Halodrol Review: Is It Any Good?

Halodrol was a compound considered as a prohormone. It was being sold almost 15 years ago, back in ~2005. Prohormones are alternatives to steroids that usually have the same effects, but not the side effects. They are widely used by fitness buffs and bodybuilders alike. In other words, prohormones are the legal versions of anabolic steroids – with the bonus of having little to no negative side effects.

Halodrol is also known as CDMA (get ready for this long one: Chlorodehydromethylandrostenediol). It’s also sometimes known as 4-chloro-17α-methylandrost-1,4-diene-3β,17β-diol. But with such a long name, it’s honestly no wonder people simply refer to it as CDMA or Halodrol.

Unfortunately, most prohormones such as Halodrol are no longer on the market today, after having been banned when the regulations were updated. Despite this fact, many other alternatives have begun popping up.

In this review, we will be telling you all about Halodrol as well as what the newer alternatives are, now that Hdrol is off the market.

Halodrol Review

Is Halodrol 50 Strong?

Halodrol 50 was considered to be quite strong. It was one of the stronger options for prohormones back in the day. It’s often compared to Superdrol and Epistane, other prohormones that are now also off the market.

Because of the similarities between the chemical structures of Turinabol and Halodrol, it’s quite easy to say that the gains from Turinabol are most comparable to those of Halodrol.
The androgenic: anabolic ratio of Halodrol sits at 28 to 74.

Due to the well-balanced ratio you see here, you can expect significant lean muscle gains. You can also expect to see a big improvement in your strength, which allows you to increase your efforts when you work out.

It appears as though people who used Halodrol back then could gain five pounds to fifteen pounds of mass when using this prohormone. It’s no wonder this was considered one of the best steroid alternatives back then for building muscles.

Halodrol was a unique prohormone compound that offered great effects. But what made it shine was the lack of side effects. Users would report that Halodrol gave them few to no negative side effects at all. Not bad for a compound that would be expected to give you: lean muscle gains, an increase in your strength, an increase in vascularity, and a hardening muscle effect.

Unfortunately, this version of Halodrol is not around anymore. It’s even more unfortunate that all of the effective prohormones have been banned for a very long time now.

Halodrol Cycle Info

If you were to take Halodrol, the typical dose back in the day was about fifty milligrams a day. However, some users of Hdrol would increase their dose up to a hundred milligrams daily. Many chose to do this because of the increased effects, but increasing this dose back then also meant that their chances for side effects became greater.

Halodrol Cycles usually lasted only four weeks to about six weeks. This is because doing it for longer is not advisable. Halodrol was, unfortunately, liver toxic, meaning that while you were cycling, your liver would be under a lot of stress.

Liver toxicity is one of the many reasons why people suggest using a product to support your cycle every single time that you use prohormones or steroids.

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Halodrol: Gaspari Nutrition

If good, effective supplements for building your muscles is what you are looking for, there’s a pretty big chance that you’ve already come across the name Gaspari Nutrition. Gaspari Nutrition was the manufacturer of Halodrol. They were the ones to bring this product to market. The older and much more powerful Halodrol version, as we said, has been banned since years ago.

Now, a different company appears to have put a new Halodrol version on the market. We haven’t tried this new version with the new Halodrol formula. However, according to user reviews by people who have tried it, the new version does not come anywhere close to the old one. And so we can’t tell you whether it’s worth trying or not (this is something that we would rather leave up to you to decide).

If we do end up trying a bottle of the new formula in the future, we’ll give you a review of it.
Don’t worry though, we do have some really good products to recommend that actually will work. Stay tuned.

What Were Haladrol’s Side Effects?

In terms of side effects, it depends on whether we’re talking about the banned Halodrol or the newer version of it that’s out today.

The older Halodrol which is now banned most definitely would come with some side effects. Most of the reported problems that people experienced after using Hdrol were testosterone suppression, liver toxicity, and headaches.

With the newer formula, we haven’t heard of any side effect associations. Perhaps it’s because the formula is much less potent than the banned Hdrol.

Honestly, despite the new formula being side effect free (as far as we know), we would still suggest using different prohormones like 4-Andro and 1-Andro. These prohormones are newer, safer, and more effective.

Note that if you take Halodrol, you’ll always end up needing some PCT afterward (post cycle therapy). We also highly suggest taking a cycle support product during your cycle!

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Alternatives to Halodrol

It’s such a bummer that the older version of Halodrol which was much more effective is officially banned. Nevertheless, we do have some good news for you!

Despite Hdrol being banned, it’s fortunate that there still are quite a few great alternatives to Hdrol.

We cannot recommend the products that SteelSupplements makes enough. This company is the manufacturer of 1-Andro, 4-Andro, and even Epiandrosterone. You won’t be able to find products this effective anywhere else – trust us. We’ve tried and tested them, and we saw a lot of gains in only a short period.

The products we mentioned above are now the new generation of prohormones. They work well, and they truly help in gaining new lean muscle growth. As of today, all of these we just mentioned are still on the market – but who knows when they might be made unavailable! So if you want the next best thing to Hdrol, you might just want to check them out.

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Halodrol Review

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