Jes Extender Review: How It Helps Improve Sexual Performace

While women generally feel insecure about the way their bodies look, how big their breasts or butts are, some studies show a majority of men feel insecure about the size of their penis.

Media and society have distorted the view around the penis that men feel pressured if they do not live up to the standards.

As a result, they tend to have a lack of confidence in their relationships and sex lives. Understandably, many men – and women – are not satisfied with the way they look because of the way media dictates how people should look.

Fortunately, a new medical breakthrough has accidentally addressed the problems of people with small penises— this comes through a device called the Jes Extender.

But first, let’s talk about how penis size affects a man’s life and his perception of himself.

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How long is long enough?

Many men equate the size of their penis with masculinity and sexual desirability. According to research made by Johnston, McLellan, and Mckinlay (2014), men perceive their ideal penis size to be longer than what they believe the average length should be.

In a study involving a large group of men, 45% of them wished they had a larger penis, and men with average sized-penis desired bigger sizes.

It is a common issue and an issue that has stuck around since the beginning of time. Men are constantly struggling with the size of their penis.


Ironically, in ancient times, a small penis was preferred over large penises. In The Clouds, a play by Aristophanes, male characters who would behave badly were punished by making their penises grow larger, however, if they remain good, their organs would stay small.

In a Roman novel called Satyricon, the characters would make fun of bathers who had large penises, calling it ridiculous. Similar to the Greeks, ancient Romans thought the most attractive men were those with small penises.

The idea of smaller means more beautiful followed into the Renaissance era. Looking at the sculptures of great artists like Michelangelo alone, it is no doubt that the small organ was glorified. However, they equated masculinity with something else – a large scrotum blessed with an abundance of sperm. The penis was nothing but the organ that allowed passage of the sperm, the most important thing about manhood.

However, come the nineteenth century, when motion pictures, photography and modern pornography came into the picture, things took a turn. With porn as the primary tool for men when they masturbate, the image around the size of a penis transformed. Instead of being known as the organ that injects sperm, the penis became a symbol of pleasure.

The facts

According to a study found on the Psychology of Men Masculinity, it is shown that an erect penis generally measures between 4.6 and 6 inches long. 16% of men in that study have an erect penis longer than 6.1 inches, and only 2.5% have an erect penis longer than 6.9 inches.

On the other hand, about 16% of men have an erect penis shorter than 4.5 inches and only 2.5% of those have penises shorter than 3.7 inches.

To discuss the facts further, some people refer to the size of their penis in relation to its length. Some studies have taken the liberty to measure penises and here is what they found out:

  • Typically, a flaccid penis measures 3.5 inches long.
  • 2.5% of erections measure less than 3.8 inches
  • 13.5% measures between 3.8 to 4.5 inches
  • 68% measures between 4.6 to 6.0 inches
  • 13.5% measures between 6.1 to 6.9 inches
  • 2.5% measure longer than 6.9 inches

Why do men feel insecure about their size?
During the early years of a boy’s life, they spend it comparing many things. They begin to compare their athleticism, their intellectual abilities, social status and of course, the size of their penises.

This competitiveness understandably and inevitably follows them into adulthood, where they are more exposed to the conversation of size, causing them to grow more concerned about how that particular part of their body looks.

Because of this, men become emotionally invested in their sizes and they begin to develop insecurities and stress out over their penises.

According to an article written by Damion Ferrell on Elite Daily, three possible things explain why men are pressured about their size:

1. Pornography
In the porn industry, the size of a man’s penis serves a purpose for entertainment. If it is big or above average, they stand a chance to have sex on camera. However, when they have a “small” one, they are put in front of a camera for a comedic effect.

The reason why men compare themselves to a porn star is probably that the dynamic of friendship does not involve showing each other their penises. Understandably, a porn video becomes the most accessible way for men to gauge what a penis should look like.

2. Sexual encounters
In any sex scene, whether it is from porn or a movie, media implies that a woman is impressed and more satisfied when a man shows off a large penis. This, in turn, makes the male audience believe that there is a particular reaction they have to get from a woman.

With all that pressure on their shoulders, men may tend to overthink if they don’t get what the media tells them they should get.

3. The relationship between manhood and the penis
Throughout history, men have been made to believe that their penis defines their manhood. It implies their domination and value among other men. If they discover how long each man’s penis is, they may feel that their manhood is being challenged.

