The Best Post-Cycle Therapies to Try this Year

When it comes to the whole bodybuilding process, the aftercare is just as important as the process it takes you to bulk up and gain all the muscles you can get in a short period of time. After ingesting huge amounts of anabolic steroids used to help you maintain the ripped muscles, the body starts to deteriorate from all the stress. It immediately forces you to go to catabolic mode. Meaning, you will lose all the hard-earned muscles you’ve worked hard for bit by bit. That is when post-cycle therapies or PCT comes in.

What are PCTs?

PCTs are there to help your body stabilize and return to your normal rhythm after being bombarded by tons of hormones during your bulking-up stage. It helps the body as it transitions from a high testosterone level state to a normal one.

The upsurge of chemical compounds and the overtime work your body did to gain muscle can become taxing over time. Thus, for your body not to experience the repercussions of the process, you need to give it some time to rest and recover. And PCTs are here to help.

The right PCT can help you retain all the hard work you obtained during the bodybuilding period. That is why you must find the PCT that could give you the best results possible.

The PCT Process

The whole process of doing PCT is actually pretty simple. It is commonly done for four to six weeks after the bodybuilding period. It comes in three cycles or options:

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1st PCT Cycle: Clomid PCT

Clomid PCT acts as the first line of healing and defense after using various products during the bodybuilding process. If you used tons of strong anabolic steroids, Clomid would be there to bring you back to your normal state rapidly. The product blocks out the estrogens from forming and boosts the testosterone levels.

Because of its potent formulation and fast-acting results, the side effects can hinder you from going back to your normal activities. Mood swings and vision problems are one of the common complaints that Clomid PCT users often say.

The typical protocol that bodybuilders use when consuming Clomid PCT is as follows:

Week 1 = 50 mg a day
Week 2 = 50 mg a day
Week 3 = 25 mg a day
Week 4 = 25 mg a day

Some athletes consume more than these amounts due to the notion that it will make them recover faster. This is not true. Clomid PCT is a potent drug in and of itself. The more dosage you consume, the worse the side effects are. Moreover, the possibility that these effects will continue in the long-term would increase.

For people who would be using Clomid PCT for the first time, this protocol is already enough for them o feel the benefits of the drug. But for those who have been doing the cycles for years now, they might need new dosage measurements. If you belong in the latter category, just consult a professional before ingesting a lot more than 50mg. He or she will also be able to guide you when it comes to the side effects that this drug brings.

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2nd PCT Cycle: Nolvadex PCT

Considered to be a favorite PCT drug by the people in the industry, Nolvadex PCT is the usual go-to of bodybuilders who cannot take the potent side effects that Clomid has. The formula is significantly lighter than Clomid, so vision problems will not be an issue. You will, however, experience headaches, stomach issues, and hot flashes.

Nolvadex PCT, also known as Tamoxifen or Tamoxifen Citrate, was initially used as a treatment for breast cancer. Because of its reputation as a safe drug for use even by vulnerable cancer patients, it became a quick favorite among bodybuilders. The formula is able to deliver the same results that Clomid PCT has without the harsh side effects.

For this protocol, you need to start following this dosage:

Week 1 = 40 mg a day
Week 2 = 40 mg a day
Week 3 = 20 mg a day
Week 4 = 20 mg a day

As you can see, a little goes a long way when it comes to Nolvadex PCT. Not only does it exhibit mild symptoms. You will only ingest less of the compound per dosage and it will still deliver the same effects as that of Clomid.

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3rd PCT Cycle: Clomid + Nolvadex

Some people think that combining both PCTs can complement one another. Nolvadex will somehow counter the potent side effects that Clomid PCT has, while still giving the perks and results that they expect during the PCT.

Others, on the other hand, think that Nolvadex PCT is too weak a formula to deliver the results they desire, while Clomid PCT is too strong that the side effects can be too unbearable. Surely there is a middle ground when it comes to using both? In the end, some bodybuilders opt to combine both of these formulas.

Although the reasons make sense, most people in the field of bodybuilding frown upon this method. After all, it is pretty straightforward as to when and how both Nolvadex PCT and Clomid PCT must be used. If you have a mild cycle and only need minimal support towards recovery, go for the latter. On the other hand, if you constantly bombarded your body with tons of drugs during the training, Clomid PCT should be used—again, with caution.

In any case, bodybuilders that use this type of cycle follow this protocol:

Week 1 = Nolvadex 20 mg + Clomid 50 mg a day
Week 2 = Nolvadex 20 mg + Clomid 50 mg a day
Week 3 = Nolvadex 20 mg + Clomid 50 mg a day
Week 4 = Nolvadex 20 mg + Clomid 50 mg a day

The choice as to what cycle you will use, however, depends on how your body would react to the PCT products. Before trying out a particular PCT cycle, do some research first. Ask the professionals in the industry if the side effects are worth all the results you will eventually gain after the PCT period.

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