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There aren’t many reliable sources of SARMs out there. Luckily, we found one that delivers the quality it guarantees.

SARMs were once considered as the new age steroids. It has the same anabolic effects and properties, however, with lessened to no androgenic side effects. SARMs are also considered as ligands (an ion or molecule that binds with a bigger atom to create a more inhibiting complex compound designed for more bodily function). SARMs have a more specific and targeted movement versus other supplements in the market. And this is precisely why it was used for medical purposes in the earlier times. It was used to treat osteoporosis, liver and kidney failure, as well as, restoration of crippling bone structure and weakened muscles due to menopause or old age. At one point, it was also used to battle virilization.

In bodybuilding, SARMs has been known to give a wide range of benefits without the steroid-like side effects. A few of the benefits include but are not limited to:

  • increased lean muscle mass
  • promotes the development of muscles
  • increased vascularity
  • optimized physical growth of the muscles
  • increased strength
  • more agility and focus
  • increased stamina
  • prolonged power for longer hours in the gym

To understand thoroughly the many benefits of SARMs to your body, you must also know about the different types of SARMs you can use. In this particular section, you’ll find more details about the most preferable SARMs for bodybuilding. These would include:

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Ostarine or MK2866

Probably the most popular in the SARMs list and the most widely used SARMs in the market, Ostarine is the best starting point if you’ve just found out about SARM’s. It is cheap, accessible and mild so you won’t be easily startled with the side effects. The best quality of Ostarine is it enables your body to retain its muscle mass even on days of a caloric deficit. In this sense, this product is recommended as a stack when you want to lose fat. It is also widely known as Enobosarm or Ostabolic and was originally developed by GTX. It has an elimination life of 24 hours and a melting point of 136 degrees. Mainly it used to reduce and combat muscle wasting.

Andarine or S-4

Andrine or otherwise known as S4 is one of the classic SARMs in the market. It has the benefits of a milder Winstrol and is considered to be highly potent even at low dosages. A lot of bodybuilders recommend stacking Andarine with Ostarine for more effect. This SARM is usually used for any function: cutting, bulking or recovery, it is as effective for any. For cutting, it will give you the lean built that you desire, helping you become tighter. It will give you the strength you need even if you consume fewer calories. You’ll only need at most two weeks to see changes with S4.

Cardarine or GW-501516

If you’ll go down deeper to the science of it, Cardarine is not really a SARM. It’s a compound that belongs to a group known as PPAR-delta or a Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor. This is because its receptors are composed of protein reactors to glucose. Cardarine has impeccable benefits for your cardiovascular system especially on the blood vessels and the heart. How it does this is it increases your stamina, while opening up your blood vessels to allow more oxygen into the body. All the while aiding in your weight loss.

Another minor benefit of Cardarine is lowered LDL cholesterol levels. It also stimulates muscle fiber.

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Nutrobal or MK-677

Branded also as Ibutamoren, is a growth hormone receptor. It emulates the process of a hormone, ghrelin, that regulates and increases appetite, but at the same time, allows the distribution of energy throughout your body. Before you are turned off by the appetite increasing properties of Nutrobal, you wouldn’t really gain the weight as it combats this through increased metabolization. This would ultimately lead to more gains and more muscle mass.

Ligandrol or LDD-4033

In terms of performance, Lingadrol is similar to Ostarine. It’s great for cutting and bulking. Adding to that, it is 10 times more powerful than Ostarine. Because of this, it is highly effective for building muscle and building it efficiently. It also helps increase strength and besides the potency, it will help you recover fast during the end of cycles. If you’re also looking to cut fat, Ligandrol is highly effective and has been found to boost metabolism. Most importantly, it is known to have great effects on your mood. Probably because you’re in better shape, but some bodybuilders account Ligandrol for it.

Testolone or RAD-140

Being popular known to inhibit testosterone, it is crucial to know that dosages for Testolone should be kept at a low at around 4mg to 12 mg for dosage range. You are also recommended to use a PCT supplement for regulation. Besides these facts, it is widely known to have strong muscle-building properties and should be perfectly taken when you want to bulk up. Due to its shorter half-life, bodybuilders tend to up the dosage and double the intake per day. However, I would recommend that you start small and shorten your cycles to 4 weeks, just to be on the safer side.

These SARMs can also be mixed and matched depending on the effect you need: bulking, cutting, healing, for females, etc. It would all depend on your preference and how you want your body to look like. Now it’s on to where to purchase it:

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Website Aesthetics or User-Friendliness

We like the overall aesthetics of It has a mild color blue which is good for the eyes and it is easy to navigate through the site. You’ll find 3 horizontal bars as its slide-right menu and there you’ll find links to their product lines from Powder form to Capsules and accessories.

However, we disliked the photos of the products uploaded on the products page. we would personally like to see the actual packaging or bottle that our SARMs come with. Instead, it shows the chemical composition of said SARMs, which, we are not so interested about.

Product Range and Pricing

The company is popular for having the biggest product line of SARMs. They have every type of SARM in the market, which is quite pleasing to see, and everything is available in both powder and capsule form:

  • Cardarine (Powder and Capsule)
  • Ligandrol (Powder and Capsule)
  • Ibutamoren (Powder and Capsule)
  • Ostarine (Powder and Capsule)
  • Testolone (Powder and Capsule)
  • S-23 (Powder and Capsule)
  • Andarine (Powder and Capsule)
  • Stenabolic (Powder and Capsule)
  • YK11 (Powder and Capsule)
  • ACP-105 (Capsule Only)

You’ll find that most of the products are more expensive compared to other sellers in the market. For example, a raw powder form of Cardarine costs 39.95 USD for sarms4you, while some manufacturers have this at 40 USD already in capsule form. However, from time to time, they do give discounts from 17% to 39% off your total bill. That’s a lot of savings.

Also, you’ll get your money’s worth if you buy it in bulk as they have major discounts for big orders.

Payment Method

It is also a delight to see that they have various online payment methods to make it easier for the customer to choose from. You can pay via credit card (Master or Visa), through iDEAL or, bitcoin.

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Customer Service

They probably have one of the fastest turnaround time in terms of response to concerns. In as fast as 20 minutes, you will be able to receive feedback should you have any concerns with your order or the product that was shipped to you.

More than this, they have quite a fast shipping method. In 24 to 72 hours after you have placed your order, you may expect your SARM waiting at your front door with exception to international orders.

On their website, you’ll also find a shipment tracking option. We believe this is highly convenient. Another personal favorite is the return policy conditions. In case you aren’t satisfied with the packaging or how your product was delivered to you, you’ll be able to get a full refund if you return it unopened and sealed, of course. You have as long as 14 days to get your returns in.

Product Testing

You’ll never know the actual effectivity of your product unless someone outside your company or circle, tries it. Unfortunately, some suppliers don’t even test or only claim to test their products without really doing so.

And this is one of the things that we find great with Sarms4You: should you need or want any proof of effectivity of each product, they’ll hand it over to you, fair and square. Each product comes with a CoA or a Certificate of Analysis which shows the make of each SARMs; all products are usually about 99%.

Legitimate or Not?

It truly is one of the most trusted SARM vendors left. Highly regarded as the biggest SARM supplier in Europe, there isn’t a place or in this case, a website out there that sells the highest quality of SARM you’ll find.

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