The Perils of Taking Turinabol, a Steroid for Weightlifters

The idea of having a bigger and more muscular body is one that a lot of people aspire for. These individuals tend to consume foods that are high in protein, religiously hit the gym and take supplements that will speed up the process.

However, some of these supplements run into conflict with international laws as well as decrees from sporting institutions and agencies that monitor medicines and drugs. There are instances when people, blinded by the allure of having a muscular body, tend to not understand the risks involved when consuming products which can lead to fatal consequences, as some attacks the heart and liver.

One of these products is Turinabol, an anabolic androgenic steroid, which is commonly used by bodybuilders, regardless if it is for the sake of sporting excellence or vanity purposes.

A background of Turinabol

As mentioned, Turinabol is essentially a steroid. Steroids are essentially medicines that cure people, or at least relieve them temporarily of certain illnesses. However, in a sporting sense, the word ‘steroid’ connotes a negative impression. This is because numerous athletes in different fields have used these to strengthen their bodies for the sake of glory.

What it essentially does is that it lessens body fat and develops muscles, which then allows its users to be stronger physically and more capable of doing what would have been challenging tasks without the medications.

Originally, it helped patients who were in bed rest for quite a long time to build up their bodies to aid in their recovery. Unfortunately, athletes used it as well and it was used during the 1960 Olympics that was exposed in a national program as a cheat for sporting excellence, an undue advantage to earn podium finishes.

International agencies raised red flags, which led to the punishment of different athletes and teams. A more recent example is Ukraine’s Victoria Tereshchuk who was stripped of her bronze medal in the 2008 Beijing Olympics after her failure in the drug test by the International Olympic Committee.

And the fact that it still exists in various articles online means that there are still athletes and individuals who purchase and use it.

Because of the negative consequences it brings to its users, the product is an extremely rare supplement to find and it is widely available on the black market.

It contains a substance called 4-chlorodehydraethyltestosterone, which is flagged by agencies that are on the lookout for illegal drugs such as the World Anti-Doping Agency, the United States Anti-Doping Agency and the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority. For it to work effectively, the users must have two to six doses per day at certain intervals to help the body process it to maximum effect.

What are the effects?

As in the case of any drug, regardless if it is legal or illegal, there will always be side-effects, good or bad, for the user. Some of the more so-called positive consequences are the increase in the amount of testosterone, which trims fat, helps muscles to retain nitrogen, which is like a cushion for them when athletes train, produces more protein for muscles and increases the number of red blood cells.

Because of those circumstances stated above, users become physically stronger. What would have been challenging training sessions and exercises become walks in the park or at least way easier for these athletes. This tbol, as it is commonly known, isn’t without its downsides, to which there are many.

Some of the lighter consequences for the intake of this drug include an abundance of hair in different parts of the body, altered voice tones for women and, interestingly, hair loss on the head. To say it gets worse is simply an understatement.

Turinabol is a slow killer

Perhaps the most glaring effect of consuming tbol is that it heightens the chance of heart diseases or even the failure of the organ’s operations. Constant consumption of the product hampers the path of bad cholesterol, which then blocks the arteries. It then becomes harder to breathe and the heart is provoked harder to keep the body alive. Over-exertion of the heart leads to heart attacks at the very worst.

Ironically, another consequence is that it lessens the body’s testosterone levels. While it is stated above that it increases testosterone, that is only a temporary effect. In the long-term, it diminishes the body’s ability to make the aforementioned hormone.

This is particularly damaging for men as it will inevitably make them impotent when it comes to sex with their partners. They lose their appetite for sex and will have noticeable problems with their sexual organ as well as the growth of their breasts. Obviously, this may potentially harm the relationship between the man and his partner.

After heart and testosterone level problems, the next major issues are those that are related to the skin. As it interferes with your hormones, dry and oily skin, acne and even rashes may arise through time. It not only kills you and lessen your sex drive, it also makes you uglier by the minute.

Lastly, it damages your liver, big time. You see, the liver is one of the most important organs in the human body. It cleans up chemicals and allows you to digest medicines. Now, imagine if your liver gets destroyed because of tbol. What basically happens is that you are getting closer to being six feet under the ground.

Remember, unlike kidneys, the human body only has one liver. It is better if that thing never gets destroyed in the first place. You may need to resort to certain medicines and machines to keep your body going as getting a liver transplant is quite difficult and expense.

The thing is, stopping the usage of Turinabol is not an instant thing just like smokers cannot easily stop themselves from the consumption of cigarettes. These things take time and effort to commence but the damages to the body have already been done.

Is there something worse than Turinabol?

Yes, there is and its name is Dianabol. It helps bodybuilders gain mass faster and it is pretty much where Turinabol is based from. In fact, think of Turinabol as something like Dianabol’s younger sibling.

Since both are related, then tend to harm the body in similar ways. There’s the abnormality when it comes to hair, liver damage and skin problems. It can also force men to grow man boobs.

One big difference Dianabol has from Turinabol is that it gives its users water weight. Instead of trimming down the fat, it actually retains and enlarges it because it makes the body hold more water than it probably should. Instead of strengthening the body through muscle, it just makes you fat. And it also increases your blood pressure.

It’s safe to say that Turinabol and Dianabol are those siblings who strongly resemble one another. Another similarity you might ask? It is also an illegal substance, not only in sports but also for personal use.

With that being said, the best thing to do is to neither buy Turinabol or Dianabol. Please do not fall into that trap or adhere to poor advice. Short term gain for long term loss does not really make sense, right?

So what now?

For starters, it is better if you or anyone else would not take it at all. The risks outweigh the minimal benefits. Why go for sporting glory or a picturesque body on the outside if it will all lead to the demise of your internal organs?

Better yet, grow your body in a natural way. Yes, the non-use of steroids will not strengthen the body to its full potential, but it shall not damage it one bit as well. The intake of amino acids, consumption of high protein foods and beverages like chicken breasts, eggs and milk will develop the body alongside a strictly followed bodybuilding program.

There are also other supplements available in the market that respect anti-doping laws and are not harmful to the human body. Consumers can easily purchase these products online and in nearby retailers, unlike Turinabol which is illegal in the United States and a whole lot more countries.

There is nothing wrong if you want to chase an Olympic dream or to look good in front of your desired partner. Just don’t do it by taking something like Turinabol. You are not only cheating the process. You are also hastening your death.

Aside from the fact that it is not legal and the drug will appear on urine at regular drug tests, it also destabilizes your hormones which will eventually lead to more serious complications.

If you still wish to get it, go right ahead. Just do not forget that everything in this article is meant to warn you on all of its ill effects. Turinabol leads to so much more trouble that it is not even going to be worth it.