Attract Women with Pheromone Perfume: A Well-Kept Secret

Anyone – and we do mean everyone – can clean up nicely and dress well. A few spritzes of cologne (nothing too overpowering, of course) and you have yourself a nice recipe for something that can attract a girl’s attention. Yes, of course, a well-dressed man will make a woman notice him. But to attract a woman, smelling great is important, too.

It may not be something that is often talked about or noticed, but the truth is that one of the things women notice about men is the way that they smell. A woman would instantly be repelled by a man who smells like he hasn’t taken a shower in days – trust us on this. But what if you could “weaponize” your scent and use it to your advantage? What if you could have a perfume or cologne that naturally attracts women? Wouldn’t that just be amazing?

Well, we are here to let you know that these days, this actually IS possible – through the use of pheromone perfumes. Pheromone perfumes, you say?

Yes, it is true – science proves that males of the species (any species) secrete natural odors that attract the females of their species. Dogs do it, cats do it, and humans do it too. However, according to research, only the alpha males in the species secrete this scent.

Fortunately, if you want to have this unique ability to attract women just by your scent, now you can with these pheromone perfumes.

Let’s talk about the benefits of these perfumes.

Pheromone Perfume Benefits

With pheromone perfume, you can have an advantage over other men. It easily makes you up to 10x more attractive to the fairer sex, thereby increasing sex appeal to women. It also makes it much easier for you to break the ice with them. After all, it is much easier for you to approach women who have noticed you (in a good way). With this perfume, you can boost your self-confidence – so much so that you may even attract women to approach you themselves. If you’ve always wanted to try and get the girl of your dreams, or if you’ve been looking to rekindle an old flame, this perfume is here to help.

What Should You Look for When Buying Pheromone Perfumes?

If you are desperately wanting to improve your sex life and your love life, or if you really need to get the girl of your dreams, then chances are you are in the market for a pheromone perfume. But not all perfumes were made equal. As a matter of fact, you have to choose the right product in order to get the right results – there is no margin for error! Sadly, with so many products out there on the market today, it’s truly difficult to know which ones work and which ones are just there to take your money.

But don’t fret – we are here with tips to help you find the right pheromone perfume for you. Here are some of the things you should be looking at when you are trying to purchase this type of perfume.

  • Ingredients or materials are always important in any sort of product. It’s not any different in this case. When choosing your pheromone perfume, you should find the type that has the right kind of ingredients to suit your needs. It’s not enough to just buy any pheromone perfume. An example is – if you want a scent to help you break the ice, then you want to buy one that includes the ice breaker pheromone beta-androstenol. If you want things to get hot and heavy, you can go for the pheromone that helps to boost a woman’s libido – Androstenol.
  • When you shop for any product at all, one thing that you probably look at is its reviews. Reading feedback and other users’ experience with a product is incredibly important in helping you to know whether it’s worth the money or not. Many companies out there will claim that they are the best, but make sure that you are purchasing from a company that has the customer feedback to back it up. Fortunately, the list of perfumes we’ve put together below all has plenty of positive feedback that can help you to decide.
  • Another thing to look at is the concentration of the scent’s formula. Naturally, the more concentrated it is, the more potent its effect. It makes sense, right? Look for a product that has a good concentration of these pheromones you need!

Top Pheromone Perfumes

nexus pheromones img

Nexus Pheromones

The first on this list of scents is Nexus Pheromones. Among all the products we are going to be talking about here, we would say that this is probably the cream of the crop. According to people who have used this perfume before, it makes any user utterly irresistible to the fairer sex.

With this perfume, gradual improvements are noticed in terms of how women approach you. You’ll see they are starting to flirt, interact, and respond better to you.

Nexus Pheromones Benefits

  • Effortlessly attract women
  • Get that instant spark of chemistry
  • Improve your sex life whether you’re looking for a partner or wanting to spice up your current relationship
  • Have women more eager to talk with you

How does Nexus Pheromones work?

Now let’s talk about how Nexus Pheromones works. Honestly, it all works based on the science behind pheromones. Females are attracted naturally to males with that fertile and healthy “pheromone” scent – and there are about 12+ years of scientific research behind it to back it up. Nexus Pheromones is about as fertile and healthy as you can get – there isn’t any better scent out there on the market today.

Females usually have this natural and instinctive drive to find a fertile partner with whom to procreate. It makes the most sense that women are then attracted subconsciously to strong and fertile men. Smell better to women – with the help of Nexus Pheromones.

