SizeGenetics Penis Extender Review: How Big is BIG?

As the popular saying goes: “Bigger is better.”

However, such a phrase may trigger anxiety for some men, as they may be discontented with the size of their member. It seems trivial at first, but a man’s relationship with his penis has far-reaching effects that go beyond the bedroom.

This is why the industry of penis extenders and enlargers has slowly but surely been increasing. Much like the vaginal tighteners which were in the market earlier than extenders; men are also consciously making an effort to optimize their frontal tools.

This is where manufacturers like Sizegenetics come in. But to completely understand the value of penis extenders and enlargers, it is empirical to find out what men think of when it comes to their penises and how they perceive themselves in relation to it.

How big is big, that is the question?

However, the question remains: how big is big?

The United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS) pegs the average length of a flaccid, or non-erect, penis at around 9 cm (3.75 inches). Activities such as swimming, or a drop in temperature can cause a flaccid ambassador to shy away from the outside. An average erect penis, the NHS suggests, is around 13 cm to 18 cm (5 to 7 inches).

Asian men are found to be below this average. Asians averaged 4.2 inches, one of the least-endowed in the world, according to website in 2015. Back in 2013, Cosmopolitan reported that the average Asian Weiner falls around 4.2 inches as well, even likening it to the length of the side of an iPhone 4 at the time.

With that said, numerous studies and institutions have claimed different and varying statistics about penis sizes.

However, in 2015, the British Journal of Urology International published their study that combined the data gathered from 17 previous academic studies about male penis sizes. This means a total of 15,521 men from around the world had their penises measured, allowing the researchers to come up with an estimated distribution of penile sizes across humanity worldwide.

For a paper to be included in this study, it must meet the following criteria. They should have been conducted by medical professionals, meaning, there was no self-reporting involved. It is widely believed that those men tend to overestimate their measurements.

Furthermore, studies with at least 50 participants and those that featured men at least 17 years of age were the ones taken into consideration. For consistency, all of the studies used featured the same way of measuring the penis. The length was taken from the root to the tip and penis circumference (girth) was measured at base or mid-shaft.

Studies not written in English weren’t included in this 2015 synthesis. Studies with participants who could have had any congenital or acquired penis abnormality, erectile dysfunction, or specifically seeking penis enlargement were not included as well.

The study pegs the average flaccid penis size to be around 9.16 cm (3.61 inches) in length. An erect member is, on average, 13.12 cm (5.16 inches) long. Girth is pegged at 9.31 cm (3.66 inches) for a flaccid penis and 11.66 cm (4.59 inches) for an erect one.

From the study, a guy whose erect penile length is 6.3 inches in at the 95th percentile of the population, meaning, only five in 100 men would have a penis measuring greater than 6.3 inches. Only five in 100 men also have a penis measuring less than 10 cm (3.94 inches), which is the cut-off at the fifth percentile.

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Big shoes mean big socks and nothing else

Now, what about those claims saying the taller the person, the longer the dong? Or those with larger feet or hands are better endowed down there?

The same 2015 study found some correlation between penis size and a bunch of other measurements, called somatometric measurements. Yet, despite being statistically significant, these are considered weak, others still, were inconsistent across studies.

Height is most commonly attributed to having a longer penis. However, the numbers are in: height is not necessarily a good predictor of the penis length. Flaccid length is found to be either “moderately significantly correlated” or weakly correlated with height in four studies. Two studies report no significant correlation between the two measurements.

How about height and erect length? Height is moderately correlated with stretched, flaccid length in one study, while four studies found a weak correlation between height and erect or stretched flaccid length.

It is also believed that a person’s body size can affect the size of his penis. This is debunked by this study as well, after looking into men’s body mass index (BMI) or body weight data.

One study found a moderately significant correlation between a limp penis and a guy’s weight and BMI, while one found a weak significant correlation. One found no connection at all between flaccid penile length and body size measurement, while another found a weak inverse significant correlation.

