Performix Ion Pre-workout Review: Is it Worth it?

Performix Ion Pre-workout Review

Even the strongest and most disciplined person can have a hard time boosting their energy. If you are having problems with focus and energy before your workout, then you might need a pre-workout supplement. Before we continue with our review, let’s explain first what a pre-workout supplement is.

A pre-workout supplement is a dietary supplement adults mix with their workout routines. As the word suggests, it is taken before you start your workout routine. These types of products are used to increase both energy and focus, factors that are important when it comes to exercise. This delicious product has the same effect that happens to your body when you drink coffee, this is because most of the pre-workout products are containing caffeine as one of its primary ingredients. Now that we know what a pre-workout supplement is, let’s now proceed to review one of them, the Performix Ion Pre-workout.

What is Performix Ion Pre-workout?

The Ion supplement powers your workout by increasing your energy and your focus while performing your workout every day. It is a supplement created by Performix to complete one of their most famous set of supplements called Performix Training Stack by John Cena. Performix suggests that the product should be taken in combination with the whole Training Stack. This Ion supplement is also proven to increase hydration to keep you going strong, and muscle recovery and strength building to stay consistent. It comes with different flavors; Blue Ice, Watermelon, Tangerine, Fruit Punch, and Pineapple. Natural Flavors and the most common choices for every pre-workout supplement. Price starts at $25 and each pack has 30 – 45 servings, depending on how many grams you bought of course.

If you are also into something really special and unique, you can try the Performix ion v2x which has the same ingredient and effect as the original one. However, what makes it really special is that it comes in two flavors in just one pack. Drink them one at a time or combine them to create the ultimate flavor experience. Just remember to never exceed one serving prior to your workout to increase endurance and energy at the right amount.

What is the difference between Iridium, V2X, and the Original?

You read that right, there are 3 different types and varieties of this product. We now have the Iridium and V2X that clearly changes the game a bit. Now, how will you know what to use from these choices? Let’s take a quick review of them.

  • The energy complex in Iridium Ion is stronger and longer-lasting than the original. So, buying the original is not even advisable if you can buy Iridium which is much better than the original.
  • Ion V2X has a Fully disclosed active ingredient formula.
  • Ion V2X is the superior one. If you have money, you should go for it as it increases your energy 10x more than the original.

How much Caffeine is in Performix Pre-workout?

We all know that pre-workout supplements all have caffeine in their ingredients. Ion supplement is not different from them. The package that includes 45 servings has a total of 175mg which is a little lower than the other products. This means that they don’t rely on caffeine that much. However, if we take time to compute it, that 175mg of caffeine is 40+% above our normal caffeine intake per day.

This is also the reason why the owner and creators of every pre-workout supplement always told their customers to limit the intakes of their products. The 1 scoop amount per day this product suggests is more than enough to power your exercise routine.

Other Ingredients of Ion Pre-Workout

Other stated Ion Performix ingredients are:

  • Niacin
  • B12
  • Calcium silicate
  • Hydrogenated vegetable oil
  • Natural and¬†artificial flavors
  • Citric acid
  • Sucralose
  • Microcrystalline cellulose
  • Silica
  • Hydropropyl Methylcellulose
  • Acesulphame potassium
  • Ethylcellulose.

CarnoSyn Beta-Alanine is also included in this supplement. It is one of the important co-factor in the synthesis of carnosine. Its main focus is to balance the Ph Level in your muscle to reduce lactic acid. The normal serving of CarnoSyn that a person typically wants is 3.2 g or more, but the serving that a pre-workout has is at least 1.5 g which is good. The reason for it is that the annoying tingling sensation that CarnoSyn has increases as the dosage increases.

In terms of making it sweet, they use Sucralose to make their products sweet and tasty. However, using this product requires absolute balance and we think that this is one of the cause why people reported this product as too sweet, they didn’t take the time to actually balance the Sucralose with the amount of product, making it overly sweet.

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How do you safely use Ion Pre-workout?

Before anything else, we would like to remind you to consult your doctor first before taking any types of supplements to know whether they are good for you or bad for you. This product is easy to use, however, you should use it with caution, examine product information, and of course, check the ingredient list. You have to make sure everything is fine with you before using it, if you a pregnant, breastfeeding, or even going through a chronic illness, we suggest you consult your doctor and listen to them.

