Best Fitness Tracker for Kids in 2020

It can truly be said that children these days spend less time active than children or even just ten, maybe twenty years ago. It’s true, nowadays kids are kept busy with mobile phones, tablets, video game consoles, computers, and so forth. Truly, technology has been both a blessing and a curse to parents. Busy parents rejoice in the fact that they can sit their kids down with a tablet and keep them busy for hours so that they could go off to do the things that they needed to do in the meantime. Stay at home parents celebrate the fact that they can keep their kids busy with toys and gadgets so that they can do what is necessary to keep the home running smoothly. And while there isn’t anything inherently wrong with using the tools and look for supplement reviews online at your disposal to keep your kids from getting into sticky situations, it does tend to affect their health.

Because – even just partially because – of technology, kids these days are growing more and more sedentary. Many would truly prefer to simply stay at home browsing the internet or playing video games, rather than going out there and being active. And it’s true for this reason that their daily activity dwindles, to the point that they may begin to put on a few extra pounds or start becoming unfit and unhealthy. Kids should be full of boundless energy that any adult would be envious of, not confined to their bedroom doing nothing but messing around with their gadgets. That’s not to say we are saying there’s anything wrong with that – all we’re saying is that a balance should be struck so that the children will remain in good health.

In our opinion, kids should be able to be kids. They should have some activity daily to keep them healthy. But if you tell them “hey, you need to exercise”, chances are you’ll be met with a look of disdain or a comment of “but that’s so boring!”. So how exactly do you compete with your kids’ toys and games? How do you capture their attention and make sure that they at least get a bit of exercise daily? Well, you could always get a fitness tracker for your child!

Why a Fitness Tracker for Kids?

Okay, hear us out. We know that this sounds kind of unnecessary and a bit like an extra expense that you could go without. But it’s for a good reason! You see, instead of jumping straight into things like weight loss supplements, you can instead make exercise more fun for your kids. For children, the best way to get their interest is through gamification – essentially making a game or a challenge out of something. This will most certainly work with fitness too. And so, this is where a child fitness tracker will come in.

If you get yourself one of the best fitness tracker for kids, you can give it to them and watch as they meet their activity goals more often. You see, most fitness tracker devices out on the market have statistics that you can look at every time you sync to the accompanying app. If you chose to get a Fitbit for children and make your kid one of the Fitbit kids, you can monitor their progress daily, and see whether they have achieved the goals that you have set for them (since you can set up a family account on the app). Now, if simply looking at their fitness goals on its own is not quite enough to get them excited about working out, how about this, instead?

Offer them prizes if they meet certain challenges. Incentivize things so that you can make sure they spend some time daily trying to exercise. Make them want to meet those step goals. Let’s say you hit a goal for 5,000 steps. If they hit that goal, you give them a small reward. If they reach higher than that goal, you can give them a slightly bigger reward. It doesn’t even have to be anything related to money. You could offer to give them a day off from doing their chores if they meet their activity goals consistently for a few days. Perhaps you can offer to take your child out for ice cream or a meal at their favorite restaurant if they consistently meet their goal for a week!

Either way, we do hope you see where we are coming from, and why fitness trackers for kids can be amazing tools for health and fitness. Plus hey, it’s a fancy, shiny, new gadget that can also be kind of a toy in away. All in all, a win-win for both parents and kids alike!

Some Things to Remember

Before we continue talking about the best kids’ fitness tracker, and before we even get to some of our recommendations, we are going to help you first. We do believe that there should be a few things to remember!

A kid’s activity tracker is a great way to keep kids healthy. It also allows parents to more closely monitor some of the aspects of their kids’ day to day. However, some things should be observed to ensure healthy use.

For example, although we encourage gamification to help your kids become more interested in exercise, we still believe that parents should be supervising to a degree. Don’t simply allow your kid to go overboard. Trust us, although it can be nice to have a child that is constantly tiring themselves out so that you can have some peace, it’s not good for their bodies to be over exhausted all of the time. They may suffer stunted growth, and they might also get injured.