Erect penis length is weakly significantly correlated with BMI according to one study, while two found weak significant correlations between flaccid stretched length and weight or BMI. One also found stretched length to have a significantly weak inverse correlation with weight and BMI.

Longer fingers, longer members? This might not be the case. One study found a weak significant correlation between penile length and index finger length, while another one did not find any. However, the latter study found a significantly weak inverse correlation between stretched penile length and the ratio between the length of the second and fourth digit of the hand.

Bigger balls do not necessarily equate to longer schlongs, as the researchers found one study that says that testicular volume has a weak significant correlation with flaccid and stretched penile length. Another study who looked into the correlation in these measurements found nothing.

The correlation between foot size and penile length is not established. They are either weak or no correlation exists at all in two studies. Correlation with age is not clear as well. Seven of the 17 studies found no correlation at all.

The only good predictor or estimate the researchers found for the erect penile length is the stretched flaccid length of one, and the measurement of this one may also be not reliable due to inconsistencies in the practice of “stretching” in measuring a flaccid penis.

Ethnicity’s correlation in penis size was not discussed much in the 2015 study, simply because ethnicity was not in the criteria they have set. “(Richard) Lynn suggest that penis length and girth are greatest in Negroids (sub‐Saharan Africans), intermediate in Caucasoids (Europeans, South Asians, and North African), and smallest in Mongoloids (East Asians), but this is based upon studies that did not meet our present inclusion and exclusion criteria,” says the research team.

Ladies’ (and gents’) choice

Ultimately, it is not for a man to decide whether or not his penis is sufficient. It is up to his sexual partner (or partners, if he is the swinging type). Science has spoken. Women want guys who have bigger penises. But not too big, like this, to them, might cause more discomfort rather than pleasure.

A study from PLOS One journal interviewed 75 sexually active women in California about the penis size they would prefer if they would have a one-night stand and for a long-term relationship. These women were shown 33 different-sized 3-D printed penis models made out of plastic, used to approximate varying sizes of penises. These were not made to look realistic; instead, these are cylindrical with a dome at the top to simulate the head.

When asked for their size preferences for one-time or long-term partners, 15 of the participants indicated “No Answer.” The duration of the relationship may affect women’s preferences of the size of their partner’s penis, the results suggest

Women preferred an average of 6.4 inches in length and girth of around 5 inches from men they would be having a one-night stand with. Women in the study chose an average of 6.3 inches in length and 4.8 inches in girth is ideal for a man they would be having a long-term relationship with.

Both of these measurements were just slightly larger than the pegged average used by the study. “Novelty itself contributes to pleasure, so seeking a more novel-sized penis may be consistent to pursue pleasure primarily in one-time partners,” explains the researchers, on why women prefer bigger penises for one-night stand partners.

Women go for a smaller penis size when it comes to long-term relationships because of a variety of reasons. This may be for physical comfort, and a smaller Weiner may mean a preference for less masculinity in the long-term. Ladies tend to get more sexual pleasure in the longer-term that is why they might prefer a larger penis for short-term sex to compensate for the lack of psychological connection with greater physical sensation brought on by a bigger weapon.

Another study, this time by BMC Women’s Health, found that women put more importance with the girth of the penis, rather than the length, in their pursuit of sexual satisfaction. Fifty college students aged 18-25 years old were asked whether which feels better when having sex, the width or girth of the penis. Only five of the respondents answered length, as the rest answered girth.

Not to add to men’s worries but women broke up with their partners due to issues with penis size. Sexual psychophysiologist Dr. Nicole Prause and a team of researchers found out that women ended a relationship partly due to the size of the penis of their partner. Seven percent of women said their partner’s penis is “too large”, and 20 percent said it had been “too small”.

A silver lining is that more women are satisfied with the size of their man’s member, according to the report by Professor Kevan Wylie. Eighty-five percent of the ladies that responded to the internet-based survey are content with their partner’s penis size, compared to the 55 percent of men contented with theirs.

