Anavar Review: The Almost Perfect

Oxandrolone may be called Anavar, one of the numerous brand names in which the drug is sold. Anavar, a drug taken orally, has multiple useful effects, including weight gain, counterbalanced protein metabolism, treating particular bone pains, and treating extreme burns. It is also used to enhance girls’ development with Turner syndrome, a genetic condition that happens only in girls. This condition is one in which the X chromosome is partly or missing in the girls, which will make them unable to develop breasts and start mensuration without them receiving hormone treatment. Anavar is an anabolic steroid, like many Body Building supplements that perform a primary function of stimulating growth when administered to a living thing, humans included.

Like the Decaduro review and the D-Bal review, this article contains information that would help if you are interested in knowing more about this drug.

Crazy Bulk

Crazy Bulk is unarguably the most widely used legal steroid that can be gotten over the counter. Steroids are known to boost performance and to stimulate the growth of muscles. Originally, steroids were prescribed to people with testosterone production disorder and mobility problems resulting in muscle wasting. Muscle wasting is a condition in which muscles waste away due to no physical activity. With time, people started to take steroids without prescription for different reasons. For some, they used it in boosting performance, while others use it for building muscles. However, taking steroids without a prescription has a lot of side effects. Examples are:

  • Heart attacks and hypertension
  • Shrunken testicles
  • Acne
  • Reduced sperm count among others

Due to these side effects of steroids, it is illegal to use them without prescription.

There are now legal steroids that are sold over the counter. These steroids don’t have most of the detrimental effects the other steroids have. Over the counter, steroids are often advertised as muscle mass enhancing supplements, and a popular one is the Crazy Bulk. Crazy Bulk is a very effective muscle building supplement made with natural ingredients that can reproduce steroids’ effect but without the side effect. There are a host of products sold by Crazy Bulk, and they have different uses. They sell products specially designed for:

  • Cutting
  • Bulking
  • Gaining more strength
  • Preserving muscles
  • Anti-aging
  • Getting super pumps
  • Increasing Testosterone.

Crazy Bulk is the most widely used legal steroid in new york, and it has proven to be very efficient. The company, which started in 2014 have grown massively to become a multi-million company.


Anavar Oxandrolone Review

Anavar is an Anabolic Androgenic Steroid (AAS). AAS are hormones that, through its effects, are responsible for triggering and maintaining specific characteristics that are associated with males like growing facial hair, dropping of the testes, deep voice, producing of bodily hair, etc. They consist of natural hormones like testosterone and other synthetic hormones that also carry out functions similar to the ones carried out by testosterone.

Oxandrolone may also be called Anavar. It has been in use in the USA since 1964 as its androgenic effects made it of particular interest to the researchers that first described the drugs. The drug has been used to treat a variety of diseases, including the management of HIV. The drug is also prescribed to people experiencing undesired weight loss, probably due to muscle wasting due to different health conditions like HIV, some cancers, severe burns, etc. Anavar helps in weight gain by enhancing anabolism, which is the process of synthesizing new molecules in the body and enhancing the growth of already existing ones. Listed below are some of the uses of Anavar:

  • Treatment of Osteoporosis: Osteoporosis is the bone pain that is associated with the weakening of the bones. It does not need laboratory tests to diagnose because it can be discovered just from a physical examination. As some people age, their bones begin to weaken, making them susceptible to broken bones. This means that their bones become so weak that even the slightest stress can break them. This condition can be treated using Anavar as it will make the bones more robust and reduce fractures’ likelihood.
  • Used to fight weight loss: Anavar is also administered to a person who has lost a lot of weight. Many things can trigger weight loss, from a chronic sickness to post-surgery weight loss and others. This drug helps to increase the weight by raising anabolism in the body of the patient.
  • It is used to counterbalance Anabolism: Some treatments like corticosteroid therapy, when done long-term, will lead to an increase of catabolism in the body, which is the breaking down of molecules in the body. There is usually a balance between catabolism and anabolism in the body. Still, corticosteroid therapy will significantly increase the rate of catabolism to the extent that it becomes much greater than that of anabolism, which can be detrimental to health. When this happens, Anavar can be administered to drive up anabolism to counterbalance the rate of catabolism.
  • Used in the treatment of burns: Oxandrolone May be used to speeding up the recovery process of severe burns. Burns treated using Oxandrolone shows that it is very beneficial both in the short term and long term as it will reduce the scars to the barest minimum.
  • Treatment of Idiopathic short stature(ISS): Idiopathic short stature is a condition in which the sufferer will have extremely short stature with no known cause. Anavar can be used to treat this condition as it will stimulate growth using its anabolic effect.
  • Treatment of Anemia: This is one of the conditions that can be treated using Anavar. Anemia is a condition characterized by a decrease in red blood cells’ hemoglobin production in the blood. When the oxygen-carrying ability of the blood reduces, it can also be referred to as anemia. Anavar will stimulate the hormones responsible for the production of red blood cells in the body.
  • Treatment of Hereditary angioedema: This genetic condition can be managed using Anavar, which will reduce the swelling caused by this condition. Angioedema is a genetic condition in which there is recurring swelling mostly in the face, arms, legs, airway, and intestinal tract. Using Anavar will stop the swelling, which would ordinarily happen every two weeks from happening. If you are suffering from this genetic condition, you may need to use this drug.
  • Treatment of Hypogonadism: This is also called interrupted stage one puberty. In this condition, puberty is not completed, thereby leading to the hampering of female and male pattern of development. For girls, mensuration will not start, and the Breast will not develop. Stunted growth will also be observed. There will be no facial hair, deep voice, or any changes noticed in adult men for boys. This drug is usually recommended to treat this condition. It will stimulate the hormone testosterone for the males and estrogen for the females, which her hormones responsible for triggering these changes. They are also the sex hormones of these two genders.
  • For building muscles: This information is one reason why young males use this drug as it helps in the building of muscle mass through its anabolic process. Athletes also use this drug to boost their performance. This drug will provide users with more strength to work out for a more extended period and use its bodybuilding property to develop muscles faster.

