What is Gaia Kratom? A Review

If you have been looking online for kratom sellers or kratom vendors, you may have heard about people talking about a product called Gaia Kratom. Or if you haven’t exactly been looking for kratom sellers but you got curious about what it is, you could have ended up reading about this product too. Gaia Kratom is the same company as Gaia Ethnobotanical, but are they a reliable source of kratom? This company claims that they offer products at an affordable price, but at a great quality.

It’s also possible that you may not have heard of the company before, but you were looking into Kratom. Regardless of which case it was for you, we are here to provide you with all the information you need! First off, we are going to talk about kratom, what it is and what its benefits are. Then, we will talk about Gaia Kratom. This Gaia Kratom review will be thorough, so hang on because we’ll be discussing every single aspect of the products as well as the company Gaia Ethnobotanical. Only in doing this will we know truly how reliable this company is.

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Company Information: Gaia Kratom

Let’s get started with some important information that might help enlighten you about the company that makes Gaia Kratom. If you didn’t know, this company started in 2015 with the name Gaia Kratom – the same name as their product. After that, they changed their name to Gaia Ethnobotanical. They operated under this name for a while but then – an utter surprise – they once more changed their name to Mitragaia.

We aren’t really sure why a company would switch their name twice. To be completely honest, it does seem somewhat shady and strange that a company would do this. It makes them seem not just unreliable, but also dishonest. What sort of issues could they be trying to avoid by repeatedly changing their name?

Then again, the reason could also be something completely innocent and simple. The company could have been sold a couple of times to new owners. This is one completely valid reason – after all, if the company was sold then it is most certainly the new owner’s right to change the name. Another thing that could have happened is that they simply weren’t happy with their name. In the end, we can only speculate on why it was that they kept changing their name.

On top of all of this, another thing that we noticed about Mitragaia is the fact that they claim they have established themselves as the leaders in terms of customer support and quality.

Is this true? Let’s take a look.

Products Available

Now that we’ve talked a bit about the company, it’s time to get to the more interesting topic: the products that they have available. Mitragaia (or Gaia Kratom, or Gaia Ethnobotanical – whichever one you prefer to call them) has just about every single type or strain of kratom available for purchase. They have these products in capsule form, as well as in powder form. This way, you can pick and choose which type you prefer, and which suits your needs better.

Mitragaia carries all of the popular strains. This includes White Vein, a strain that is a favorite amongst many Kratom enthusiasts worldwide. If you’re trying to order only a small amount of Kratom, don’t worry – this company has made it possible for you to order in quantities as small as 28 grams. They’ve done this for your convenience, with the bonus of making it easier for you to sample smaller amounts of different strains until you can find which one you like the best.

Fortunately, if kratom powder doesn’t appeal to your taste buds, you can get the capsules instead as an alternative. Gaia does have many different types of capsules available for your convenience. For example, they have strains such as Red Bali, Green Maeng Da, and even Yellow Thai. However, there is a catch if you want to order capsules: the minimum order quantity when it comes to kratom in capsules is…2,000 capsules. Yes – two thousand! Thus if you’re only looking to try kratom for the first time, we suggest that you either order kratom powder and find ways to live with the taste, or you can purchase capsule shells and create the capsules yourself. This is something you might want to consider, since making the capsules is not all that difficult.

One more thing that we noticed about this company is that they have other different products such as blends. As an example, they have this Nootropic blend, a blend that seems great for focus and relaxation. On top of that, they also have a sample pack (a welcome sampler) available at the price of 30$. It contains seven different strains of kratom. This sampler pack is an excellent option if you’re looking to find your favorite strain, or if you’re new to kratom and want to try a bunch of different things out.

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Gaia Kratom Prices

The thing that immediately caught our attention here was that the prices of Gaia Kratom were truly quite affordable. For example, one sachet of White Borneo which contains 28 grams of powder (the minimum!) costs only five dollars. YES, only five dollars!

It may seem a little too good to be true, which is why it does make us somewhat skeptical. Is the quality that good if the price is only five dollars? Is the kratom really high-quality if the price is cheap and if you can buy a kilo or 2.2 pounds of kratom for only 130$?

How’s the Quality of Gaia Kratom?

Well, with how affordable the kratom is, we now surely have to talk about the price of this product. We haven’t tried the products that this vendor has available, so instead, we will be talking about what other people have had to say about the quality, instead. Again, the opinions below are of other people who have tried Gaia Kratom before.

So what have other people been saying about Gaia Kratom’s products? Do people like it and think its quality exceeds the price, or do people think it’s cheap and low quality? Well, to be completely honest it does appear as though the reviews and opinions are rather mixed. Let us show you.

“Gaia’s quality in the past six months has been really bunk. I won’t be going back again.”
This particular review from one user claims that Gaia Kratom’s quality in the past 6 months has significantly gone down. This is rather alarming to be completely honest because this does add to the shadiness of the company. First, the company has changed their name multiple times, and now users are saying that the quality is going down – we wonder if there is any correlation. We do want to give the benefit of the doubt and say that perhaps the quality slipped a little in between company handovers if, for example, the company was sold. But if this is not the case, then this is rather discouraging.

“Gaia seems to be decent in quality I tried four strains, but out of those four two were garbage, one was meh, and the last one was only okay. There was nothing that stood out and nothing that was really amazing. I thought it’d be life-changing after all the reviews I’ve read on here, but honestly it was just fine.”

This review is making it sound as though Gaia Kratom was quite hyped up by other users’ reviews. It’s also possible that the other glowing reviews were older, and were from the time when Gaia Kratom’s quality was simply much better.

It is beginning to appear as though the biggest reason why people are going with this company is because it’s affordable. However, for us, what’s more important than the price is the quality of the product. After all, we want to feel the kratom’s effects, not save money in our wallets. Do keep in mind that these reviews are coming from unbiased sources on online forums or websites like Reddit.

“I honestly tried a lot of Kratom from Gaia too because it’s great – when it works. But it does get inconsistent and that really gets annoying sometimes. Now, I use 2 different vendors that seem like they’re much better/higher hits. Maybe Gaia Kratom will get better and back on track at some point. If they’re consistent again, I’ll use them again – but I’ll have to see better reviews first.”

From users’ experiences, it appears as though some of the batches of Gaia Kratom are better, while others are simply bunk. No wonder many people have such mixed thoughts about the quality of the product. However, at such low prices, we think it’s worth a try so you can see for yourself whether it’s okay or not. But, if this is your first time trying Kratom, we suggest that you try it first from a company that has much better reviews.

How’s The Customer Service?

With such mixed reviews about the quality of Gaia Kratom product, it makes us wonder how good the rest of the company’s service is. Especially since Mitragaia has claimed that they’ve established themselves as the best in terms of customer support!

We are happy to report that according to the reviews and the user experiences that we have read, Gaia Kratom’s customer support appears to be quite amazing! Therefore if you do plan to order some kratom from Mitragaia, take comfort in the fact that they will provide you with great customer service if you need it. They’re incredibly friendly and helpful, and they are only an email or a call away.

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Where Should I Buy Kratom?

Even though Gaia Kratom is cheap, remember that you want this product to be effective. Thus even if it’s affordable, there’s no point in spending for it if it’s going to be bunk product. And so, we only suggest trying Gaia if you don’t mind getting potentially inconsistent results.

If you do give this company’s products a try, we do hope you let us know your thoughts so we can get updated information about the quality of this company.

A suggestion we do have for another source of Kratom (if you don’t want to try Mitragaia) is BioKratom. According to reviews, BioKratom quality is rather consistent, and on top of that they ship out fast!

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