Hunter Focus Review: Best Nootropic Supplement in 2020?

The number of supplementary products that are churned out back to back is numerous. So, when a new product debuts, everyone is in a frenzy to know whether the claims are true or false. Everybody likes a product that works. To ease your confusion or worries, we at SE make sure we give our honest opinion about some of these products. Meanwhile, We use the products where possible. Otherwise, our views are well-researched.

If you’re contemplating whether Hunter Focus is worth your dough or not, you need to go through this detailed review. This review we have put together is a product of self-experience and thorough research. As per its claims, Roar’s ambition makes Hunter Focus for those who think their cognitive needs some boosting either due to illnesses or for maintenance purposes. This product threads the line of numerous Nootropic supplements that hit the market.

In this Hunter Focus review, The major highlights would include; what Hunter Focus is, its advantages and disadvantages, How it works, and what ingredients make it up. Importantly, you’ll know the side effects, if any, and what you should be concerned about as regards the product.

What Is Hunter Focus?

Hunter Focus Premium Performance

Hunter Focus is a Nootropic supplement. Bodybuilding supplements are the most popular kind of supplements around. However, Hunter Focus being a different kind of supplement means that it helps with improving the cognitive aspect of the human body. Meanwhile, cognitive skills involve brain functions like perception, paying attention while at our daily tasks, recalling data, making crisp decisions, and linguistic abilities, among others.

Some Reasons Why You Would Want to Use Hunter Focus

After going through what the manufacturers have made their supplement for, the following reasons to use Hunter Focus seem to be ideally in line.

  • Age.

People could feel mentally fatigued as they age. The brain cannot endure tasks for long before breaking down into what some people will experience as a lack of clarity and reduced attention span. Therefore, aged people with failing mental endurance could do with a Nootropic supplement like Hunter Focus for brain-boosting

  • Brain illnesses.

Also, seniors are most likely to face the risk of developing brain-related diseases. Such illnesses as Alzheimer’s or Dementia should see a significant improvement in administering a Nootropic supplement.

  • Boost Brain Function.

Besides old folks, young people also tend to need the ‘smart drug,’ some people who find it necessary to pop pills to improve their brainpower from normal levels would find a Nootropic as Hunter Focus necessary. You can use Hunter Focus as a general brain health drug and refill your focus bar whenever you feel it draining.

Pros of Hunter Focus

This section does not come as a significant factor in determining that Hunter Focus is an original product. Instead, it would discuss some of the features that make it a likely consideration as your choice Nootropic supplement, and those that do not.

Affordable Price

Hunter Focus is very affordable when you take a look at the quantity that most Nootropic supplements offer. The price ranges from $60 to $75.

Discount Price

On top of the fact that it is easy to afford, the supplement also comes with a discount. This means that you get one free bottle when you purchase three bottles of Hunter Focus. Hunter offers more for higher purchases.

More Capsules

Compared to Nootropics by other manufacturers, a bottle of Hunter Focus will give you as much as 120 tablets. For instance, in our Gorilla Mind Rush Review, the product which contains just 30 capsules in a bottle for as much as $50, doesn’t stand a chance compared to Hunter Focus. Hunter, however, might be cutting quality to include more ingredients in a bottle.

No Caffeine

Caffeine is considered a Nootropic substance. This cash crop product improves mood, as well as it turns up the metabolism in the body. It is one of the several substances that spark up brain activity as well as physical performance. However, the substance is tied to many side effects, such as its ability to cause fatigue and indigestion, among others. Hence, if you are known to react to caffeine, Hunter Focus is safe for your use.

All Natural

Hunter Focus boasts of being a purely nature-based nootropic. All the active ingredients in Hunter Focus are said to be natural. This is a big plus for the supplement, as we know how much more compatible natural substances are with the human body.

Cons of Hunter Focus

Remember that these pros and cons don’t determine the quality of the product rather aspects of the products that you might look forward to and look out for, respectively. One of these things is that you can’t take anything out of the Hunter Focus bottle on an empty stomach.

Stimulant Ingredients

RemeAs directed by the manufacturers, the supplement should be taken with food. The ingredients in the supplement could upset your stomach if there’s no food in it.


If you wish to purchase the product, it is only available online. This means no physical stores are stocking the product yet. So, if you’re one of those who don’t like buying things over the internet, the product is not within your reach.

How Hunter Focus Works

Hunter Focus is a package of Nootropic goodness. All the ingredients contained are natural ingredients that are known to benefit the brain. Hence, improving cognitive function.

It is no doubt that a bottle of Hunter Focus will do immense benefit to your cognitive skills. All that the makers recommend is for you to take four capsules a day. There is no limitation as to how you spread the intake of the tablets throughout the day. However, typical dosages from various users involve a single dose of four capsules with some food in the morning. Otherwise, people would take two doses of two tablets, preferably in the morning band at night.

To get a breakdown of how Hunter Focus works, an understanding of how each ingredient benefits one’s cognitive ability is essential.


