Winsol Review: Retaining Muscle Mass While Cutting

Winsol is in the category of Body Building Supplements. It is a supplementary tablet that is taken by high-performance trainers, athletes, and bodybuilders. It is produced and sold by Crazybulk.

Its composition aids in enhancing strength, energy, and muscle growth. It is composed of natural ingredients, and it’s allowed by sporting organizations. It is legal in its use by competitive athletes. Winsol was as an alternative to Winstrol. It is a popular steroid that was illicitly used by many competitive athletes.

It allows its users to benefit and improve their performance in the field or the gym without experiencing any adverse effects.

The goal of this review is to help you to learn more about Winsol and its benefits. Suppose you intend to build your endurance and developing lean muscles. It is only available with free worldwide shipping on the Crazybulk official website.

Winsol: Who Should Use it?

Winsol by Crazybulk

Want to lose extra body fat, develop lean muscles, and improve your energy during exercise? If your answer is yes, then Winsol is the supplement for you. The supplement is safe to use by anyone who aims at getting results in improving their performance at the same time building a well-defined body look. Get yours from Crazybulk today!

If your goal is to get a ‘beach body’ in a short amount of time, then Winsol will help you achieve this. Women and men can use it because of its limited effects on sex hormones.

However, it can only be in use by adults above the age of 18, whose goal is to improve their exercise routine’s results.

A Review of Winsol

Crazybulk is the manufacturer of Winsol. It developed this product to give customers a safe and legal option for Winstrol. It also offers free worldwide shipping for its products. Made in 1962 as a treatment for hereditary angioedema, Winstrol is the most common household name for Stanozolol. It was a popular steroid.

It was in use in the treatment of osteoporosis, skeletal muscle injury, and venous insufficiency. It was also in use in veterinary medicine. Winstrol became popular among sportspersons who desired to boost their speed, energy, and overall performance. It is both an androgenic and an anabolic steroid. Although it was in use for its treatment of many ailments by the Food and Drug Administration, it was rid of most of its administration permissions. The decision was because of further tests done that showed that it could not treat many of the conditions that it claimed it did.

Winstrol eventually became discontinued in the United States. However, it is still available in different countries where it is still in use for different medical purposes. It got banned by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) following its rampant use by sportspeople and the adverse effects it posed. This aspect has made it one of the illegal substances examined during drug screens. It can lead to the disqualification of an athlete from participating in a given competition.

The steroid Winstrol remains in the user’s body for a couple of weeks after oral intake. It lingers longer, i.e., for a couple of weeks when injected. This attribute makes it a risky affair for any sportsperson to use to fail a drug test. Winsol is a much better alternative. It is a legal steroid that is allowed by all sporting organizations for use. It is made from natural ingredients and thus causes no side effects. It is, therefore, advisable to buy and use Winsol.

Winsol is made to help gain weight quickly, aids fat loss, and build muscle mass while creating lean muscle. It works towards increased performance in both sporting and training activities. It is available at Crazybulk.

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Ingredients And Composition

Many similar supplements have all-natural ingredients that give positive effects; however, you should learn about all the ingredients before you buy winsol. All the ingredients contribute to muscle gain, fat loss, weight loss, and cutting goals. They are discussed below ;

  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine 555 mg

Acetyl-l-carnitine contains amino acids that work to transport fatty acids to cells. Burning them creates energy that is then transported to the rest of the body and used, including the muscles’ tissues.

It also tends to help increase the supply of oxygen to the muscles. It helps in energy production and recovery in the muscle cells. When the blood supply to muscle tissues increases, this leads to decreased fatigue and soreness, which usually occurs while exercising. Acetyl-l Carnitine top up has shown results in increased speed in athletes.

  • Choline (Choline Bitartrate) 300mg

A serving of Winsol contains 300 mg of choline. It is a compound that assists in many bodily functions. It plays an essential role in cellular growth, liver function, and healthy brain development. It also supports rapid fat loss by promoting the metabolism of the fats. Its composition in Winsol helps to achieve lean muscle growth, vascularity goals, and fat loss.

  • DMAE(Dimethylaminoethanol)150mg

DMAE is a natural compound that has a significant effect on brain has been used medically in treatments that target ADHD, depression, Alzheimer’s disease, and dementia. It increases the secretion of the neurotransmitter, acetylcholine, that is involved in nerve cell signaling.

Acetylcholine plays a part in functions such as muscle contractions, pain response. It makes it essential for strength improvement and bodybuilding.

When DMAE was used in a study as a supplement by sportspeople, it increased initiative and motivation. Athletes exhibited reduced levels of anxiety and were more focused.

  • Wild Yam 300mg

Wild yam processes potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. These aid in preventing muscle soreness and promotes recovery. Diosgenin is a compound found in wild yam that increases muscle mass and fat reduction.

  • Safflower Oil Powder 126 mg

Safflower oil works to lower the levels of bad cholesterol in the body. It prevents blockages in blood vessels. You improves blood flow and reduces the risk of heart diseases during training. As an ingredient in Winsol, it promotes positive results by developing lean muscle mass and the prevention of water retention.

How Winsol Works

Winsol achieves its results by improving strength and energy while building up muscles to help increase field performance. When taken, it can help you get to your performance goals much faster as you’re able to develop an incredible physique. Winsol works to help you to create strong muscles while preventing frequent injuries and harm to muscles. You can find this fantastic supplement on Crazybulk.

Winsol also escalates vascularity. It is a result of decreased levels of subcutaneous body fat and reduced water retention. Increased vascularity is a good sign of fitness. Except for the physical effects, Winsol also works to better the psychological state of bodybuilders and athletes.

