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Picture this: your wife striving to give you pleasure and trying her best to make you feel good, now when it is your turn, you just don’t live up to the expectation.

Oops. Man down.

Sex is probably one of the most controversial and highly researched topics there is. More than sex itself, the quality of sexual encounters is almost, often than not, always the topic of the conversation.

According to a study by the National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior, in the past year, 61 percent of singles did not have sex, compared to 18 percent of married couples. It would seem that married couples are getting the goods ever so often but the reality is not all the time.

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SEX TALK: How often do you talk about it?

A study conducted revealed that guys casually talk about sex 70 percent of the time. These encompass encounters that are casual, similar to one-night-stands or a reunion with an ex. However, the percentage decreased when they were talking about someone they liked and cared about. The study revealed that they talk less than 10 percent only if they are with someone who they want to pursue.

Women, on the other hand, are quite simpler. Regardless of how serious or casual the relationship is, it all depends on the flow of the conversation whether or not they will talk about their sex lives with their current squeeze. About 89 percent of women revealed that when a female in the group setting starts talking about her sexual encounters, they will open up with their own stories.

Couples and Sex Life

An author from the New York Times had researched the most topped search keywords on Google regarding sex. And what the research revealed is quite surprising.

The keywords ‘sexless marriage’ had about over 21,000 clicks and searches every month, while ‘sexless relationship’ is being searched for 3,500 in the same period. The research also highlighted that ‘sex-starved’ and ‘no sex’ was also the top key searches.

In 2015, the University of Indiana surveyed how often most married couples were going at it. The study revealed that only 25 percent of the total study population had sex more than 2 times a week which leaves 75 percent only having sex at most once a week.

A lot of married couples fall into the trap of an unexciting marriage because of one major component: sex and attraction. There are several factors why married couples don’t have sex as much:

  1. Sex isn’t a topic of conversation
    As with all relationships, communication is always key. When you talk about your desires, fantasies, and longings to your partner, it results in intimacy. You become closer than you are and the desire for each other grows. However, the reality is, most couples do not talk about this because it would entail being vulnerable.
  2. There is an issue within the relationship
    Arguments are a normal part of a healthy relationship. But when it becomes excessive to the point that you are fighting every single day about every single detail, sexual desires wane. You just don’t think of sex when you are mad at each other.
  3. You pull each other down
    According to the marriage expert and relationship researcher, John Gottman, insulting and criticizing your partner is one of the deal-breakers for marriage. When you constantly see the bad sides of each other and attack each other, you most likely will drift apart and then sex will be surely out of the picture.
  4. Stress
    Juggling a lot of things at the same time: kids, jobs, your marriage—- will take a toll on both you. Often, it isn’t because you are arguing or have a misunderstanding. Sometimes, you are just both tired and there’s nothing better else to do but sleep.
    You two must find time to unwind, relax and just recharge your batteries. Allowing yourselves to be spread thinly all the time will result in well, no energy for sex.
  5. It’s just not that exciting anymore
    After long years of being together, married couples become nothing more than mere roommates. This is why working for your marriage is important. Over time, you get used to being with your husbands and wives, all the stories become common, activities become dreary, life is just routine.
    It is within your responsibility to find things that will spice up life for both of you. Be it a new hobby, a new pet, or going somewhere new so you can have new things to talk about.
  6. You fear that you may not perform well
    There are many fears associated with having sex especially when you reach a certain age: fear of not getting erect, fear of not being able to orgasm, fear of not being good enough. When your anxiety and insecurities get the best of you, there is no chance that you are going to do anything well.
    One of the most common causes of fears and insecurities for men is not being big enough to give pleasure to their wives. Fortunately, with today’s discoveries, there’s something you can do about it.
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The World of Penis Extenders

The effectiveness of penis extenders vary in almost every guy: some may swear by it, while some say that it may have even made their penis smaller. With the endless reviews available everywhere about extenders, it’s a bit of a challenge to condense all of this information to decide whether or not to try them. Here are some essential things to know about this equipment:

Covering the basics, a penis extender is a plastic ring that is placed at the base of a flaccid penis and, with a device that creates traction that goes along the shaft. It comes with an adjustable spring that is meant to stretch the penis at rest.

While this item is known primarily for cosmetic purposes, extenders are also known to aid some medical conditions. Peyronie’s disease is a problem caused by scar tissue that forms inside the penis, which then causes a bent penis and may lead to erectile dysfunction. A penis extender may help with stretching the plaque and helping it soften to decrease curvature and in turn improve the function of the length. Despite this, there still is insufficient evidence that fully supports the use of the extender as a reliable remedy to this condition.

Another medical reason that may involve the penis extender is an erection that is affected by prostate cancer, which may cause nerve damage brought about by surgeries or radiation. The length lost from these treatments may be helped by penis extenders, although there is no guarantee that it will return what has been lost.

Penis extenders such as the Andropenis are branded as medical male enhancement tractions that can increase both length and girth in a man’s genitals. This may not all be talking, according to a study published in the British Journal of Urology, where 15 men who used the extender consistently for 6 months have seen as much, or as little, as 0.9 inches in flaccid length. While there is some truth in its marketing, doctors still deem this evidence inadequate, and a literal inch of a difference may not be well worth the effort that has to be put in when using an extender.

How are PRO extenders used exactly?

Most extenders are made with a plastic base ring, metal shafts with internal springs and support with a silicone band. These materials with the mechanism it entails sound like a pain on the penis, and that they are true. For effects to be seen, the extender has to be worn on a flaccid organ that is stretched 4 to 6 hours daily.