Size and sex

When people think about sex and the size of the penis, the common thought would be the bigger, the better. However, as seen in the data above, women do not see the big deal with the length of a penis. Instead, they find that girth plays a more important role in pleasure during sex.

When it comes to sexually pleasuring women, some studies show that the length of intercourse and erectile function play a larger role than penis size. However, it has been found that longer penises help in fulfilling vaginal orgasms, which is quite rare as most women orgasm through their clitoris.

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What women think

In a research made in UCLA and Cal State Los Angeles, the researchers put up questions on and received 26,437 responses from women between the ages of 18 and 65. In this pool of respondents, 84% of women claim they are satisfied with their partner’s size, 14% wish they were larger and 2% prefer it to be smaller.

In the same survey, 25,594 men responded where two-thirds claimed that their size was average, which matched what the women said about their partners. Based on this study alone, it is clear that the majority of women do not point out small penises. See below:

  • 12% if men called their penis small, whereas 6% of women called their man’s penis small.
  • 22% of men claimed they have large penises while 27% of women say the same.

There is no doubt that size still matters to some women, however, studies and a few conversations with women have proven that the majority of the time, it does not matter.

With limited studies conducted on the preference of women, it has been shown that a large number of them are not bothered by the size of their penis. Instead, they are more concerned with a man’s personality, intelligence, and humor.

Aside from that, women have expressed that men worry a little too much about their penis size.

Improving sexual performance

Many men are always looking for ways to improve in bed – whether or not they are satisfied with their size. Now that this article (hopefully) successfully brushed away the idea of larger penises being better than any size, below are a few ways one can improve their sex lives, which in turn can do many wonders to a relationship.

1. Stay active
The number one way to improve health is to practice cardiovascular exercise. Exercising regularly not only keeps one in shape, but it also helps sexual performance by keeping the heart rate in shape.

2. Eat healthy food
Certain types of food help increase blood flow including:

  • Onions and garlic – These are good for blood circulation.
  • Bananas – Potassium-rich fruits help lower blood pressure, which may benefit the penis and sexual performance.
  • Chilies and peppers – Natural spicy food help with blood flow by reducing hypertension and inflammation.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids – This type of fat helps in increasing blood flow. This can be found in salmon, tuna, avocados, and olive oil.
  • Vitamin B-1 – This acts as a signal to the nervous system to move quicker, including signals coming from the brain to the penis. This can be found in pork, peanuts, and kidney beans.
  • Eggs – Eggs help balance hormone levels and at the same time, decrease stress that may affect erections.

3. Reduce stress
Stress may affect an individual’s overall health and not mention, their libido. This may harm the heart rate and blood pressure which may damage one’s sexual desire and performance. Aside from that, psychological stress may also resist erections and orgasms.

4. Meditate
One way to relieve stress is to take time to meditate. Even if an individual is physically healthy, their mental state plays a big role in their sex life. Although men try to relieve their stress through sex, it may be counterproductive. Instead, one may find it more helpful to participate in other activities such as sports, yoga, and meditation.

5. Get rid of bad habits
Bad habits such as smoking and alcohol consumption can cause damage to one’s sexual performance. While it is okay to make healthy amounts of alcohol, too much of it may cause bad effects.

It may help an individual’s sexual health to replace bad habits with healthy habits such as eating healthy and regularly exercising.

6. Spend time under the sun
Melatonin helps people sleep, but it may also reduce sexual urges. The less melatonin a person has, the more likely they will desire sex. Getting enough sunlight may help awaken one’s sex drive.

7. Masturbate
If an individual worries they are not lasting long enough in bed, it may be a sign that they need to practice. Masturbation helps in improving longevity. It is important to keep in mind not to rush through it and make it last the same way one desires when they are with their partner.

8. Get enough sleep
Although it may be hard to get enough sleep especially with a hectic lifestyle, it pays to make the effort to. One must learn how to balance their work and personal lives, this way, they may feel less exhausted and have more energy and sex drive.

9. Communicate and pay attention
It is important to pay attention to each other’s desires and make sure that sex is not only pleasurable for one person. Having an open conversation can help a couple improve their sex life, and perhaps their relationship as well.

Then comes the Jes Extender!

The most common medium to help men with their penile problems are supplements. However, there are other means besides going under the knife or taking any medication. This would be in the form of Jes Extender.

As a clinically and medically tested device that was originally made to treat some penile disorders, the Jes Extender and any other guarantees what it promises: to stretch your penis size to its maximum. It is a penis enlargement device that will allow you to have a bigger size, bigger erections and bigger satisfaction for you and your partners.

