What Is Follistatin 344? Can It Really Build Muscles?

Follistatin 344 is undoubtedly one of the bodybuilding products you can take if you intend to improve muscle mass and strength. As the days go by, there is an increase in the demand for supplements and other products to enhance the different weight loss and gain goals. While there are numerous kinds of supplements for weight loss and detox, Follistatin 344 is specifically made to enhance muscle growth.

If you’re still new to this supplement, don’t fret, as this article will enlighten you on everything you need to know about Follistatin 344. Also, it will answer any questions about its benefits, use, and possible side effects.

What Is Follistatin 344?

Follistatin 344, also called fs344, is a form of protein that has become famous for enhancing muscle mass beyond its natural potential. Essentially, every system and process in the body is designed to act in a specific way. However, introducing certain altered products to the system can change the natural cycle of events. Follistatin has become increasingly popular in the bodybuilding community because it can improve muscle cells’ growth, which means bigger muscles and quick body goals.

Muscle growth Follistatin has a high concentration of the amino acid cysteine in it. However, what sets this specific protein from others on the list of best legal steroids is the presence of carbohydrates. If you’re familiar with the primary benefits of different body nutrients, carbohydrates are often considered energy giving and bodybuilding. Hence, this specific protein and carbohydrate filled supplement are great for building lean muscle mass and improving your energy levels.

A scientist first discovered follistatin 344 in animal models during examining porcupine follicular fluid located in the ovaries. However, it is naturally synthesized and found in the skeletal muscle of different advanced animals such as humans, cows, rodents, and other mammals. Aside from increased muscle mass, Follistatin 344 is also involved with fertility, inflammation, cell growth, and other body processes.

There are different forms of human Follistatin 344, which play distinct roles in the body;

  • Follistatin 315: This form of Follistatin is the primary form found in the bloodstream of mammals. Based on numerous research, this form of Follistatin is the best for enhancing skeletal muscle mass and, as such, is considered the best to supplement with.
  • Follistatin 344: Also called fr344, which this article is about, is hugely beneficial in gene therapy. Essentially, this is the basic form of this compound and can be converted into other forms to target other specific areas. For gene therapy, the follistatin gene responsible for synthesizing this compound can be injected into the body. Thus, increasing follistatin levels and its effects.
  • Follistatin 288: This specific form of Follistatin targets reproductive health in mammals, making it great for fertility. Also, it plays a massive role in the development of tumors and cancer cells.
  • Follistatin 300: This form of Follistatin plays a massive role in inflammation. It is primarily responsible for altering different nerve connections, as well as cardiac inflammation.

Although there are different forms of protein follistatin, the primary form we discuss in this article is Follistatin 344. Now, here’s a detailed explanation of how this specific form works.

How Follistatin 344 Works

The primary benefit and the reason why Follistatin use has become prevalent is that it can increase muscle size and strength. If you’ve ever wondered about how this works, below is a detailed explanation.

Follistatin works by binding and further inhibiting several Transforming Growth Factor(s) (TGF) such as myostatin, the hormone responsible for muscle growth. The TGF beta superfamily (myostatin) can essentially reduce or increase muscle mass in advanced mammals like humans. According to research, myostatin can also contribute to several muscle disorders like skeletal muscle fibrosis. Aside from reduced muscle growth, an increase in myostatin activity within the human body can lead to chronic issues with vital organs, bone marrow, and tissues.

Since Follistatin 344 is one of many myostatin inhibitors, it suppresses its degenerative properties. High follistatin levels can also inhibit the secretion of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) in the pituitary gland. According to research, an increase in FSH levels in men could lead to the testicles’ impaired function. This condition can also limit muscle tissue growth, recovery, and other hormonal functions. Even though an increased level of follicle-stimulating hormone in humans has dire effects, low levels are equally problematic. A reduction of FSH levels could alter reproductive capabilities and other processes.

Although there are other kinds of myostatin inhibitors, what sets Follistatin 344 apart from others is that you do not need to take it every day. Thus, making it the perfect option for the long term enhancement of skeletal muscle and muscle growth. Aside from acting as one of the myostatin inhibitors, Follistatin (FS 344) also inhibits the following proteins and hormones;

  • Activins: This is a protein or hormone that plays a role in apoptosis, bone metabolism, endocrine homeostasis, inflammation, neurogenesis, development of cancer, etc.
  • GDF-11: This is a growth factor that plays a vital role in the bone development of different mammals.

As you can already tell, Follistatin can improve muscle growth when it inhibits myostatin. It’s also an activin binding protein, which can alter the reproductive health and development of cancer in humans.


Does Follistatin Build Muscle?

Follistatin (FS344) does build muscle; however, this process doesn’t necessarily happen in humans. Research shows substantial evidence of the long-term muscle building and the inhibition of certain hormones’ degenerative effects in mice. Unfortunately, there is no research on the effects of Follistatin in the human body.

Scientists bred a mouse model with no myostatin and high Follistatin levels, and it had over 117% of larger muscle fibers and 73% more muscle than the mouse models in the control group. This means that Follistatin improves muscle growth in other ways apart from the inhibition of myostatin. The reports showed that mice with just a suppressed myostatin had twice the usual muscle fibers. In contrast, mice with a suppressed myostatin and the Follistatin transgene had four times the control group’s muscle mass.

This further corroborates that the administration of myostatin inhibitors (FS344) can increase the size and strength of muscles in different mammals such as mice, monkeys, etc. This process doesn’t involve any significant impairment of any organs, reproductive processes, luteinizing hormone (LH), follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), etc.