The way to use this product is the same as using any other pre-workout supplements. As a dietary supplement, adults mix 1 scoop of pre-workout ion to 8 ounces of cold water 20-30 minutes prior to your workout. Always remember to take only 1 scoop of this product per day and avoid using it along with products containing caffeine or other stimulants. The creator of the product strictly instructs users to take only one scoop per day, as this product already has more than 40% of our daily caffeine limit. Also, as it contains CarnoSyn, it is advisable to take it along with Creatine Monohydrate in combination with other products to increase its effectiveness as an energy booster. You can also take 1 serving along with healthy meals.

In terms of safety, you should also take note of the potential side effects that may occur. As of now, we can’t see any reports from their customers saying that this product has side effects. It is maybe because they expected those side effects since it’s normal for people who use supplements. Such potential side effects are headache, nausea, increase in heart rate, high anxiety level, and high blood pressure. If you ever experience this kind of symptoms, stop using the product, and consult your doctor.

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What we didn’t like about this Supplement?

Like any other product, it will start and ends with the formula and for us, this is the greatest mistake that they did with this supplement. We can’t deny the fact that even the most delicious and highly expensive product can be a good waste of money and energy.

A lot of people, especially those who experiment with this product concludes that this product may be good due to the fact that it reduces that tingling sensation and that its stimulant blend really keeps you going mentally. Aside from that, you can expect that it won’t give you any result-driven factors such as an increase in strength, fat loss, and muscle growth. If your goal is to gain more muscles as well as lose weight and increase endurance, we suggest that you consider the product called Anadrole. It will help you with the factors that this supplement is lacking. Due to those said reasons, we think that this pre-workout can not give what we really need.

Want to know more? The Ingredients section is what really makes us wonder if it really is worth it. The formula is quite good and normal but the thing is, what about the other ingredients included in it? We find artificial flavors, hydrogenated vegetable oil, acesulfame potassium, HPMC, yellow #6, and FD&C red dye #40. To be honest, it’s quite a list of unnecessary ingredients. Kind of bad, right? Let’s dig deeper. Each serving of Ion is 5.2 grams and on those 5.2 grams, approximately 4 grams are active ingredients. It means that over 20% of each serving of Ion is a mixture of these artificial flavorings, dyes, etc. That is a lot of percents that goes to questionable ingredients. If you want to gain a lot from your workout, do you really need the color for your drinks? This is what makes it worse for us.

What’s our Final Conclusion?

Let’s pull things together to create a concrete conclusion, but before anything else, let’s make some things clear. Supplements will help you pull yourself together in order to finish your routine. It will help you build more easily and it will also help you to increase your energy. However, even with tons of supplements, shaping up will still require self-discipline. It will be useless if you don’t sweat it out. Now, let’s proceed to our conclusion.

As a product to increase energy and endurance during your workout session, Ion may not be one of the best supplement products to go and invest in. It’s a great way to keep you going mentally, but we can’t expect to do a lot of things for us too. Ion supplement may increase your energy and mental endurance, but it is not a great way to do it if your aim is to lose weight and even gain muscles. However, the heavy stimulant crowd is really the only group of people that are going to truly love this supplement.

Also, you should also consider taking a look at the different varieties of this product; the Ion Iridium and the Ion V2X. If you want a stronger pump and long-lasting energy effect, we suggest that you go with V2X as it gives much more result-driven outputs than the original version of this supplement. And yes, most of the problems we had with the original one is solved by the V2X, we are really excited about how this brand evolves this product in the future.

In conclusion, this product is only good for people who struggle mentally, as of now. We are not saying that it won’t work for other people since we react to products differently. It may work for you but it will not work for us. However, it is essential that you look at some parts of the product too to make sure that it is worth it and of course, safe for consuming.

You should also consider the fact the taking high doses of this product can give you a potential problem in the future. As the product and the sellers itself suggests, only take 1 scoop of this product as it will work like a drug. Well, every supplement has this effect when taking more than the suggested dosage. Learn to take care of yourself, research more, and study the effects before going forward with anything. As of now, we are happy about how this product evolves, and we are really excited about what it can provide in the future.



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