Quick Extender Pro Review: What It Is And How It Helps In Bed

Perhaps the cornerstone of the masculinity of men around the world, the one that makes most if not all of them have a sense of pride or even embarrassment is the body part that can be located in between their legs – the penis.

It is arguably the most sensitive organ in the body for men alongside the testes that are attached directly below it. It is the body part that excretes urine, which is the liquid waste of the human body, and semen, the reproductive fluid that impregnates women.

Not that it needs to be said, the penis is widely associated with intimacy and procreation, maybe even more so than the regular act of urination. It can be said that it is the most important body part for males as it distinguishes them from fellow men and women, who are of the opposite sex.

Without the penis, there would be no way for men to be able to impregnate another woman, which in turn, according to some religions, defeats the purpose of sex and marriage because the initiative or capability to conceive a child is not there in the first place.

With that said, though, men have sexual encounters with women and fellow males around the world and the penis plays a key role in this as it is a man’s primary and only sex organ. If the penis was absent for some reason, then the feelings and emotions that are derived from intimacy, pleasure, and romance can be hugely insufficient or denied.

When it comes to sexual encounters, regardless if it is a one night stand, friends with benefits, orgy, an act of marital love or anything consensual, the last thing that men want to see and feel is their penises not being up to the task for any prime time action.

Because of this, manufacturers have come up with different products to ensure that men do not get embarrassed when they are on the bed consensually making love to their partners or some random strangers they meet at different places and situations like in the office at work or bars during a good night out.

Products like viagra, which is a medication that is predominantly known for its capabilities of remedying erectile dysfunctions in men, and surgeries on penises are designed through time to ensure that the said sexual organ would not fail men and right when it is needed the most.

With that said, there is a product or tool that can help men seize some glory right for a longer period. This entity is what is known as a penis extender. Without the need for any medical procedure or medication, it allows the male organ to grow into greater lengths.

An example of this product is the Quick Extender Pro, which is widely available in different variants depending on one’s budget as well as retailers in malls or on online sites that cater to this industry and needs.

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The Quick Extender Pro: A Background on its Manufacturer

Just like any other invention in history, regardless of what part of the world it originated in, there is a reason as to why it was made and information that can be gleaned as to who are the persons or what are the institutions that are relevant to its creation.

The Quick Extender Pro is no different. It is a tool that is manufactured by Innovatech Designs, which claims to be the ‘Leading Authority in Natural Male Enhancement’. It is a company that is based in the United States of America and as its tagline suggests, it sells products that cater to men and the betterment and optimization of their penises.

Aside from the Quick Extender Pro, its other main product is the Rizer XL, which is a medical supplement that helps men have hard erections, extends the length of their penises, prevent incidents of premature ejaculations, increase their stamina and endurance and help them have memorable and grandiose orgasms whenever they are in bed with other individuals.

Innovatech Designs can be found at 228 Park Avenue South Suite 78404, New York, NY 10003-1502 with a phone number of (888) 800-6987.

The fact that the company has these details that are easily searchable online means that it and its personnel can be easily contacted for any concerns regarding its contacts and services, which are very helpful considering that their products cater to the physical improvement and strengthening of men’s penises just as their customers are about to use them during intercourse wherein any type of malfunction can end relationships and provide embarrassing memories that may last a lifetime and deter other partners from pursuing intimate moments and relationships with the man in question.

It was in 2007 when Innovatech Designs invented the Quick Extender Pro and introduced it to different male consumers, retailers in malls and online stores and even for women who deem the men in their lives to have faulty penises that are in dire need of improvement for the betterment of their relationships because a healthy and pleasurable sex life for both partners can only be beneficial for the couple and this can be dealt with upon by the tool in question.

While the said product does not immediately guarantee better sex lives for men and their partners, it does allow them to know that their penises are gradually growing through the time that they use it. The Quick Extender Pro can assure its customers of this because it comes from a company that has its information readily available on the internet and that its past users’ comments can be easily read.

These testimonies of former clients tend to be very positive and these can only be good things for the men who are considering buying the Quick Extender Pro as a non-medical means of enlargening their penises from a reputable company in the industry. Lastly, it is manufactured in Canada.

One thing that must be noted, though, is that some testimonies that can be found online by a few of the company’s clients stated their concerns about the faulty responses they receive whenever they complain about the products as well as their services.

While this may be minimal compared to the positive reviews of the Quick Extender Pro, this is something to take note of moving forward as not all products are made with 100 percent perfection and some have factory defects, which can be all the more harmful in this case as it is the male genitalia that is the beneficiary or victim of the Quick Extender Pro and to an extent, the Rizer XL, which comes with the penis extender in certain packages and amounts.

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A Multi-Faceted Look at the Quick Extender Pro

First of all, there must be clarification or a more detailed examination of how the Quick Extender Pro works in helping men have longer and stronger penises for sexual intercourse with their partner or partners.

The Quick Extender Pro itself is a mechanical tool that the wearer’s penis must be slid into. Think of it as one of the machines that are available in various fitness centers that test the physical capabilities of a person. It provides a mechanism for penises to be stretched gradually so that its wearers can see the gradual improvement while not straining their organ too much.

