The Bad, The Worst and The Unacceptable: Side Effects of Trenbolone

You’ve finally decided to go the gym and this time, commit to it. After a few months, your hard work is finally paying off: a few cuts here and there, your thighs looking a ton thicker. But it isn’t fast and hard enough for you. So your gym buddies encourage you to try nutritional supplements. There are a lot out there, they say, but there’s one that’s extremely strong and effective. It’s called Trenbolone.

HALT. STOP. BRAKES TO THE FLOOR. This is where you pause. You don’t just try a supplement because your friends say it’s good, right? Read on, because the information you find below will shock you to the hilt.

First, let’s talk about what Trenbolone can do

Trenbolone, more popularly known on the streets under the name “Trenabol” or “Tren”, is an anabolic and androgenic steroid. During the process of metabolization, the intake of Trenbolone would expedite ammonium ion absorption by the muscles therefore resulting to the increased production of proteins; a process which is called protein synthesis. More than this, it also suppresses the appetite and slows the breakdown of molecules into fatty acids. It also stimulates the development of the male secondary sex characteristics making it at least 5 times more potent than the natural testosterone.

It seems all good to be true until you find out that it really is. Trenbolone is, in fact, used in veterinary medicine. This steroid is administered on cows and other livestock to assist in muscle development and increase their appetites. It is vet-approved but not doctor-approved. Trenbolone is considered a dangerous substance and is only sold on the black market for human consumption. Both desperate bodybuilders and athletes alike rely on this drug to enhance their athletic performances. To prolong and maintain the effects longer, Trenbolone is administered as a prodrug either in the form of trenbolone acetate, trenbolone enanthate or trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate. But to what cost?

Now, learn about what Trenbolone actually does to your body

1. The “Tren Cough”

One of the highly-complained side effects of Trenbolone is the Tren Cough. As potent as this drug is with its androgenic and anabolic qualities, in reverse, these features are the main reason why the Tren cough is triggered. Mostly experienced by users of trenbolone acetate, the cough is caused by acute respiratory distress and hypoxemia, both causing low distribution and content of oxygen in the body. Respiratory distress happens during the fat burning catalysts of Trenbolone is put into action. Oil molecules, such as those distributed to the lungs, decrease therefore lowering the compounds in the body which act as mediators. Moreover, trenbolone acetate, when injected causes a severe constriction in the muscular walls of the lungs. It also acts as an inflammatory agent which causes the blood vessels to dilate. To put it simply, Trenbolone makes it difficult for oxygen to travel throughout the body and puts pressure in the lungs causing the cough.

2. Increased Blood Pressure

When Tren increases the testosterone hormone in your body, it automatically raises up the levels of your blood pressure. When your blood pressure is raised, it is highly likely that will be a rise in the levels of your cholesterol and temperature as well. Not only that, an increase in blood pressure might put you at risk to several diseases as it places extra stress on your blood vessels and heart. With Tren, you are at risk of having a severe stroke or heart attack. There will also be a chance of dementia, as well as heart and kidney failure, to name a few.

3. Development of female hormones

Quite the counterproductive, right? You’re taking Trenbolone in the hopes of getting those hard rock biceps, triceps and quads, then suddenly, you feel lumps on your chest. “Man boobs” or Gynaecomastia happens when extra tissue develops around the male nipple area which can either be tender or painful.

4. Increased heart rate

The normal heart rate for 10 years old and above ranges from between 60 to 100 beats per minute. During the intake of Trenbolone, your heart rate rises to more than 100 beats per minute causing what doctors call as tachycardia. During tachycardia, there communication chambers in the heart sends inaccurate information causing the heart rate to speed up as it can’t fill with blood prior contraction.

5. Increased aggression

Some say the “Tren Anger” is a myth. But it is as real as the other side effects can get. As you may have probably guessed by now, due to an increased blood pressure, heart rate with the added range of emotions as an effect of Gynaecomastia, it comes as no surprise that one’s psychological temperament will be altered as well. Take the warning that you will feel angry everyday on Tren.

