Ostarine (MK-2866): An In-Depth Guide

Building body mass is not a thing of the year 2020. Men have been known to love anything that helps them build a fair and finely toned body structure. That’s why they hit the gym now and then, isn’t it? However, as time went on, we found some other ways to build the same muscle mass without killing yourself at the gym; men found workout supplements. Even though these supplements require some level of work out, you don’t have to spend too many hours at the gym trying to lift the heaviest weights.

Ostarine is one of those supplements that we have found useful for that purpose. Ostarine is also popularly known by work out and supplements lovers as MK-2866. It is also referred to as Enobosarm (on rare occasions) or Ostarine MK-2866, but for this article, we’re going to use the terms interchangeably, so you should understand that they all mean the same thing.

What is Ostarine

If you are fully involved in the gym world or have used SARMs for bodybuilding before, Ostarine is one that you must have heard of. It is one of the widely sought after SARMs (selective androgen receptor modulator).

SARMs target selected skeletal muscle and leave the others. SARMs have been tested and tried in cancer patients and hip surgery survivors to see if there are any beneficial effects that can be expounded on, and also to get rid of some of the side effects that are considered a bit distressing. It can also be used to treat muscle wasting (cachexia) in cancer patients. Even though it is useful for treating muscle wasting, it is not accepted as a standard treatment since the FDA has not yet approved it. We will look at some of the other side effects of the product later.

Bodybuilders have been taking Ostarine MK-2866 for decades now to help them build muscle and lose fat rapidly. However, in 1997 it was licensed to GTx incorporated, and they have been taking it through several kinds of research to ascertain if it is safe for human consumption and if it does what it says it does. I believe that bodybuilders can answer that question.

Most of the research work carried out on Ostarine MK-2866 has proven that it is efficient and effective for building muscle mass even though there are other very few studies that have varying thoughts about this. Ostarine has some side effects, but they’re minimal and shouldn’t be a cause of worry. We will go through all of them before reaching the end of this article. Just make sure you follow through.

Pros and cons of Ostarine

Aside from the benefits and the side effects that we have looked at, what are the other things that should make you consider going for or running from Ostarine?


The following are the pros

  • It increases muscle mass
  • Produces result fast
  • Enhances quick fat loss
  • Has positive reviews and is backed up by research data
  • Improves bone strength
  • Rapid recovery time


The following are the setbacks

  • It has not yet been approved by any medical body to be safe for people
  • It’s adverse effects haven’t been fully understood
  • It has some adverse side effects.

Before we move on further, let’s consider some of the frequently asked questions about Ostarine to give you a much fuller understanding of what the supplement is and does.

Benefits of Ostarine

Ostarine has more unique benefits to offer your body than it has side effects. Below are some of the benefits you’re set to enjoy when you take Ostarine on a journey.

It builds muscles quickly

As mentioned earlier, Ostarine takes effect almost immediately after ingestion. One of the reasons most bodybuilders choose Ostarine is because they can quickly see the results. If you’re going for a movie role and a good body mass is required, you might want to consider shopping for this SARM.

Ostarine has an excellent effect on your body’s androgen receptors, and the impact of this can be compared to a low dosage cycle of steroids.

Rapidly burns fat

The only way to build well-toned muscles is to burn unwanted body fat. Whether you’re going at it by purely lifting weights or you’re taking some supplements to help you along the way, fat must go for abs to come. Ostarine actively burns your excess body fat by charging up your androgen receptors to start the muscle-building process.

It strengthens your bones

Ostarine doesn’t merely give you well-toned and strong looking muscles, but it also helps to make your bones stronger. Ostarine, when taken by older adults, is found to help strengthen their joints and build their muscles.

Enhances athleticism

You don’t even need to wonder why USADA and WADA ban it. Ostarine boosts your testosterone levels to make you healthier and more active than usual. This would be cheating at a fair competition. Well, for one that doesn’t require tests, you could just be on your way to getting a gold medal.

Ostarine dosage

Anyone who has been shown a green light by their doctor can use Ostarine; however, you have to be careful not to overuse the pills. Although there hasn’t been any research that suggests a terrible side effect for large doses, it is crucial to be on the safe side.

Older people or people who are experiencing muscle wasting can use 3mg of Ostarine every day for around 12 weeks, during which they should observe a post cycle and take a break for approximately 3 to 4 weeks before resuming.

For bodybuilders, a more massive dosage may be required. People who are just starting with supplements and bodybuilding can go with 15mg per day for the first nine weeks, after which they must observe a post cycle for three more weeks before going on a 3 to 4-week break.

For some people who are experts in bodybuilding can use up to 25mg every day. As mentioned earlier, it has not been confirmed if the use of a high Ostarine or other SARMs dosages can result in complications or severe side effects. However, it is necessary to take things slow.

Always remember that a post cycle therapy is essential after taking SARMs for several weeks. The reason being that your body needs to return to the normal testosterone level. One or two weeks for PCT is highly recommended. You can go for some OTC testosterone boosters to get back to the normal levels or take Novaldex if you’re on a higher dosage. You can look up this list of the best PCT’s that you can find anywhere. This is for your well being and significant bodybuilding.

