The Measure of a Man

Penile problems have already been recognized decades ago. To address this, there have been many inventions that do not require surgical methods. One of these is penis pumps. Let’s take a look at the Bathmate brand and find out if it is an effective and safe tool to use.

First, A Cultural View of the Penis
Man’s obsession with growing the size of his penis is not a new thing. It began during the ancient times and started as being culture-specific. Sculptures made from the prehistoric era has modeled the male genitalia as enormously big and long.

However, there are many depictions of the penis. Greeks believed that smaller penises are the norm. Some paintings and other artistic portrayals of their penises deemed to be extraordinarily small but have elongated foreskins. This goes to show that Greeks saw their small penises as an ideal that they associated with youth. Depictions of grotesquely large penises are satire and were meant for its entertainment value more than the measure of being a man.

On the other hand, the Chinese legends have claimed to hold the record of having the largest penis in history. This man was named Lao Ai, and he lived between 280-228 BC. He claimed to have affairs with queens and the mother of queens by pretending to be a palace slave.

Additionally, Koreans worshipped and adored men with large penises. A king named Jijeung who lived in 430 AD, was known to have the longest penis in Asia. It was known to be so large that his palace workers had to work hand-in-hand to find a woman that could tolerate his big penis.

The Japanese depicted penises in ancient eras as being enormously huge. This goes way back to eighth-century AD, wherein a painting was discovered in a temple in Ikaruga. And this has been carried on the current art form that Japan is known for which is animation or anime’, wherein depictions of both male and female genitalia are exaggerated or protruding.

India, on the other hand, the authors of the epic Kama Sutra during the 2nd and the 4th Century AD, have categorized men based on the size of their penises, as follows:

  1. 5 to 10 cm when erect were hares
  2. 10 to 15 cm when erect were bulls
  3. 15 to 20 cm when erect where horses

These also had equivalents for women which were deer, mare and elephants. The key was that men had to find the perfect match for the size of their penis. More than this, the book Kama Sutra had a lot of advice for men on how to elongate the penis. During those days, the most popular method was through wasp stings.

How Do You Measure A Man?

Psychology Today has deduced that men have always viewed their penises as a symbol of their status in life. A study has discovered that men likened the size of their penises to having a big house, a ton of cash and a sports car— basically, the bigger penis they have, the bigger egos and more self-esteem they had as well.

The same study has also shown that most males think that their penises are smaller than their actual size and also compared to other penises. They underestimate their sizes and think that they are smaller than the average. Also, the same study discovered that most sex education lessons provided an inaccurate depiction of the correct size of penises and most men believe it.

Most sexologists believed that men thought that a large penis tantamounts to a great amount of self-esteem. That follows, that men who think they have small penises had what psychology calls the SPS or the Small Penis Syndrome.

The Small Penis Syndrome

The penis is the front office, the face of the operation and the star of the show because it is probably the most visible part of the male reproductive system.

This is why any deformity whatsoever is something that is generally frowned upon and a cause of traumatizing embarrassment. Imagine a man who is in the process of sexual intercourse with a male or female partner, only for the latter individual to remark on something negative about his penis or for it to not be able to erect properly.

Truth be told, there are indeed cases such as these and these are rather unfortunate for the men who have to go through it. There is one condition that is a reality for some males around the world, which is called Penile Dysmorphic Disorder or Small Penis Syndrome.

Before delving into the Penile Dysmorphic Disorder, it must be understood that there are men who have smaller penises compared to others and this is one thing that is rather discomforting for some males. This is because the penis is a symbol of pride for men as it is everything that epitomizes their masculinity.

However, this mindset can then escalate into something worse than just a simple frustration. This is where Penile Dysmorphic Disorder comes in. It is the mindset that the small size of their sexual organ is everything that defines them to the point that it leads to a sense of shame in them.

This phenomenon is intriguing since, first things first, there is no universal scale yet, that can properly gauge men’s feelings, emotions, satisfaction, and frustrations with their penises since it is such a delicate matter that affects certain notions like pride and sensitivity.