Indeed, even the best fitness trackers won’t stop your kids from wanting to beat their record more and more and more. And so, we believe that you should set activity goals such as step counts for your children, and some bonus rewards if they go slightly above. Never, however, let your kid simply run up their numbers by too much each day. Keep it at a healthy limit, and have a maximum range of steps counted. This will ensure that your child remains active, yet in good health. Give rewards only if their step count fits into the range that you have given them.

Also, we know that in today’s world it can be difficult to keep track of your kids. It can be scary, knowing that there are so many predators out there who may want to do your children harm. And so, if you want to keep better track of your child, you may want to look into a model of fitness tracker that comes with GPS built-in.

In any case, to help you figure out what features you would like so that you can more easily choose a device, here is a short guide. We want to cover as many bases as possible before we go on ahead and get to our recommendations, after all!

How to Choose Fitness Trackers for Kids

So now that we’ve covered all of the above information, and now that we have (hopefully) helped to convince you just why a kids activity tracker for kids can be extremely helpful, we’ve written this short guide. We wanted to help you choose among the many different options out on the market today, after all. But how exactly do you pick out a device for your kid that you know they will like? Well, here is a set of tips that allows parents to decide.

  • Make sure the watch is easy to use. This is the first and one of the most important tips on this list. Older kids may not have trouble using a more advanced watch with an accompanying mobile app. However, if your kid is a bit younger, you might want to find a more child-friendly device. If it’s easier to use, it’ll be much easier to keep your child interested in actually using the unit.
  • Find a watch that looks fun and interesting. Some of the best fitness trackers for kids have watch faces and straps that have beautiful designs. Some even have popular franchises like Star Wars, for example. What kid could say no to a Star Wars watch or something like a Pokemon watch? Just make sure that you only purchase a watch with licensed designs, because those things are all rights reserved!
  • Look for the right features. There are a ton of different types of activity trackers that have features that allow parents to ensure their kids’ safety and health. GPS, for example, is a great way to make sure that you know where your kids are at all times (or at least when they are away form you). Then, of course, you can look for other things that can make the watch more interesting to your kids. For example, some devices have a virtual pet that your kids can “take care of” by doing their daily activities. Or a daily activity tracker that can monitor their physical activity remotely.

In any case, we believe that finding the right, or even the best fitness tracker, will make a big difference in just how well your kids will take to it. Now, this doesn’t have to be the most expensive tracker – not at all. You can even simply choose a simple device, one of the options that have the basic functionalities you would expect. It will truly all depend on what your needs are, and what your budget is.

Where to Buy Fitness Trackers

If you’re wondering where exactly it is that you can buy a fitness tracker for your kid, well the answer is simple. Luckily, these days they’re not that hard to find anymore. They’re pretty much everywhere – from your local electronics shop to big box stores, and of course, online.

We would suggest going to a physical shop if you would like to actually see the devices and test them beforehand. However, if convenience is what you are after, then, of course, we would suggest simply shopping online. Many online retailers, including the biggest ones like Amazon and eBay, have tons of listings of devices for children. They probably even have the rights reserved designs and the virtual pet feature available. Check around, read reviews – everything you need to know is right on the internet!

Our Recommendations

Now that we’ve pretty much-discussed everything that there is to discuss on the matter, it’s about time that we got to our recommendations! Here we’ll talk about the best fitness tracker you can find for your kid.

So let’s get started!

Garmin Vivofit JR 2

The first product on our list of recommendations, and certainly one of the best for kids, is the Garmin VivoFit Jr 2. This device comes from a company that is no stranger to making fitness trackers and related products. Truly, Garmin has been known for its great trackers, pedometers, watches, and the like – for a very, very long time. If you prefer a name you can trust, trust this one. Garmin is a brand that won’t let you down.

That aside, we included the Garmin Vivofit Jr 2 because it is indeed a great device that your kid will love. It requires no recharging, so you won’t have to worry about your kid forgetting to plug it in for the night. On top of that, this device also has games that can help make exercising a more fun activity for your kids. It will also track rewards and chores, to boot. There are also unlockable badges and watch faces, which are rewards given for completing activity goals and chores. The chores can be set by the parents in the accompanying app.

