Psychotic: To Drink or Not to Drink?

Hitting the gym to build muscle mass has never been this easy before. Everywhere in the world, there are numerous gyms you could go to like Anytime Fitness, Gold’s Gym and the like. Heck, you can even purchase weights online that can be used in the comfort of your own home.

With that said, though, it is one thing to work out, it is a completely different animal to properly work out. It is not just about lifting weights and doing a variety of exercises. People need to follow strict diets, perform the correct exercises and find time to actually do what they need to do to stay fit.

But what if people found out that there is a product that can aid them in their daily workouts? What if consumers knew that a certain drink can help them improve their performance and exercise for a longer duration? What if they knew that this product is easily available for them, whether at their nearby mall or from retailers from the internet?

Enter Psychotic Pre Workout

The product in question is called the Psychotic Pre Workout, which is manufactured by the company Insane Labz. It is a supplement that consumers can digest before they lift the weights. It essentially comes in powder form and is mixed into water and it comes in different flavors such as cotton candy, apple, fruit punch, and grape. And the product just costs $35.

One pack can serve 35 containers with a scoop consisting of 5.9g worth of powder. The formula is made of Beta-Alanine, Creatine Monohydrate, Caffeine Anhydrous, a special patented ingredient called AMPiberry, which is Juniperus Communis, Hordenine HCI, Dimethylethanolamine, Rauvolfia vomitoria extract, and Huperzine Serrata Leaf Standardized Extract. Each serving comes with caffeine worth 0.3 grams.

People who have consumed the product from other countries shared that they have enjoyed a high performance because of it as it is one of the strongest products available in the market. They gradually lifted heavier weights because of the amount of energy it provides for the user.

What this means is that you get to achieve your dream body quicker than you might have if you did not consume the drink. It makes you stronger and increases the chances of you being able to maintain those toned muscles as long as you purchase and consume the product regularly.

However, too much intake, of course, is not good for users and individuals who find it too strong should lessen their intake. It is essentially a performance-enhancing drug similar to what athletes in sports such as football, baseball, athletics, cycling and volleyball use.

While it makes you stronger, you need to be ready for the blowback, which comes in the form of illnesses and slowly hurts your body the longer you use it.

The ill-effects of consuming Psychotic

Some users of the product might feel some negative experiences with the product. Illnesses such as nausea, headaches, diarrhea and an increase in blood pressure are possible for people who consume the product. Additionally, over-fatigue is a possible consequence as well.

Perhaps the worst that can happen for people to use it is cardiac arrest. Imagine if you are working out and then that happens to you? That is indeed a tragic way to leave this world. While there are only a few instances of heart attacks happening because of the drink, that fact that it did happen quite a few times means the risk is always there.

All these repercussions are what make this product regulated by government agencies in nations such as Canada.

For instance, Health Canada, the Canadian government’s national agency for healthcare has issued warnings for the product. A report published by the institute determined that Psychotic holds too much caffeine and stimulants such as hordenine, huperzine, and arecoline, which they say is not listed on the product’s packaging in the North American state’s provinces in Quebec and Ontario.

In fact, Health Canada’s immediate recommendation is for consumers to not use the product at all and for those who feel any of its side effects to rush to a nearby hospital or a physician to cure remedy any uncomfortable situation that can escalate into something life-threatening or cause disabilities and physiological damage.

The agency took one step further in their initiative to stop the selling of the product when it forced the distributor, a certain company called Nutri-Genics, to cease its release in the market. But there is still a chance that there are other sellers for the product which have not yet been approached by Health Canada.

It is not just Psychotic which is dangerous

If the Canadian government has taken steps to remove Psychotic from all corners of the market so that consumers will not be harmed, then certain physicians and health groups from around the world have started to lobby for stricter government laws for pre-workout supplemental products.

Canada’s North American neighbor, the United States of America, has seen its fair share of initiatives to regulate supplements such as Psychotic from some of its states. Australian researcher, Dr Laura Hart, testified in Massachusetts and commented in a news report the following to a news report, “We know that individuals who are really concerned about their body weight, or trying to change this shape, are more likely to use and abuse supplements that are particularly unhealthy for them, or to take risks using supplements that have little evidence on how toxic they might be.”

A colleague of Hart, Dr. Zali Yager, conducted a study that focused on young boys in a school in Victoria, Australia. She found that there that mental health also plays a part in the consummation of pre-workout and supplemental products in general.

“I think the research shows us that it’s becoming very commonplace, regular and accepted for boys to be using those sorts of supplements,” Yager said as her research found that “the research also found 20 of the 237 boys surveyed were using creatine – a legal muscle-building supplement that, until recent years, was generally only used by elite athletes and bodybuilders.”

“It can also lead to clinically diagnosable psychological conditions and eating disorders as well – we’re seeing supplements are very much involved in the diagnosis.”

Yager advocates that supplements become more regulated just like cigarettes because of the health risks they pose. If the tobacco industry is worth billions of dollars and is regulated by governments around the world because of the effects of its products, then the same must be done for the supplements business because of the immense volume sold every year and the potential damages it can do to the body’s vital organs.

So should you still buy Psychotic?

If you managed to make it to the last part of this write-up and you are still undecided, I do not blame you. To be frank, vanity always plays a part in everyday life. People always want to look good to the point that they somehow impress a person they want to court.

There is obviously nothing wrong with lifting weights. However, what complicates the equation is when people consume pre-workout supplements such as Psychotic. Yes, it shall help people become more efficient in their exercises and make them feel stronger at a longer span of time compared to not drinking it.

But those are where the positives end. This writer believes that the negative effects outweigh the positive changes that Psychotic can bring. At the cost of having a bigger body, people experience health risks in return. It is no joke to experience nausea, headaches, and diarrhea and these ailments are simply at the first level.

At the very worst, Psychotic can cause irreparable damage to a person’s vital organs like the heart, liver, and kidney. Having one of them fail the human body is a huge hindrance to its operations. It is somewhat a miracle already if a person can survive a heart attack. The human body only houses one liver and if that happens, then you are close to death unless you get yourself a liver transplant. Lastly, everyone has two kidneys but if one goes down, then you have no choice but to digest food and drinks with respect to your last kidney.

With everything said and done, before you work out in gyms during your free time on weekends or after your work, think about it first. There is no point looking good on the outside if you are getting hurt in the inside.

It does not matter if the product in question is Psychotic or others such as Pre Jym Workout, ENGN Shred Pre Workout, PRE-KAGED, ENGN, C4 Original Pre Workout, PumpMode, Signature Pre Workout, NeuroCore Pre-Workout, C4 Ultimate Pre Workout, and NITRAFLEX, just do not push through with it.

At the end of the day, it is always better to be safe than sorry. The short-term gain is nothing when it comes to long-term, heck, permanent damage and loss.