It is somewhat discombobulating since having a small penis is not something that is to be wary of in terms of health and wellness. No one male can be diagnosed by a doctor for having a tiny sexual organ and that its inability to do its functions or any discomfort from it are the ones that should be given more focus on.

This is why the Penile Dysmorphic Disorder is more psychological rather than physical. One article from Justin Lehmiller, a social psychologist, explains that a research paper that had 25, 000 participants presented data that at least close to half the population in the study are disappointed with the size of their penis.

While some of these individuals are annoyed that their penis is too big for them, majority of the individuals who are disappointed with their penis size deem it too small and that they wish it was more sizeable, except that when actual measurements are done, the dimensions of the said parts are perfectly normal.

Such is the incredulity that surrounds Penile Dysmorphic Disorder that it is not even available in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, which is the document that psychologists and psychiatrists use to base their advice and diagnoses of their clients and patients’ mental health situation.

Additionally, the Penile Dysmorphic Disorder is more of a lesser topic beneath a more general body of knowledge, which is the Body Dysmorphic Disorder since the former only focuses on one part of the male anatomy compared to the latter that encompasses everything.

Nevertheless, the complete comprehension of the Penile Dysmorphic Disorder is one endeavor that researchers from medical, psychological and the academe must pursue since people who feel insecure and distraught about their penises might do something irreversible or, even worse, fatal to themselves.

This is not far fetched considering the lengths that individuals with Body Dysmorphic Disorders have done to either improve their perceived imperfections or hasten their exits from this world. Some individuals have developed suicidal tendencies or even pushed through the act of killing one’s self while others have undergone cosmetic surgery, which may have worsened the situation.

It has come to the point that researchers around the world are developing questionnaires to further study the phenomenon of Penile Dysmorphic Disorder. It is better to do so as this may evolve into a wider field of study since it is one that affects a large population of males around the world.

When it comes to the penis, in particular, the development of certain tools and medications and even surgical procedures are options to remedy some men’s frustrations with their sexual organ have been available in the past decades in different countries worldwide.

Penile Enlargement

Now to address and avoid having small penis syndrome, or to be able to get that size you’ve been wanting, penis enlargement methods and procedures have been discovered.

Male enhancements, as termed medically, are a method, technique or procedure which has the primary objective of increasing the length, and sometimes the girth of the penis. Different methods include supplements, ointments, pumping, jelqing, traction, and surgery.

An example of which are tools called penis extenders. These are mechanical devices that males attach to their sexual organs to enlarge it or keep it upright if they have problems with their erections. These things stretch the penis and there are testimonies available on the internet that state their effectiveness.

These penis extenders can be purchased online from a wide range of brands and they come in different packages that may appease the customer. Popular products in this field include the Quick Extender Pro, Phallosan Forte, SizeGenetics Ultimate System, and the Male Edge Extra to name a few items from the United States of America.

Another product that males can get if they want to eliminate their feeling of Penile Dysmorphic Disorder is the prominent medication Sildenafil, which every consumer and retailer buy and sells in different platforms, whether online or in a drugstore, under the name Viagra.

Viagra is a pill and sometimes an injection that treats erectile dysfunction in males. While it may not be capable of actually increasing the size of the penis, what it can do is ensure that the said body organ maintains its form during the act of sexual intercourse, which then can help people overcome their thoughts and feelings of Penile Dysmorphic Disorder.

The last type of remedy for people who are under the Penile Dysmorphic Disorder condition can undergo to sort of ‘fix’ their penises is very much penis enlargement surgery. This is a very dangerous procedure that may permanently damage the main sexual organ in their body.

One such way of doing so is a procedure that is known as penile augmentation. Penile augmentation is the process of injecting fat cells into the penis to make it bigger. However, this is very dangerous considering that the penis can swell or be deformed, which can force medical practitioners to remove it from the body so that the infection would not spread. Another thing to note is that the effects of this type of procedure can be temporary.