The clients who have purchased the product wear them on their penises and manipulate the tool so that it can put pressure on the organ to become longer than it originally was. As it is a mechanical tool, no chemicals or medications are needed for it to work. For it to be effective, it must be worn for a few hours in a day so that changes on the body part can be slowly made.

It is very comfortable, which is important for the wearer considering where it is situated in the body. Its materials are medically certified so as not to threaten the wearer’s penis and it is hypoallergenic as well. The package also comes with guides on how to use it effectively.

Aside from it is mainly used to enlarge the penis, the product can also be trusted to remedy erectile dysfunction, which is a situation that some men find themselves in. It can act as something like a brace of the penis just like braces are made for the teeth and the spine to straighten it out.

Another situation that the Quick Extender Pro can alleviate is Peyronie’s disease. It is a distressing ailment that makes the penis curved in different directions due to scar tissue that is built through time in the penis. While men can still have intercourse with their partners even if they have the condition, which is not a sexually transmitted disease, it can be painful and in need of immediate attention.

The Quick Extender Pro can help males recover from Peyronie’s disease, with proper medical advice, of course, since its usage allows men to straighten and stretch their penises, which helps it go against the curve that is taking shape on the sexual organ. There may be pain obviously but it is part of the process of having a fortified penis.

The product is only good for males that are older than 18-years-old since teenagers’ bodies are still growing. It is only by being 20-years-of age when men can be certain of whether or not they are comfortable with their penis size as it is fully formed by then. There is no age restriction, though, when it comes to the maximum age a person can wear it to improve and strengthen his penis.

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Just Like Penises, the Quick Extender Pro Comes in Different Shapes, Sizes, and Packages

Since a variety of men around the world have specific needs and wants with regards to their penises, Innovatech Designs sells the Quick Extender Pro in a variety of packages through their distributors online or in physical shops to cater to their clients’ different specifications.

Based on resources on the internet, the Quick Extender Pro comes in four distinct packages that contain features and contents which may be suited for men with different budgets and expenditure targets.

The first is the Quick Extender Pro Deluxe Limited Edition. It is very much the most expensive and most complete package for the brand. Aside from the Quick Extender Pro itself, additional products that come with it include Rizer XL pills that are sufficient for three months’ consumption, a booster pump, tension springs that are very strong, memory foam comfort pads, and a set of DVDs that contain helpful footage on how to use the product and what it can do for its clients. This is worth $349.93.

Next is the Quick Extender Pro Deluxe Standard Edition. It is a scaled-down version of the Quick Extender Pro Deluxe Limited Edition as it does not include as many contents as its higher-priced sibling does. What it has to offer are the Quick Extender Pro itself, Rizer XL pills that are consumable in a month and six comfort pads alongside the six-month money-back guarantee. This is worth $179.93.

The third iteration of the package is the Quick Extender Pro Value Edition. It is essentially the most basic package out there and it is perhaps the best for first-time users of the product and penis extenders in general. All it comes with is the main product itself aside from a few accessories that help it do its job. This is worth $119.93.

Lastly, there is a package that is best for men who are confronting issues like erectile dysfunction on their penises. This version, the Quick Extender Pro Curvature and Peyronie’s, is produced for males who have difficulties in terms of their penis’ strength and form and wish to rectify the distressing situation. Tension springs that are formed to combat Peyronie’s disease and penile curvature come within the package as well as medical-grade memory foam pads. It also comes with a money-back guarantee that can or must be availed within six months of its original purchase regardless of where the retailer is from. This is worth $179.99.

It is indeed better and perhaps more feasible for a man to do his prior research and consultations beforehand rather than regret using the Quick Extender Pro. While there are testimonies that it indeed has stretched penises to one or two inches, there are grievances with the company involved from some clients.

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A Word of Caution

Obviously, before trying it out or considering the usage of the Quick Extender Pro, one must evaluate the possible negative repercussions that may come during the duration of the use of the product.

Just like anything that is put on the body, the Quick Extender Pro may irritate the skin. It may also induce pain since what it is doing is very much stretching the penis and enlargening it from its original state. The skin may also be harmed to the point that it may cause redness at the start of its application on the body.

Additionally, whatever the Quick Extender Pro does to a man’s penis is permanent, although there is not a one size fits all result for every male who has used it. Similar to machines and other weights in gyms, it is therefore advisable that people who use the Quick Extender Pro must allow commit themselves to use it several hours during the day while also allowing their penises to life off it so that there would not be too much strain on their sexual organ.

Ultimately, a physician’s advice is needed before and after the use of tools such as the Quick Extender Pro. With the penis being a central part of a man’s sense of pleasure, gratification, and reproduction, careful steps must be taken so as not to mutilate or even render it impotent.

If negative effects are felt by the wearer, then he should start by adjusting the springs on the device to lessen the strain it brings to the penis. If the situation escalates to the point of no return, then those who wear it must take it off and immediately contact a doctor to find out whether or not they should continue with its use or not.

Having a larger, stronger and longer penis may be an ambition for some men as it, in their opinion, allows them to be better and more impressive in bed with their partners, it should not come to the expense of their physical and even mental health and wellbeing.

The last thing a man wants to experience is having to go through a surgery to remedy the effects of the Quick Extender Pro or any penis extender, regardless if it is a mechanical tool or medical supplement, as it can be an honestly embarrassing, painful and even traumatizing event.

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