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The Reproductive Health of Man

Reproductive health concerns the overall reproductive processes, functions, and systems at all stages of human development. According to the World Health Organization, reproductive health is the complete physical, psychological, and social well being, of all matters involving the reproductive system. Reproductive health entails a responsible, informed and safer sex life, accessible sexual education, affordable reproductive medicine, and just health care services for all.

But the current social realities would prove the inequalities in delivering reproductive health services depending on socio-economic status, available resources, ethnicity, religion, and quality of education. The world is facing a lot of public health issues and reproductive health is one of the major concerns with vast social and economic impact. It is important to recognize that reproductive health is a human right. Further improvements to uphold this right and increase the quality of man’s life is essential.

Efficient reproductive health care and services must be delivered to the public to prevent various health risks such as trauma, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), possible spread of Human Immunodeficiency Viruses (HIV), unwanted pregnancies, unsafe abortions, and deaths. The World Health Organization has found out that there are more than one million sexually transmitted infections acquired every day worldwide.

Also, there are an estimated 357 million people affected with sexually transmitted infections each year, such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, and trichomoniasis. The health community raises the issue of drug resistance as one of the major threats in reducing the spread of STIs and addressing reproductive health issues worldwide.

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Problems With Male Reproductive Health

Several male reproductive problems may arise from different phases of life. Disorders can develop during the fetal stage, childhood, adolescence, until adulthood and it can greatly affect the quality of life and state of reproductive health of a man. Several causes affect male reproductive functioning. Scientific research and breakthroughs would provide explanations on the prevalence of male reproductive disorders. But still, emerging issues in the field of reproductive health call for further research and investigations.

The reproductive health of a man can be affected by its immediate environment. Exposure to contaminants, harmful substances and elements may harm human development especially during the critical stages of life. Environmental factors may influence the critical periods of life identified as before conception, at conception, fertility, pregnancy, child and adolescent development, and adulthood. Overall physical, chemical, biological and social factors may have an adverse effect on the growth, status, and development of male reproductive health.

Certain environmental risks may affect male reproductive health. As identified by the World Health Organization, chemical hazards, indoor and outdoor air pollution, injuries and accidents, lack of appropriate hygiene and sanitation, unsanitary water supply and disease vectors, are common environmental factors worldwide that affect male reproductive health.

Men suffer from different reproductive health problems and these can be identified as early as in the newborn stage. The common health outcomes for newborn male children are hypospadias, cryptorchidism, and reduced anogenital distance. On the other hand, other male reproductive health disorders such as:

  • infertility,
  • semen quality,
  • sperm motility or function,
  • testicular cancer,
  • testicular dysgenesis syndrome,
  • prostate cancer

These disorders are identified during the teenage years or puberty stages of a man’s life.

Cue In The Supplements

Male enhancement supplements are herbal products that aim to improve male reproductive health concerns.

Pro Solution Plus is a natural male enhancement supplement that addresses some of the common male reproductive health problems identified in the puberty or adulthood stages. This organic supplement is taken twice a day with water just like normal oral medicines. It is manufactured by Leading Edge Health, one of the major pioneers in the supplement industry.

Pro Solution Plus contains natural herbs and vitamins that produce clinically and medically proven results. The ingredients are a mixture of amino acids, Asian herbs, nutrients and minerals from Chinese medicine such as Tribulus Terrestris, shilajit, and asteracantha longifolia.

It is a natural booster that aims to eliminate premature ejaculation, increases erectile quality, increases sexual drive and improves overall sexual function.

Some Penile Disorders Experienced by Men

Premature ejaculation is a common sexual disorder among men aged 18-30 years old. At a later stage, this disorder can also occur to men aged 45-65 years old. The National Center for Biotechnology Information accounts for that four to 39 percent of men around the world suffer from premature ejaculation.

It is identified as a psychological disease with no scientifically identified organic cause. According to the World Health Organization and International Consultation on Sexual Health, premature ejaculation is a persistent or recurrent ejaculation with minimal stimulation before, on or shortly after penetration and before the person wishes it. In other words, premature ejaculation occurs when a man uncontrollably orgasms or ejaculates sooner than expected during sex.

Premature ejaculation can affect the sexual life of a man and his partner. A person experiencing this disorder may experience humiliation, fear and lower self-esteem. The American Urological Association identified some factors that can cause premature ejaculation. Several mental health issues that are involved in premature ejaculation include temporary depression, stress, guilt, unrealistic expectations about sexual performance, history of sexual repression, overall lack of confidence and relationship problems.

