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In the last decade, cannabis has been legalized in more and more countries, opening up a new market for marijuana-infused products. As the legalization grows, more and more consumers are becoming curious about the best options they have in the market. Currently, there are 2: cannabidiol or CBD, and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

First, let’s talk briefly about THC.

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)

THC is one of at least a hundred cannabinoids that have been determined with cannabis. It is the psychoactive constituent of cannabis which is also known as cannabis isomers.

THC is a lipid that was discovered in cannabis which is normally used for the marijuana plant’s self-defense against insects, the sun’s rays and other environmental stressors. THC works by tapping into the cannabinoid receptors located in the central nervous system as well as the main cells of the immune system.

CBD’s psychoactive effects happen when the cannabinoid receptors in the brain are mediated through the inhibition of the molecule adenylate cyclase. These cannabinoid receptors led researchers to the discovery of endocannabinoids, such as anandamide and 2-arachidonoylglycerol.

Yup, that’s a lot of words. But in a nutshell, THC is the component that makes you feel the ‘high’ you are getting when you’re taking marijuana. With this, you’ll be able to feel drowsiness, lessened aggression, relaxation hunger and distortion of your senses.

What are the different types of THC?
The common misconception, especially by those who are new to cannabis, is that there are different types of THC compounds that increase or decrease the feeling of being ‘high’.

The real deal on that is there are no different types of THC, but there are different strains of cannabis. Cannabis strains are what you can call the concoction and ratio of THC to CBD that where one will generally get the intoxication from cannabis. It is either a hybrid or a pure type of the Cannabis plant which could be a mixture of the different species Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Ruderalis.

The different ‘types’ are then developed and concocted depending on the use which will also drive the price range and the market that it will be sold to. Names are dependent on the growers and would often give a description of the different qualities the specific plant can give based on taste, color, smell, and origin.

THC versus CBD

There is a large variety of strains depending on the location, environment, climate, and diversity of the plant. While THC is responsible for the psychoactive properties of the plant, CBD isn’t psychoactive at all but contains medicinal properties to treat some ailments.


Cannabidiol has already been around for a long time, but it’s only in the last decade that the media have given attention to it. It is one of the strongest active ingredients in marijuana, directly derived from the hemp plant which also comes from the same plant family. CBD has no psychoactive effects and is not prone to the risk of addiction, abuse or dependence from anyone who takes it.

Okay, then. But is it legal?
In some states of the US, it’s legality is still quite questionable though the use is already widespread. Although 50 have already legalized CBD with different provisions and restrictions, the government still considers it as a class of marijuana. The Food and Drug Administration in 2015 loosened up the rules for CBD and allowed institutions to study and research the effects of CBD. Nowadays, it has been used for many health-related aspects and can easily be purchased online. One of the most favored of all these products is the CBD Gummy Bears.

CBD Gummy Bears

In 2017, CBD gummies were one of the most searched keywords in Google under the food category in the United States. So you can definitely say that these little gummy bears are really effective. CBD gummies are very easy and fun to take. They’re exactly like gummy bears only with the relaxing effect. Some people enjoy CBD in other forms, but gummies are particularly growing in popularity.

CBD gummies are sweet treats that you can take for its medicinal benefits. Think of it as the Flintstone vitamin you had when you were younger. It is great for many chronic situations including anxiety, pain, insomnia, arthritis and many more.

What’s more interesting about it is that both the capsules and the gummy bears have the same amount of CBD in them. The best part about it is you won’t get any of the psychoactive effects when you take your CBD gummies.

There are actually no traces of THC in CBD gummies, they won’t affect your brain function in a way that inhibits you to perform daily. The gummies itself have an attractive appeal to customers with its colors and cute shape. The main benefit of CBD gummy bear is that it relaxes you and helps cope with some chronic illnesses.

CBD edibles or cannabinoids itself targets the body’s endocannabinoid system. This part of the body actually regulates our happy and sad feelings, anger and calm, as well as our pain response and generally your overall disposition.

What the CBD gummy bears can do is to enforce balance and helps in the hemostasis process in the body.

Here are some ways you can use CBD to help in other parts of the body:

Cannabidiol for the Brain:
The endocannabinoid system or ECS is the signaling system for the body. ECS is highly involved in different parts of the body and certain mental health conditions.