Significant use of natural substances in its ingredients makes Hunter Focus one of the best Nootropic supplements.

Hunter Focus ingredients are as follows:

  • Lion’s mane Mushroom 

This is also known as Hericium Erinaceus, or mycelium as it is a type of mushroom. Lion’s mane mushroom is widespread in Asia, where it is a part of their dishes. Even there, the mushroom is highly revered for its medicinal purposes as it is effective against autoimmune diseases and can improve cognitive skills.

Although there is no sufficient research on its ability to improve brain functions, it’s local reputation among people is enough to make it a worthy ingredient.

  • Ashwagandha Extract 

Ashwagandha is famous for its ability to improve stress. It is one of the most potent herbs used in Ayurveda. It is ancient, which counts for something; it backs up its effectiveness as a medicinal substance for brain health. This ingredient is known to contain chemicals that bring calmness to the brain and reduce blood pressure.

  • Citicoline

It occurs naturally in the brain. It is known to be neuroprotective, hence, shielding the brain from the adverse effects of several brain ailments.

  • Passion Flower Extract 

The chemicals in Passion Flower also have a calming effect on the brain. It can help to relieve muscle spasms. There is a strong belief that if taken by mouth, it could reduce anxiety effectively. Besides medicinal purposes, the plant is a climbing vine native to some parts of the American continent and is commonly used as a flavoring.

  • Bacopa 

Also known as Water Hyssop, this ingredient counts for a part of Hunter Focus that could improve brain illnesses like Alzheimer’s and ADHD. Memory and brain protection are the most common cognitive effects that it has.

  • N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine 

Tyrosine is an amino acid that the body can produce from breaking down food like fish, eggs, and wheat. This acetylated form of tyrosine is known for three primary cognitive functions.

  • Mental performance 

Research has shown that taking N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine will help to counter mental stress. This means better mental endurance for anyone using Hunter Focus. Correctly, it works to improve both noise-induced stress and cold-induced stress.

  • Memory 

Meanwhile, during the period when the brain is stressed, memory could fall short of optimal performance. The ability to recall data might be hindered. However, studies show that tyrosine might not be sufficient to improve memory outside stress conditions.

  •  Alertness 

While N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine is not known to improve sleep time or quality, but it can boost mental alertness for the sleep-deprived. The ingredient could stretch mental alertness for about 3 hours more.

  • L-Theanine 

L-Theanine is an amino acid common in tea and mushrooms. It can improve the transmission of nerve impulses to the brain. It should improve memory and the ability to think clearly.

  • Phosphatidylserine 

This occurs naturally as a fatty substance in the body. It is also known as Phospholipid. It protects the brain cells and relays messages to them. This ingredient is part of what helps to sharpen the brain so that one can recall data easily.

  •  Maritime Pine Bark Extract 

This ingredient is from the Maritime pine tree that grows around the Mediterranean sea. The pine bark extract improves mental alertness and prevents memory decline.

Hunter Focus Nootropic Supplements

Side Effects of Hunter Focus

Since they work with brain function, there should be psychiatric effects of Nootropics.  However, it seems like the issue of side effects won’t bombard the product as it tries to stick with the use of natural Nootropic substances.


Citicoline is a natural substance in the human body. With the advent of technology-driven medicine, Citicoline could be manufactured artificially. However, going by the manufacturer’s word that all ingredients used are natural. Our best guess is that the Citicoline used in producing Hunter Focus is sourced from other animals or plants.

Nonetheless, according to facts backed by the National Center for Biotechnology Information; Treatments with Citicoline could have adverse effects on you. Some of these effects are discomfort in the stomach, sleeplessness, fatigue, headaches, and tremors. Asides Citicoline, there are no known nootropics with adverse effects on the body. Meanwhile, in the case of proper use, the use of citicoline in Hunter Focus ingredients is not likely to stir any inconveniences.

Safety Guidelines/Concerns about Hunter Focus

Compared to other Nootropic supplements, four capsules might seem like an outrageous number of pills to stuff. But honestly, reducing the number of pills might not get the desired effect from the drug.  The use of Hunter Focus is clear and easy to follow. However, it is wiser to contact a physician before taking this supplement. Preferably, a more qualified family doctor can tell you which substances are appropriate for your consumption.


The use of the Nootropic supplement should not be considered a way to make you reason beyond your natural abilities. Instead, it will help keep your cognitive performance at the best possible level and for longer.  Hence, people looking for a product that would skyrocket their mental abilities might not find success using Hunter Focus. Hunter Focus is indeed packed with brain goodies and one of the best Nootropic supplements around.

Despite the idea that citicoline, one of the supplement’s active ingredients is likely to cause some side effects, the majority of people who have already used the product are yet to experience any adverse effects.

Rating of Product

As a final verdict on this Hunter Focus review, we rate the Hunter Focus supplement a 4 out of 5.

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