We’ve mentioned some of the most common problems of men with their penises above, and women view it as a problem in their relationships, too. The Jes Extender will help eradicate all that.

How to use the Jes Extender

The only way to see fast results with the Jes Extender is with patience and consistency. If you use the Jes Extender for about five to six hours daily, you will be able to see significant results in your penis. The exact numbers are 10 percent of your current penis size. Imagine if you have a 5-inch penis, then you’d get half an inch of that.

It is highly recommended that you use the Jes Extender for about four to six months to see the bigger results. And by bigger results, we mean, 19% in thickness when flaccid and an additional 25-28% when erected. Talk about being able to give pleasure and receive it too.

More benefits that come with using the Jes Extender

1. Better and harder erections
Many factors are involved with achieving the best erection you’ll have. Sometimes it’s the food you eat, the drinking, and other times it is just plain old age. More than this, lifestyle plays a huge role. Do you exercise enough? Are you resting well? Are you in tiptop mental state? Jes extender will help improve the blood flow through the penis muscles. This device helps with erection problems as it stimulates blood supply through pumping. Only when you have the proper blood supply will you be able to get the best and strongest erections you’ll have.

2. Combats premature ejaculation
Getting off too early can look bad not only for you but your partner in bed. Not only do you look selfish and self-centered, but you have also left your partner hanging and void of the pleasure that could have been given to them. Fortunately, Jes extender helps combat premature ejaculation through again, the stimulation of the blood supply in the penis. Delayed ejaculation means more pleasure and it also gives more pleasure to your partner.

3. Corrects Impotence
Impotence and premature ejaculation come hand-in-hand. When you ejaculate shortly and too often, your sperm count decreases and the quality of your sperm is not tip-top. This causes you to be impotent. The Jes extender performs so that it ensures that a person will increase sperm count.

4. Corrects bent penises
The Jes Extender also helps people who have problems with penile curvature. It comes off as one of the insecurities of men and messes up with their minds, too, ultimately affecting their sexual performance. The shape is another factor that affects the confidence of men regarding their penises. The Jes Extender has been built to be firmly encasing the penis that will help straighten any curvature overtime.

5. Helps boost men’s confidence
Of course, the size of the penis largely contributes to the self-esteem and confidence of all men. Having a penis that helps you with your sexual performance affects your confidence and ultimately, how you handle and keep your relationships.

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Other aspects that Jes Extender can help with

Now that it is clear that penis size is as important in one’s sex life the way people make it out to be and the facts and studies have spoken for themselves above, below are other ways Jes Extenders can help.

1. There is a proper way of measuring a penis
The right way to measure the organ is from the top side of the penis that meets the body. When measuring the circumference, it is good to measure at the base or midshaft. Once you have used your Jes Extender, you’re sure to notice an increase in the size and sometimes the girth.

2. Not many men have large penises, but you can be one of them with Jes Extender
According to studies, only 9% of men have penises that are longer than seven inches. Men with penises longer than that belong to 1% of people in the world. With the Jes Extender, you’ll gain at least 10% of your penis size after four to six months.

3. Jes Extender helps with the female orgasm
In a 2014 study that was presented in a meeting in San Francisco, it was found that girth (not length) helped women achieve orgasms. It is girth that helps bring the clitoris closer to the vagina during sex.

4. Foot size does not predict penis size
Most people make the common mistake of assuming a man’s size by looking at their feet. However, studies have shown that weight is the most consistent correlation to penis size. How you’ll use the Jes Extender will help determine if your penis size will live up to your foot size.

5. Jes Extenders helps not only with girth but mostly with length
There is a method known as the traction method that uses a penile extender to stretch the penis for 4-6 hours a day for four months. This allows the penis to increase in length by 0.9 inches (flaccid) and 0.67 inches (erect). The traction method is the same method being used by Jes Extender.

MEN, just remember

While penis size may indeed open doors to a more pleasurable experience, its role in the quality of relationships truly matters. The same way women are slowly accepting their bodies and letting go of comparison with other women, men should try and overcome the obstacle of feeling like their value lies in the size of their penis.

In a relationship, having a desirable penis size can be a big plus, and with the help of the Jes Extender, you’ll be able to achieve providing pleasure to your partner in bed. Go hand in hand with your personality and the way you carry yourself with confidence, you’ll surely go a long way.

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