IRC. Bio Review: How legit is IRC. Bio as a SARMs Supplier?

Muscle-building supplements help improve physical appearance and performance, especially during resistance training. Athletes and weight-lifters need muscles to perform better, thus, they use these supplements to help stimulate muscle growth.

While some muscle-builders have earned their muscles through a strict diet, exercise, and extreme weight-lifting, others may have gotten it with much less effort yet through not so legal ways to improve their body’s build-up. Others may have gotten big through the illegal use of anabolic steroids.

The use of steroids is not unheard of in the field of athletics and health, however, while it brings desirable results in improving body form, prolonged use and misuse might lead to serious (even permanent) health risks such as kidney and liver problems, tumors, enlarged heart, high blood pressure, heart attack, and stroke. Because of the tendency of overuse, the use of steroids was branded illegal for use especially for those participating in any sports and active events.

Recently, new researches introduced the use of SARMs also known as Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators, a new type of supplement that has been making rounds online as a new and legal alternative to anabolic steroids. These supplements are drugs that mimic the effects of testosterone which results in muscle build-up and boosts athletic performance. Unlike steroids, SARMs do not cause negative side effects on the body.

In this review, we’ll get a closer look at Innovative Research Compounds as a company producing SARMs, as well as their products. Get to know how this drug has been satisfying customers with its effect without being exposed to any health risks.

About IRC.Bio

IRC Bio is a company that has a background from various businesses and fields in biochemistry business and IT. It provides high-quality chemicals that are mainly used for researches. With its multi-dimensional expertise, they have established an edge in the industry as one of the most trusted biochemical suppliers and companies in the field of research and science industry and it has also managed to expand their reach around the globe.

IRC Bio saw a loophole that would allow them to penetrate the industry. To provide what other similar companies could not provide, they have served a number of wide range clients including scientists to provide research products.

This company has been serving the research industry well for a couple of years already. Unfortunately, word has it that IRC Bio would soon be closing its door in supplying SARMs to make way for a new venture in the future, probably in the line of natural supplement which is something that their clients should definitely look forward to.

Top IRC.Bio Products

Through the years of supplying biochemicals in the market, the company has gained popularity with its wide range of products, in which some have become the best sellers. The company adhere to quality and ensures that all its products are effective and that they are exactly what their clients need.

Here are some of the products that made IRC. Bio a global leader in the field of biochemical research.

IRC Bio deals with many chemical products that are categorized as Androgen Modulators and Metabolic Modifiers, under these categories are different products that work according to function.

1. Androgen Modulators

Androgen Modulators are known as Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators or SARMs. These compounds were developed to mimic the same effects of androgenic drugs such as steroids. SARMs are commonly used in hormone therapy, to stimulate selective anabolic growth in the skin, bones, and tissues. These compounds are used as a safe alternative to steroids as it does not cause some health risks such as kidney and liver problems, tumors, enlarged heart, high blood pressure, heart attack, and stroke.

Here are some of the Androgen Modulator Products that IRC Bio has in their product list:

l Andarine (S-40) Powder – Helps in the treatment of benign prostatic hypertrophy, muscle wasting, and osteoporosis
l Ostarine (MK-2866) Powder – Helps in the treatment of dry eyes, osteoporosis, frailty, androgen deficiency, and other aging-related conditions.
l Ligandrol (LGD-433) Powder – Helps in the treatment of osteoporosis and muscle wasting.
l Ibutamoren Mesylate (MK-677) Powder- Being developed to help treat osteoporosis, muscle wasting, and hormone deficiency.
l YK-11 Powder – This increases the ability to build lean muscle mass.
l S-23 Powder – Used as male hormonal contraceptives.
l RAD 140 Powder – Developed to treat breast cancer and muscle wasting.

2. Metabolic Modifiers

Metabolic modifiers were designed to help improve lean muscle tissue reposition while reducing fat accumulation. These metabolic modifiers are used to improve the quality of muscle tissue in livestock as well as to improve feed capacity. It also helps improve mitochondrial counts in the skeletal muscle.

Metabolic Modifier Products

l Cardarine (GW501516) Powder – Helps in metabolic and cardiovascular disease treatment.
l SR9009 Powder – Helps increase repression of ReverbA regulated genes. It also helps increase the skeletal muscle’s mitochondrial count.

Purchasing from IRC.Bio

Most of their products are in liquid solutions of 30 ml while the powder compounds are in 1 gram quantity. The products sold start at $65 per bottle which is quite expensive compared to other vendors.

To place your order, you will need to create an account for the site. You can easily shop and add the items to your cart and proceed to pay to any of the following payment options: Visa, MasterCard, Bitcoin, and Coin Payments. Clients can score great deals by getting coupons to avail discounts on their purchases. A free shipping option is also available if their purchase amounts to $300 and above.

How legit is IRC.Bio as a SARMs Supplier?

When it comes to reliable SARMs suppliers, there is no doubt that IRC.Bio has been trusted by many research companies and other clients in the industry. As this company does not settle for less when it comes to quality and product performance, its products and its reputation still live on even in the present as one of the best when it comes to supplying SARMs. Although it is quite disappointing to know that the company has been closed, loyal consumers of IRC. Bio still hopes of their comeback, in producing effective and high-quality SARMs and other products.