Over-the-Counter Male Enhancement Pills Review

Erectile dysfunction or impotence is certainly one of the most disappointing problems among men. Luckily, this is not a unique case. You want to have great performance in bed but the inability to maintain an erection is hindering you from enjoying your sex life. Numerous men have the same issue and quite a few state-of-the-art companies have emerged to remedy the problem.

Male enhancement pills are the perfect solution to enjoying becoming wilder in bed again, like who are you to refuse?

In this article, we’re going to discuss male enhancement pills and pick the most effective male enhancement pill available today to boost your sex drive.

What Are Male Enhancement Pills?

Impotence can be in the form of having low sexual intercourse or difficulty of keeping a boner and premature ejaculation. This may be a regular problem or can occasionally just happen.

Either way, impotence issues can result in low self-confidence, depression, and anxiety in life. This is a reason why many men started using pills. Or, maybe they are just nosy if male enhancement pills do work.

So, what are male enhancement pills? Male enhancement pills are edible tablets or capsules manufactured with a mixture of ingredients. These natural ingredients are made to offer solutions to numerous erectile dysfunction problems. If you want to increase the size or endurance of your penis temporarily, these pills are for you.

Are Male Enhancement Pills Beneficial?

Each product is special in its unique mix of ingredients, possible undesirable effects, and benefits. But most brands offer benefits such as:

· Stronger and lasting boner

· Satisfying orgasms

· Improved blood flow to the penis

· Improved performance and sexual health

While some formulations are for the penis only, others also help increase the sexual desire and mental focus.

Despite what you’re searching for in  male enhancement pills, there’s something to best meet your needs. Continue reading our over the counter male enhancement pills reviews!

Most Common Male Enhancement Pill Undesirable Effects

These pills cause visible physical effects, but they are safe for use. They function by boosting the circulatory system , making it more beneficial.

This means that aside from having a stronger and lasting boner, physical effects are noticeable too. Enhancement pills might be stronger, so it’s very important to be careful.

Most common undesirable effects are:

· Faster heartbeat

· Nausea

· Migraine

· Jitteriness

It’s recommended to talk to your doctor first before getting started with these kinds of supplements to assure your health and safety.

In our previous article, we have listed the best quality and most effective male enhancement pills available today such as:




4. VigRX


What is the most effective male enhancement pill?

The most effective male sexual enhancement pill and of the highest-quality is VigRX Plus. It doesn’t only help get harder erections but also increase sexual stamina. It is made with 10 years of study, which makes it a perfect and best formula for boosting men’s sex life.

VigRX Plus is formulated with a mix of 10 effective natural sexual appetite and erection boosters and stimulants. These substances are quickly formed in the body to help become wilder in bed. You can check our VigRX Plus review to know more.


The recommended dosage is 2x a day for a consistent amount in the body and to fully absorb the ingredients.

VigRX Ingredients:

The main ingredients of the pill focus on the levels of nitric oxide in the body, increasing the blood circulation that results in harder and bigger erections.

It also contains potent testosterone enhancers that increase sexual stamina.

Prescription enhancement capsules usually carry numerous side effects and adverse effects, unlike VigRX Plus that uses an organic formula that doesn’t have any side effects.


· Made with all-natural and proven ingredients

· Enhanced sexual health and erections

· Huge discounts when you purchase in bulk

· Money back guarantee


· Takes time to work

· Expensive price tag

Is there anything over the counter that works like viagra?

Viagra is a famous drug treatment for erectile dysfunction. This is a very common and worrying problem among men that cannot get or keep a full stronger boner.

There quite a few alternatives to which are pills available to remedy impotence.

Oral pills like Viagra are often the first treatment option for men with sexual dysfunction.

Alternative, drug-only PDE5 blockers to Viagra are:

Avanafil: This is available in the United State as Stendra, you can take avanafil capsules 15-30 before do. The effects can last about 6 hours.

Vardenafil: Marketed under the name of Levitra and Staxyn, this dug is in the form of a tablet and disintegrating tablet. Take vardenafil an hour before sex and the effects can last up to 7 hours.

