Is Nu Image Medical Credible? A Review

Nu Image Medical is a company that specializes in Medical HCG diet, anti-aging programs, hormone replacement therapy, and other similar fields. They started operating back in the year 2004. The best part about their operation is the fact that they are incredibly accessible.
We say this because Nu Image Medical not only accommodates clients on-site, but they also offer telemedicine and telehealth. If you have never heard of both of these before, don’t worry – we’ll be explaining everything that you need to know.

What Exactly is TeleMedicine?

Telemedicine is exactly what you might imagine – it’s the medicine that is performed through the help of telecommuting (or telecommunication). Information Technology has gone a very long way, especially in helping us to improve our lives on a day to day basis. In a world where traffic congestion is a problem and time is a limited resource, telecommunication is often employed as a solution. This is why Nu Image Medical decided to try the same method to help more people.
With the help of telehealth or telecommunication, more and more people can seek help. Access to healthy lifestyles has increased with the fact that doctors, as well as other medical professionals, can now see patients virtually. They can even speak with their clients through the use of video calls, thanks to modern technology.

The methods used by the company Nu Image Medical truly help and providing equal access to health care, especially to patients who may be too far away.

Nu Image Medical’s Claims

As a company, Nu Image Medical operates with their mission in mind. According to them, their mission is the fact that they aim to provide high-quality medical availability and assistance to all of their patients. Another part of their mission is to give their company’s clients more convenient access to their services that are related to health care. Nu Image Medical also strives to provide safe and effective services and products to help ensure that their clients and patients live in good health.

Nu Image Medical, as a company, do what they can to be as transparent as possible in terms of their services and products. Furthermore, they also strive to be transparent with their medical staff full step, as a result, clients, and patients can have peace of mind and the reassurance that they are being given the best possible care.

As proof of Nu Image Medical’s credibility, they have been in operation for over 15 years. They continue to build an incredible legacy in a world that is fast changing.

The physicians under the umbrella of Nu Image Medical are A4M certified, world link medical comma and have been in their respective fields for 14 years. The online medical appointments and consultations offered by Nu Image Medical are secure so there is no need for concern. Furthermore, the company strives to address every question and concern regardless of whether you were seen in person, online, or through telephone.

Nu Image Medical Benefits

When you begin your treatment as a client or patient of Nu Image Medical, you get the following:

  • HCG shots in supply to last you 26 days
  • The prescription for the injections is also included in the price that you pay
  • You are also given all of the necessary supplies for not only mixing but also injecting HCG
  • All other supplies necessary also come with your payment
  • Medical support and coaching is also available for your convenience
  • Your kit is specifically designed for people who need extra help with the program

What Else Does Nu Image Medical Offer?

On top of providing truly high-quality services like their medical assistance as well as other healthcare services, Nu Image Medical does also provide you with safe, convenient, and also incredibly reliable products that can directly benefit your health.

One such product is Prescription HCG, a kit that Nu Image Medical proudly offers to their patients and their clients. Prescription HCG is essentially a program for weight loss. It begins with your initial consultation with one of the company’s representatives. This representative will help to answer any questions that you may have before then helping you to create a customized program to help you lose weight. This custom program is meant to be effective in helping you to achieve your weight loss goals.

What programs does Nu Image Medical offer?

Nu Image Medical provides its beloved clients with incredibly convenient options that cater to their individual needs. When you become a client of this company, you are given the capacity to choose whatever length you want for your weight loss and diet program. However, if you are unsure, you can also seek the help of one of their experts.

There are 2 different programs that Nu Image Medical offers: you can choose between a 26-day duration program or a 46-day duration program. The shorter program will set you back a fee of 297 US dollars, while the longer program will cost you a hefty 397 US dollars.

26-day program
If you choose the shorter program, the claim is that you’ll be able to lose up to around 15 pounds. During the program, you’ll be able to experience the newest and greatest advanced methods of communication between doctor and patient. This program affords your capability to tel consult with your physician.

All of the HCG products used in the program are sourced from licensed pharmacies in the United States. The kit includes guidelines for your HCG diet, as well as more tips and recipes to help you out.

When you begin your program, rest assured that you were able to contact the staff of Nu Image Medical freely for advice as well as any other concerns regarding your weight loss journey. All you need is to make 1 phone call to reach them.

46-day program
If you up for the 46-day program, you will get similar benefits like the ones mentioned above. However, with the longer program, you will be able to lose more than just 15 pounds in 46 days.

What’s Next After Choosing the Program?

Once you can select which program you would like to go with, you must then choose the type of HCG diet or HCG program you prefer. Are you interested in an injections question mark or would you prefer to take your HCG as oral pellets or oral drops?

To help you figure out which one is the best option for you, here is a quick primer on each.

