PureRawz Review: Should You Try Them or Nah?

PureRawz is a manufacturing company that sells various bodybuilding products such as peptides, Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators or SARMs, steroids, nootropics, and more. They also sell cannabis-based products and ancillaries, albeit on strict measures.

Not much can be researched about this company since it seems to be relatively new compared to the ones that are already on the market. Despite their newcomer status, though, they are already creating a buzz within the community due to its assortment of products.

The Products

As previously mentioned, PureRawz offers different research chemicals and products that one would need as he or she goes along the bodybuilding process. Here is a breakdown of all the product categories they have:

  • Ancillaries (micro scoop, syringe, glass bottle, glass dropper, acetic water, and more)
  • Cannabidiol-based products (capsules, gummies, liquids, massage oil, sprays, and more)
  • Kratom products (elephant powder, green Bali powder, green Maengda leaves, Plantation powder, red X leaves, and more)
  • Mushrooms (Chaga Mushroom Powder, Turkey Tail Mushroom Powder, Cordyceps Mushroom Powder, Red Reishi Mushroom Powder, Lion’s Mane Mushroom Powder, and Maitake Mushroom Powder)
  • Peptides (ACE-031, CJC – 1295 DAC, Epithalon, GHRP-2, Gonadorelin, and more)
  • Research Caps (5a-Hydroxy Laxogenin, LGD 4033 Ligandrol, Phenibut FAA, Tianeptine Sodium Capsules, YK-11, and more)
  • Research Liquids (1-Andro, Anastrozole, Avanafil, Dapoxetine, Memantine, and more)
  • Research Powders (6-Paradol, Cardarine GW 501516, Emoxypine Succinate, ITPP Myo-Inositol, Piracetam, and more)
  • Stacks (Atlas, Demigod, Klymene, LGD 4033 + MK677, Ostarine + Cardarine, and more)
  • Tabs (ACP-105, AMP Citrate, GW0742, LGD-3303, S4, and more)
  • Transdermics (RAD-140/S-23, RU-58841, SR-9011, SR9009 Stenabolic)

That’s a whole lot of products to be bought in one store. Out of all the categories, the Peptides and Research Chemicals are the most comprehensive. You will find yourself overwhelmed with so many choices.

Because of the wide selection of SARMs that they offer, PureRawz is a popular supplier of these formulations. You should note, however, that popularity is not always equal to quality. It is still essential that you research about the purity of their products because that is more important than the prestige.

Their products can last for up to three years when stored in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight.

The Prices

Let’s face it—hard work does not come cheap. And if you want a quality product that can deliver the best results available, you will invest in one even if it means you would have to burn a hole in your pocket.

With that said, PureRawz products are pretty pricey but still reasonable for such high-quality products. A bottle of the peptide (Adipotide 2mg) can already cost you $24.95 a piece. That is apart from the shipping costs.

The good news is that PureRawz offers discount deals and codes every once in a while. And since the shipping cost may be pricey as well, the company often throws freebies to your package as an appreciation gift. Most of all, if you ask nicely, they can even send you a free sample of one of their products.

As for the payment methods, it can be a little sketchy especially if you belong in a country where SARMs are strictly monitored. That is because they do not allow credit card transactions. Instead, they ask you to purchase either via cryptocurrency, Google Pay, Zelle Pay, or Paypal. In addition, you have to follow the necessary steps that are outlined in their site to ensure that your orders will push through.

All methods are safe and secured transactions, though. What’s more, you do not have to offer your credit card information so your data is safe.

The Shipping

PureRawz is very much meticulous in their shipping process. They only ship during the weekdays and can only accept process orders during the day until 3PM EST. They deliver within the continental US and worldwide.

For orders that are below $80, there is a shipping cost already involved. Beyond that and it is already free. For those who purchased over $150 worth of products, PureRawz requires that the customer signs a form that would tell them that the package arrived safely. Otherwise, they will not be liable for any damage or delays.

There are some countries that do not allow pharmaceuticals such as SARMs to be shipped. If you are from one of these nations, the best way for you to get your hands on these products is to ask a known pharmaceutical company to buy it for you—an impossible feat. Or, you need to buy their products in bulk. On top of that, you have to wait for quite a while before it can reach your doorstep, as the custom laws in your country might be stringent in inspecting drugs such as these.

The Customer Service

Another thing that makes PureRawz stand out from other competitors is its fast and efficient customer service. Most of their agents reply within a day of your email and would even offer a first-time buyer’s discount as a way to thank you for showing interest in their products. This is actually a breath of fresh air for customers like you who would like to know more than what is written in the fine print.

Their customer support email is at support@purerawz.co. You can also visit their website to know more about their brand and how to contact them through other channels. Aside from that, they have Facebook accounts where you can see their most recent posts and the reviews they received from satisfied customers. These will further help you in weighing your options on what to purchase on their website.

Final Verdict

With their wide selection of products, reasonable prices, and superb customer service, PureRawz is certainly a brand to watch out for. It is not surprising that despite being new to the game, they are already popular among the people within the industry. Whether you want a formulation in capsules, tablets, or liquid form, PureRawz is sure to have it in their store.