The Garmin Vivofit Jr 2 does come in varied designs to truly make it more fun and attractive to kids. You can find designs like Star Wars, Disney, Marvel – you name it, your kid will probably like it. In terms of features, this Jr device works quite similarly to the adult watch (Vivofit 4 or even Vivosport). It counts steps, it tracks active minutes (total time spent moving), and of course, it also monitors your child’s sleep. Plus hey, it’s waterproof, so your kid can get into any of their adventures without breaking it.

All in all, we believe that this is a watch that is not just fun but also interactive. It offers plenty of functionalities that truly make it a fun choice for parents and kids alike. That’s not to say that this watch, which was designed for kids and designed to fit a child’s wrist, is perfect. It does still have its flaws, such as a dim display that may be hard to read. But hey, the good battery life and the cool color options plus the included game can all help to motivate your kids. The two sizes available also means there’s no need to worry about it fitting your younger or even older child.

Fitbit Ace 2

Often, when talking about the best fitness tracker for children, the name Fitbit will pop up. It would only make sense; after all, the brand itself is popular even to adults. They are well known for their best selling activity trackers worldwide. Some of their devices are considered a smartwatch, with fitness tracking and the like, after all. But today, we’re simply going to talk about the Fitbit for kids – the Fitbit Ace 2.

This kids Fitbit is designed specifically for kids moving. These watches are perfect to see how many steps are made in a day. It’s waterproof (not just water resistant) and it also comes in fun colors, to boot. Plus hey, when used alongside the Fitbit app, this can help make even more active kids. Raise your child’s activity level with the Fitbit Ace 2, a device marketed as one that kids will truly enjoy.

Ace 2 is a dedicated kids device that has features that allow parents to monitor their kids’ activity levels. It’s now also sold at a lower price, something that parents will surely find a welcome change! We also would like to mention that this device now uses a silicone band, which of course now lasts much longer than metal bands found on the first version of this device. It also means that the watch can be worn when swimming, whether in the ocean or just in a pool.

Not only does this device count steps, but it also offers features that incentivize fitness to children. This tracker has badges, along with fun characters that will offer encouragement. Plus it has bedtime reminders and alarms which can be set for any time you wish. This is great if you are looking to keep your kid on a schedule.

Since this device is also quite easy to use, you’ll find that it’s a Fitbit kid will truly enjoy. All things considered, it’s really easy to see why this is one of the best available for kids – and just why Fitbit is a brand that many consider being one of the best indeed.

Special Mentions

Although we don’t think that the above are the only good options out there, we do have to limit the length of this article. And it is for this reason that we only mentioned the two listed above. However, there are other devices that you may like to check out. One is the Leapfrog Leapband, and the other is the Vtech Kidizoom.

Both the Vtech Kidizoom and the Leapfrog Leapband are truly fantastic choices as well. And yes, we would consider these tracker options as some of the best around. If you are so inclined, might we invite you to take a look at those two choices, too?

Final Thoughts

Fitness for children never used to be a thing – at least not until recent years. Quite honestly, it can be a struggle for busy parents to truly keep track of their kids’ fitness. Back in the day, when technology wasn’t as prevalent, it was far easier to make sure that children remained active. But these days, with all sorts of ways for parents to keep their kids busy, it’s not as common to have children playing outside. It’s not even as common for children to be playing with toys as much anymore. Physical activity, such as running around and the like, is simply not as common in the modern day of parenting and child-rearing. Thankfully, with the help of some fitness trackers for kids, it has become entirely possible to still keep children healthy.

We hope that we have helped you to find the right fitness tracker for your needs. Remember that for children, you must find something easy to use and comfortable to wear. Essentially, you should look for a fitness tracker kids won’t struggle with. We hope that our recommendations will help you to find kids trackers within your budget that will have all of the features you need! And of course, if you want to see how else you can improve your child’s well being, you can always check out other health articles, too.