  • Oral HCG Drops – To those that prefer taking oral drops over any other method, your kit will contain all the necessary medical supplies. You will get 8000 IU of HCG as well as oral syringes to help you deliver your doses.
  • Oral HCG Pellets – An alternative to oral drops that is not as invasive as injections are the oral HCG pellet. Upon purchase of your kit, you will receive a bottle of 10,000 IU of HCG.
  • HCG injections – Finally, if you decide to get injections instead, you will receive a package containing 5000 IU of HCG. You will also receive all of the necessary suppliers for administering your injections.

From all of these options, the option that provides the highest dosage between the 3 products we’ve mentioned in the oral pellet. The lowest dose belongs to the injections, even though according to reviews the injections are the most effective method of delivery.

Nu Image Medical’s Pharmacy follows the USP 797 guidelines. They conduct tests of patches of injectables (sterile) to check for purity, potency, sterility, and endotoxins. Furthermore, the pharmacy stocked products also go through RDI rapid scans, allowing them to check the microbiology of each batch. Products are tested for mold, bad bacteria, and fungus.

As a company, Nu Image Medical appears to be fully dedicated to offering the best quality of health care to their clients and patients.

Mixing HCG

Proper mixing of your HCG drops and injections is vital to the effectiveness and safety of your program. It is generally advised that you follow strict instructions and guidelines to get the best possible benefits.

Here is a quick overview of one of the steps by step guides often provided by the company:

  • Step 1: With a large syringe (reserved for mixing), extract 5 ML of mixing solution. Inject it into the side of the vial of HCG. Don’t inject it directly above the powder.
  • Step 2: Swirl the solution GENTLY to mix it. Do not shake the vial.
  • Step 3: Once mixed, store the vial in the refrigerator.
  • Step 4: When you are ready, use a small syringe (such as the ones used for insulin) to carefully pull 0.2 mL from the vial. Inject it to your belly tissue, in the fatty areas (3 inches around to any side of your belly button). You must do this every day until your program is done.

If you need additional information or if you have any questions, you can contact Nu Image Medical. The company will provide you all of the information you need and answer any questions you may have. They can also provide you with instructions for mixing that are more detailed and specific.

Rules for Ordering

When it comes to ordering your program, there are a few rules for you to follow. For example, a health review is required. It must be conducted by a doctor employed by the company. This doctor will then provide you the prescription you need before you can order your specific program. When you make your purchase you are required to complete a questionnaire about your health. If you aren’t approved, you will receive a notification via email or phone call. You will also not receive a charge on your credit card.

Some Recommendations for Addons

Nu Image Medical docs do suggest addons to complement your program. Here are some of them:

Ultra Burn Injections Phase 3

  • $167 cost
  • The formula has ingredients to prompt the removal of fat within your liver. It averts extra visceral fat to help keep your organs healthy.

Ultra Burn Capsules Phase 3

  • $197 cost
  • Works and contains the same as the above, with the only difference being it comes in pill form.

Supplement Bundle for HCG Diet

  • $97 cost
  • An extraordinary supplement bundle including Stress Stop and VitaBoost XL, as well as Digestive Cleanse. Calcium Pyruvate is also included in 1500mg.

10K Biotin

  • $29 cost
  • If you have any hair thinning issues or problems with brittle nails, biotin can help. Biotin helps to address these issues that are often caused by imbalances of hormones.

Calcium Pyruvate

  • $29 cost
  • To help increase your metabolism and improve its function, take this supplement. It also helps your body burn extra calories and fat.


  • $29 cost
  • It helps in cleansing your digestive system. As a result, you will experience reduced bloating and a thinner waistline.


  • $29 cost
  • This supplement aims to increase the levels of HGH or human growth hormone in your body. HGH is partially responsible for stimulating the growth of muscle in your body. It also promotes better sleep and increased fat burning.

Jet Fuel

  • $29 Cost
  • It helps in reducing your appetite, resulting in improved weight loss results. It also allows you to follow your restricted diet more easily.

Stress Stop

  • $29 cost
  • The biggest benefit offered is its ability to equip you with better stress handling facilities.

Vitaboost XL

  • $29 cost
  • As a multivitamin, this product helps provide your body with enough nutrients. It gives you more energy even though you are following a lower calorie diet.

H2O Away

  • $29 cost
  • To improve the health of your kidney, this product increases the production of your urine. As a result, toxins are removed from your body more easily. It is recommended for those seeking to detox while on their program.

D-310,000IU Dexplosion

  • $29 cost
  • Supports your body’s production of vitamin D. Very highly recommended to those suffering Vit D deficiency or for those who have problems with obesity. NOT TO BE TAKEN CONCURRENTLY WITH HCG DIET PROGRAMS.

Protein Shakes – HCG Diet

  • $4.97 each
  • It helps to increase your protein which contributes to leaner muscle mass.

Final Words

The HCG diet and its related programs have been getting more and more popular on the internet today. You must do your research into the credibility of programs and companies before you decide on one to go with. Save your money and make your life easier by going with people who know what they are doing, such as Nu Image Medical. Your mileage may vary, but with the assistance of their medical professionals, an effective program is what you will get.

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