Ingredients of Nexus Pheromones

In this potent and effective scent, you will find a blend that includes SEVEN human pheromones. These chemical compounds, unique as they are, mimic natural pheromones of fertile, healthy, and therefore attractive males. Then, the formula amplifies these pheromones 1000 times to make them even more powerful. So without further delay, here are the ingredients below:

  • Alpha-androstenol is responsible for the “comfort” and “attraction” feeling
  • Androsterone improves women’s moods and helps the user project masculinity
  • Beta-androstenol is the “icebreaker” scent
  • Epiandrosterone helps to reflect or evoke youthfulness
  • Androstanone helps to project masculinity and power
  • Androstenedione helps to induce “caring” feelings and also helps to increase sexual attraction and responsiveness in women
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chikara pheromone cologne img

Chikara Pheromone Cologne

If you’re looking for a cologne that truly stimulates the senses, you have found it in Chikara. This one-of-a-kind pheromone cologne uses a well-balanced, tried-and-true formula that practically guarantees you to attract more women.

This cologne will combine just the right amount of the sexual and social pheromones to hit that balance that gives you that perfectly attractive vibe without seeming aggressive. This product can be worn to any social setting or occasion – the office, dates, clubs…anywhere! If you’re looking for a versatile cologne you can wear anytime, anywhere, you’ve found it in Chikara.

So what can you find inside Chikara Pheromone Perfume/Cologne?

In this brand of pheromone cologne, you will find a mix of androstenol, androstenone, and androsterone – all mixed together with a fragrance to cover. It smells like sandalwood and lasts for a long time, but is not overpowering to women’s sensitive noses. If you’ve noticed, most of these pheromones are prefixed with “andro” – “male” in the Latin language. Thus if you want to evoke a strong masculine presence, Chikara is the answer!

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true pheromones img

True Pheromones

Another product that we think deserves a mention is the line of products that True Pheromones have. To be honest, many users of these products have reported that they work practically like magic!

Just as the name suggests, with this pheromone scent, you will truly achieve alpha male status. It has a unique formula that blends pheromones and a pleasant scent together to make you completely irresistible. This product is designed with some scents that evoke a sense of respect, trust, and social status. With a few spritzes, you can attract a flock of women in a matter of a few minutes.

This little bottle helps you not just to attract new partners, but also helps you to boost your confidence completely. It’s almost like an overhaul – who wouldn’t want that?

Users of True Pheromones report more confidence in social settings. They also say they feel more loved and respected. With this, you can grab attention the second you walk in a room!

Why Should I Use True Pheromones?

  • Attract women and have increased sex
  • Great for attracting small flings
  • Rekindle old flames and reignite old sparks in existing relationships
  • Increase chances of closing business deals
  • Better first date success
  • Feel alpha
  • Get the attention you deserve
  • Get promotions at work

What Makes True Pheromones Different?

To be completely transparent, True Pheromones is better than the rest simply because of their formulation. Anyone can throw together some pheromones and call it a day, but not all of these resulting mixes will actually be an effective tool for sexual attraction. There is no such thing as a one size fits all product. For example, some of these products will likely have a high concentration of the alpha pheromone Androstenone. And if you were to use something like this on your first date out with someone, you may end up displaying sexual aggression instead of sexual attraction. You don’t want this.

With True Pheromones, however, you get just the right amount of the pheromones, all balanced together to get the result you want. Be a magnet for women with this brand – easily!

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raw chemistry mens pheromones img

Raw Chemistry – Men’s Pheromones

Doesn’t the name of this product basically tell you how irresistible it is for women when they smell it on you? This product with the impressive name contains a unique blend of pheromones, all rigorously tested and proven to be effective (all done in a lab-based in Oregon, USA). Its effectiveness is based mostly on the fact that it’s designed to hit all the important receptors in female brains, therefore inducing the feelings of desire, sexual tension, and attraction that you want.

Why Should You Choose This Brand?

  • If you want a long-lasting fragrance with an effect that lasts just as long, choose this
  • Extra concentrated, with human-grade pheromones
  • Tested in US labs
  • Has silk-based effects of moisturization that is great for people with sensitive skin
  • Products are cruelty-free and not tested on animals
  • Money-back guarantee makes it risk-free

What is in Raw Chemistry?

In Raw Chemistry, you will find human-grade pheromones, water, isopropyl myristrate, and fragrance.

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pherazone for men img

Pherazone – for Men

Chances are that if you are here, you are probably looking to get things hot and heavy in the bedroom. Whether this is actually the case, or if perhaps you’re just actually looking to attract more females, Pherazone is a great choice for you. As a matter of fact, this brand is known as one of the best out on the market today. This pheromone perfume is truly potent and is found to be effective with increasing sexual attraction as well as arousal. It is said to be around 10x more potent and concentrated than other brands.

Why is Pherazone so Good?

