Facing Gynecomastia: Reducing The Man Boobs

Your body is supposed to be a well-oiled machine that self-regulates and does everything on its own. But we all know that our bodies don’t always do that very well – to be honest, many things can go wrong in our own bodies which can lead to weird things occurring. Things out of the norm that can be alarming or even downright embarrassing – or life-threatening.

One embarrassing thing to speak of is Gynecomastia – something that all men would much rather avoid ever happening to them.

What’s Gynecomastia, Exactly?

Well if guys worry about gynecomastia so much, what exactly is it? Basically, Gynecomastia is the scientific term for the enlargement of male breasts – which basically means, you know – man boobs. Sometimes, men who are obese can also get what is called Lipomastia or Pseudogynecomastia – where fatty tissues in the men’s chest area are present in excess.

So call it whatever you like – man boobs, chesticles, moobs, whatever – these are often a result of obesity or a hormonal imbalance in estrogen and androgen. Essentially the hormonal imbalance could mean that there is an excess of estrogen in the body.

Both men and women typically have estrogen and testosterone in their bodies – only the proportions are really different for males and for females. As we all may well know, men have more testosterone while women have more estrogen. A certain balance is required to make things work normally, and so when this balance is disrupted you get – as you may have guessed it – man boobs.

How Common is Gynecomastia, Exactly?

Studies report that gynecomastia occurs in at least 30% of men at some point in their lifetime, be it during infancy, during puberty, or during adulthood. It’s often got a rate of 30-60% prevalence. It most often occurs during puberty, beginning at ten to twelve years old and peaking at thirteen to fifteen years old. It is actually rather common, occurring in ten to seventy percent of pubescent boys. The other most common age it happens is around fifty to eighty years old, occurring at rates of twenty-four to sixty percent.

Common Experiences

Something that our research has shown us is that many men experience Gynecomastia. One particular sufferer of this condition said:

“When I was fifteen, I was two hundred and nine lbs. I had a very obvious case of the man boobs, and other kids in my school made fun of me so much for it. I just thought hey, that’s what happens when you’re a fat kid. It was rough, especially in the summers. I couldn’t go to pools or pool parties and I was ashamed to change clothes in the lockers after P.E. I was really ashamed.

I began trying to lose weight and dieting. Then I started exercising. Eventually, I lost 70 pounds, but my man boobs stayed. I thought they would go away after the weight loss but they stayed…so I began thinking that it was normal. I should have asked a doctor or some peers to make sure they were normal… I probably could have gotten rid of them sooner.”

What Makes You Prone to Gynecomastia?

There are many different factors that can make someone more prone to getting gynecomastia than others. One thing of course that makes someone more likely to get a case of the man boobs is puberty, and so adolescents are rather susceptible. However, there are other factors, such as:

  • Some health issues and conditions that can affect the body’s endocrine system, like Thyroid disease (which affects sexual development and general growth), Klinefelter’s Syndrome, and tumors that are hormonally active.
  • Liver/kidney diseases and corresponding treatments such as dialysis can cause imbalances in the body’s hormones.
  • Excess alcohol consumption.
  • Medication abuse such as anabolic steroids, androgens, marijuana, and heroin.
  • Diseases and health conditions that affect the testicles, which can then affect the production of testosterone in the body.
  • Obesity, where fat cells produce aromatase (which then converts testosterone hormones into estrogen).
  • Cancer tumors in the endocrine system (adrenaline and pituitary gland).
  • Certain medications such as cancer treatment and medicine for heart disease or ulcers. Antidepressants can cause this issue as well.
  • Malnutrition can cause testosterone depletion, leaving behind abnormal levels of estrogen.

Symptoms and Signs of Gynecomastia

What exactly are the main symptoms of man boobs? Well, put simply, the tenderness and enlargement of the male breast (glandular) tissue – and not just the fatty tissue. You will also notice a tender feeling around the nipples. The male breast usually swells bilaterally, either in uniform ways, or even un-uniform ways. It can, however, occur unilaterally too.

If you observe sensitivity and tenderness around your breast area but you don’t notice any lumps or any pain, it is most likely gynecomastia. But if you notice some pain or even some discharge in your breast area, please do consult your doctor and make sure that everything is normal. We want to make it a point that breast cancer is not exclusive to women – men can get it too. Make sure you get checked if you feel lumps, bumps, and pain.

How to Get Rid of or Reduce Gynecomastia

Now that you know all about gynecomastia, well… treating gynecomastia is a whole different thing altogether. There are some things that can help it, and some things that can make it worse. You don’t want to deal with the things that can make it worse, such as:

  • Chest exercises meant to target the “fat” in the chest/breast area. Rigorous chest exercises can only make the appearance of man boobs worse because you are then growing the muscle tissue beneath the glandular tissue which can further “puff up” your chest area. Gynecomastia does not occur in the fatty tissue, which means chest exercises will literally accomplish nothing for you.
  • Diets that are overly restrictive can only result in malnutrition which can then further affect the testosterone production in your body. This can then result in your breast tissue growing further. Therefore, making your diet too restrictive can only result in the worsening of your dreaded condition.
  • Substance abuse such as abuse of drugs and alcohol can basically mean that your gynecomastia can worsen – thus if you want to get rid of your “man boobs”, you may need to scale back your substance abuse (if any). Seek therapy or treatment if you must.

