THE HCG DIET’S PHASE 1: What you need to know

In the recent century, weight loss and being physically fit were placed on the spotlight putting pressure in both men and women for the sake of vanity. The rise of the social media era made the lives of athletes, supermodels, and celebrities highly accessible and society wanted more and more to be like them in terms of body and lifestyle. With these, came the advent of weight loss supplements in the market to provide the quickest and most effective solutions for losing unwanted weight. This includes HCG.

What is Human Chorionic Gonadotropin?

You may be wondering where HCG comes from. HCG is one of the primary substances that is produced by women during the phase of their pregnancy. HCG for pregnant women regulates the metabolism of their bodies. In the early stages of their pregnancy, women tend to have nausea and morning sickness as side effects of child-bearing. The body is adapting to feeding two or more beings and it’s trying to keep up with the nutritional gap this sudden change might bring. The role of the hormone HCG is to ensure that this gap is communicated between the brain and the body to enable both mother and offspring to survive. Once this message is received by the brain, it sends all signals to all fat-storing entities in the body— the body is now in a constant mode of fat burning instead of muscle tissue utilization. As there is now an ample supply of fat going around, the mother and her baby will surely survive.

For years, since it has been discovered in the human body, HCG has been used to correct and treat the metabolic rate as well as infertility in both men and women. HGC communicates to your body that it needs to be fat-burning as much as it can to function and stay at its optimum level. The result from this is about 4000 calories burned at a given time which results in losing 1-2 lbs everyday. Talk about miracle weight loss, right? Add to the fact that it doesn’t have any side effects as it is already a byproduct of the human body makes it the perfect miracle weight loss cure. How’s that for beating unwanted fat? But how does it refresh your metabolism? Let’s find out.

How HCG aids in the refresh of your metabolism

The HGC diet is a method of re-introducing the fat burning process to your body. Your eating habits, they didn’t develop in a day or two. How you eat now is a result of year after year of habits that allow the programs in your body to get so used to the routine.

For example, a person who eats 5 times a day, will starve and store fat if he or she is forced to eat 3 times a day. In the same way, people who eat small meals at closer times in a day would teach their bodies that there is always food and energy sources isn’t scarce so there would be no reason to store anything.

This is exactly why eating in small amounts more frequently throughout the day is the best way to help your body to keep your metabolic rate burning at the optimum level at all times. Ultimately, people who have this habit tend to be more liberated with their food choices. As you go about the HCG program, you’ll discover that after the weight loss phase, your body would have re-programmed itself and adapt to your new eating habits—- this part right here is why HCG is so effective. This is when your body is triggered to adapt to the new food intake thereby sustaining the weight loss and keeping the weight off. At this point, the metabolic function of your body is restored to its highest potential. Once you’ve learned about the phases of the program, you’ll understand more why strictly following the diet that is being reinforced to you with the HCG program is essential so that when you go back to eating your normal food again, your metabolism is still at peak.

What You Need to Begin the HCG Diet

These items are essential to monitor and track your progress throughout your involvement in the HCG program. Here are a few things that you will need to prepare:

  1. An accurate body weighing scale
    On the HCG diet, you would need to weigh yourself daily to record your progress. An accurate weighing scale will help you accomplish this. We would recommend that you use a digital scale.
  2. A portable food scale
    One of the many specific parts of the HCG diet is how it will measure the food you eat. Every protein you take in must be measured (meat, chicken, fish, tofu, etc.,) in its raw form before prepping your meals. More than this, having a portable scale would allow you to measure your food even if you’re not in the comfort of your home.
  3. Your purchased human chorionic gonadotropin drops
    This one’s pretty self-explanatory, you can’t start your HCG planned diet without having your drops with you.
  4. Ketone Testers
    Ketone testers or sticks are used to check the levels of ketones in the body called the acetoacetic acid. The cells in your body will not go into starvation mode or a state of ketosis if it doesn’t have enough insulin to break down fats for energy. Acetoacetic acid is the byproduct of this breakdown and measuring it would provide a good gauge of your level of ketosis. Some claim that to achieve weight loss, the right level of ketosis is from 1.5 to 3.0 mmol/l.
  5. Cooking Tools to encourage healthier eating
    Cooking equipment like grillers, air-fryers or steamers will come in handy as you go about your HCG diet.
  6. Prepare for portion control
    The HCG demands a big amount of discipline as it incorporates portion control in your food intake. The best way to address this is to use reusable containers in different sizes to allow easier preparation when it comes to your meals.

Purchasing your HCG

There are hundreds of online sellers in the market today who claim to have the best kind of HCG and that their version is the most effective. As it is your body, you should do your homework and research before investing in anything you find online. Choose the HCG with is manufactured by reputable brands. Do not go falling for sweet marketing or hearsay in your local gym.

Now that you’re prepared to start your HCG diet, let’s move on to Phase 1.

THE HCG DIET’S PHASE 1: What you need to know

Before anything else, you need to know that there are 4 phases included in the HCG diet. These are:

Phase 1 (days 1 to 2) Loading Days – these days you eat whatever you want
Phase 2 (days 3 to 23) Weight Loss – the most challenging part wherein you eat on 500 calories a day
Phase 3 Transitioning Phase – this is the part wherein you stabilize the performance of your metabolism
Phase 4 Lifetime Maintenance

On to…
Phase 1: Loading Days

In this article, we will only focus on Phase 1 or the loading days of the HCG program. The first day that you take your HCG, you will be allowed to anything you want, in the quantity that pleases you. We recommend that at this point you eat all the things you would most likely crave and binge a bit on that. The most craved foods similar to burgers, pizza, pasta, ice cream, french fries, bread, and candies. All those foods which aren’t allowed while you are on the HCG program, take it until the next day. On the 3rd day of the HCG diet, you bid goodbye to it. This concedes your Loading Days. It’s that simple.

Tips That Are Helpful To Follow While on the HCG Program

  1. Pick a specific time in the day that you would take your HCG— as you are setting this time for yourself follow it religiously and be consistent.
  2. The best time to weigh yourself in the morning before any food or liquid intake
  3. HCG drops don’t have any appeal with its taste at all, so be prepared to taste mouthwash. Some people recommend putting it under your tongue, no scientific reason there but just so you can avoid tasting it fully.
  4. Some people think that they can just skip the loading days and jump right onto weight loss… IT DOESN’T WORK THAT WAY. The HCG program has been designed with loading days incorporated into it because that phase is as essential as the weight loss phase. DO NOT SKIP IT.
  5. Phase 1 is the easiest part of the program, you must be mentally and physically prepared to take on the next 20-23 days. Keep your will strong because nothing great ever comes easy. By the time you reach the transition stages of the program, you’ll have refreshed metabolism and you’d feel better than you ever did.


Your goal body is just around the corner, and with HCG drops or HCG weight loss injections, you’d be on your own to achieve just that. With the right attitude, discipline and mindset, you’ll conquer the program without breaking a sweat.