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Many men these days really search for ways to improve their health – sexual and overall. Many men these days struggle with their self-esteem and self-worth. Truth be told, many men get a lot of their confidence from what’s going on down there. Because of that, many guys look for the best male enhancement pills so that they can improve their sexual performance. If you’re here looking for them too, don’t worry – we are here to show you the best ones available on the market today.

Men are looking for ways to enhance their sexual prowess. That’s why you only want the best for yourself. You would naturally want the best, scientifically proven tools to help you improve your… assets. Finding these tools isn’t always the easiest – after all you want to find pills that will help you to achieve the rock-solid erections you need. Of course, you also want pills that will also increase your size, so that you can take yourself and your partner to new heavenly ecstasies.

Imagine that – no more need to pray to the heavens every time you get to the bedroom. No more crossing your fingers that you can get hard and stay hard. More confidence so you don’t feel self-conscious when you get your lady to bed. And of course, knowing with full certainty that you can get it up and keep it up all night!

The Best Male Enhancement Pills of All Time

We have a long review ahead of us today – we’ve done all the research and the testing into these male enhancement pills so that you won’t have to do any of the guesswork. Every single one of the pills we’ve listed down below has many different effects to help give you an advantage in the bedroom. On top of that, they’ve helped so many thousands of men to increase their libido. They have also enabled many men to get hard – and stay hard.

Of course, it’s great that they make these claims. But that’s not all: they back up all of their claims with studies and research. It’s no wonder that they’re so confident in their capacity to actually deliver on every single claim. With all of the scams out there on the market today, finding products that actually have research to back up their results is almost impossible. And so, the ones that we’ve listed here are definitely what you would call unicorns in the male enhancement industry.

If you want to see the proof with your very own eyes, read on and find out more!

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Max Performer

One of the best male enhancement pills available out on the market today is Max Performer. Max Performer has a long history of being able to give men stronger, fuller and harder erections.

Max Performer is enriched using many different natural ingredients. These ingredients are all well known and proven to help raise your confidence and your self-esteem. They’ve also been known to reawaken your libido and your sex drive, and also to lessen your fatigue. If you want to leave your problems with erectile dysfunction behind – Max Performer has got your back too. This product has been known to also help to grow your penis in size and strength. If you want to last all night, Max Performer is certainly the way to go.

Remember – when your penis and erection grow in size and strength, your orgasms will get stronger too!

Let’s take a look at the science behind this product, shall we?

This formula includes many different herbal ingredients that all work together to bring you the promised effects. Each of the ingredients included in the mix was added due to their ability to improve men’s erections.

  • Horny Goat Weed – This first ingredient is lacariin enriched. It helps to inhibit PDE5 release, making sure you are benefiting from an improvement in your circulation. It also helps with nerve stimulation, testosterone production, and sexual performance.
  • Red Korean Ginseng – Well known for helping with stress reduction, this ingredient also helps you to improve your concentration. This results in improved performance in bed. The alleviation of anxiety and stress helps to bolster your sex drive, desire, and prowess.
  • Maca – This ingredient is actually a very potent aphrodisiac. It increases your stamina, endurance, and strength by harnessing phytochemicals. On top of that, it helps you to restore your testosterone levels, so you can boost your sperm count overall.
  • Cordyceps – As a mushroom extract, cordyceps helps to increase your body’s uptake of oxygen. This ensures that your genitals are receiving the right amount of blood. Cordyceps is also known to intensify your erections and to bump up sperm counts and testosterone levels.
  • Selenium – This is a powerful antioxidant that helps in preventing the damage that oxidative stress can do. It helps your penis to relax, alleviating erectile dysfunction symptoms. With this, you stand a better chance of getting harder, long-lasting erections.
  • Bioperine – an ingredient that is taken from pepper plants, can help your body absorb nutrients better. It’s included in the formula to amplify the effectiveness of the other ingredients on this list. With this, you’ll gain an improvement in cellular energy, lessened fatigue, and better blood flow.
  • Zinc – This mineral is essential to keeping your body healthy. With this, you will enjoy faster cellular recovery, increased levels of testosterone, better sperm production, and stronger and more intense orgasms.

All of these ingredients combined make it possible for Max Performer to be the kind of male enhancement pill you need – truly effective!

