Crazy Bulk Reviews: A Look at What Brought Them to the Top

Crazy Bulk worked from scratch to become one of the top suppliers of legal and natural anabolic steroids. What made them a favorite among bodybuilders?

Most of you have probably heard about Crazy Bulk because of its most popular product: D-Bal. D-Bal is the safer alternative to Dianabol, a potent anabolic steroid that can help build muscle quickly but has horrible side effects.

But Crazy Bulk is not just a distributor of D-Bal. They have other products that are just as good, effective, and potent as D-Bal. Here is an in-depth look at what this company has to offer for bodybuilders and athletes out there.

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The Company

Crazy Bulk started in 2014 whose goal is to provide legal anabolic steroids to different clientele. They started from the ground and slowly made their way up as one of the top suppliers of the products. That is all thanks to their formulas.

Crazy Bulk primarily focuses on improving their formula based on the latest technologies. They have scientists and in-house nutritionists that carefully select the ingredients, balance the ingredients, and evaluate the results, until such time that the product is ready and up to the standards they set for themselves.

If you visit their website, you can see all of the features that their products have in common.

Fast Results

Crazy Bulk claims that you can already see a result 30 days after you start consuming their products—of course, assuming that you drink it while going through proper diet and exercise. Their products only serve as a supplement to your daily bodybuilding routine.

100% natural ingredients

Unlike their competitors that use synthetic versions of the plethora of ingredients you can see in a steroid pill, Crazy Bulk uses 100% all-natural ones, making their formulas safe to consume by the general public.

And because it is all-natural, consumers not only get the benefits of the steroid properties. Some of the herbs they added are known to help lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels, aid in muscle healing, and enhance memory, to name a few. You will probably be hard-pressed to find other products that can offer these in one of their products.

100% safe and legal

Most anabolic steroids that people use before are now considered illegal due to its detrimental side effects. Steroids such as Dianabol, Anavar, Trenbolone, and a few others more are prohibited to use in an athletic or bodybuilding competition. Being caught having one can lead to legal and ethical repercussions.

Despite this risk, some are still using anabolic steroids to achieve the ripped body they have always dreamed of. Crazy Bulk understands this need and started formulating safer (both legal and physical sense) alternatives to these.

Thanks to their efforts, you can now buy D-Bal instead of Dianabol, Trenorol to replace Trenbolone, Anvarol as an alternative to Anavar, and more. They are just as effective as their illegal counterparts.

No side effects

Most anabolic steroids mentioned earlier are now illegal because of the side effects it brings the consumer. Some of those who took these prohibited products often experience baldness, adult acne, water retention, and worse, changes in mood and temperament. They often experience long bouts of anger episodes that can honestly piss the people around them.

In the long-term, illegal steroids can bring liver and kidney damage due to the strong potency of the synthetic formula.

Miraculously, Crazy Bulk was able to bypass all of these side effects by turning to nature instead of the laboratory to find the ingredients they can use to create their formulas. If you look at their ingredients list, you will see Indian ginseng, an Ayurvedic herb that is clinically proven to reduce inflammation and lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels, nettle leaf extract that is known to help treat symptoms brought by an enlarged prostate, whey and soy protein, root of yam, samento bark, and more.

Not only does these ingredients aid in your bodybuilding journey. They also provide additional nutrients that you would need to keep your body up and running.

No prescriptions

You do not have to have a prescription to purchase any of Crazy Bulk products. All you need to do is visit their website, browse their catalog, then choose one (or a lot) of their products to add to your cart. Then, you can pay via credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Maestro) or through Skrill.

Crazy Bulk ships worldwide, so you can purchase any of their formulas wherever you are in the world. Depending on where you are, shipping days may go from overnight to 7 days if you are in the continental US, and up to 15 days if you are from another country.
The downside, though, is that you will only be able to purchase it exclusively through their website. They often do not allow resellers to ensure that all of their products in the market are 100% authentic. For those who plan to purchase their products for a long time, this is actually good news.

No injections

Oftentimes, athletes and bodybuilders often prefer oral steroids than the injectable ones. For one, the latter requires that someone has to inject it to you. Then, you also have to dispose of the needles properly. Finally, you have to switch up your sites of injection to avoid developing additional fat deposits on the same site. Not to mention that you have to explain to your family members and friends why you have tons of syringes in your bag, as most people often associate them with illegal drugs.

With oral steroids like Crazy Bulk products, you will not encounter these troubles. Carrying around a bottle of pills will not raise any suspicions because it is normal. Also, oral ones do not add that much to your overall waste. Just pop three capsules a day 45 minutes after your workout and you are good to go.

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Are They Worth the Price?

Like all other premium things, Crazy Bulk products require a premium price for you to enjoy them. You would be hard-pressed to find an individual bottle of steroids for less than $55 each. Their bestselling product, D-Bal already costs about $59.99 per bottle of 90 capsules.

Thankfully, Crazy Bulk offers bulk promos and discounts. One of their most popular ones are the “Buy 2, Get 1 FREE” deal. Also, buying a stack of steroids instead of purchasing each bottle individually can already give you tons of savings.

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razy Bulk is one of the rare companies out there who prefer investing their time and money in developing their products more than outright promoting them. This is a great and refreshing take. At the end of the day, the efficacy of your products will surely speak for your brand’s reputation. And Crazy Bulk products really did their job in bringing them to the top.

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