6. Insomnia

Due to the high levels of testosterone running through your body, it is highly likely that your sleep patterns will change, or if you will get any sleep at all.

7. Sweating

Besides not being able to sleep, Trenbolone causes your sweat glands to be hyperactive, making your sweat more not only during the day, but more so during the night.

8. Psychological imbalance

As we’ve already covered your visceral and chest organs, let’s move to your brain. Tren is known highly to impact your mental health with side effects including depression, bipolarism, anxiety, and brain fog. These are especially inclined to affect high-dosage users.

9. Androgenic side effects

This is probably the last straw if you were to take Trenbolone, as these side effects are physically manifested. Aside from going back to your teenage acne problems that would probably show up in your face and back, you’ll also experience the worst case of hair thinning, some even go as far as beginning to get bald. More than this, you’ll get prostate enlargement. If this item alone doesn’t make you think twice about Tren, then, I don’t know what will.

Besides these side effects on your body, you’ll also probably get some jail time as Tren is considered illegal. It’s legal use is to beef up cows and cattles or as a veterinary medicine.

But there is nothing to fret about as Crazybulk has the science of Trenbolone and was able to create a safer and legal alternative. Welcome, Trenorol.

What is Trenorol?

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Trenorol is Trenbolone’s good twin– good as it comes without any side effects. It has both androgenic and anabolic features of Tren that provides the strength, stamina and power that its consumer is looking for.

The major difference between the two, aside from the fact that Trenorol is legal, is that Trenorol is made from all-natural ingredients while having the same impact. It consists of:

  • 600mg Beta Sitosterol
  • 300mg Uncaria Tomentosa (Samento Inner Bark)
  • 300mg Urtica Dioica (Nettle Leaf Extract)
  • 75mg Pepsin

Trenorol needs nothing to hide unlike its competitors. It’s ingredients are as transparent as daylight. Trenorol guarantees its users consistent muscle growth, sustained strength and the feeling of enormous power while you’re on it. Besides this, it also shreds fat away and suppresses your appetite. It works twice as fast in eradicating fat cells, so you’re sure on your way into getting the bulk you desire.

It works like a two-prong tool: first, it expedites Nitrogen retention in the body. Nitrogen is the main building block of protein, and with a lot of nitrogen, there is also a surge in protein. Second, Trenorol exhibits self-healing properties and stimulates blood flow in the muscles. Rest is as important as activity, and while on your rest, Trenorol works twice as hard to repair ripped and stretched muscles to give you the tone and firmness that you are working for. Aside from these, extra effects include an increased oxygen distribution in your blood to the muscles. With the help of Trenorol, your body reaches a state of optimal muscle building and fat shedding.

Trenorol is manufactured by one of the leading and world-class companies known for nutritional supplements, Crazybulk. With Trenorol, all-in-all you get:

  • High vascularity
  • Increased strength
  • Fat eradicator
  • Finer visceral health
  • Sustained Power
  • Fast results

Trenorol is available in Crazybulk’s website: Various online stores are also distributors but expect a bit of a markup with their pricing. In Crazybulk’s website, Trenorol is discounted at 61.99USD, giving you 23USD in savings from its original retail price. You may also opt to buy it in two’s and get one free, plus, free shipping. Ideally, you should be taking three pills a day, 45 minutes before you get your workout in. On rest days, take at least one capsule along with breakfast, lunch and dinner. You’ll find 90 capsules in a bottle so you’re sure to get your whole month’s fix.

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Trenorol is currently the most potent steroid

Trenorol delivers, no doubt about IT. So if you want shorter hours at the gym but at the same time reaping more results, Trenorol is right for you. Just like any other supplement or drug intake, make sure you consult your physician before taking Trenorol. Also, don’t expect to bulk up just by drinking Trenorol alone. Hard work and consistency will still complete the formula of you getting the body that you dream of.

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