Bodyblade Review: Great For Toning and Muscle Gain

Nowadays, many people use the Bodyblade as part of their physio training routines. But what is the Bodyblade? And why is this tool quite attractive and gets good reviews from so many people? Is Bodyblade the best product for massive muscle gain? Does Bodyblade can compete against the best  legal steroids in the market like Follistatin 344? See for yourself. Read this Bodyblade review for more information!

Overview About Body blade Workout System

What Is the Bodyblade of physical therapist Bruce Hymanson?

The Bodyblade is known as a body workout system that was created by physical therapist Bruce Hymanson. It is a tool of functional training to produce muscle contractions in order to develop power, strengthen, and tone the body. It can contract various muscles up to 270 times per minute. Moreover, Body blade can also stabilize the spine, the shoulder joint, and arms.

The Bodyblade is about 3 to 5 feet long, 1.25 to 2.5 pounds in weight, and includes a big rubber grip in the middle. The three most common types are the Bodyblade CXT, the Bodyblade Classic, and the Bodyblade Pro, all of which can automatically adjust to your fitness level.

The Bodyblade CTX

It has a short length and lightweight, which is ideal for rehabilitation and functional training workouts. The Bodbyblade CXT can also help with the workout of children and shorter adults, which helps it get good review from people who used it.

The Bodyblade CXT is 1. 2 5 lbs in weight and 10 inches in length. It can modify according to your level of fitness with a weight resistance of 1 to 8 lbs.

The Bodyblade Classic kit

With extra weight and strength, this version is a good use for sports training and for those who work out at home. It is 4 feet in length and 1. 5 lbs in weight. Its weight resistance is about one to twenty two pounds.

The Bodyblade Pro kit

The Bodyblade Pro has a total length of 60 inches. This is the heaviest one with 2.6lbs in weight, which is suitable for challenging workouts. It is ideal for all adults with a resistance of 1 to 34 pounds.

The kit offers advanced performance of about 10 minutes a day and it can automatically adjust to your fitness level.

What Muscle Groups Does This Workout System Target?

The Bodyblade device is usually sold as a kit including a wall chart and an instructional DVD. With just a small change in stance, balance, grip, or posture, you will soon see quite a change in the engaged muscle groups like the rotator cuff. The kits work best for your upper back, shoulders, arms, and core muscles. 

Bodyblade’s Best Main Features

1. Portability 

Because of coming in a kit, the Bodyblade is very easy for users to carry. As mentioned above, it weighs only 1.25 up to 2,5 pounds depending on the version type.

2. Easy-to-follow Instructions

Each Bodyblade kit includes a wall chart for exercises and a DVD that has instructions on how to work out. Its guidelines are easy for users to follow for their workouts. 

3. Manufacturers’ Warranty

The warranty for all three Bodyblade versions (including Bodyblade CXT, Bodyblade Classic, and Bodyblade Pro) is 1 year from the purchasing date.

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Pros And Cons Of The Bodyblade

Benefits Of the Bodyblade On Physical Therapy

1. Putting Low Impact On Joints

The standard routine workout for muscle strength may put a lot of pressure on tendons, joints, and ligaments. Nonetheless, this is not suitable and perfect for everybody. 

Instead, a lower impact exercise can bring greater benefits, even in the case of bodybuilders. 

2. Producing Effective Results For Cardio Training

By using the Bodyblade, you will create the right intensity for cardio, whether you are in a routine of rehabilitation or general weight decrease.

Many people who used the Bodyblade review that they find it quite easy to increase the intensity. They compare this with the experience when you are on a treadmill or rower.

3. Helping Users To Work On Specific Areas

The Bodyblade is a simple tool for you to work on specific areas. For instance, if you want some core stability and back strength, you can pick about 4-5 exercises for your workouts in order to build up those areas gradually. 

4. Suitable For Compound Muscle Exercises

If you are not an advanced bodybuilder, the most effective way for you to build up strength is doing compound exercises during your process. 

These ones target multiple muscles in just one area. Therefore, the more resistance you make, the more energy those muscles will burn, which helps them to grow more and improve your performance training. 


1. Making your wrists sore

Despite the above benefits of the Bodyblade, many people who used the blade review that they suffer from sore wrists while using it. To avoid this experience, you had better warm up the wrists before starting using this tool.

2. Not suitable for weight loss

The main effect of this lightweight tool is helping to tone up the arm and shoulder muscles as well as helping with muscle endurance and stabilization. Hence, it will not suitable for weight loss.

Moreover, because it only put a low impact, after using it, your muscles will not be likely to “bulk up” just like when you use heavy weights to lift.

How It Works

The long ends of the Bodyblade will flutter and vibrate right after you hold it. The flutter will become even bigger when you shake the blade. The more shaking you make, the more level of resistance it becomes. 

This resistance will help to create rapid muscular contractions. (And as mentioned above, it can contract different muscles up to 270 times per minute!). This feature of resistance makes the Bodyblade different from other types of physical training.

By changing your position, stance, or the blade’s direction, you can create impacts on various muscle groups. 

How To Use Bodyblade Safely?

You can use the Body blade by getting into one of the starting positions and creating the vibration and inertia after that. To do this, you can move your hand back and forth and grip the Bodyblade’s center at the same time.

The flex of the blade will be different depending on how much you move your hands. There are heaps of other workouts (such as the Super 6) on the wall chart.

Here are some simple workouts from it in the Bodyblade kit:

1. Chest Press

You would begin with the blade chest-high with your arms stretching out in from of your body. Then, you get into an exercise of push-pull motion.

Just gradually increase the flex until your arm, chest, and shoulders’ muscles in your upper body seem to get used to the workout and fully engage.

2. Side Plank

You get started with a side plank position, then put one hand straight up above your head. Keep your balance and simply create a light flex and increase the intensity.

3. Back And Shoulder Reach

You would hold the Bodyblade above your head with a reverse grip (both your hands grip in opposite directions). Then, you start the upper body exercise with moderate flex and increase the intensity gradually.

4. Ab Crunch Exercise

The starting position of this exercise is the same as the Chest Press one. However, in this exercise, you would do an up and down motion instead of a push-pull one. The Ab Crunch exercise may engage muscles from the shoulders to the lower abs. 

Where to buy the Bodyblade?

You can easily buy any of the three versions of the Bodyblade (Bodyblade CXT kit, Bodyblade Classic kit, and Bodyblade Pro kit) at Amazon, where they are available with the assured shipment.

Final Thoughts

Many people who used the Bodyblade for years have reviews with 5 stars that it is an ideal tool for those who need a lightweight resistance tool to tone up arms and shoulders and stabilize the joints.

To sum up, in this Bodyblade review, this attractive tool is designed to help in physical therapy. Coming in three different models with different prices including the Bodyblade Pro, the Classic, and the CXT.

With a wall chart, which includes many exercises like the Super 6, and an instruction DVD, the Bodyblade is an ideal tool for all ages and it is easy to use and work out whatever your fitness level is.

Hope all the above reviews will help to bring you useful information about the Bodyblade workouts!

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