What Is The Best Armband For You?

Armbands. You either love it or hate it. There is no in-between. However, most runners and fitness enthusiasts would agree that armbands are essential to any physical activity that allows it because it serves the purpose it claims: to hold your phone and keep it there. Most would agree that armbands are one of the most useful inventions an athlete could ever have but never thought needed.

The Progression of Armbands

Historically, armbands were used as an identifier for various groups specifically, the military. For one, armbands were called brassards or armlets, which was described as a piece of clothing worn on one arm to distinctly identify army members from civilians. One of the earliest recordings of an armlet being worn was in the 1500s. However, not only members of the military could wear a brassard. Government-sponsored groups such as the police, volunteers, political parties, and other emergency services had the privilege of wearing such.

It was also used as an identifier of rank. In a crisis, an armband or brassard is worn by the group’s lead from which he can pass this on to another person should the need arise or in case of death. Another purpose of the armband is to be used as a shield or armor for the arm. Back in the day, military officers were trained to aim and shoot despite injury in other parts of the body, this is why the arm is one of the most cared for and secured parts besides the chest and the head.

The Athlete’s Armband

With the rise of the technological era, came the emergence of gadgets that bring many functions to the modern consumer. From beepers to cell phones, these devices allow us to communicate, enjoy media content and express ourselves through the internet.

And with this emergence, the use of the armbands adapted and progressed. It has now evolved from being used only in the military and official agendas involving government groups to being reinvented for use in athletics.

In a survey conducted by Runner’s World, 61 percent of runners preferred to be listening to music while they were on their run. Out of those who confirmed, 82 percent ran with their favorite music on blasting in their ears. This is one of the many purposes that armbands serve. Gone are the days wherein you have a walkman, a pager and a monstrosity for a mobile phone in your hand, making it practically impossible to do any kind of physical activity.

Why Do You Need an Armband?

Depending on your lifestyle, an armband pose many functions that would address many needs of the physically conscious. Here are some ways that armbands help enhance your lifestyle:

1. An armband for the fit boss
So you’re an executive in a corporate firm and you handle a lot of accounts or maybe you’re a manager who supervises a big team that you can’t afford to be off your phone. But you need the exercise, you need work-life balance which is optimal for both your physical and mental health. An armband won’t let you choose from either; it will let you integrate your work as you do your physical activity. It’s like being in the office with your subordinates, but actually, you’re in the wind, running, with a phone attached to your arm. Couple that with a sports Bluetooth earpiece and you are good to go. Just don’t miss how many laps you already ran.

2. Sweat with the beat on!
Music is one thing that makes us go through our day without even noticing it. No one HATES music. Music is an emotive firestarter. In a survey conducted by the Runner’s World of 3,523 runners, the study revealed more than 75% of those who did their daily run, ran for the enjoyment of their musical playlists. Unsurprisingly, more studies showed even higher percentages of those runners who loved listening to music while they got their sweat on. On the other hand, research conducted by students at John Moores University studied a group of indoor bike enthusiasts and they’ve reported that with music, they have stayed longer for more than 30 minutes in the bike that they did without it. Talk about enjoying yourself while sweating more. No one can deny that music indeed helps regulate positive emotions as you go about even the hardest exercises.

3. It looks cooler, looks sexier and it surely looks more athletic
No one can deny it. It pays to look good while working out. First, a good pair of running shorts, nice shoes, a dry-fit shirt, and a cool cap with the swishes and the logos is a major motivator to go out and sweat out. Add to that a nice armband strung around your muscled and toned bicep, and you’ve never looked more athletic. Fitness for vanity is a great initial motivator to get you to wear your running shoes. After all, everyone strives to be the best version of themselves, don’t they? An armband enhances your physical aesthetic as you run, bike or swim. It makes your biceps look a tad bit bigger, giving you an overall tight and fit look. It’s a fashion statement if you will.

4. Control the sweat drips
Some would think that armbands are nothing but a mere accessory to hold your phones. But some armbands have the technology and material to do more than that. Like wristbands and headbands, an armband can also catch sweat and absorb it. Instead of having a towel on you all the time, which is quite a hassle, an armband may also be an alternative.

Now that you’re convinced of how important an armband is to incorporate into your physical activity, here are a few things you should consider when you want to purchase one.

Things to Consider When Buying an Armband

  • Fit – simply make sure that the armband you’re buying won’t fall off or become loose once you start to run. This would pose more of a hassle than an enhancement to your workout. Make sure you try it out before any purchase and move around to test if it fits perfectly.
  • Gadget Compatibility – One thing you have to know is, these armbands might seem universal, but they’re not. Make sure you get the right size and model for your phone. The best fit for your gadget is if it fits like a sleeve. Any looser than that and you have an annoyance during your run waiting to happen.
  • Price and Dollar Power – means only that you get a bang out of your buck. Expensive doesn’t mean right for your needs and low cost doesn’t always mean low quality. So make sure you scour at least 3-5 sellers before making a decision on which one to buy.
  • Touchscreen advantage – so you have your phone, it fits perfectly in your armband, but you need to get it out now and then to answer calls, change music or increase the volume. H to the ASSLE. Don’t ever forget to test your armband for the touch through screen feature. An armband without this is… why would you buy it at all?

Best Armbands that Would Fit Your Phone and Lifestyle

There are a hundred armbands out there looking to supply your demand. But there are only a few notable ones. Here are armbands you should consider:

portholic armband img

Portholic Armband

Price: 12.99 USD
If you’re an owner of a bigger smartphone say, IphoneXS Max, S8 or S9+ ‘s, this is the armband for you. As the phone keeps getting bigger, this brand has that interest in mind. With this armband, you can remove and retain your case and slide it on, as it comes in two sizes. More than this, it allows fingerprint unlock without removing the phone from the band.

tune belt armband img

Tune Belt Armband

Price: 17.95 USD
This is one of those armbands with a protective flap to wrap your earphone cords in, in case you haven’t bought Bluetooth earpieces yet. It is very thick so it’s sure to protect your phone in case you go out of balance during a run and fall on the pavement. Oops.

yochos armband img

Yochos Armband

Price: 20 USD
The Yochos armband boasts of its waterproof and breathable features as well as FACE ID compatibility. More than this, you can secure your car keys along with your cellphone as it has nice compartments for it (as well as your cards).

quick mount phone armband img

Quick Mount Phone Armband

Price: 13.99 USD
The concept of this armband is simple: it works like a phone mount for your car, only it is attached to your arm. It is universal as the straps for the phone is adjustable. It comes with a strong magnet to easily attach and detach your phone. You can go crazy and remove the case as they guarantee that it won’t fall off even on train runs or HIIT. Talk about bravery.

gear beast sports handheld running case img

Gear Beast Sports Handheld Running Case

Price: 9.99 USD
You’re the simple kind of guy, no specific hooplas needed. You just want your phone protected as you run. And you want to still hold your phone in your hands. Then this is the band you go for.

Good luck with your search for the best armband for the phone! Remember for a full-blown workout, download the best fitness apps to compliment your case.