One’s initial reaction must be the impracticality of having a stretched penis whilst going about the musings of the daily grind. Most extender manufacturers assure that they are comfortable enough to be worn and added to one’s normal routine, but it’s not every day that a man has to walk around with a metal shaft wrapped around his stretched organ, and implies no normalcy whatsoever.

Some users claim that it only deems bearable for a lengthy period when standing up. Sitting down with one of these tends to be a separate task of its own, and the key is in stretching one’s legs enough until a tolerable position is achieved. Wearing loose sweatpants may be the best, and often an only practical option when wearing them, as to not have the bulge on clothes or be uncomfortably squeezed in jeans. Going in and out of cars is taxing, which makes driving basically out of the question.

Since the device is dominantly made of plastic, they don’t bend easily as they are not supposed to, which is why standing seems to be the most comfortable position to be in when they are on. The plastic is a far cry from flesh and therefore does not move with the body.

When worn incorrectly, penis extenders may cause more than just discomfort. Skin issues and lengthened pain may be experienced when they are improperly placed, and when used with aggression, may even damage the outer skin and blood vessels that may then result in a fractured penis, something almost unheard of. Having direct contact for long periods on an organ as sensitive as this requires meticulous attention and listening to the body closely. Immediately remove the device when something feels out of place— a bigger organ is not worth having a health concern over.

A penis extender may be likened to a penis pump, but these two devices serve different purposes. A penis pump is initially meant to aid in a case of erectile dysfunction but does temporarily cause the penis to look larger as it is filled with blood while it fixes the condition. The penis extender only deems effective when worn on a stretched flaccid penis for at least 4 hours, whereas going more than 30 minutes on a penis pump may cause penile injuries.

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Why Use Penis PRO Extenders?

Considering the major discomfort it comes with, low satisfaction rate and several risks that are posed with tackling such a sensitive part of the body, why do men still willingly choose to put themselves in this situation?

The main reason for using penis extenders is for narcissistic value. Since there is no medical condition that fully stands by its usage, there’s no other way around it. While this device might seem like a saving grace for those who find themselves personally inadequate, a urology expert named Dr. Deane advises them not to get too excited. “The results are highly variable and not broadly applicable to the guy who has a smaller and average penis and wants to try to gain two or three inches. That’s just not going to happen,” he says.

The pressure of society for men to have large, hard erections is as irrational as their desire to grow their already-average sized organs. It projects a man’s underlying issues such as low self-esteem that can probably be compensated in his head with having a bigger hard-on. While this external validation may temporarily make him feel better, it still does not fix the bigger issue that is his unhealthy way of trying to keep up with what is expected of him on the surface.

While this all seems too shallow to take seriously, a huge population of men has always felt the need to grow an inch or two larger to feel enough, and perspective is to be blamed for most of this— looking down gives anyone a bad and relatively inaccurate angle.

In terms of psychology, this condition has been so common that it’s become a psychiatric diagnosis called penile dysmorphic disorder. It isn’t far from how people with anorexia see themselves as fat no matter how much weight they lose. The majority of men who take it a notch higher and go through penis enlargement surgery are found with this, and are, more often than not, still left dissatisfied with the end product.

Since it is a problem that most men go through without being willing to go so far as getting surgery for it, the pharmaceutical industry has of course been exploiting and capitalizing on this desire. Many companies have come out with their versions of different penis enlargement pills and other enhancers. For those who have tried these, it is to no surprise that most, if not all, of these pills, have over-promised and under-delivered.

It’s easy to succumb to the notion of having better sex when a bigger penis is involved, especially when a person is already conscious of his sexual performance in the first place. When a partner expects better sex from a man, it doesn’t only boil down to the size of his erection. While penis extenders may deem to be the easy way out of this, it is much better to communicate and understand what each person is expecting of them when it comes to pleasurable situations.

The Extra Push

Now that you’ve found a solution to your penile problems, there are a few extra and little ways to spice up your marriage which require small efforts but big returns:

  1. Kiss A Little Longer
    As adults, we think that making out and kissing are a thing of the past. This stuff is for teenagers. Kissing releases the feel-good hormones in our body. This makes us feel good about ourselves and our partners. Kissing results in more intimacy without taking all your clothes off.
  2. Flirt With Them
    Like kissing, you often see flirting as a thing you do when you’re younger. It is more important to flirt with your partner as you grow older. The spark that you’ve been looking for is just there, you need to ignite it with sweet nothings, sexy messages and just making your wife or husband feel needed and wanted.
  3. Romanticize Your Bedroom
    The bed is not just for sex, it’s for playing, flirting and foreplay, too. Take time to make out, hug each other and just insinuate more intimacy before you do the deed. You’ll find that the more you hold out, the more eager you become when you finally reach the point of having sex.
  4. Set The Mood
    Play jazz music, light up some candles, prepare wine and just set the whole mood. Reconnecting to the romantic side of your relationship denotes being able to go back to those days where it was just you two. Set some time for nights like this and you’ll both reap the benefits.
  5. Be eager to touch
    Holding hands, hugging, placing your hand on the thigh of your loved on—- these are small gestures but are a surefire way to keep your contact with your partner. Always maintaining a physical connection can help reintroduce some romanticism in your relationship. It’s as simple as being close that will eventually lead you to be more intimate and more connected to each other.
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