What Anavar Does To Your Body

Anavar Body Building

When taken, Anavar has a very high chance of driving up anabolic effects on the human body than testosterone. This boosting of anabolic effect becomes evident physically by a significant increase in muscle size, overall strength, nitrogen retention, a radical reduction in fat deposition, and protein synthesis. A significant difference between Anavar and testosterone is that while testosterone is designed to enhance androgenic effects, Anavar is more about promoting the anabolic properties while lessening the androgenic ones.

When used correctly, Anavar has many beneficial effects on the body, but when misused, it can be fatal. In the medical world, Anavar is used to manage and treat certain medical conditions, especially those that are growth-related. The FDA has certified and approved it in the treatment of extreme burns. This Oxandrolone drug has its side effects, just like every other drug. These side effects are more severe for women and children. For this reason, doses administered to women and children are minimized. These two classes of patients are also monitored closely for signs of development of male characteristics for women and stunting of growth for children.

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Some Side effects of Oxandrolone

On women: There is the likelihood of women who are on an Oxandrolone prescription to begin to develop some masculine features such as deepening of the voice, development of facial hair, body hair, abnormal mensuration pattern, enlargement of the clitoris, among others. These changes are irreversible hence making the administration of the drug to a woman only a last resort, and when it is done, it is in minimal amounts.

  • On children: Just like in women, monitoring is needed when this drug is administered on children. The amount is also controlled as it could lead to irreversible stunting of growth, affecting the child’s adult height.
  • On Men: The side effects on men are not irreversible, like in women and children; instead, the side effect stops with discontinuing the drug. Observed side effects in men but include acne, prolonged erection, reduced fertility, which is a common effect peculiar to androgens.

This information on the effect this drug will have on your body is essential to exercise extreme caution when taking the drugs and make sure the physician’s prescription is followed strictly.

Pros of Anavar

  1. Increases Body mass: From the information provided in this article, we already know that Anavar helps improve performance in any physical activity and helps build muscles. This drug wouldn’t increase your muscles as big and quick as other steroids will. Instead, it will increase it moderately.
  2. It makes up for the loss of androgen and estrogen hormones that occur naturally: This drug will surely replace all lost androgen and estrogen hormones as it helps to stimulate their production.
  3. Increases strength: This drug will help to significantly increase the strength of anyone taking the drug. It has this property because even though it is effective for losing body fat, it is still a bodybuilding steroid.
  4. In the skeletal muscles, it increases protein synthesis.
  5. Reduces all kinds of fat in the body: Anavar plus a calorie-free or moderate food is the perfect combination for the loss of all body fat types, including very stubborn ones like the stomach fat.

Cons of Anavar

  1. Severe Adverse effects: This misuse of Anavar can lead to severe adverse effects, including liver failure, heart disease, peliosis hepatis, prostate cancer, and breast cancer.
  2. Increased blood pressure: The use of this steroid will cause the body’s cholesterol level to rise, causing the blood pressure to rise. For this reason, this drug might not be suitable for hypertensive people.
  3. The use of this drug can trigger depression and anxiety. It is not advisable for people with a high chance of experiencing this drug’s mental side effects.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Anavar do to Your Body?

Anavar fosters a weight increase in the body. The intake of steroids increases your appetite and causes weight gain. It is mostly taken for this effect after a person has gone through surgery or trauma. It could be seen as an analgesic or pain reliever used to treat bone pains and hasten recovery from severe burns. Being an anabolic steroid, most athletes and bodybuilders make use of it to build their muscles. Most athletes, especially females, prefer Anavar because it facilitates cell growth rather than the growth of masculine traits meaning they get to see a visible muscle change in their body within days of the drug intake. It is an AAS used for inducing strength, which helps the body maintain more balance. It helps in girls’ growth with the Turner syndrome and helps battle muscle and fat tissue loss caused by HIV/AIDS. It also promotes nitrogen retention, which boosts phosphocreatine synthesis.

Anavar is not a natural steroid. This makes it have side effects on the human body. Headaches, nausea, increased/decreased sexual drive, hair loss, acne, change in skin color, vomiting, and oily skin are side effects that might occur during this drug intake. Kindly inform your physician if any of these effects persist.

Does Anavar Damage Your Liver?

Yes, Anavar can damage your liver. Even though it is a rare occurrence, information gotten from studies suggests that it happens, especially if you have liver problems before using the drug. Anabolic steroids are known to decrease the level of good cholesterol and increase the bad cholesterols in the body hence causing the liver to be toxic within weeks of administration. Liver failures, liver tumors, and liver cysts are possible liver damages that Anavar can cause, and these diseases come without prior notice. They could lead to stroke, cancer, heart attack, or even death. Seeing a doctor if you have any indications of liver problems such as persistent abdominal pain and swelling, yellowing of the eyes and skin(jaundice), dark urine, swelling in the arms and legs, itchy skin, pale fecal color, and so on is essential.


People shouldn’t be carried away by the benefits Anavar offers and forget about the side effects. Many body supplements promise incredible results in little or no time. However, it is crucial that you carry out all the necessary research and discuss it with your doctor before taking any of them. With information gotten from this article, is using Anavar when not necessary and without prescription a good idea? I guess you must have the answer to that question if you have read this article. If you, by any chance, you have not read it yet, do well as there is a lot of information in it that would be of great benefit to you.

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Anavar Oxandrolone Review

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