Side effects of Ostarine

Ostarine has some side effects that you have to take into consideration. These side effects are common with most SARMs. Some of them include

Back pain

Even though SARMs are meant for strengthening bones, they can make your backache at the early stage of taking them. It is only reasonable to take a break on rigorous workouts during this period to avoid worsening the situation.

Joint pain

Another bone-related downside to this is that you may feel slight joint pains when you begin to lift heavy weights while on Ostarine pills. You shouldn’t let that bother you because the problems usually go away after some time.

Increased hunger

If lifting weights naturally makes you hungry, then you better brace yourself up for twice that level of hunger because Ostarine makes you hungry more frequently. You’ll have to eat more. For people who are starting with workouts and SARMs, you should consider eating more protein more times during the day.

Another side effect you will likely notice is decreased HDL levels.

Ostarine safety

For now, Ostarine has not been proven to be safe for human consumption since we don’t know what long term effects it can have on people, especially the elderly. However, aside from the side effects that we know about, people who use Ostarine have not shown any deadly sign or symptom that results from the usage of Ostarine.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The following are some of the questions that Ostarine users have asked about the product. In answering some of these questions, you should already be satisfied with the explanation of what Ostarine MK-2866 really is.

What does Ostarine MK-2866 do?

Ostarine MK-2866 is a popular SARMs that is used by bodybuilders to build muscle mass. Ostarine is recognized worldwide, and if your fitness instructor were to be tested, he’d most likely test positive to it.

What is the best Ostarine dosage?

The straightforward answer to this is that there’s no “best” Ostarine dosage. Some users can take up to 50mg every day even though it is not advised since we don’t know if the supplement can have terrible effects if taken in large dosages in the long run. Critical research is going on in that aspect, and until there is a standard result, the advisable “highest” you should take is 25mg.

If you’re a beginner, you should start with something around 10mg and gradually build momentum. If you wish to increase the dosage, you must ensure that you stick with the cycle and PCT therapy for a more balanced testosterone level.

How long should I cycle Ostarine?

Cycling Ostarine isn’t something you must take a reasonable amount of caution with. Usually, the cycle should go something like this:

  • Take 15mg per day from the 1st week to the 8th week. For a very balanced toning, you want to make sure you stick to the dosage.
  • From the 9th week to the 12th week, you should start the post cycle therapy, preparing yourself for a break.
  • From the 13th week to the 17th week, you should pause on the Ostarine MK-2866.

It is advised and wise that you eat enough protein before and during the selective androgen receptor modulator (SARMs) intake to help boost the effectiveness of the supplement. Even if you’re not taking supplements, you need enough protein in your system to help you repair broken tissues.

Also, bear it in mind that a good looking muscle mass cannot be built in a day. So, don’t just take SARMs all week long. After the post cycle, take a break for at least three to four weeks to allow your system to do its job.

How does Ostarine work

Ostarine works like every other SARMs out there. The only difference which makes it more unique is that it is selective. Ostarine binds to your body’s androgen receptors and helps your muscles to start growing without aromatization.

Ostarine typically starts repairing tissues to build muscle mass almost immediately after it has been ingested. The effects take place very quickly, and that’s why it is famous among bodybuilders.

Can anybody use Ostarine?

SARMs are for everybody. However, some people may have some underlying condition that Ostarine may be contraindicated for; as such, it is advisable to visit a legal and experienced health practitioner before you start your journey. Also, if you’re an athlete, you shouldn’t go there.

Is Ostarine MK-2866 legal?

It is always a thing of concern when we hear about a supplement or any drug at all that causes visible changes or amplifies the human body. Ostarine and SARMs, in general, are not allowed in competitions. The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has stated that SARMs are prohibited for athletic use.

Also, the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) has also prohibited the use of SARMs in athletic competitions. If you’re an athlete, you need to stay away from SARMs to avoid being disqualified from the competition.

Other than that, Ostarine MK-2866 can be used anywhere and by anyone. It should be for personal use only, not for enhancing your muscle mass for sports.

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For a quick recap, Ostarine, also popularly known as Ostarine MK-2866 or simply MK-2866, is a selective androgen receptors modulator. Like every other selective androgen receptor modulators, it helps to build muscle mass fast. Ostarine takes effect almost as soon as it is ingested and, as such, is regarded as one of the fastest and most effective SARMs out there.

Ostarine has some adverse side effects that you might want to be wary of, so you should make sure you check with your doctor to see if it is safe for you. Although there hasn’t been any news of Ostarine’s severe or deadly negative side effect, it’s unknown if it has long term effects, especially when taken in large doses for a long time.

There are several other awesome SARMs that you should check out. One of them is the MK-677. To be sure of what you’re taking, you can look up this SARMs4You MK677 review for further information about the safest haven for SARMs.

I hope this review was helpful.

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