Tribulus Terrestris Benefits and Reviews

If you’ve never heard of Tribulus Terrestris before, well – it is essentially a plant with medicinal properties. On top of that, it is also an anabolic and a natural one at that. Chinese Medicine has known of this plant for ages, and it has been used in Eastern medicine since ancient times (thousand years+!). Nowadays, Tribulus Terrestris is added to a lot of supplements to help athletes in boosting their performance as well as their endurance. It has many different benefits, but for the most part, it is popular due to its effects when it comes to testosterone.
In recent years, Tribulus Terrestris has begun to find its way into more modern Western Medicine. As time passes, more and more companies are starting to realize just how helpful wisdom from ancient times can be. And so, we are beginning to adopt more of the ancient medicinal herbs into modern medicine.

If you want to know more about Tribulus Terrestris and its applications, we’ve put together an incredibly informative article below. Here is everything that you need to know!

What Exactly is Tribulus Terrestris?

If you want to know more about this plant, here’s everything about it. Tribulus is covered in sharp spines, and it is a plant that is annual. Tribulus Terrestris produces fruits, and its origin is the Mediterranean, some areas of Africa, Asia, and even in the Middle East. This plant thrives in dry places, and its resilience makes it capable of growing in places where some other plants can’t survive.

TT has been used both in Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine for thousands upon thousands of years. Back then, it was used for combatting liver and kidney diseases. Today, it’s more widely known as a way to stimulate a man’s libido and testosterone levels. Also, it is a supplement used by athletes to help them build their muscles.

Tribulus is so well known for being able to build muscle and boost endurance that athletes have truly come to love it as an active ingredient in their supplements. It’s used by many because it is completely legal and is a great alternative to anabolic steroids which are often dangerous and illegal. Tribulus Terrestris is also known as a fantastic adaptogen.

In today’s products, Tribulus Terrestris can be found in many different forms, such as pills, powders, and liquid extracts.

What’s the Science Behind Tribulus Terrestris?

There are a lot of active ingredients and elements in Tribulus Terrestris. It contains phytosterols, which offers many a benefit for cardiovascular and urinary issues. There are also saponins in this plant which are somewhat steroidal – protodioscin and dioscin to be exact. These are the saponins that make TT the natural anabolic that it is.

What are the Benefits of Tribulus Terrestris?

There are many benefits to this plant, but today we are focusing on just five of them. Let’s get started.

  • Libido benefits can be observed from the plant Tribulus Terrestris. Many studies have shown that TT substantially increases the libido not just in men, but in women too. As a result, the overall satisfaction (sexual satisfaction, that is) also increases. For example, a study was conducted in 2018, done on 40 female subjects. The results of the study showed that there were significant increases when it came to arousal, sexual desire, and also satisfaction. For men, however, the effects are still yet to be confirmed. Studies and tests that were done were found to have rather mixed results, though some do state that a certain amount of this plant can help with sexual satisfaction and erections if taken at the right dose.
  • Diabetes, Heart Disease – In research, Tribulus Terrestris was found to do significant improvements to blood cholesterol and blood sugar levels. One study was conducted on some women that had Type II Diabetes and it was found after three months that there were lower levels of blood sugar and blood cholesterol. Furthermore, TT is heart-protective, which means taking this plant as part of your diet can help to keep your heart in good health. This plant helps in protecting blood vessels from damage and also in decreasing inflammation. More research needs to be done on TT to fully confirm all of these benefits, but quite frankly the amount of benefits it offers now is really good.
  • Inflammation + Pain – TT has been found to have many anti-inflammatory effects – although most of the studies at the moment have been done on animals. Studies have proven that taking a certain dose of Tribulus Terrestris extract can help in decreasing levels of pain, inflammation, and swelling.
  • Performance Enhancement is another benefit that Tribulus Terrestris helps with, which is exactly the reason why so many athletes love it. This plant helps with improving performance and increasing muscle mass. However, most of the results are anecdotal, since researchers claim that TT does not give these effects. Nevertheless, the contents found in this plant are also known for helping the body to absorb nutrients better. Additionally, TT also boosts nitric oxide release in the body, as a result giving muscles more blood that is enriched with oxygen. Thus, you recover faster from workouts and gain better endurance overall. Additionally, your testosterone levels will also be boosted.
  • Cancer – we want to be careful about mentioning this in this article considering cancer is a very serious thing that should be treated by doctors with the proper expertise. Nevertheless, there have been a few studies that suggest that this plant can help protect against some types of cancer. We hesitate to state that this is a possible treatment. Please treat this with caution. There simply are not enough studies and testing done to prove this claim.