Another means of doing so is by a method called Suspensory ligament release. This is a process wherein the length of the penis is elongated but it has no effect on the said organ comes the moment of an erection and it may lead to problems when it comes to sexual intercourse.

Ironically, what these apparent medical procedures can do in the long-term is the complete opposite of the intents and motivations of those males who are deciding or willing to undergo these operations as outcomes such as further shrinkage and permanent scarring are very much possible.

The condition of Penile Dysmorphic Disorder to shows that perhaps a good number of men are too engrossed in their penises to the point that they struggle to live with the size of what they have, which in turn leads them to have negative thoughts such as anxiety, depression and even suicidal tendencies.

And then came Bathmate Penis Pump

Penis Pumps have both the reputation of having a positive and negative effect on penises. However, you must know that the thin line is drawn from how penis pumps are used. If you use it correctly, you reap the benefits, otherwise, you’ll suffer the consequences.

Bathmate is one of the most effective penes pumps on the market today having almost a 90 percent satisfaction rate, it guarantees the user a total of 12 centimeters in length (largest) and an average of about six to seven centimeters. There are of penis pumps today but Bathmate is the leading innovator in the industry.

Known Benefits of Bathmate

Using the hydro pump technology and leaving behind its competitors, Bathmate Hydro Pump has been medically proven to elongate and enlarge the penis. Besides this, it can lead to:

  • increased libido
  • increased sexual performance
  • increased girth size
  • increased length
  • a firmer and more erect hard-on
  • cures erectile dysfunction
  • convenience as it can be used while you’re in the shower

How It Works

The Bathmate Hydro Pump provides pumping pressure around the penis shaft ultimately filling up the blood vessels until you reach an erection. The waterworks as a lubricant and will help stretch your penis without it being painful for you.

The regular pumping with the Bathmate hydro pump is recommended to be able to see optimum results. The first three months of regular usage guarantees an increase of 1.5 inches with the penis length. This is if you use it for around three to five times a week, in 15-minute sessions.

Bathmate Types

There are three types of hydro pumps that Bathmate released. These all differ based purely on the size of the penis.

hydro7 bathmate img

Bathmate Hydro7

This variant has been specifically designed for first-timers. It is best used if you have a penis size of nineteen centimeters: meaning 5-7 inches when it is fully erected. Using the Hydro7 will give about the growth of 1.5 inches. You can buy this at a low price of 110 dollars.

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hydromax7 bathmate img

Bathmate Hydromax series

Moving on to the next level, if you have already gotten used to Hydro7, is the power pump with high performance that will suit your enlargement needs. It has 35 percent more power than Hydro7. It is perfect for those who have 9-inch penises when erect.

Another great thing about the Hydromax is that it has a system that softly contacts the testicles. It also has a transparent tube that houses the shaft easily.

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Bathmate HydroXtreme series

The most superior in the set is the Hydroextreme and comes with all the accessories you may need for a hydro pump. It is the most expensive of all the variants at 399 USD but it has a power that is worth your bucks.

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In the end, how men react to their penises is up to them. While it is indeed the center of the universe when it comes to manhood, it should not be the be-all and end-all of everything about a male human being.

Other parts of the body can define a man such as his hands, brain, face, and feet, which can be used in different ways to earn an honest living around the world that does not involve any sexual intercourse.

The fact that the male reproductive system is also very sensitive means that the utmost care and not manipulation must be given to it for it to be functional when the time is right for it to be used.

It is indeed taboo and a source of embarrassment for males to consult licensed physicians and queries about any discomfort or pain that they may feel at the moment of consultation. Aside from any negative feelings, men are hard to come by and refrain from talking about impotencies in bed as these may lead to humiliating outcomes.

At the end of the day, it is perhaps best for males to consult medical practitioners for any concerns that they have about their penises and even psychologists to help them overcome any ill thoughts that they have about their main sexual organ.

Males who have problems with their penises should instead focus their energies on different parts of the body as they may become more in need of any medical aid or psychological intervention or this case, result in effective penis enlargement tools like the Bathmate Hydropump.


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