A 2006 paper by Lever, Fredrick, & Peplau report on some survey data from about 50,000 men and women between the ages 18-65 about penis size. In this survey, participants were asked whether their or their partner’s penis was smaller than average, average, or larger than average. A similar question was posed asking the participants whether they wished their penis was smaller, larger, or neither.

About 66% of men rated their penis as ‘average’ in size, with 12% reporting that their penis was small and 22% reporting it was large. Ninety-one percent who said their penis was small wanted it to be bigger, 46% of men who rated it average wanted more, and 14% of those who said they were large wanted it to be larger still. The larger the man’s penis is, the happier and more contented he was with it, it seems.

About 67% of women reported that their partner’s penis size was about average, 27% thought it was large, and 6% thought it was small. Eighty-four percent of women surveyed reported being satisfied with their partner’s size, 14 percent wanted something bigger, and 2 percent wanted their partner to be smaller.

Women who said their partner as ‘average’ or ‘large’ had a higher degree of satisfaction than women who rated their partner as small, as 68% of them wished he was bigger.

But how about the gay men’s preferences for their partner’s penis size?
A poll conducted by gay men’s health charity GMFA found that 22 percent or more than one in five gay men have rejected a sexual partner because of the size of their penis.

The survey of 566 gay and bisexual men about their penis revealed that 38% of gay men feel anxiety because of their penis. Sixteen percent said that they had been at the receiving end of derogatory remarks because of their penis size.

Close to half 49% of gay men say that size doesn’t matter, while 36% think it does. Furthermore, penis size may determine the role they would play during anal intercourse. In a study published in 2010, participants were asked what is their perception of their penis size, “below average,” “average,” or “way above average,” and how it relates to their social-sexual health.

In one part of the study, men who have sex with men (MSMs) who identified themselves as “below average” tend to be receptive partners (“bottoms”) during intercourse. Those who identified as having an “average” penile length tend to versatile in bed, meaning they can either the receptive partner or insertive partner. “Way above average” respondents tend to be the insertive partners (“tops”).

This was further correlated by a study conducted in 2011, saying that penis size is associated with masculinity in the gay dating scene and that the bigger the penis, the more masculine a gay man is, and the higher the probability of him being a top in bed.

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Small penis syndrome is a thing

“It goes without saying but the penis is a big part of our sex lives but it also brings a lot of problems too. Many of these are mental issues. Your relationship with your penis is important. If you think negatively about your penis then this will affect the sex you have, the risks you take and even your self-esteem and self-worth,” Ian Howley, CEO of GMFA said.

Is a huge penis a requirement for a happy sex life?

Well, that depends on a man and his partner. However, research has shown that men tend to obsess too much on their size. Even when they are not categorically below average, men still tend to think they have a tiny dong and would wish for it be bigger by an inch or two.

For some men, their obsession with their small members leads to anxiety. How can such a trivial matter like penis size cause such psychological pain? Men are conditioned to feel as if they are inadequate down there. Whether it’s from the skyscraper schlong from pornographic materials or a story from one of his friends, a man faces a lot of environmental factors that affect his perception of penis size.

A man may experience an anxiety disorder called small penis syndrome, called PDD in medical circles. These men do not necessarily have small penises, they feel extremely anxious because they feel that their member does not measure up. PDD is a type of body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) and can affect men beyond the bedroom.

People with PDD constantly compare their penis size to that of others, including those in the media. They believe that their penis is unusually small, in spite of evidence to the contrary. They have distorted perceptions of penis size, and place an unusually high value on it. It follows also that they feel ashamed or embarrassed about their members and have difficulty during coitus due to the anxiety they feel. They usually have reduced sexual function, making it hard for them to achieve an erection or have an orgasm.

As this is a form of body dysmorphia, they may also exhibit symptoms of BDD, like obsessive preoccupation with appearance, repetitive or compulsive behavior relating to appearances, such as grooming or buying clothes, chronic distress about appearance, and depression or anxiety about appearance.

