milligrams per dose. It’s used as an aphrodisiac and has been used by Chinese people as such for many centuries. It can also help improve your low libido, and any erectile dysfunction issues that you may have.
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Will TestoFuel Really Work?

Among many users of this product, they say that most of the ingredients are mostly for multi-vitamins, and most of them can be found in the food that we eat every day. There are many reviews about TestoFuel available online, most of which saying negative things. There are some complaints about how long it took for the testosterone and muscle mass growth to start happening. However, it is possible that this happened because many of the people took TestoFuel then sat back, waiting for the miracle to happen.

However, the manufacturer states that for you to actually enjoy significant results from TestoFuel, you will also have to put in significant work. With the right diet, proper exercise, and a good amount of sleep, you should be able to see TestoFuel’s effects within three weeks. At times, it can take up to 6 or 8 weeks.

Do remember that TestoFuel should NOT be used in substitution for proper diet and exercise. For best results, you must exercise at least half an hour daily, five times weekly.

Building muscle takes a long time and a lot of effort, so you cannot simply expect a miracle.

Dosage of TestoFuel

Each bottle of TestoFuel contains 120 caps, which is enough supply for a full 30 days. The manufacturer recommends a dose of 4 capsules a day, taken during breakfast. It is recommended to be taken daily for at least two months for the best possible results.

Will There Be Any Side Effects from Taking TestoFuel?

Roar Ambition LT claims that TestoFuel was designed using 100% natural ingredients that are safe for human consumption. Despite this fact, it is shown that some of the ingredients in this formulation have been shown to cause some side effects – especially after long term continued use.

Additionally, some of the ingredients may prove to be allergenic, so if you have many sensitivities, you should be careful.

There are certain ingredients such as Vitamin D (also known as calciferol) and also oysters, which may increase the concentration of calcium in your blood after a long period. D-Aspartic acid is known to sometimes cause bloating due to gas, along with diarrhea. There are also other long term possible side effects such as stomach aches, sleepiness, headaches, fatigue, itching, appetite loss, and vomiting.

If you are already beginning to experience these side effects, you may not want to continue the use of TestoFuel. Find a different supplement instead.

How Much Does TestoFuel Cost?

The price of this male enhancement supplement is based on a monthly supply. One month’s supply will cost you about 69$, but you will want to purchase more than one month’s worth of this pill if you really want to experience the effects. You are supposed to take 4 capsules a day with breakfast, thus one month’s supply is 120 capsules in a bottle.

To save on shipping and handling, it’s recommended that multiple months’ supply be purchased at a time.

On TestoFuel’s official website, one month supply is 120 capsules for 69$, plus shipping and handling costs of $7.95. Two month’s supply is 240 capsules for 138$, and for this option, you get free shipping worldwide.

There are more offers available on the TestoFuel website. They ship everything very quickly, and they will also give plenty of discounts and gifts. It usually takes roughly 5-10 days for everything to arrive, depending on where you are.

This male enhancement supplement comes with a 90-day-period for their money-back guarantee. Note that this money-back guarantee only applies to purchases of 3 bottles or more (3 months supply). You will also be charged a 35$ admin fee for processing and shipping returns. After this, you are asked to take a test to see if TestoFuel really didn’t work.
Unfortunately, the company behind this supplement has been heavily criticized for their returns policy and guarantee. Some say that even if they were eligible for the money-back guarantee, it took about 2 months for their money to be given back to them.

There was a user who complained that the free trial TestoFuel advertised a free trial offer. But then when they signed up for this offer, they were charged 170$ for a 2 month supply. The free trial has a fee of only 35$ to cover shipping costs, but many have claimed that this was not their experience. So if you want to do the free trial, make sure that you read the fine print.

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Although many claims this male enhancement pill is only a multi-vitamin, it is quite an amazing one, if so. It works to boost testosterone and can improve your body’s muscle mass. The ingredients are safe, save for some reported side effects. There are no additives, stimulants, dyes, or even steroids in this formula.

However, in terms of testosterone boosting effect, not many reported a truly significant boost. Nevertheless, many users report an improvement in their sex lives, energy levels and muscles.

To truly see the effects of Testofuel, don’t forget to combine it with proper diet and exercise.

You may also use this supplement with others, to boost its effect.

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