TB-500, The Mysterious Peptide

Now more than ever before, there is a lot of talk about the uses of Peptides in the world of bodybuilding. The problem with Peptides is there isn’t much information or research about what it is and how it affects the body. In this article, we shall share a lot of information we found in our research on the importance of Peptides and how TB-500, a kind of Peptide, performs in the terrain.

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What are Peptides?

Peptides are a chain of amino acids that are linked together through peptide bonds. These are important for normal cell function and the regulation of complex cellular components. As Peptides are made of amino acids, about 2 to 10 to be exact, it performs different functions on your body depending on what amino acid it contains. But to give you the gist, it can help you with the following:

  • Acts as a precursor for neurotransmitters like tyrosine (improves overall mental performance, alertness, and memory), dopamine (regulating transmitter for learning, emotional responses, attention, and movement), epinephrine (adrenaline) and norepinephrine (regulates the flight or fight response);
  • Triggers energy production, promotes muscle growth and regeneration
  • Plays an essential part in the production of elastin and collagen
  • Improves fat metabolism and immune function
  • Helps in the maintenance of nitrogen balance
  • Acts as a precursor to serotonin which regulates sleep, appetite and mood swings
  • Vital for the absorption of zinc and selenium
  • Improves metabolism and promotes detoxification
  • Plays an important part in tissue growth
  • Critical in the process of protein synthesis and muscle repair
  • Regulates blood sugar levels
  • Promotes hemoglobin production and regulation of energy
  • Critical for the protection of myelin sheath, the protective layer of your cell
  • Promotes sexual function
  • Promotes digestion and immunity response

Peptides in Bodybuilding

Taken in through injection, powder form, or a pill. Peptides are believed to increase the production of HGH or the human growth hormone. It works like a performance-enhancing anabolic steroid that will eventually lead to more muscle growth, development, and high athletic performance. You’ll reap these benefits plus other more good side effects:

  • Fixes your biological clock
  • Eradicates fat
  • Promotes hair regrowth
  • Normalizes blood sugar
  • Increases overall energy
  • Improves libidoImproves sleep quality
  • Enhanced mental functions and memory

It is with this premise that people would like to get their hands on Peptide, specifically, TB-500.

The Buzz of TB-500

TB-500 is a synthetic formulation of Thymosin Beta 4, a natural peptide that can be found in all animals and humans.

The discovery of Thymosin can be accounted to the Laboratory of Abraham White at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York when Allan Goldsterin researched and studied the development of the vertebrate immune system and the function that thymus plays in it. That was the beginning of history for thymosin as Allan Goldstein founded his own company which re-creates thymosin alpha 1, a synthesized version of thymosin, for the sole purpose of promoting wound healing, repair and the increase of immunity in the cells.

Thymosin Beta 4, which led to its development through thymosin alpha 1, is a protein that is made up of 43 amino acids, incorporated by the gene TMSB4X in the human body. Many studies have claimed that the use of thymosin beta-4 peptide allowed the repair of damaged heart tissue due to the incidence of a heart attack. It showed reactivating properties and shown a lot of promise in the medical field.

However, in the previous eras, TB-500 was vastly used for horses in racing events to prevent adhesions from happening as a result of the race. The first-ever record of TB-500 human use is with a young girl, the first ever to receive thymosin injections as she was found to have a malfunctioning thymus gland.

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The Masterpiece of TB-500

The strength of the TB-500 lies in its ability to increase the production of cell-building proteins similar to Actin. The increase in Actin will allow TB-500 to promote binding within cells and mass rapid reproduction. Through this, new blood vessels will open up allowing more blood and oxygen flow, as well as the regulation of inflammation which directly benefits or damages more a wound. It also has the ability to travel long distances throughout the body, which makes for its flexibility and low molecular weight. This ability will then result in it aiding in many injured areas, whether it be acute or chronic, and be able to take the necessary action against it. If you are an injured bodybuilder, all of the properties that TB-500 has will surely aid the quickest recovery you’ll ever experience.

Add to this, is the improved body flexibility, reduced inflammation on injuries, and re-growth of hair already lost, as well as darkening of the hair that you may experience on TB-500.

One of the most popular and common injuries addressed by TB-500 is a phenomenon that is particularly experienced by athletes, known as ventricular hypertrophy or more colloquially known in the sporting world as the ‘athlete’s heart’. Daily training, pressure and physical stresses can do the body so much, especially the heart. This can damage the heart’s tissues puts a lot of strain on breathing. Not many findings and research has been done on this, but it looks very promising to the sporting industry.

TB-500 is taken through injection and has been used to aid in the speedy healing of wounds and injuries which would take months, sometimes years, to heal from.

Recommended dose and usage of TB500

TB-500 administered through injection in four ways:

Intravenous (IV) Injection or Infusion
Through IV injection or infusion, the TB-500 is administered by sending it directly in the vein through a needle or a tube. Intravenous directly translates to “into the vein”.

Procedure: IV’s cannot be administered alone and must always be done with a health care provider. TB-500 IV is administered with a thin plastic tube or an IV catheter, which is then inserted into your vein. This will allow you to get multiple doses without needing to penetrate the vein again and again.

Intramuscular Injections (IM)
In this method, the TB-500 is directly delivered deep in the muscle for quick absorption.
The usual parts for IM’s are the deltoids and glutes muscles. We would consider this as
the most painful out of the four.

Procedure: The needle is placed at a 90-degree angle directly implying straight through the skin. Your healthcare provider will administer this swiftly as this is the most painful injection method.

Subcutaneous Injections
TB-500 is delivered between the tissues of the skin and muscle. This administration is second to the most painful.

Procedure: As the muscle needs no penetration, the needle is shorter and the gauges are usually bigger. The needle is placed at a 45-degree angle which implies lesser pain. The absorption of TB-500 is slower than intramuscular.

Intradermal Injection
The dermis is targeted in this method of injection. Another painful administration, the
TB-500 is sent directly to the layer under the epidermis of the skin. As TB-500 has wound-healing properties, some cases would call for administering it directly to the wound.

Procedure: The needle is positioned at a 5-15 degree angle. The needle is almost placed flat against the skin. Intradermal has the slowest absorption rate. This is almost
never used when administering TB-500.

How much should you take in?

Initially, we recommend that you do not take more than 4 to 10 mg more than twice a week for the first few weeks of use. The duration should be at least a month or a month and a half to allow your body to adapt and get familiar with TB-500.

When you’ve surpassed the initial phase, you don’t need to take as much as you’ve taken during the first few months. You can take around 2 to 5 mg once a week, in one month.

The dosage for each person may vary. Big doses are only recommended for people who are in experimentation and have reaped all positive results. As this is not a legal substance used in bodybuilding, the actual dosages for recommendation are not set in stone.

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Are there any side effects you should worry about?

Considered as the taboo of nutritional supplements as there is not much research and information on TB-500 or Peptides itself, feedback and side effects have varied across the research. For one, some people say that TB-500, designed to heal many wounds, can help combat and regulate cancer by controlling the direction of colon cancer cells. On the other hand, some reported that TB-500 can cause cancer. Some argue that the findings of TB-500 in cancer hit areas of the body only indicate that the TB-500 is trying to fight it off, while some still argue that it was the cause of cancer.

TB-500: Is It Your Friend or Foe?

TB-500 has been derived from a peptide that is known to be beneficial to the human body. It helps quicken recovery and heals wounds in no time. Though with very little research and information, TB-500 is set on the horizon as one of the most promising products out there.

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