How Bioperine gives you a better body – at a high cost

Nowadays, consumers can easily purchase medical supplements over the counter with or without prescription from their physician. . These products can be easily bought at nearby drug stores or online retailers.

These supplements are intended to help people become healthier and stronger, but they are not intended to be cures or remedies for ailments that everyone experiences once in a while. They exist in bodybuilding as vitamins and come in different forms, shapes, and sizes such as injections, capsules, tablets, liquid, and even in powder form.

Supplements, just like any other drugs, are highly regulated by agencies around the world that monitor what large pharmaceutical companies offer the populace in the marketplace. Organizations such as the United States of America’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA)keep a close eye on medicines and supplements to protect their citizens.

One such supplement is Bioperine, a capsule and tablet brand that is based on Piperine, which is an alkaloid.

The long story on Bioperine

To fully grasp the information about Bioperine, one must know the background behind Piperine, the original form before the industrialized one.

Piperine is an alkaloid, which is a naturally occurring organic compound that contains nitrogen atoms. They are produced by different organisms such as animals, fungi, bacteria, and plants and can be used as medicines for malaria, asthma, and cancer.

Hans Christian Orsted, a Danish physicist and chemist who is famous for his discovery on how electric currents produce magnetic fields, found out about piperine after he extracted it from Piper nigrum, which is also the source of black and white pepper.

This substance is extracted from black pepper through the use of dichloromethane, which is an organochlorine compound that comes in liquid form. It has no color, very volatile but it also has a sweet aroma.

Aside from dichloromethane, aqueous hydrotrope is a compound that is commonly used for cleaning activities and personal care products such as detergents, surface cleaners, shampoos, conditioners, and liquid soaps.

Bioperine is essentially Piperine, except that the former is a patented and commercialized version of the latter. It is a ‘bio enhancer’ in a crowded market full of ‘bio enhancers’. In an industry where the proliferation of supplements by various pharmaceutical companies have grown to the point that there is a saturation in the market and differentiation is difficult, Bioperine stands out because of its capabilities.

When other drugs force the body to be numb to their effects because of their excessive intake, no such problems and issues will happen when it comes to Bioperine. This ensures that the consumer does not shell out as much money as he or she would normally do for other medicines.

What this also prevents is the accumulation of side-effects from countless medicines, which are byproducts of their consuming such. Bioperine is a supplement that ensures the person has a healthier body, which allows him or her to lead a more fulfilling life at home, productive time at the office, and positive interaction with those around them.

Bioperine helps the body…

Bioperine is essentially a drug that increases the power of the main drugs that people take to maximize their capabilities and optimize their effects. It is like a highway that allows vehicles to reach their destinations quicker.

Take, for example, antibiotics. If Bioperince is consumed alongside a capsule of antibiotics, then the latter’s effects on the body are set to be magnified. Aside from medicines, Bioperine also helps with the intake of food nutrients that ensure a healthier body. It increases the power of these substances that are already in the body to make it more efficient.

The most positive outcome from taking Bioperine can be measured by the expenditure of the consumers. If the monthly allocation of money for medicines for certain ailments is lessened, then it is a sign that Bioperine as a drug enhancer is doing its job very well and this also translates to the tolerance of the body as the body becomes more welcoming for the medications that are taken beside Bioperine.

Vitamins in the body such as Vitamin B6, antioxidants like resveratrol and beta carotene, nutrients like iron and selenium, and active substances such as curcumin and coenzyme 10 are also strengthened of Bioperine.

The supplement controls how the body moves the compounds that are in it. It controls the metabolization of enzymes through the Glucuronidation, which the body does to prevent the wastage of drugs inside the system, and it acts as a thermonutrient that helps in the processing of food via thermogenesis, which is the production of heat in the body.

In summary, Bioperine is capable of helping the body become more efficient in its processes to ensure that people live better lives.

People who take Bioperine receive the following benefits: better absorption of nutrients from medicines; a more efficient metabolism which ensures a quicker way to lose weight; protects the muscles from damages after an intense workout; a more fortified immune system that thwarts the arrivals of autoimmune illnesses, improves mental health through the increase of production of hormones like dopamine and serotonin; acts as a buffer against diabetes as it regulates the body’s blood sugar and it even forcibly tries to subdue cancer cells.

As with other medicinal supplements, Bioperine also has some of its not-so-positive effects that may bring harm to the person who consumes its capsules on a regular basis.

But it has its negative effects as well

Supplemental drugs have the potential to harm the vital organs of those who regularly consume them. Bioperine is not an exception. While this may be purchased over the counter or online, it is still better to consult your physician first.

First of all, Bioperine may affect the digestive system of the body. This may provoke the person to feel certain disorders that may harm the user. Illnesses such as nausea, which is essentially vomiting, the discharge of black stool, diarrhea, the relentless discharge of feces, and constipation.

However, it is not only the digestive system that is in danger with the constant consumption of Bioperine. The drug can also affect the user’s breathing. Some of the sicknesses that may arise are bronchospasm, which is the narrowing of the bronchi, and anaphylaxis, which means the abrupt closing of the throat and this may lead to fatal consequences.

Another negative effect of Bioperine is the damage that it can potentially do to the skin of those who take it. Skin rashes and itching are common ailments while the escalation into hives may also occur. Swelling in the skin and redness can also occur. If these occur, an immediate trip to the dermatologist is what is needed to remedy the situation.

Lastly, even the mental health of those who continuously take Bioperine is under the threat of deterioration. Depression, over-excitement, and sleep disorders are potential effects of Bioperine. Even a short temper is a possible outcome from taking the supplement.

This tells consumers that Bioperine can be potentially dangerous to their physical and mental health. While there are benefits, these dangers, while they may not be imminent, can become true to life as long as it is regularly consumed.


Ultimately, Bioperine is just like any other drug. It has good and bad effects. It makes the body more efficient as it makes it less resistant to medicines, which in turn strengthens the capabilities of the latter so that a lesser dosage is needed for them to be effective. It also makes the body more receptive to nutrients, antioxidants and different substances that will make it stronger against sickness.

It is based on Piperine, which is extracted from the pepper. Hans Christian Orsted is the scientist who is credited for this discovery.

At a starting price of roughly $15.00, consumers get a drug that helps them lose weight, by making the body have a faster metabolism, combat carcinogens that may lead to the development of cancer in the body, and act as a hindrance to diabetes.

It is a supplement that is not banned by international drug agencies as of this writing, which makes it available for purchase in nearby drug stores and online retailers.

Nevertheless, it also has its negative side effects. For starters, a person’s digestive system may be harmed and this may cause constipation, diarrhea and constant vomiting. The respiratory system can also be under threat as it may induce illnesses that make it harder for the person to breath and these can be fatal.

Skin damage is also a potential effect as rashes, the reddening of the skin, hives, and swelling may occur. Mental health is also affected as it can cause depression, difficulty in sleeping, over-excitement and the shortening of temper.

As with all things, especially medicine and health, it is wise to consult with a doctor before purchasing Bioperine and other supplements. While it can be helpful, there are instances when it can do more harm than good.

Supplements, regardless if they are for bodybuilding or healthcare purposes, are understood to have an effect on the body’s internal organs, which can be harmful to a person’s long-term health. In case of any drastic consequence, it is wise to immediately stop the consumption of Bioperine so as not to worsen the situation.

At the end of the day, supplements are there to improve the health of the user, not worsen it. Bioperine might do more harm than good, which is why consent from a doctor is recommended before purchasing as it is always better to be safe than sorry especially when it comes to one’s health.