  • Prohibits neurological inflammation
    Neuroinflammation plays a big role in many other neurological conditions. Inflammation is the cause of many mental issues like depression, anxiety, Alzheimer’s disease, and memory loss. It also contributes to stroke and epilepsy. Studies have suggested that CBD reduces the inflammation of the brain. CBD might be able to avoid many neurological conditions.
  • Helps in the production and maintenance of healthy brain cells
    As you grow older, it is normal for you to experience memory loss and learning difficulties as you age. This decline is gradual and would affect cognition bit by bit as the years pass after 50. However, certain illnesses lead to a more dramatic and significant decline due to lifestyle or genetics. Studies have suggested that CBD help slow it down for these people.
  • Prevents oxidative damage
    Oxidative stress plays a big role in our body’s health. CBD addresses this by acting on the CBD 2 receptors to decrease oxidative damage

Cannabidiol for the skin:

  • Based on some studies, CBD may help treat acne because of its anti-inflammatory properties. It was also observed to inhibit sebum production
  • CBD also prevented sebaceous glands from secreting excessive sebum and fought off inflammatory cytokines which are an acne agent

Cannabidiol for the heart:

  • Studies have shown that CBD may help with
    high blood pressure which has been connected to a higher risk of metabolic syndrome and heart attack.
  • Some studies have discovered that CBD demonstrated its ability to reduce inflammation around the heart that caused heart diseases and heart cell death.

Other benefits of CBD:
Drug dependency treatment. CBD has shown its ability to alter some circuits in the brain which is related to addiction. Studies have shown that it reduces morphine dependence and heroin-seeking behavior.

Anti-Tumor. CBD has shown that it could prevent the spread of breast, lung, colon and prostate cancer.

Against Diabetes. A study of mice has indicated that CBD was able to reduce 58% of diabetes incidence and reduced inflammation by 40%.

Now that we’ve established that CBD gummies are packed with properties that help fight off chronic diseases, let’s find out which ones are the best out there for your needs.

Top CBD Gummies In The Market Today:

empe usa logo

1. Gummies by EMPE USA

EMPE USA is one of the most reliable sources of CBD with different varieties of CBD-infused candy. Their candies are made with traditional candy flavoring with organic hemp oil. They have it in different varieties:

EMPE CBD Gummy Apple Rings img

EMPE CBD Gummy Apple Rings

Price: 69.99-119.99 USD
Highlight: CBD Hemp oil rings for calm and wellness

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EMPE CBD Gummy Bears img

EMPE CBD Gummy Bears

Price: 39.99-99.99 USD
Highlight: A gummy bear staple that is packed with CBD benefits

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EMPE CBD Gummy Clear img

EMPE CBD Gummy Clear

Price: 69.99-119.99 USD
Highlight: A gummy bear that’s both tasty and chewy will surely bring you back to your childhood.

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EMPE CBD Gummy Fruit Slices img

EMPE CBD Gummy Fruit Slices

Price: 39.99-119.99 USD
Highlight: Experience the fruity flavors of apple, orange, and grapes in this chewy and refreshing candy

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EMPE CBD Gummy Peach Rings img

EMPE CBD Gummy Peach Rings

Price: 69.99 – 119.99 USD
Highlight: These peachy and gummy rings are infused with CBD

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EMPE CBD Gummy Penguins img

EMPE CBD Gummy Penguins

Price: 69.99 – 119.99 USD
Highlight: It’s almost too cute and adorable to eat!

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EMPE CBD Gummy Sour Packs img

EMPE CBD Gummy Sour Packs

Price: 69.99 – 119.99 USD
Highlight: For those with a sour tongue, get a blast of creamy and sweet when you bite into this

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EMPE CBD Vegan Hemp Gummy Bears img

EMPE CBD Vegan Hemp Gummy Bears

Price: 89.99 – 139.99 USD
Highlight: This is for the skinny ones who want to live the clean lifestyle but still get their CBD fix

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EMPE CBD Vegan Hemp Gummy Sliced Fruits img

EMPE CBD Vegan Hemp Gummy Sliced Fruits

Price: 89.99 – 139.99 USD
Highlight: The same CBD gummy and fruity sliced candies minus the guilt

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Natures Tru logo

2. Natures Tru CBD Gummies

Price: 25 USD
Highlight: Each portable container is packed with the benefits of CBD oil wrapped in a gummy and fruity-flavored gum

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PureKana Logo

3. PureKana

Price: 40 USD
Highlight: For a very cheap price, you get a vegan gummy that packs a punch. Despite having only one flavor, PureKana’s gummies are the first option for neophytes of the CBD world.

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Sunday Scaries logo

4. Sunday Scaries

Price: 35 – 75 USD
Highlight: One major differentiator of this CBD gummy is it uses sugarcane in its concoction which will pack more vitamins to the gummy with B12 and D3. These gummies set a benchmark for the gummy industry.

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Hemp Bombs logo

5. Hemp Bombs

Price: 59.99 – 99.99
Highlight: Another leader in the CBD race, Hemp Bombs categorize their CBD based on the potency: 450mg and 750mg).

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cbdMD logo

6. cbdMD

Price: 29.99 USD
Highlight: As the cheapest of the list, cbdMD offers a 300mg packed gummies at a very low price. It comes with all organic ingredients and taste does not let down too. A quality gummy worth every buck.

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Kushly logo

7. Kushly

Price: 55 USD
Highlight: As one of the premium products, this CBD gummy will last you more than a day. It has a long-lasting effect and truly an amazing value.

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