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Male Extra

Another impressive male enhancement pill on the market today is Male Extra. this bill has a strong focus on giving you bigger, stronger, and harder erections. It promises to do this by increasing the blood flow to your genitals. Although it does similar things as Max Performer, it does make use of different ingredients. This brand of male enhancement bill uses a mixture of different proven ingredients that are all natural to help you with increasing your size and improving your erections in terms of hardness and strength.

Expanding the blood vessels with the help of its natural ingredients, your erectile dysfunction issues will be lessened and eventually eliminated. And so when you are aroused, you will get your improved erections – and these elections will last for a very long time. With this, you and your partner will be satisfied all night all.

On Top of all of the above, you also get incredible stamina, much more intense and powerful ejaculations, plus lessened fatigue. Who wouldn’t want to be able to go all night without feeling super tired the next morning?

So let’s talk about the science behind this product. The formula of Male Extra makes use of ellagic acid (pomegranate 40%) and L-arginine HCL. When combined, they help to increase your production of nitric oxide. This then enhances the blood flow in your body, widening your blood vessels and making sure that your penis gets all its needed blood to keep you ‘up’ for a long night of love and passion.

This formula also makes use of MSM, Cordyceps, L-Methionine, and zinc to help support the growth of your cells and the production of your testosterone. Additionally, they help to lower your histamine levels which results in fewer chances for premature ejaculation. Finally, you will see an improvement in your libido and your sexual desire.

So if you are looking for increased confidence and much more pleasure, Male Extra might just be the right choice for you.

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VigRX Plus

This brand of male enhancement pill is on this list because it is well deserving of its spot. To be quite honest VigRX Plus is very likely one of the best male enhancement pills out there on the market today – simply because there are many studies done on its effectiveness. Thus their claims are completely backed up by science.

It has been found that within 84 days, VigRX Plus can help you:

· increase your satisfaction from sex by 71.43%
· boost your sex drive and libido by 47%
· improve your capacity to get and maintain your erection by around 62.82%
· increase the frequency and the quality of your orgasms by 22.49%
· improve your overall sexual drive and desire by about 61%

What makes this formula so effective is the fact that it contains Bioperine, an ingredient which helps your body to absorb more of the nutrients that it takes in. Because this formula is enhanced by this ingredient, you are able to benefit more from the effects that this pill can give you.

With all of the clinical studies done on this product, it’s no wonder that this particular male enhancement pill is making waves around the globe.

If you want to strengthen your erection, VigRX Plus is definitely the way to go. After all, the rigorous testing that this product has gone through has proven its impressive effectiveness.

Here are some of the features of VigRX Plus:

  • This male enhancement pill puts a focus on your erection’s quality. If you sometimes struggle to complete penetration with their partner, be reassured by the fact that 60% of the users of this pill have seen an improvement in this situation.
  • If you also have issues with keeping your erection up, don’t worry. This pill is also known to help you keep your erection up for much longer. Over 60% of the users have reported that they could maintain their hard-ons for much longer. That’s why when you need help with the quality of your erections, VigRX is the answer.
  • Another bonus for this product is the fact that it has undergone clinical testing. The study that was done was a triple-blind test, which lasted for about 2 years. The subjects of the test were men who were aged from 25 to 50. Therefore, it can be said that the results of this test are a good representation of the effectiveness of the product among a decently wide age range. It can also be said that the results are reliable due to the nature of the study being a triple-blind.
  • On top of the scientific studies, this brand of male enhancement pill also has Dr. Stephen Lamm’s recommendation and approval. When medical professionals can see how effective some natural supplements can be, it is a good testament to the fact that this pill does what it says on the label. Doctor Lamm also pointed out that when it comes to pharmaceutical options, only the symptoms are usually treated. On the other hand, with VigRX Plus, the underlying issue is addressed, and thus you can get long-term results.
  • When using this product, a lot of men have been finding their orgasms more fulfilling. They also find that they get orgasm’s more often, without the fatigue that comes along with it. The ingredients in this product can also help you to increase the volume of your semen, therefore making your ejaculations more intense and more satisfying both for you and for your partner.

With how many fake products that are just cash grabs on the internet today, it’s truly refreshing to see a product that is backed up by clinical studies. This particular brand is brilliant when it comes to increasing the quality of erections and your orgasm’s. Once both of these are achieved, you will find yourself much more satisfied with your sex life.