There are many different ways that you can medically lessen or get rid of man boobs. The choice of treatment will depend on your health and your age – things that your physician will likely help you with. Here are some of the possible treatments:

  • Testosterone Replacement or Androgen Replacement Therapy – ART is a treatment usually done on men who are older and are suffering from lower testosterone levels. This treatment, however, will not work on men who have normal testosterone. ART is usually given as pills, injections, or gels. These treatments work, but at the expense of some side effects. This treatment for Gynecomastia can give you side effects such as post-urination fluid retention, insomnia, prostate dysfunction risks, heart issues and heart attacks, blood clots, strokes, and lowered sperm count.
  • SERMS or Selection Estrogen Receptor Modulators – Another thing that you can do to help prevent or lessen your gynecomastia is by using SERMS. These are essentially medications that are administered to help halt breast tissue growth. It basically works by blocking estrogen’s effects in the breast, which results in the prevention of further breast tissue growth. Unfortunately, this treatment is rather temporary, and it only really helps painful or severe cases of Gynecomastia. SERMs are medications such as Raloxifene and Tamoxifen. Like ART, SERMS also come with side effects that can be rather debilitating such as strokes, blood clots, and even uterine cancer (in women). Therefore, if you plan to take SERMs, make sure that your physician is aware. This treatment is not for people who smoke or have heart conditions.
  • Surgery – Of course, one of the fastest ways to get rid of your Gynecomastia is via surgery. You can get a Mastectomy (complete removal of both breasts), or liposuction. Man boobs are typically a short term condition that you can overcome, but if it has been far too long and you have not been able to get rid of your problem, then surgery is certainly an option. It is recommended only in cases where gynecomastia is severe and persistent.
  • Various Medications – There are so many different products out there marketed towards the reduction or even the complete elimination of man boobs. However, only a few of these pills are actually considered safe, and even fewer are affordable enough to not break the bank. Chances are, you’ll even hear that these pills are guaranteed to work and all that you need to do is religiously take the pills.

Do Gynecomastia Meds Really Work?

This is certainly a good question to ask – do the Gynecomastia medications really work? Well… maybe some of them do, but maybe some of them don’t. It really all depends on the medication, how you take them, and how well they are formulated.

Nevertheless, we have put together this list of the best pills for man boobs to help you distinguish between the effective ones and the ones that are lies and scams.

The Best Male Breast Reduction Pills



One product offered by the company called Crazybulk is the pill named Gynectrol. It’s essentially a chest fat burner which helps in getting you the maximum results from every single workout that you do. It works by helping you to lose man boobs from being overweight. If you have man boobs due to other problems, you’re out of luck – this won’t help with those.

Here are some of the effects of Gynectrol:

Reduces fat through dissolving adipocytes that are stored in breast glandular tissue. Gynectrol raises metabolism by inducing lipolysis, as a result making your body burn fat much faster.
It also helps to lessen the effects that estrogen has in the body, helping to boost production of testosterone as a result.
The ingredients contained in Gynectrol are scientifically approved and natural, which means results with no side effects. The ingredients include caffeine, guggulsterones, and sclareolides. To take this supplement, the daily recommended dose is 2 caps a day, 20 mins before you eat breakfast. However, you must also have a proper diet and workout routine.

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The next product we want to talk about is Gynexin. The Gynexin [Alpha] Formula contains 100% herbal ingredients which work for burning any fat in your pectoral region. And so, again, this supplement works like the one above. It gives you an edge in your workouts and helps you to burn fat, but won’t actually fix your gynecomastia if it’s caused by anything other than weight. Nevertheless, Gynexin has the same action as the product above.

This formula is scientifically approved in terms of effectiveness and safety when consumed. This formulation also contains Caffeine, Gluggsterones, and Scalereolides. However, this formula also contains extracts of green tea, as well as Theobromine derived from cacao.

When it comes to the dosage of this supplement, you should take 1 pill before breakfast and 1 meal before dinner. You must take each dose with a glass of water (250mL). You cannot have more than 4 caps in 24 hours otherwise you risk your health. You can get better effects with a good workout routine.

The reviews on this product have been really good so far, so if you want to get good results, you can try it. As long as you also make sure you have proper diet and exercise, of course.


This supplement can help when it comes to getting rid of man boobs + any symptoms such as puffy nipples. It also has some benefits such as:

  • Slimaluma (an ingredient) helps you to speed up your weight loss.
  • This pill also works as an appetite suppressant to help fight cravings off.
  • GyneMax boosts your metabolism and supercharges it with Vit B Complex, Cocoa, and Green Tea Extract.