Men who have PDD have a hard time going out there and building relationships, again, due to their faulty perception of their penis size. This anxiety may also contribute to erectile dysfunction or difficulty in maintaining an erection during intercourse.

This crippling anxiety can also rob someone of their everyday lives as men afflicted with BDD may feel afraid or demoralized in going through daily routines. Treatment options include psychotherapy and counseling, and asking your doctor what constitutes a micropenis. A micropenis is when the stretched length of the penis is 2.5 standard deviation of the mean in a patient with normal internal and external male genitalia. These are the ones who are advised to undergo actual physical treatment.

With or without PDD, men are preyed on by ads and promotions that sell different products–lotions, creams, or pills– that claim to increase the penis size while making the reader feel bad about their manhood. This also contributes to the perpetuation of the wrong notion of sexual inadequacy.

Enter the miracle-bearer: SizeGenetics Penis Extender

As one of the most unique penis enlargement systems today, SizeGenetics tends to alienate and scare off potential users. However, it is without a doubt, one of the safest tools to have and use.

How does it work?

Traction. Sizegenetics uses a new technology when it comes to providing traction to the penis. It has a traction power that reaches up to 2,800 grams of tension, one of the most powerful traction tensions yet. This allows an increase in size in terms of length as well as girth.

Traction is known medically to help expedite the growth and regeneration of new cells. Historically, this system was used to help people with illnesses in their hands or legs. This allowed them to recover quicker.

Sizegenetics uses a high tension rate because it has been proven that the higher the tension, the more results will be reaped in a shorter amount of time. By having this, it exceeds any penis enlargement products in the market today.

Here are some of its unique benefits:

  1. Sizegenetics has Type 1 Medical certification
  2. It offers a money-back guarantee incentive if you aren’t satisfied with the results
  3. Customer is given unlimited privileges to Lovecentra and PenisHealth
  4. Sizegenetics also has 24 hours of customer service
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But of course, like any other product it has it’s pros and cons:

Pros of SizeGenetics

  1. Made for long-term used. The device has been made with the highest quality materials and provides durability that will last through the years which for you ultimately means you get the value of your money.
  2. SizeGenetics boasts of 20 years of experience in the penile enlargement arena. This is the ultimate testament of how effective this product is because if it isn’t effective, it’ll be out of the market in a jiffy.
  3. Designed to provide the utmost comfort and safety for a high-tension traction device. The scientists who designed and developed Sizegenetics made sure that even with the tension that it possesses, it will provide premium comfort to you.
  4. It is worth every penny you pay for and the thing is, it doesn’t cost that much. It is affordably priced to reach a wider market and it always has discounted rates and promos.

Cons of SizeGenetics

  1. Results vary. Not one penis is the same as another and not one body is the same. Reactions will vary from one person to another, and this is why SizeGenetics offers you a money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied.
  2. The product is not available in stores but only online.

How much will it cost you?

It has different packages you can choose from based on your budget:

  1. Value Edition – the cheapest of the four, this only costs 199.95 USD
  2. Comfort Package – 249.95 USD
  3. Ultimate System – the most popular package because of its value, this is priced at 299.95 USD


Your penis is your statement and it is one of the boosters of your self-esteem. SizeGenetics will help improve the quality of your life and of course, your relationships.

However, you need to remember that a vagina is, on average 3-4 inches deep, with the so-called “G-spot” residing somewhere 2-3 inches from the opening. Given those statistics, it is not hard to satisfy your partner. Furthermore, sex is a lot more about penises and vaginas or anuses, it is also about other parts of the body.

Many claim that it is not about the size of the tool, it is how the tool is used. Intimacy does not end in bed. It is also about communication between the parties involved. Should one’s partner feel inadequate, you must make her feel better, especially if she exhibits signs of anxiety.

Sometimes, it is all in your head. Not the head down there that goes erect, but the one that sits on your neck.

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