Psychological interventions such as individual psychotherapy, couples psychotherapy and psychotherapy with medication can aid rapid ejaculation by decreasing anxiety, boosting confidence levels and learning new communication techniques.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction is another factor that affects male sexual and reproductive health. It is the persistent inability or difficulty of a man to keep a firm erection enough for sexual intercourse. According to studies, it affects more than 30 million men around the world. There are physical and psychological causes of erectile dysfunction. Some physical causes of this problem include heart disease, clogged blood vessels (atherosclerosis), high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

On the other hand, there are also psychological causes that may trigger erectile dysfunction such as depression, anxiety, stress, poor communication or other mental health problems.
Almost 50 percent of men aged 50-60 years old have complete erectile dysfunction. This happens when there is reduced blood flow or there is not enough blood in the penis.

Certain diseases, injuries or surgeries also affect the transmission of nerve signals from the brain to the penis. Physical examination and advanced laboratory tests can aid erectile dysfunction. Advanced erectile function tests range from checking the testosterone, blood sugar and other male hormones. Some administer ultrasonography to check blood flow, a penis shot with a vascular stimulant to aid erection, pelvic x-rays to check histories of trauma or cancer and the Nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT), an examination to check for sleep erection.

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Low Sperm Count

Another male reproductive health problem is a significantly low sperm count or also known as oligospermia. Sperm count is the number or concentration of sperm cells in a given amount of semen. A man with a low sperm count has considerably lower sperm cells than normal, specifically fewer than 15 million sperm per milliliter of semen.

The main symptom of low sperm count is the inability of a man to get his partner pregnant. Other factors also include problems with sexual function such as lower sex drive or difficulty in maintaining an erection, chronic pain, swelling in the testicle area, decreased facial or body hair, and other signs of a chromosome or hormone abnormality.

There are medical, environmental, and hereditary causes behind sperm production. Medical causes of low sperm count include varicocele or the swelling of veins in the testicle, infection, ejaculation problems, antibodies that attack sperm, tumors, hormone imbalances, and chromosome defects.

While environmental factors such as exposure to industrial chemicals, heavy metal exposure, and radiation or X-rays exposure may affect the production and the quality of the sperm. Other factors that also affect low sperm count include drug and alcohol use, smoking, depression, emotional stress, and other mental health issues. There are a lot of available tests and therapies that can address low sperm production such as a post-ejaculation urinalysis, genetic tests, testicular biopsy, anti-sperm antibody tests, specialized sperm function tests, and transrectal ultrasound.

The decrease in Sex Drive

Sexual dysfunction and a decrease in sexual drive is another sexual health concern that is related to reproduction. Men experience sexual dysfunction when they are having difficulty enjoying sexual activities. Studies show that this is usually common among men aged 40 and above. There are four main types of sexual dysfunction namely desire disorders, arousal disorders, orgasm disorders, and pain disorders.

Desire disorders or libido disorders are common among men and women. It is usually caused by hormonal changes such as low estrogen and low testosterone levels. Arousal disorders occur when a person is disinterested in sex or has difficulty getting physically aroused. While orgasm disorders occur when there is a delay or absence of orgasm and it is commonly caused by stress, fatigue, and hormonal imbalance.

Lastly, pain disorders are commonly caused by dryness, urinary tract infections, physical damage to the penis, and yeast infections. More than a physical condition, sexual dysfunction, and a decrease in sexual desire is also a psychological issue with causes such as anxiety, depression and past traumatic events.

What’s in Pro Solution Plus?

Pro Solution Plus, a clinically-tested supplement, aims to eliminate premature ejaculation. The American Journal of Therapeutics, a medical journal focusing on pharmacology and therapeutics, issued clinical research about the effectiveness of Pro Solution Plus.

According to the study, the supplement improved symptoms of premature ejaculation by up to 64 percent. Pro Solution Plus claims to address the common symptoms of ejaculation which include uncontrolled ejaculation, decreased sexual pleasure, and feelings of embarrassment or frustration. The natural ingredients in the supplement include Asteracantha Longifolia and Asphaltum (Shilajit). These are organic sources of vitamins and minerals that help eliminate premature ejaculation.

Asteracantha Longifolia

Asteracantha Longifolia is one of the main ingredients of Pro Solution Plus. It is a herbal aphrodisiac that contains lupeol, stigmasterol, bulletin, fatty acids, and alkaloids. Some scientific researches used the seed of Asteracantha Longifolia to test its effect on the sexual behavior of male albino rats.

This herb is also traditionally used for treating several diseases such as rheumatism, inflammation, jaundice, hepatic obstruction, pain, urinary infections, edema, and gout. According to clinical studies, Asteracantha Longifolia is responsible for intense orgasms and more controlled ejaculation. Other scientific studies also show that the diuretic and aphrodisiac elements of Asteracantha Longifolia can increase attraction to female partners.