What are the Side Effects of Tribulus Terrestris?

Because Tribulus Terrestris has only started being adopted into modern medicine and the supplement world, there is not a lot of research and information about it. Nevertheless, today we are going to look at all there is that we know about this plant, in terms of side effects and any warnings.

First of all, it has been observed that through all of the studies done on this plant, only very few side effects have been observed. For example, stomach cramps and acid reflux may be something you might experience, but beyond that, there are not many more serious side effects known. Some more negative side effects that have been observed with taking Tribulus Terrestris are vomiting, nausea, and diarrhea.

Tribulus Terrestris is known to help with the pain associated with monthly periods, but at the same time, it is found in some rare cases to cause excess bleeding during menstruation as well. It is for this reason that we advise caution when using TT if you are on your period.
If you have issues with Hypoglycemia, it may be a good idea to monitor your blood sugar well if you are taking TT. This plant helps in lowering blood sugar levels, which is precisely why you have to be careful. Otherwise, you may end up in danger because of blood sugar levels being below normal.

When taking TT (or any medication to be honest), make sure that you have consulted your doctor. Also, make sure not to increase the dosage unless your doctor has told you to.
One warning we can say is that in rats, research has found that Tribulus Terrestris might cause some kidney problems. Human tests have not yet confirmed the same, and users of this plant also have not come forward with problems. Nevertheless, we do advise caution in this matter.
Another thing is that we certainly caution pregnant or breastfeeding women to stay away from this. Many natural supplements have not yet been tested well enough for effects or side effects that can honestly be harmful to both mother and child.

Finally, if you have any surgeries coming up, you must stop taking TT a few weeks before avoiding any complications. If you find yourself in emergency surgery, inform your doctor that you are taking Tribulus Terrestris to avoid problems.

Despite our above warnings, most people who have taken Tribulus Terrestris find that there aren’t any negative side effects so long as you take it within the recommended dose. And of course, remember to consult your physician before you commit to taking the supplements!

What Dosage Should I Take?

When it comes to the dosages of Tribulus Terrestris, these entirely depend on what results you are seeking. Generally, the recommended dosages are around 1200 to 1800 milligrams per day. If you have specific goals in mind, however, a particular dosage may be given to you so that you can achieve it.
Taking TT should be done during the daytime. Separate the dose into 2 or 3 and remember that you should always take it in between your meals. You may have trouble sleeping if you take Tribulus Terrestris late into the afternoon, so try not to take a pill mid to late afternoon. It appears as though the best time to take this pill is early morning upon waking.

Additionally, due to the anabolic effects of this plant, you should have rest weeks. Try doing cycles of 6-8 weeks at a time and then taking a week or two breaks.


Much more research needs to be done on Tribulus Terrestris for us to fully understand everything that it is capable of. At the same time, a lot of research must be done to find out any detrimental effects that it may have. Still, with it being used in both ayurvedic and Chinese medicine, it’s easy to see why many people think it’s incredibly helpful.

After all, even without all of the extensive research (which of course has still yet to be done), we find that TT has been anecdotally proven helpful in many different ways – lowering blood pressure, lowering blood sugar, diminishing inflammation, reducing pain, protecting the heart, and more. Many athletes also swear by this plant for helping them get better endurance.

Nevertheless, Tribulus Terrestris is a fantastic supplement that is helpful for most people. If you plan on trying it, please remember to consult your doctor. Additionally, purchase your supplement only from sources that are verified and safe. Don’t settle for just any product, make sure that you find something high in quality. Don’t compromise, especially since you will be taking this into your body!

Finally, please do remember not to take the excess dosage of this pill to avoid any negative side effects. We hope you found this informative article on Tribulus Terrestris useful and helpful in many ways!