How Happy Can You Get With Happy Hippo? — Happy Hippo Review 2019

If you are looking for a holistic way to improve health and well-being, you might have heard remedies such as CBD and Kratom as one of the few recommendations that effectively provide relief to several medical conditions.

Word about CBD has been making rounds everywhere today. But ever heard of Kratom? In this article, we’ll discuss what Kratom is and how this healing plant plays a part in the medical world like CBD.

Today, Kratom has become more popular due to its availability and ability to enhance human activity. Due to the growing interest in Kratom, it has now become popular in the market and a lot of people are trying out this product. However, distinguishing which brand sells the best and authentic Kratom products can be quite challenging. While there are brands that sell high quality and authentic Kratom products, there are also some that compromise the quality and effectivity of the plant, making it potentially harmful to the health.

Before we go over our Happy Hippo review, let’s have a run-through of what Kratom is.

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What is Kratom?

Unlike CBD, Kratom is far less researched, making its reach limited. However, Kratom products and extracts are becoming more popular today with the increasing public interest in it. Hopefully, it would pave the way for more studies and researches to prove its worth in the field of health.

As a plant source, Kratom is a tropical tree that belongs to the coffee family. It is a plant that is native to Southeast Asia and in some countries like Indonesia, Myanmar, Malaysia, Thailand, and Papua New Guinea. The leaves are usually chewed where the trees grow naturally. It is sold as raw leaves, in powder form, extract, in capsule, or as gum. Like CBD, it can also be smoked, chewed or taken as a beverage like tea.

The Kratom plant produces health-promoting compounds of two active ingredients— mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine. These compounds are known to interact similar to morphine or codeine with the opioid receptors which are responsible for controlling pain in the body. Some evidence suggests that Kratom can be effective in reducing pain, aid in relaxation, and boost immune function. It also possesses anti-depressant properties that help ease anxiety.

Happy Hippo Herbals

Happy Hippo Herbals is one of the most popular Kratom sellers that you can find online. If you search for the keywords “Kratom vendors”, you’ll be given a list of the best and most reliable sellers of Kratom and you will not be disappointed to find Happy Hippo Herbals as part of the list.

If you are in the search of the best Kratom products, Happy Hippo is the brand that you should be looking out for. Whether you are an experienced user or practically new to Kratom, they have a range of products that you can use to experience the benefits of Kratom.

Kratom Products Under Happy Hippo

When it comes to variety, Happy Hippo gives a wide array of products that users would love. When it comes to strains of Kratom and Phenibut, users will feast on the number of strains to choose from. Their products come in three forms — slow-acting, moderately active, and fast-acting, which are available in different strain variants.

Here are some of the Kratom leaves product variants that Happy Hippo Herbals offer:

Slow- acting Kratom Leaves

Common Bali
Slow-Mo Hippo
Bali Red
Superior White Lulu
White Horned Rhino

Moderate Acting kratom Leaves

Electric Elephant
Bhagwan Osho Hippo
Spooky Hippo
Hero Hippo
Ghost Hippo

Fast-acting Kratom Leaves

Common Rural Maeng Da
Ragin Cajun Hippo
Atomic Green Thai Hippo
Sunshine Hippo
Viet Don Hippo
Thunder Hippo
Rockstar Hippo
Red Dragon Bali Capsules
Rockstar Hippo Capsules
Hyper Hippo Capsules


Happy Hippo Phenibut Capsule
Hippo Phenibut HLC in 99.% Pure Raw Powder
Horny Hippo (For Libido/Sexual Health)
Kava Juice Extract
Akuamma 10x Extract Mitra Alternative
Himalaya Shilajit

Other Products

Newbie Hippo starter
Hippo sample pack
Raw golden Maca
Moringa leaf
Smart Weigh digital weight

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How much do Happy Hippo Herbals Cost?

Happy Hippo Herbals offer products that are highly affordable with no compromise when it comes to quality. The products can also be purchased with no extra charges and in many ways such as via cash in Euro, USD, or Pound, as well as through cryptocurrency, e-check, and in mobile check.

Happy Hippo’s Slow Leaves Strains only cost around $7-$12 which are available in Bali Red, White Horned Rhino, Superior White Hulu and Common Bali. Moderate Leaves Strains starts at $10 which are available in Spooky Hippo, Hero Hippo, Bhagwan Osho Hippo, and Electric Elephant. Lastly, you can buy their Fast Acting Strains starting from $20 which are available in capsules of Red Dragon Bali, Rockstar Hippo, and Hyper Hippo. You can also buy Viet Dong Hippo, Thunder Hippo and many more at an affordable price starting from $8.

Happy Hippo Herbals offers its customers coupons and promo codes which they can use whenever they purchase their products. Depending on how you pay for your orders from their site, they offer fair discounts for all their customers.

Is Happy Hippo Safe to Use?

Happy Hippo is a reputable producer of Kratom products and this company is all about selling only quality products to their customers. All the products that they offer in their site all went through laboratory testing to ensure that the products are safe and of top quality. Quality Assurance also plays a part in making sure that their products are authentic and follows the company’s standards to ensure that only the best Kratom products reach the market.

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Purchasing Happy Hippo — is it worth the try?

The product choices Happy Hippo Herbals are massive and you can choose any strain that works for you. It doesn’t matter whether you are new or have been a Kratom user for a while because they have products that are perfect for starters. The greatest take away is that they don’t compromise the quality of their products with how much affordable their products are.

When it comes to their customer service, Happy Hippo Herbals provides their customers the trust that they will receive their parcels happily. Their website may not be the fanciest but it is easy to navigate and you can easily order Happy Hippo products. Customers can purchase the products via cryptocurrency, e-check, and mobile check. The discount coupons are also a great deal for their customers.

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