Aside from an increased muscle mass and strength attributed to having a fair concentration of FS344 in your system, a suppressed amount can have side effects. Some of these side effects can include impaired bone, tissue, and organ development and function. Also, it alters the function of several hormones.

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Benefits Of Follistatin

The benefits of Follistatin on the human body might have insufficient testing to back it up; however, there are a few that you should know about;

  • Builds Muscle: The very first benefit of Follistatin that seems to be pretty obvious is that it helps with building muscle. Hence, its popularity amongst different sports athletes, especially bodybuilders. According to a study of 37 college males, taking 10-30 grams of egg yolk derived Follistatin daily for eight weeks led to an increase in muscle mass. Also, numerous studies have linked the inhibition of the gene administration of myostatin with an increase in the muscle fibers of mice and monkeys. Here you can find a study found out that Follistatin enhances muscle growth in monkeys.
  • Therapy For Muscle Disease: Even though there aren’t many studies to back this benefit of Follistatin, many scientists share the belief that Follistatin can be used as a treatment for many muscle diseases. Follistatin as a therapy entails a single gene administration, which leads to the inhibition of the body’s myostatin pathway. In mice, Follistatin acts as a powerful treatment of muscular dystrophy, inclusion body myositis, muscle hypertrophy, and other conditions.
  • Burn Fat Faster: In a specific study on mice, administering Follistatin didn’t just improve their muscle growth but also reduced significant body fat. Thus, many scientists believe that the strength by single gene of Follistatin can help people lose weight and build muscle faster.
  • May Help In The Reduction Of Breast Cancer: Research shows that Follistatin plays a significant role in the cycle of breast cancer; however, how it may affect the growth of cancer cells is very unclear. Nevertheless, some studies share many results that link Follistatin’s overexpression to a much less invasive treatment plan and a higher survival rate. Follistatin might not be a viable treatment for breast cancer; however, it can lead to a reduced number of tumors and breast cancer cells.
  • May Reduce Baldness: Another benefit of Follistatin that might still require clinical trials and experiments for concrete evidence is its role in the hair growth cycle. Nevertheless, a small trial on 26 men with male-patterned baldness reported that an injection of follistatin and growth factors (IGF 1) led to thicker hair strands. What’s even more fascinating is that this effect lasted a year long without the need for taking repeated shots of Follistatin and IGF 1.
  • Reduce Inflammation (Arthritis): Follistatin has also been found to share several anti-inflammatory drugs’ healing properties. A test on mice with arthritis suggests that it can reduce the inflammation that comes with this condition. This also means less pain; it is, however, essential to research chemicals better before concluding.
  • Improves Reproductive Health: There is some evidence that Follistatin plays a considerable role in men’s and women’s reproductive health. Although these findings are not concrete, they are worth being aware; In a test of 7 pregnant women, increasing the intake of Follistatin during the third trimester was associated with healthy labor and delivery. Also, Follistatin promotes folliculogenesis, which is preparing the eggs to be released during ovulation. Hence, Follistatin might be linked to improving the adverse effects of hormonal imbalance.

What The Research Say About Follistatin

Although Follistatin’s primary use has been to increase muscles’ growth and strength, there isn’t enough conclusive evidence to back up this claim. However, this does not mean the numerous research chemicals used alongside the administration of Follistatin is ineffective. It is also important to note that most of the clinical trials using this androgen steroids are done on mice or people suffering from muscle wasting diseases. This brings about the question of if Follistatin can improve muscle growth.

A publication by Rodino Klapac discussed the effects of Follistatin and its effects on micro-dystrophin in mice. According to the author, FS344 showed some improvement but was insufficient in the mice’s total restoration. Thus, this steroid might not be worth the buzz after all. You can check D-Bal is the most potent legal steroids.

Also, several users have reported no changes in their muscle size after repeated use. However, this could also be a result of the different isoforms of Follistatin available on the market. Thus, it is essential to check the product information and research chemicals before consuming any follistatin supplements.

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Follistatin 344 has become increasingly famous for its ability to increase muscle mass and enhance weight loss in both men and women. However, there are no conclusive clinical tests to suggest this is usually the case. Nevertheless, different isoforms play significant roles in different bodily processes like apoptosis, reproduction, etc.

It is essential to research chemicals properly before taking any form of supplements to ensure you’re getting the expected benefits. Also, be sure to consider possible side effects.


What Is Follistatin Used For?

Follistatin is used to improve muscle mass and growth by inhibiting myostatin levels, the hormone responsible for suppressing muscle fibers’ growth. Follistatin has been found beneficial in reproductive health, suppressing cancer cells, improving baldness, burning fat, etc.

However, there are not enough clinical evidence to assure that these benefits are true for people. This is because the numerous trials have been done on mainly mammals like mice and monkeys. Hence, the skepticism surrounding the use of this peptide and the effects on the muscles. This is especially because several users have reported that there wasn’t a significant effect after long term administration.

Where Do You Inject Follistatin 344?

It is best to inject Follistatin 344 intramuscularly or subcutaneously. So, it is best to inject Follistatin directly into the muscle or around the stomach area. It is essential to keep this peptide at a temperature of 20 degrees to keep it potent.

The doses of this peptide vary; however, the usual dosage is 50-100mcg per day for 10-30 days. For higher doses, it is essential to see a doctor before consuming it. That way, he can ascertain if it’s safe based on your medical history. Also, be sure to seek the assistance of a doctor or nurse if you’re unable to inject yourself safely.



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