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This product is produced by the company Leading Edge Health. it has earned a place on this list because it’s great for when you want fast results. If you want an improved sex life, and fast, Extenze might just be the answer to your prayers.

This product is formulated with the use of pharmaceutical-grade substances and compounds. if you take one pill a day, your blood flow will get stimulated. This makes sure that all of the erectile chambers in your shaft are filled. When this happens, you get reliable and longer-lasting erections.

Thus with this product, you can get rock hard erections that last for much longer so that you can keep it up all night. Satisfy yourself and your partner so that you will enjoy each other for a much longer time.

The best part about Extenze is the fact that when you start taking it you will start seeing results almost right away. Do note, however, that to get the full results of the pill you may have to wait for around 2 months of regular use.

Even though Extenze does have 26 ingredients, there are some ingredients that have dosages that are too low, which means that they are not as effective. On Top of that, there are some men who have reported experiencing side effects with this brand of male enhancement pill. Normally, because of this, we would immediately forget about including Extenze on this list. However, given that this brand of pill is made by a company 16 years in the male enhancement industry, we’re giving it the benefit of the doubt.

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Which one is the best?

Out of all of the supplements that we have put on this list for your consideration, we still think that the best product all around is Max Performer. if you want to truly improve your sex life in a lot of different ways, this pill is “the one”.

After this brand, we would then say that Male Extra & VigRX Plus are the next best choices. They’re both great if you only need to focus on your erection. Regardless, both of these brands have incredibly powerful formulas. They also boast results that are generally reliable. With these products, you can improve your ability to penetrate your partner, as well as your endurance and the strength of your erections.

Last on the list is Extenze. Although it is a reliable choice, the fact that there are sometimes some side effects can be a deterrent. However, if you want fast results, better erections, and a bigger penis, then this brand is not bad at all.

Frequently asked questions

If you still aren’t convinced that the pills we have listed above are the absolute best, we don’t blame you. After all, you want to be sure about all the facts when it comes to the products that you’re about to put in your body. And so, to help give you better peace of mind, here is a small frequently asked questions section on these products so that you can better tell if they are actually the best.

Do these male enhancement pills actually work?
This is a question that we do get asked pretty frequently. The answer to this question is, of course, yes. These pills are all formulated with the use of natural ingredients that are proven to work. They were all chosen especially for their effectiveness in helping you to get stronger erections. They are also known to boost your testosterone levels and your sperm production. On top of that, they are also known to increase blood flow, make sure orgasms more intense, and even ramp up your endurance.

All of the above listed best male enhancement pills are backed up with case studies as well as research.

How soon will you see the results?
Of course, it’s hard to tell when the results will start coming for you because the results will definitely vary from each person to person. Each bill also has different windows of time for which they promise effects to begin. However, it is common for these pills to start taking effect within 8 weeks.
Do note that you might start noticing a difference much earlier than this – some users have reported improvements in much less than the 8 weeks stated.

These pills usually have money-back guarantees of certain periods of time. These guarantees are a great way for you to track your levels of satisfaction. the mission of these companies is to get repeated sales, and so the guarantee is not there to steal money away from you but to give you greater confidence in their product.

Are there side effects?
As we have mentioned, there are no side effects the top 3 best male enhancement pills on this list. Because they’re all formulated from 100% natural ingredients, you are reassured that you are safe from nasty side effects. Therefore you are able to enjoy all of the benefits of these products without having to worry about things such as excessive hair growth, acne, or nausea.

However, you may see some side effects with Extenze.

In order to make sure that you do not get any negative effects, we do suggest that you stick to the recommended dosages for each pill. When taken as directed, you will only notice good things from these male enhancement pills.

Do you have to keep taking these pills for the results to stay?
Quite frankly, the answer to this question is yes. To make sure that your body is able to maintain the effects of these products, you have to keep giving your body the doses of ingredients that help you achieve these effects. But with all of the good things that these male enhancement pills can give you, there’s no reason to hesitate to take them regularly at all.


There are many great male enhancement pills available on the market today, but we have put together what we believe is the list of the absolute best. So if you really need some extra help in the bedroom and below the belt, then you certainly should consider one of the pills we have listed above. If you aren’t satisfied with our look into these products, you can also start doing your own research – trust us, you’ll be pleasantly surprised!


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