Tadalafil: This is sold under the names of Cialis and Adcirca, the effects can last for 36 hours. This is recommended between 1-2 hours before the do.

Are Over the counter male enhancement pills safe?

According to the FDA or Food and Drug Administration, male enhancement pills are stronger than advertised.

During a routine assessment of worldwide mail shipments, FDA checked the sample of Big Penis, which is an OTC supplement for boosting sexual performance  and they found one shocking ingredient:

“They have confirmed that Big Penis has sildenafil, an active ingredient in Viagra which is an FDA-approved medication for impotence, as stated on their press release.” This undisclosed ingredient may act with nitrates in several prescription medications, like nitroglycerin, and can decrease pressure level to risky levels.”

The nitrates are used by people with high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease. Some of the popular Viagra side effects are heartburn, flushed skin, headaches, and longer erections that can result in injury to the penis, loss of hearing and eye problems.

It is said $32 billion is what the supplements market is making every year. However, these products have minimal FDA inspection than foods or medications. The truth is, owners are not obliged to disclose the ingredients except if there’s an investigation or complaint. “These products are marketed for sexual enhancement, bodybuilding, and weight loss usually represented as pure and organic, the agency warns.

“The FDA is incapable of testing and determining all products advertised as nutritional supplements that have possibly damaging secreted components.” The Viagra was found in over two dozen herbal supplements in 2015 such as in malsexual boosters like Stiff Nights, Hard Wang and Night Man, which was engaged in the 2012 passing of a Missouri man.

Based on Pieter Cohen, assistant instructor of medicine at the Cambridge Health Alliance as he told BuzzFeed News, “We are not discussing the tiny amounts of this product.” The FDA does not share how much they have discovered, but when they have checked this, the dosages are substantial. They are twice as strong as Viagra itself.”

Erectile dysfunction medications can also settle in other areas. An energy drink available in Zambia was claimed to contain sildenafil. The drinker had profuse sweating and a 6-hour boner after he drank Power Natural High Energy Drink SX, which are also sold in countries such as Malawi, Uganda, and Zimbabwe.

After testing, the Uganda National Drug Authority prohibited the energy drink which was made by Revin Zambia Ltd. Power Natural was available in 16oz cans and can be found mainly in bara and supermarkets before it was banned.

Since Viagra was launched in 1998, it was also popular as a strength enhancer by professional athletes as they believed it helped open up the blood vessels to improve the muscles.

Penis enlargement VS. Performance enhancement

The term “male enhancement” resembles penis enlargement and they are used exchangeably. But the two are unique things and it’s always important to distinguish each.


Male enhancement is the process (often pills) for keeping a longer-lasting erection for a short period.

These methods are used to remedy impotence instead of permanently increasing the size.

So, let’s take a look at the differences between  penis enlargement and performance enhancement:

Penis Enlargement

Penis enlargement is for life, unlike male enhancement that is only for a short period when it comes to stronger boner and other sexual health problems. This dream may be fulfilled through surgery, penis extender or workout.

Most men who choose for penis enlargement are not worried about getting or keeping a stronger boner rather they focus more on having their penis size increased.

Performance Enhancement

There are numerous products available around advertised to help treat ED problems.

Impotence can be from mental factors like depression or physical causes such as heart disease or high-pressure levels.

Since the male enhancement market focuses more on pills, there are other methods like oils and patches that accomplish the same goal.

We will also discuss in this article several male enhancement pills options for many men who don’t like pills.

Quite a few enhancement drugs take a while before you attain the results you wanted while some have quicker effects. Male enhancement capsules provide short-lived results though.

Use pills for the times you want a bigger boner or regularly to achieve results. If you decide to stop the pills, results will fade away. This may sound bad, but there are various pros to getting a short-lived result.

What do male enhancement pills really do?

Advertisements for penis enlargement products and processes are anywhere. There is an overabundance of pills, pumps, weights, workouts, and surgeries claiming to have an increase in the length and width of the penis.

But there is a few scientific support for the nonsurgical processes to enhance the size of the penis as well as there are no trusted medical companies that promote penis surgery for cosmetic purposes only.