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Asphaltum or Shilajit

Pro Solution Plus also addresses issues concerning erectile dysfunction. It is clinically proven to improve erectile dysfunction by up to 67 percent. Participants of the study for Pro Solution Plus have improved orgasm and erectile dysfunction. Asphaltum or Shilajit is one of the ingredients of Pro Solution Plus.

Shilajit is a thick, sticky tar-like substance that can be found in Himalaya, Karakoram, Tibet mountains, Caucasus mountains, Altai Mountains, and mountains of Gilgit Baltistan. Shilajit is also available in powder form, pills, or can be dissolved in liquids for a drink. It has vitamins, minerals and organic wax traditionally used in Indian medicine. Pro Solution Plus uses it considering its health-enhancing properties that can address erectile dysfunction.

Shilajit is an organic ingredient commonly used in ayurvedic medicine. It has balancing elements that can affect the overall state of mind, body, and spirit. Studies show that Shilajit can increase sperm count and sperm motility. This is also one of the main reasons why it is popular for supplements and enhancing medicines.

Shilajit is also used for treating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), Alzheimer’s Disease, anemia, chronic pain, diabetes, digestive disorders, eczema, osteoarthritis, and ulcerative colitis. Low testosterone levels are one of the major issues of men. Signs of low testosterone include a low sex drive, hair loss, loss of muscle mass, fatigue and increased body fat. Shilajit can alleviate testosterone levels, a sex hormone that is significantly low for others.

Asparagus Adscendens

Pro Solution Plus has Asparagus Adscendens as one of its main ingredients. Asparagus Adscendens, also known as West Himalayan Asparagus, is an herbal ingredient commonly used in Ayurveda or Indian traditional medicine. It has several therapeutic purposes such as treatment for diarrhea, galactagogue, dysentery, and general debility.

It is filled with antioxidants that can help in reducing stress and inflammation. Research proves that Asparagus Adscendens can increase sperm count and improve erection. It is a common ingredient for many supplements as it is also a popular aphrodisiac, immunity booster, and a health tonic.

Tribulus Terrestris

Another important ingredient of Pro Solution Plus that is responsible for the increase of sperm production is Tribulus Terrestris. This herb is a known sexual enhancer and can be used to aid in erectile dysfunction, involuntary release of semen and can increase sexual desire. It is also a good immune system booster and increases red blood cell production.

Studies also show that Tribulus Terrestris may act as a diuretic, can strengthen the immune system, may have antidepressant and anti-inflammatory effects, it can provide pain relief and possible anti-cancer effects. Along with the other popular herbs, Tribulus Terrestris is a commonly used Indian or Ayurveda medicine.

Curculigo Orchioides and Mucuna Pruriens

Pro Solution Plus improves overall sexual function and sexual drive. The two main ingredients responsible for these are Curculigo Orchioides and Mucuna Pruriens. Curculigo Orchioides, a type of orchid also known as black gold, enhances overall sexual performance. While Mucuna Pruriens, a tropical legume that can be found from Africa and Asia, addresses issues of infertility, nervous disorders, and increases sexual pleasure. It is also a known herbal drug and aphrodisiac that increases sexual desire, sexual pleasure, or sexual behavior.

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Other Solutions On Reproductive Health Problems

An important step to address widespread sexual health concerns related to reproduction is through accessible and comprehensive sexual education. This prepares the younger generation for responsible sexual actions and protects them from possible health risks such as unwanted pregnancies, HIV and AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases and gender-based violence. Proper sexual education also empowers people to make informed and responsible decisions about reproduction.

The World Health Organization and United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization are global organizations that aim to equip the citizens around the world with appropriate sexual education regardless of their age, sex or status. But similar to the state of education in general, sexual health education is still inaccessible for many countries.

Another important concern that needs to be addressed in the field of sexual health is access to reproductive medicine and affordable health care. Health is a fundamental human right that needs to be recognized and respected. There are factors such as socio-cultural, political, and economic conditions that compromise the attainment of this basic human right.

In the issue of inaccessible reproductive health care, women, the poor, and the younger population are the most vulnerable. While accessible reproductive medicine, health policies, effective public health system, and affordable health care, are yet to be addressed by the government or duty bearers, sexual and reproductive problems will arise in the realm of public health.

The Verdict on Pro Solution Plus!

Overall, Pro Solution Plus is a natural male enhancement supplement that promises to address several male reproductive problems such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation low sexual drive, and overall sexual dysfunction. Supplements such as Pro Solution Plus is one of the products of modern medicine that can help address reproductive health issues. But along with modern medical breakthroughs, you must also be conscious enough to take good care of yourself: exercise and a healthy diet are some of the few steps you can take towards great reproductive health.

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