It heightens awareness during activities. It makes it easy to achieve goals. It also makes it easy to stay alert while exercising, and this helps to avoid mistakes that one could make that could lead to injuries. Winsol puts you in the right psychological and physical state to perform optimally in the gym and sporting activities.

All this happens within 30 days of use. You, however, need to follow the instructions as to the dosage as indicated.

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What Are The Benefits of Using Winsol

Winsol, when used, presents a lot of benefits that are essential in helping you advance your high-performance sporting career. You can only purchase the original untainted product at Crazy bulk.

Some of these benefits are discussed below;

Increased Energy

Choline and acetyl I carnitine are ingredients in Winsol. They promote fat burning in the body and act as a significant energy source that encourages muscle contraction.

This increased metabolism rate leads to increased energy production, which allows you to push further and harder during training. It also enables you to work out longer while taking shorter breaks. It also prevents you from getting fatigued quickly.

Development of Hard Muscle

The use of Winsol also leads to the formation of hard lean muscle mass, which is encouraged by the depreciation of fat layers under the skin and the decrease of water retention in the muscle cells. Winsol reviews have shown to have these positive results.

Improved Performance

Production of increased energy, quality muscle mass, and excess fat loss with no side effects is all influenced by the general overall performance. Bodybuilders and athletes are becoming more resilient as their bodies can handle the physical exertion and stress.

Winsol is a legal steroid that aids in the reduction and frequency of injuries. It is essential as one can maintain consistent gameplay in any competitive sport without quickly getting tired.

Quick Fat And Weight Loss

A few ingredients found in Winsol play a role in breaking down fats stored in the body. This product also discourages the consumption of calories by promoting satiety.

Winsol further enables weight loss through the prevention of water retention and fat loss. It is important to note that weight and fat loss are essential in developing good results of a well-formed lean muscle mass and well-chiseled body outlook.

Increase in Protein Levels

Proteins are building blocks of muscles. They also work to maintain them. Winsol is composed of amino acids, and these are the compounds that produce proteins. The use of Winsol will lead to an increased level of macronutrients in the body. Proteins also work to prevent muscle loss when you want to lose weight. They repair damaged cells and help regenerate others. Protein is essential while recovering from injuries.

Side Effects

Winsol is preferred to Winstrol as it has no side effects. The only downfall that the product has would be an allergic reaction caused by the natural ingredients used.

If you suffer from allergic reactions, it is vital to see a doctor before you start taking Winsol. Winsol has no adverse side effects as compared to its counterpart, the steroid Winstrol

Winsol has many pros in comparison with the cons. Below is a winsol review of them:


  • Winsol is safe and 100% legal to use. It is also allowed by sporting organizations.
  • It’s composed of natural ingredients with no side effects.
  • Winsol improves strength, speed, energy, and all-round performance on the field and in the gym.
  • Its results are noticeable after a short timeline.
  • It helps prevent water retention and encourages the loss of extra body fat.
  • Winsol provides a general feeling of focus and motivation that helps you to push yourself further on the field.
  • Results in quality muscle mass that provides the desired ‘beach body’ look.
  • It does not cause a hormonal imbalance and is safe for men and women.
  • It provides excellent results while cutting cycles.


  • It is only available on the crazy bulk website.
  • Its return policy is limited.

Where Can Winsol be purchased?

Winsol is available from Crazybulk’s official website. You need to bulk crazy with Winsol and other supplements such as Testo-Max. Have a look at Testo-Max Review.

Free shipping worldwide is available on the crazy bulk website with eery purchase. For every third item you add to your cart is free.

Once placed, your order at Crazybulk takes 1 -2 days to be shipped once it is confirmed. Within the US, it takes 3-7 days for it to This. It takes a bit longer if you are in Europe,i.e., 3-10 days. If you order before 2 pm, it will take a day to receive your Winsol package in the UK.

For other locations around the world, it takes 5-15 days to receive it.

The return policy is 14 days once received; the Winsol supplement needs to be in its original packaging. On return, you can ask for a refund or a product exchange.


Winsol is a safe and legal steroid that will go the extra mile to help you improve your performance while on the field and training. It promotes energy, growth of well-shaped muscles, and strength.

Its composition of natural ingredients makes it not to show up on a drug screen. It makes it possible to participate in competitions. Winsol also does not pose any health issues that could break down your mental and physical health, as seen in winsol reviews.

Winsol is a safe and reliable steroid that works well while cutting cycles. Stack Winsol, from Crazybulk with Clenbutrol, Anadrol, and Gynectrol for maximum fat loss and lean muscle retention. Have a look at Gynectrol Review. Buy the full stack at crazy bulk com. It provides a cutting guide that enables you to use all the products correctly to ensure maximum benefits. It is such a harmless supplement that people have provided such positive winsol reviews. There is no need to opt for illegal options that can be harmful.

When you use Winsol, from Crazybulk, it will help you gain excellent results as you will develop lean muscles, lose body fat, and improve your performance in sports.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Winsol Legit?

Yes, winsol is legit when compared to other bodybuilding supplements.

Does Winstrol Make You Bigger?

No, winsol will not make you bigger. However, it will help you lose fat and gain muscle mass instead.

Are Crazy Bulk Products Safe?

Yes, crazy bulk products are safe as long as you take the right dosage and consult with your physician before using them.

What Works Better Than Steroids?

HMB groups have been proven to work better than steroids when it comes to bodybuilding goals.

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