Most processes that you see promoted are futile, and some can even damage the penis. Hence, think deeply before trying.

How Partners Observe Penis Size

Marketers would convince you that your partner is concerned about the size of your penis. If you are, then talk with your partner.

Remember that knowing your other half wants and sexual health can help improve your intimate relationship than changing the penis size.

Don’t Fall for the Hype

Many companies are offering different types of nonsurgical penis-enlargement treatments and products, as well as they usually market them with convincing ads that include recommendations from clinical experts.

If you check closely, you will see that these claims of effectiveness and safety are not proven yet.

Advertisers depend on the reviews and testimonies, skewed information, before and after pictures. Nutritional supplements don’t need FDA approval, so makers don’t need to prove effectiveness or safety.

Penis Enlargement Products

The truth is most marketed penis-enlargement processes are useless and quite a few can cause lasting damage to the penis. The following are the highly advertised products and methods:

  • Pills and Lotions – These products often contain herbs or hormones, vitamins, and minerals that makers claim to help improve the size of the penis. But none of these are confirmed to be effective and might be dangerous.
  • Vacuum Pumps – Pumps carry blood to the penis, which makes it swell and they are sometimes used to medicate impotence or ED problems. For a short period, a vacuum pump can make the penis look bigger and stronger. However, using it more regularly or for too long can harm elastic tissue of the penis which results in weaker erections.
  • Workouts – These are sometimes called jelqing, you apply a hand-over-hand action to pressure blood from the bottom to the head of the male organ. Even though this method seems safer than other processes, there is no scientific proof it is effective and this can result in scarring, pain or worse, disfigurement.
  • Stretching – This method involves putting a stretcher or an extensive machine, which is also known as a penile traction device into the male organ to push gentle pressure. Several small studies have stated an increase of a half-inch to 2 inches (around 1 to 3 cm. ) with these tools.

Bigger, stricter research is required to set safety and efficiency. Keeping in mind some things can help:

While there’s no proven safe and efficient way to increase the pubis size, there are several things that you can perform if you are really worried about the size.

  1. Talk to your partner. It might be more difficult than expected to talk to your partner about your sexual relationships. But you will be happier that you did and be shocked at the new spark in the sexual performance in bed.
  2. Exercise and get rid of unwanted fats. If you’re obese and does have a beer belly, your male organ might show shorter and smaller than it is.
  3. A regular workout makes a huge difference. Better conditioning of the body will not only help you look better and masculine, but it can also boost the strength and stamina during intimacy.
  4. Consult with a doctor or counselor. It’s common to feel sad and depressed about the size of your penis. A psychologist, professional counselor, or psychiatrist or even a family doctor can explain and help you.

A lot of men are more secure and confident with the comfort that they’re normal or with guidance about how to satisfy and make their partners happy without needing to turn to commercial penis enlargement products and devices.


Based on most of the belief of men that increasing the size of the penis can change them into a wilder sex partner or he-man in bed. But maybe the male organ is within its normal size.

If the penis is smaller than the normal, it may not concern the intimate partner and there are no proven methods or processes to increase the penis.

Therefore, talking with your partner or exercising can effectively help solve your problem with the penis size. Or, still, if those ways aren’t working out, visit a certified therapist, and discuss your problem.


There is proof the OTC male enhancement pills are effective, and some are maybe lethal.  A lot of men looking for medical assistance for sexual health problems use dietary supplements. However, with little control of the ingredients and dosage, the effects of these products on the health are unidentified.

Many products on the market contain little amounts of ingredients that are used in Viagra that can be risky to men with specific health problems.

Experts determined best-selling male enhancement pills and examined the ingredients like those in products advertised to improve erections, lust and sex performance.

According to Dr. Ryan Terlecki, associate professor of urology at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Winston, Salem, N.C, “while specific natural supplements that they have analyzed show promise for enhancing the sexual dysfunction, they have a shortage of strong human evidence though.”

For most products, there is no clinical evidence to prove claims that they can improve men’s sexual health, sexual performance or erectile dysfunction.