The ingredients you will find are: Cocoa Extract, Slimaluma, Chromium Picolinate, Vit B Complex, Cayenne, and Green Tea Extract.

Gyno-Burn Chest Fat Burner and Gynecomastia Cream

This supplement comes in two preparations: in a pill form, and in a cream form. You can choose the cream for a topical application, or you can choose the pills for oral use instead. Its function is as an estrogen inhibitor in the body, helping to dissolve fat in the pecs. The cream does the same thing, but for topical applications instead. Gyno-Burn uses chromium picolinate, green tea extract, vitamin B complex, vitamin c in the form of ascorbic acid, curcumin powder, and bladderwrack powder.

You should be taking this supplement in 2 caps before every meal + work out routine. However, there is certainly a maximum dosage – make sure you learn it before you start popping these like candies!

AndroSurge for Men – Estrogen Blocker

If you’re looking for a really good estrogen blocker, AndroSurge might be the answer. Its main function is reducing estrogen in the body, on top of hardening your physique. It also inhibits aromatase, which as a result boosts your T levels and the way you build muscle and burn fat. And so, as you may have guessed it, the function of this supplement is to help you burn any excess breast fat off. It also helps to boost your testosterone levels so any hormonal problems that lead to gynecomastia can possibly be resolved.

This product contains only natural ingredients, such as Zinc, Vit D, Grape Seed Extract, Rhodiola Root Extract, Bioperine, and also Eurycoma Longifolia Extract.

If you want to take this supplement, you can only take it in 8-12wk cycles, 2x a day.

Advanced Therapeutics Breast Reducers – Breast Reduction Pills

These pills are both for men and women – unisex in purpose for reducing breast size. They are fully herbal, and made to help with man boobs, back pain, and even general discomfort. These pills burn excess fat as well when combined with workouts for at least thirty days. It has Vit C, Vit B6, and even Gymnema Cambogia. All of which are proven in helping to reduce the excessive growth of breasts!

EstroVoid by VH Nutrition – Estrogen Blocker (Men’s)

If you want an herbal supplement that gives you guaranteed results while acting as a multipurpose pill, you can try EstroVoid. This product gives you a boost in your performance, a boost in your testosterone levels, and on top of that you also get a breast reduction product. This product claims to be able to help with increasing testosterone levels, boosting libido and metabolism, and even upping energy. It can result in fat loss, which then results in breast reduction in males who have unwanted male breasts.

In this formula, you will find Ashwagandha, Eurocoma, Panax Ginseng, Rhodiola Extract, as well as Cordyceps. The most important ingredient, however, is DIM or Diindolylmethane.

When taking this pill, you should not exceed the RDA which is one capsule with a glass of water in the morning and another in the early afternoon.

Genius Estrogen Balance (by Genius)

The next product on this list is Genius Estrogen Balance, by the company Genius. This pill has 4 different effects, optimized not just for men but also for women. Some of the benefits you can expect are:

  • Menopause symptom relief for women helps in regulating a healthy balance of hormones and the thyroid gland
  • Can inhibit aromatase which allows testosterone levels to increase in men
  • Detoxification from extra estrogen means you can have clearer skin with fewer blemishes

This product contains grape seed, DIM, and Bioperine. The formulation is effective and natural, and to take it you only need to have 1 daily. Take it 20 mins before any meal, with water.

Speedwinds Nutrition Inc. ESTROTASE Maximum Strength – Estrogen Blocker

If you need to get a boost in your energy levels and a way to enhance your performance, this estrogen blocker (which also inhibits aromatase) might just be able to help. It supports your lean muscle growth to help you build your lean physique while at the same time promoting a healthy balance of hormones. It also helps to get rid of any excess fat. What’s more is this helps you to get a boost in your libido, and as a result you’ll be able to have a better sex life all around.

This supplement is a standalone, and it contains maca root, kudzu root, boron, grape seed extract, zinc, and DIM. You can also find chrysin and Tonglat (aka Longjack) in it.

Pride Nutrition E-Block 60

The last product on this list is the E-blocker by Pride Nutrition. It inhibits estrogen and makes it possible for your testosterone levels to rise. Another thing it helps with is bloating as well as fat loss. It can lower your bad cholesterol levels, detox your liver, and also help clear your skin out. It can help to reduce Gynecomastia caused by hormonal imbalance as well.

In this pill you will find Chrysin, DIM, as well as Calcium D-glucarate. To take it, you must have 2 caps a day with your evening meal.


Remember that with all of these products, you will need to get yourself a proper diet and exercise routine. The products that we have mentioned here today can only really help with gynecomastia caused by being overweight, and that caused by hormonal imbalances. Past that, you will need to consult with your doctor if your underlying issue is not covered. These supplements are natural, but your mileage may vary. We suggest doing more research on individual products where you can, before you fully commit to purchasing them.



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