  • If you are looking for a concentrated product, you’ve found it. Pherazone has the highest concentration of 108mg/oz available in a single product
  • The airless pump bottle makes sure your pheromones don’t evaporate
  • Has 6 powerful and potent pheromones
  • Made in a lab that is FDA-licensed
  • Contains 10-x more pheromones than other brands available on the market today
  • Has really nice, irresistible scents and fragrances
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do me seduce her img

Do Me Seduce Her – Pheromone Perfume/Cologne

What else is there that you need to know about this cologne? After all, the name says everything already. For seducing the woman you dream of, and for improving your sex life, Do Me Seduce Her Pheromone perfume works excellent. The best part is that this cologne is so subtle that no one will even realize why they are so attracted to you. All they will likely think of is your cologne smells nice – all while it’s working on a biological level to reel them in.

Do Me Seduce Her has pheromones that are specially chosen and combined to hit the brain receptors in women’s brains that induce desire, sexual tension, and attraction!

What are The Best Features of This Cologne?

  • This product contains the 4 most effective pheromones (human-grade) out there today
  • It contains 57mg of pheromones in every bottle
  • Comes in small, easily usable bottles – they fit in any pockets for convenience
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pheromone perfume pure instinct img

Pheromone Perfume – Pure Instinct

If you want a pheromone perfume that is simple and sweet and doesn’t involve any fancy ingredients or the like, Pure Instinct lives up to its name. This product contains only concentrated and pure pheromones – but don’t worry. It’s not overpowering at all. As a matter of fact, this is as gentle and light to the sense of smell as it gets. And despite the fact that it is gentle and light… it’s actually one of the most sensual of the perfumes on this list.

This product can be worn on its own, but if you choose to you can combine it with your favorite colognes and scents. It’s totally subtle and barely noticeable – but for sure, women will be picking it up. After they do, you can be the one picking up – the ladies, that is!

What’s in Pure Instinct?

In this formula, you will find a small number of concentrated pheromones. But just because there are only a few pheromones doesn’t mean this product is any less effective than others on this list. This is because it has the right amount of the two pheromones that matter – androstenone and androstenol.

For fragrance, this brand uses a scent that people compare to that of bubble gum, fruits, and melons.

Who Is This For?

This formula/perfume is great for people who are just looking to try pheromone products for the first time. You may want to consider this for its gentle subtlety. It’s great for using under your preferred cologne too, in case you want to use your favorite scent instead of relying on this one. You can probably forget you even used this pheromone perfume – if not for the fact that you’ll be grabbing so many women’s attention!

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gentleman pheromone cologne img

Gentleman Pheromone Perfume/Cologne

Want to seem like the perfect gentleman? Let Gentleman Pheromone Cologne help you. This unrivaled product gives you quite an advantage over other males in social settings.

What’s in this product?

It’s simple, in Gentleman Pheromone Cologne you will find a unique blend that you likely won’t find anywhere else! It contains ingredients such as Blond Leather, Patchouli, Spice Notes and White Woods.

Added to that is the 50 milligrams of Androstenol, Adrostadienone, Androstenone, and even Androsterone – and you’ve got the recipe for a magnet!

Why Should I Choose Gentleman Pheromone Cologne?

  • Effective and long-lasting
  • Silky smooth and moisturizing; helps to increase pheromone absorption
  • One of the best smelling colognes in the pheromone perfume market
  • Proven in the lab to attract females
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phermalabs pheromones img

Phermalabs Pheromones

How could we make a list of pheromone perfumes without listing this one too? PhermaLabs Pheromones is brought to you by a company whose name shows their devotion to pheromones! This company claims that their product will increase how attractive you are to the opposite sex by unprecedented levels. Your sex appeal will be so intensified that you will probably be able to get any woman you want.

This product contains only the best human pheromones that will increase your confidence through the roof. It also includes oxytocin, setting it apart from all the other products on this list!

Why PhermaLabs?

  • Completely risk-free
  • Boost your confidence and sex appeal
  • Scent lasts a long time
  • 25mg pheromones – androsterone, androstenone, androstenol, androstadienone – AND oxytocin
  • Delicate and gentle fragrance
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max attraction gold img

Max Attraction Gold

Max Attraction Gold pheromone cologne has an impressive formula consisting of eight pheromones specially made to maximize their power and potency. This scent will leave you smelling fresh and cool. It definitely catches women’s attention!

With this product, you can get more dates, more sex, more advances from women, and improved sex appeal and confidence.

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It wasn’t easy researching each and every single type of pheromone perfume out there today, then choosing only 10 of the best most effective ones out of all of them. But we’ve done all the hard work for you! We hope that. You are able to choose the right perfume to help you get the confidence you need!


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